George Floyd's Death, Protests and Riots across the US


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Know the facts and think for yourself: Who is Breonna Taylor?
Here are the facts of the case.
  • The shooting involves an individual called Jamarcus Glover, who was Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend. Taylor was “knee-deep in crime” with Glover, who used her address for deliveries.
  • Glover was arrested in a “no-knock warrant.”
  • Taylor was in business with Glover, and there was a second no-knock warrant issued for Taylor’s arrest.
Think again before you write Breonna Taylor’s name on your helmet or you have a shirt that says “Breonna Taylor.” Know the facts of the case: That she was involved in a drug-trafficking criminal scheme, that she was dating Walker, a thug who tried to kill a police officer and her ex-boyfriend Glover, wasn’t exactly an upstanding member of society.

Despite these facts, there are those who insist that Taylor must be remembered like Jacob Blake, who was accused of being a rapist. Before you start to create these “nationwide emotives and quasi-pathological campaigns” about “unjust police killings,” remember that Taylor would still be alive if her boyfriend Walker didn’t try to kill a police officer.


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Federal intelligence officials cloned phones to surveil and map entire structure of Antifa / BLM terrorist operations in preparation for mass arrests
These developments are crucial to note for several important reasons:

#1) Both Antifa and the KKK are creations of Democrats
While Trump may be appearing to balance terrorist designations by pairing Antifa with the KKK — which many Americans incorrectly believe would balance left-wing vs. right-wing — in truth the KKK is a creation of the Left. The KKK could best be described as the Antifa of the 1950s. It was the militant wing of the Democrats, just like Antifa is today. In effect, this designation by Trump is a double declaration against the terrorism of Democrats.

#2) Once Antifa is officially designated a terrorist organization, mass arrests can begin immediately
The official designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization will unleash federal law enforcement resources to wage mass arrests across Oregon, Washington, California and New York, among other states. The entire Antifa leadership will be taken down very quickly, removing from the left-wing coup masterminds their “militant troops” that they hope will carry out their color revolution against America.

#3) Any corporations who funded Antifa will be complicit in financing domestic terrorism, which is a felony crime
The designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization will also ensnare all those US corporations that have donated money to Antifa over the last four years. Those corporations will suddenly find themselves guilty of financing domestic terrorism operations, and they will be subject to arrest and seizure of assets. (I have no doubt much of the funding will be traced back to Big Tech.) This is how Trump fights back against left-wing corporate giants funding illegal insurrection activities to try to overthrow the United States.

#4) Arrests of Antifa terrorists will lead US authorities directly to globalist donors like George Soros
Finally, once the arrests of Antifa begin, investigations will lead authorities directly to the funding sources of this coup attempt. These “money men” include George Soros and other wealthy globalist persons and corporations — even nations like China — that are trying to destroy the United States of America.


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Know the facts and think for yourself: Who is Breonna Taylor?
Well, we thought we knew the facts two separate times already, but emerging details are painting a more questionable and doubtful picture:
Breonna Taylor shooting: 1,200-plus new crime scene photos tell a story of a chaotic night
September 4, 2020

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The shell casings were scattered everywhere.

Twenty casings littered the breezeway outside the Louisville apartment where Breonna Taylor was shot and killed on March 13.

There was one more on the stairs outside her front door. Another eight lay scattered near the sidewalk to her patio. And six more came to rest between a Roto-Rooter van and a gray pickup truck in the parking lot a few feet away from Taylor's ground-floor residence.

Each piece of evidence was carefully marked by Louisville police with a neon green marker, captured among more than 1,200 crime scene photos obtained by The Courier Journal.

Other images show her shattered screen door, with at least five bullet holes puncturing the glass and the curtains hanging inside that covered the patio door glass. And in the breezeway, under the outdoor stairs, lay the battering ram police used to break in Taylor's front door.

Together, the stark images reflect a chaotic scene that the public has heard described many times in police and witness accounts in the months following Taylor's death — but rarely seen.

Shortly before 1 a.m. March 13, plainclothes police using a no-knock search warrant broke down Taylor's door, searching for drugs and drug money as part of a larger narcotics investigation centered 10 miles away in west Louisville.


Crime scene photos show there is no blood by Taylor's doorway or living room, where Mattingly said he was standing when he was shot.

Walker said he and Taylor were in bed when they heard a pounding on the front door. Police say they announced themselves, but Walker said they called out and no one responded.

When the door burst open, Walker fired one shot from his Glock pistol. Police say the round struck Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the left thigh, and Mattingly and two other officers, Myles Cosgrove and Brett Hankison, unleashed a barrage of bullets, killing Taylor in her hallway.

Bullet fragments or bullet holes were found in every room of Taylor's two-bedroom apartment, and in two neighboring apartments, painstakingly documented by officers on-scene to investigate the shooting.

Police were 'spraying the apartment,' attorney says
Attorney Steve Romines, who represents Walker, told The Courier Journal the photos show police were "repeatedly firing blindly in multiple directions with no identifiable target, which is the very definition of wanton conduct."

Romines said the scene is like nothing he's seen in his roughly 30 years of practice.

"Generally speaking, police don't fire without an identifiable target. They could possibly miss and hit something else, but they don't just fire wildly," he said.

Here, however: "They are just firing, spraying the apartment," he said.

Romines, who has raised questions about whether it was Walker who shot Mattingly, as police have contended, said the photos show why he's right: "Hell, anyone could've shot him."

Full story / 70 photo gallery:
Commentary: Reasons continue to emerge to doubt the results of the Breonna Taylor investigation

The report released last week by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron painted a convincing picture of a clearly justified police shooting. According to the report, the cops clearly knocked first and fired into Taylor's apartment only after one of the officers, Sgt. John Mattingly, was shot first by Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker.

Based on these facts, the shooting appears to be a tragedy but not a criminal homicide. Walker, for his part, appears to have had a legitimate belief that he was defending his girlfriend from an intruder (who might well have been Taylor's apparently dangerous drug dealer ex-boyfriend whose bad information led to the evening's tragic events). The police, having been shot first, had no reasonable alternative but to return fire.

Sounds like an open-and-shut case, right? Not so fast. Since Cameron's report was issued last week, a steady trickle of facts has emerged that casts doubt on the integrity of the investigation and the truthfulness of the Louisville Police Department.

The first revelation that generated questions about the investigation actually dropped this month and centers around the use of body cameras. In 2012, the Louisville Police Department began a massive research project on the effectiveness of body cameras in certain test units. The researchers concluded that outfitting every officer on the force with a body camera would "yield several positive results for police personnel and for police-community relations including a reduction in use-of-force, reduction in civilian complaints, and reduction in assaults on officers." The department accordingly launched a very public program designed to ensure that all patrol divisions, SWAT, and K9 units would immediately be equipped with body cameras.

So when the Taylor shooting first became a source of public controversy, the immediate question everyone asked was, "What does the body camera footage say? Let's see it."

The public was told by former LMPD chief Steve Conrad that the officers in the particular division that carried out the raid were somehow not wearing body cameras. A person possessed of even minimal foresight could have predicted that sending police to bust down the door of a suspected drug stash house in the middle of the night would lead to exactly the kind of scenario where having a body camera would be handy to avoid exactly the kind of scenario that is being played out. Yet LMPD insisted that there simply was no body camera footage available because somehow none of the officers present was wearing one.

That, however, has turned out not to be true. In response to a public records request from Vice News, police turned over a large volume of crime scene photos from the night of Taylor's shooting. One of them captures Detective Tony James, who was present for the raid, clearly wearing a body camera over his right shoulder. Myles Cosgrove, the officer who fired the shot that killed Breonna Taylor, was also photographed, and a body camera harness was clearly visible, but the body camera itself was nowhere to be found.

The LMPD has repeatedly refused to explain even whether James' camera was turned on, and if it was not, why it was not, nor why Cosgrove was wearing a body camera harness apparently without a body camera.

Additional footage taken by body cameras of the patrol officers and SWAT teams who arrived later at the scene show that the officers involved in the raid committed several flagrant violations of LMPD policies that are designed to ensure the integrity of investigations into officer-involved shootings, leading to questions about the integrity of the crime scene and of the witness statements that were taken after the fact.

Notably, for obvious reasons, officers who are involved in a shooting are prohibited per LMPD policy from being involved in the investigation of those shootings and are furthermore explicitly required to be promptly separated from the scene and paired with a "peer support" escort who can both comfort shaken officers and also vouch for the fact that the officers did not fabricate evidence or otherwise adulterate the crime scene.

Videos taken of the shooting aftermath show that this policy was flagrantly disregarded, particularly by the now-terminated Hankison and Cosgrove, and that the SWAT and Public Integrity Unit officers who were there complained aloud about the officers they were investigating still being "in the mix" and even actually in the active crime scene. One of the other officers involved in the raid was also observed to have left the scene and been canvassing witnesses.

At the risk of overstating the obvious, it is not good to have cops who are under investigation for a shooting mucking around alone at the scene of the shooting for hours after the fact or speaking alone to potential witnesses, if for no other reason than to ensure public confidence in the integrity of the investigation.

This is especially important because of the controversy surrounding the critical question of whether officers knocked and announced themselves as police. Police say that they found a witness who corroborates their claim that they knocked. That witness, Aaron Sarpee, initially told police on March 21 that he did NOT hear officers identify themselves as police.
He was unequivocal — he saw the police cruisers outside and he saw some of the officers in uniform, but no one identified themselves as police when they knocked.

Two months later, in a May 15 interview, Sarpee told PIU investigator Sgt. Amanda Seeyle, "It's been so long now. ... I remember some of it," and eventually told her that he heard someone say, "This is the cops." Meanwhile, against this admittedly shaky testimony, over a dozen other witnesses allegedly stated that they did NOT hear anyone announce themselves as police. We still do not know whether any of these witnesses' statements were provided to the grand jury or considered in their deliberations, or if any of them testified in front of the grand jury.

Finally, it should be noted that ballistics information released over the weekend does not support AG Cameron's claim that Walker shot first and struck one of the officers. The ballistics report from the LMPD PIU was not able to match the bullet pulled from the thigh of Sgt. Mattingly. A separate FBI ballistics report has not yet been released. Cameron said last week that friendly fire had been ruled out as the source of the bullet that struck Mattingly because Walker's gun was a 9mm and the officers involved in the raid were issued .40 caliber weapons. However, Walker's attorney claims that a review of Hankison's file indicates that Hankison was also issued a 9mm weapon; when the Louisville Courier-Journal requested to review those records, it was stonewalled.

I am not claiming that I know for sure what happened on the fateful night that Breonna Taylor was shot. But the problem is, it's difficult for anyone else to make that claim, either. And the conduct of the LMPD on that night (and since) has opened the window for those who are skeptical of police who have an obvious motive to lie or shade the facts to forever disbelieve the narrative that the LMPD is now offering us. And the end result of these actions will only be to continue to erode the bond of trust between police and the citizenry that is necessary for all of us to live in peace.

Read more:
This latest information is more than disturbing. More than anything else, the blatant lying and obfuscation as to what actually happened is beyond contemptible! Tragically, if the police story is proven false, how much more rioting and destruction will take place? It's also shedding more light on that $12 million settlement to Breonna Taylor's family and their wrongful death suit against the City of Louisville.
Let's Call The $12M Louisville Settlement To Breonna Taylor's Family What It Is: Blood Money
September 21, 2020

Let’s call it what it is: blood money. Officially, the city of Louisville settled a wrongful death suit with Breonna Taylor’s family, in an agreement to pay the family $12 million and to implement several significant and specific police reforms. The settlement comes six months after Taylor’s killing in the botched execution of a no-knock warrant.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer emphasized the importance of the settlement and its timing, saying, “When you know what the right thing to do is, you do it. Why wait?” Still, none of the officers involved have been charged, though one, Detective Brett Hankinson, has been fired. And the settlement allows the police department to escape admission of guilt.

But few would argue that the size of the settlement — the largest ever in Louisville and one of the largest in the country — is tangible acknowledgment, if not an admission, of wrongdoing. Recognition that shooting Breonna Taylor to death with five bullets should not have happened during that middle of the night raid, looking for drugs they never found.

I wonder when taxpayers across the country will see this $12 million settlement and others like it, and finally figure out the hidden cost of police misconduct. These settlements are draining city coffers. In 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that 10 of the largest police departments collectively paid out nearly $300 million for lawsuits, alleging “beatings, shootings and wrongful imprisonment.” And another 2015 investigation by The Boston Globe revealed Boston paid out more than $36 million over the previous decade to settle legal claims and lawsuits against the Boston Police Department.

Experts say it would have been more, had the cases gone to court. I don’t understand why cities continue to pay to protect these violent perpetrators, the so-called bad apples. How many civic services are shortchanged because cities keep shelling out what is essentially cover-up money? No wonder the movement to defund the police is gaining strength.

But even though these settlements are common now, they usually take years to settle, not months. I’m certain the Taylor family settlement was drawn up so quickly because of the more than 100 days of protests in Louisville and the ongoing Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Both wove Taylor’s story into the national narrative about excessive use of force by police. Also keeping her name in the public eye, powerful allies from entertainment and sports — like Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart, who used a media availability to answer every question with “Justice for Breonna Taylor.”

It is a first that the Taylor settlement mandates concrete steps for Louisville police policy changes, such as community-related policing programs, and reforms for both search warrant and police accountability.

But, Tanika Palmer, Breonna Taylor’s mother, says the reforms and the $12 million do not equal justice for her daughter. She says, “It’s time to move forward with the criminal charges.” She’s right. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend files lawsuit over his arrest the night she was killed by police

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, filed a lawsuit Tuesday over his arrest the night Taylor was shot and killed by police, asking the court to declare him "immune" from prosecution and citing the state's "stand your ground" law, according to CBS affiliate WLKY. Walker fired at officers when they entered Taylor's home on March 13, later claiming he believed that they were intruders and was acting in self-defense.

Walker was initially charged with the attempted murder of a police officer. The charges were later dropped, but Walker's legal team is asking the court to ensure they won't be filed again, WLKY reported.

"The charges brought against me were meant to silence me and cover up Breonna's murder," Walker said at a news conference Tuesday after a removing a mask bearing her name. "For her and those that I love, I can no longer remain silent."

These new facts have certainly changed my perspective on this incident, the settlement, and the general outrage. It's been known for quite some time that standards for new police recruits have been lowered and that those with higher IQs are being rejected in favor of those less intelligent. Just another method to bring about the desired long-term agenda of the Psychopaths r Us controllers.


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These new facts have certainly changed my perspective on this incident, the settlement, and the general outrage. It's been known for quite some time that standards for new police recruits have been lowered and that those with higher IQs are being rejected in favor of those less intelligent. Just another method to bring about the desired long-term agenda of the Psychopaths r Us controllers.
Supposedly they will be releasing the grand jury recordings shortly. I have little doubt that the police are not completely clean in this matter. It should be abundantly clear that police across the US have issues with accountability, excessive force, etc. This desperately needs to be addressed. BLM/antifa burning down the cities and mob "justice" are not the answers though.

When one looks at police actions that have been used as excuses for riots, one finds the overwhelming number of "victims" were engaged in criminal activity. Of course, this does not absolve police of their own questionable activities. There also are a lot of problems with the "justice" system, which works both ways, depending.

In Portland there's a police accountability measure on the ballot that has a very broad spectrum of support. At the same time, the mayor & and police commissioner (Ted Wheeler), tries to keep the police from doing their jobs — particularly in regards to the nightly riots. Then the DA releases most riot arrestees without bail or charges. There seems to be nothing close to balance. Nearly 50 police have retired or resigned in the last month, which is about a year's worth. To the average citizen, it might appear that the whole system is out of whack, everything needs fixing.


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Breaking: Gang Member Deonte Lee Murray Charged with Attempted Murder of Two LA County Sheriff’s Deputies in Ambush Shooting (Video)​


On September 15th there was a much publicized standoff in nearby Lynwood, California. One suspect was arrested. At the time the police said the incidents were unrelated but on Wednesday police reported that the suspect in the Compton deputy shootings was arrested in the Lynnwood raid. A pistol discarded while being pursued by sheriff’s investigators prior to the standoff was the one used to shoot the sheriff’s deputies.

On Wednesday Los Angeles authorities charged Deonte Lee Murray with attempted murder in the ambush shooting of the sheriff’s deputies.

NBC Los Angeles reported:

Attempted murder charges have been filed in an attack on two LA County Sheriff’s Department deputies who were shot while seated in a patrol car at a transit station in Compton.
Officials announced the charges against Deonte Lee Murray at a Wednesday news conference. He was arrested Sept. 15 after a stakeout, car chase, and search in Lynwood that Sheriff Alex Villanueva initially said was unrelated to the deputy attack case.

Murray, 36, was charged that week with a Sept. 1 carjacking and shooting and NBC4 reported that the surveillance that led to that arrest was part of the investigation into the deputy shooting.


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Guantanamo Bay Ordered To Prepare For ‘High-Level’ American Prisoners​

By Medeea Greere -
September 30, 2020

Originally intended to be an "island outside the law" where terrorism suspects could be detained without process and interrogated without restraint, the prison and military commissions at Guantanamo Bay are catastrophic failures. At home and around the world, Guantanamo has become a symbol of injustice, abuse and disregard for the rule of law.

President Trump has ordered the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba to prepare for “high-level” American prisoners, according to a new Military of Defense report.​

The MoD report has been confirmed by General Staff Deputy Defense Minister Tatiana Shevtsova after a copy was obtained by the Kremlin. Shevtsova stated that Russia has “high confidence” that Donald Trump is preparing to transfer an unknown number of “high-level” American citizen detainees to the United States’ GTMO prison in preparation for their trials before a US Military Tribunal.

The last time such preparations were made was during the 1945-46 Nuremberg Trials held to prosecute German Nazi war criminals. Just like what happened in 1945, we are now seeing hundreds of highly trained and specialized US Army Military Police being rushed to Cuba to oversee this process.


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President Trump has ordered the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba to prepare for “high-level” American prisoners, according to a new Military of Defense report.
Yeah - and then suddenly, he gets "covid". . .

I suppose that can be looked at two ways - an attack on Trump or deceptive maneuvering by him to be in a protected place? Kinda leaning towards the former.


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President Trump has ordered the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba to prepare for “high-level” American prisoners, according to a new Military of Defense report.
an attack on Trump or deceptive maneuvering by him to be in a protected place?
Just thought of something, maybe the covid scare is an excuse to take off for Cheyenne Mt. He said awhile ago, we wouldn't be seeing him for awhile.
Hmmm . . .

[Guess this should be in the Election 2020 or Coronavirus thread - not really relevant to George Floyd although all 3 threads do overlap]


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USA Today Tries to Fact-Check Viral Meme on Black on White Crime, Inadvertently Proves the Meme Correct


Previously on SBPDL:Bureau of Justice Statistics 2018 Survey of Criminal Victimization Shows Blacks Committed 90% of Interracial Violent Felonies Between Blacks and Whites

Yes, The USA Today is now fact-checking memes detailing black on white crime, to try and downplay the reality of just how bad black on white crime is in America. [Fact check: Rates of white-on-white and Black-on-Black crime are similar, USA Today, September 30, 2020]:
A viral meme purports to list homicide statistics by race in the United States, as follows: [see image above]
The page behind one viral version of the post, I Support Law Enforcement Officers, had over 611 shares on its post. USA TODAY has reached out to the page for comment.

Some versions of the meme include this line: “America does have a problem. But it’s not what the media tells you it is.”

Rates of white-on-white and Black-on-Black homicide are similar, at around 80% and 90%

Overall, most homicides in the United States are intraracial, and the rates of white-on-white and Black-on-Black killings are similar, both long term and in individual years.

Between 1980-2008, the U.S. Department of Justice found that 84% of white victims were killed by white offenders and 93% of Black victims were killed by Black offenders.

In 2018, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that 81% of white victims were killed by white offenders, and 89% of Black victims were killed by Black offenders.

In 2017, the FBI reported almost identical figures — 80% of white victims were killed by white offenders, and 88% of Black victims were killed by Black offenders.

Though the numbers differ year-to-year, the stark difference that the viral post attempts to portray between the rates of white-on-white and Black-on-Black homicide — which it puts at 16% and 97%, respectively — is inaccurate.

Both numbers tend to hover between 80% and 90% and remain within 10 percentage points of each other.

Rates of Black-on-white and white-on-Black homicide also within 8 points

Likewise, the post attempts to portray a gulf in the rate of Black-on-white and white-on-Black homicide — which it lists at 81% and 2%, respectively.

Statistics from the FBI in 2018 and 2017 contradict that claim.

In 2018, 16% of white victims were killed by Black offenders, while 8% of Black victims were killed by white offenders.

Similarly, in 2017, 16% of white victims were killed by Black offenders, while 9% of Black victims were killed by white offenders.

In both years, the numbers remained within eight percentage points, a much smaller gap than the 79% alleged in the viral post.
Black on white crime isn’t as bad as white people believe it to be on social media, when they share viral memes, but as The USA Today admits, it’s still pretty bad.

But white people noticing how bad it is… well, that’s the real crime in the eyes of The USA Today.



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Black on white crime isn’t as bad as white people believe it to be on social media, when they share viral memes, but as The USA Today admits, it’s still pretty bad.
I just want to say that the same system that has destroyed common sense, dumbed down our population, perverted values, turned our youth into snowflakes and worst (gender confusion to the point of self-mutilation), and so much more, is the same system behind the terrible race conditions in our country. I do feel there has been racism against POCs and it hasn't suddenly disappeared. I do feel the incidence of it has lessened over time as people have become more informed, aware, and empathic to the realities of the disadvantaged. That blacks have been targeted (since forever?) via the AIDS/crack epidemic seems legitimate and they actually fall into the indigenous people classification, also targeted for extermination. As a former diehard Democrat, it wasn't hard to see the Republicans weren't advancing the causes of the common people, white or black, but can anyone doubt blacks lost out the most.

It's clear that excessive force by police has and is happening at alarming rates and I can also see how blacks are fed up. Too true that some instances are the result of criminal activity, but even then, less lethal action often could and should have taken place. If one puts oneself in the shoes of those living in neighborhoods overrun with drug crime and drive-by gang shootings practically a daily event (and kids young and old dying as a result), the tragedy of such a life situation is beyond disturbing. The system plus the complicity of the dominant population is responsible and guilty. A nation under God that spews hypocrisy. Sadder still is it's coming out now that many of the social programs put in place to help the black population actually worked against them. Have to chalk that up to being part of the "system",too.

Hoping we can come out of this on the other side to a loving, totally STO reality for all. 🙏


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Black on white crime isn’t as bad as white people believe it to be on social media, when they share viral memes, but as The USA Today admits, it’s still pretty bad.

If they continue this way there'll be few black people left to commit any crime at all, they shoot themselves on accident every time they get together:

BIG THREAD: Today hundreds of members of the all-Black "Not -flicking-g Around Coalition" (#NFAC) marched through #Lafayette, Louisiana. The group was protesting threats directed at them by U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins on Facebook, and the police shooting of Trayford Pellerin.

Just as the group began their march from Lafayette Public Library to Parc Sans Souci, two shots rang out at the Parc. One was arrested and charged with reckless discharge of a firearm at a parade or demonstration, and felon in possession of a firearm.

At Parc Sans Souci, "Grandmaster Jay" led a rally. During his speech, he addressed Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan and went through every American era describing how "It ain't never been great for Black people in this country." Hundreds of non-NFAC members gathered at the park to view and support the rally. Grandmaster Jay led them in chants of "Black power!"

Last edited:


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they shoot themselves on accident every time they get together: Today hundreds of members of the all-Black "Not -flicking-g Around Coalition" (#NFAC) marched through #Lafayette, Louisiana. The group was protesting threats directed at them by U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins on Facebook, and the police shooting of Trayford Pellerin.
Is this a highly trained militia? Police and soldiers receive training so that, hopefully, they won't "get triggered" and start shooting citizens [Kent State tragedy]. I believe in our 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights although I don't know all the laws that may impose restrictions that no doubt vary by state. People generally have to get a permit for a parade, for instance.

So many factors at work here. The militant name and stance does not bode well for a peaceful resolution of this situation.
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