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I've found this on amazon, it's basically a reply to a reply of a review-comment: Typical complaints heard from Q-Link users include "feeling hyper," headaches, insomnia, dizziness, anxiety, disorientation, palpitations, hypertension, sweating, digestive problems and chest pressure. The energetic reason for this is well-known: the Q-Link works by forcing energy up from the left side of a chakra at the base of the sternum - often called the "4th chakra" - to the left side of the chakra at the center of the forehead - often called the "6th chakra." Amongst other functions, the 4th chakra controls pancreas, stomach, duodenum, gall bladder, lower respiratory, breast and heart energy. The 6th chakra influences the energy of the autonomic nervous system, the frontal lobes of the brain, the endocrine glands and sensory systems. The Q-Link stimulates the 6th chakra while weakening the 4th chakra. For people whose 6th chakras are under-functioning, this can make them feel good - just as a coffee can pick you up when you're feeling tired. However, neither constantly stimulating a chakra nor weakening a chakra is a good idea in the long-term. And if your 6th chakra isn't particularly weak to start off with you won't feel much of anything at all from the Q-link. At first. The problem with techniques that "rob Peter to pay Paul" - and the Q-Link is only one of many in this respect - is that there is always a price to pay sooner or later. But if, after the initial buzz, the "price" (e.g. insomnia) starts occurring much later, most Q-Link users can no longer make the connection between their new symptoms and something that made them feel better, say, a few months or even a couple of years earlier. This kind of stress (on the 6th chakra) takes time to build up so its symptomatic consequences take time to emerge.

Whose woo woo to believe q links or some random reviewer? This is from a comment on a youtube video I posted a few days ago.


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A new video was posted recently featuring a well-presented tear down of both the research behind Q-Link and the pendent itself.

The science and claims of studies are SUPER-sketchy to the point of my laughing out loud:

And it turns out there's nothing inside other than a coil of copper wire. Not even a circuit board or a chip or anything.

Personally, I figure if there is anything to this, it might have something to do with possible "tensor coil" effects. -Effects which have been packaged and retailed either by con-artists (who don't care either way), or by clueless True-Believers with a bunch of wishful thinking B.S. tacked on to the ad copy. It appears that their moral quality is in question, using a plagiarized article with their own inserted extra nonsense. (Which appeared to be later removed, possibly out of fear of discovery).

I'd like to see more information about tensor coils.

This video leans heavily on engineering thinking and is dismissive of the concept of spiritual energy and un-measureable effects, but remains very important in my view. I'd like to point out that this kind of research is key to finding any sort of true knowledge regarding these subjects; pulling a plastic pendant apart with pliers is something within human reach, it dispels Wishful Thinking, which would appear to be corrosive to the soul and actual knowledge accumulation.
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What do quantum computers actually do? Iv search under supercomputer vs quantum computer and found it to be a bit of an enigma as to why use them.

To keep it short, I get that its quantum i.e., wave, partial, both and so forth. I read that they are good for social engineering, and communicating with AI. What I’m trying to sort out is: 1) Are the supercomputers or the quantum computer what the Cs referred to as being ‘the book of life’ 2) when they say communication with AI, do they mean a direct line to 4D? Is it possible for Q computers to interface with supercomputers for control and surveillance of the human population?

I’m not asking anyone to do my homework for me, just maybe a better educated opinion would help.


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I've been wearing one of these things now since the 8th of May. Havent noticed much of a difference, except im having trouble sleeping, started the last two weeks or so. Just can't fall asleep. Even after a 12 hr shift, wide awake at night. Could be other things though, not wearing it from tonight for a few days. Anyway will See what happens. Not sure if anyone else experienced this.


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Excuse me if you have said it before, but what exactly is the work you are doing? You talked about nightshift, how frequent is that happening?
No, day shift, I do two 12 hr day shifts a week. What I'm saying is, im finding it hard to fall asleep, awake at night. Started the last two weeks, after wearing the Q link. Its most nights, im not getting a good night's sleep. I'm off four days a week and have been sleeping on later than usual, because I'm falling asleep later at night. I would do a 12hr shift 8am to 8pm after 4 or 5 hrs sleep, and again after the 12hr shift, cant sleep till 2 or 3am in the morning.

Edit: I used to do night shifts, haven't done any since the end of January.
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