George Floyd's Death, Protests and Riots across the US


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Look at how they dress. It represents entropy.

It’s striking how a few years back the real status quo activists put on Guy Fawkes masks, those people were driven by justice, love and a desire to make the world a fairer place. But things changed and that’s now what we are seeing anymore. Protests are now dominated by a 5th column globalist riot army that murders, destroys and burns neighbourhoods to the ground to push an agenda many of them don’t even understand. Only those at the top do. They are driven by hate and their outfits; zombie masks, horror masks and clown masks mirrors this perfectly.


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Ohio State University's new president has just outed herself as a cheerleader for BLM's outrage when their criminal actions aren't given an official pass:
OUTRAGEOUS! Ohio State University President Sends Ignorant Text Message to Students Following Breonna Taylor Decision — And a Crazy-Ass Video!
Following the announcement on Wednesday Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron told reporters that the night Breonna Taylor died, police did knock and announce themselves before Breonna’s boyfriend shot at them.

This fact was verified by an independent witness to the events who lived nearby.

You certainly CANNOT blame the police for defending themselves from an armed criminal shooting at them.

But the modern day Democrat Party does not believe in hard facts. They believe in feelings. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an illiterate street thug protester or a university president, you still don’t let facts get in the way of your feelings.

On Wednesday afternoon after the Breonna Taylor ruling Ohio State University president Kristina Johnson, PhD sent this text message out to students.
“Dear Buckeye Nation,

Breonna Taylor deserves justice, and this does not feel like justice.

We cannot accept what has happened in Louisville. We grieve the tragic and senseless loss of Breonna Taylor – a daughter, a friend, a niece, a loved one who was unarmed and asleep.
Kristina Johnson, PhD was not on the jury. She does not have the facts. Her outburst was based on raw emotion and ignorance.

And this clown is running The Ohio State University?

She would rather rely on violent mob rule than rely on a mixed-race grand jury for justice.



Johnson also posted an unhinged video.
She is out of her mind!

OUTRAGEOUS! Ohio State University President Sends Ignorant Text Message to Students Following Breonna Taylor Decision — And a Crazy-Ass Video!
Black lives matter but actual facts don't! Sentiments like hers are literally fanning the flames to irreversibly break down the justice system. It's OK to start shooting at police no matter the circumstances and without retribution as long as you're a POC and/or someone close by isn't armed? It's completely justifiable to burn, riot, and kill if a ruling doesn't "feel like justice" to you?! Can this woman be any more PC obsessed to the point of criminal delusion? Isn't her academia-glossed screed the equivalent of shouting FIRE in a crowded theater?!

To me, this gives "white privilege" a whole new meaning - a highly credentialed white-faced insane clown in good standing with the "tear it all down" mob. She should stick to getting the student athletes back into full pre-Covid status and the overall normalization of student campus life including fan attendance to games/meets. What's the POC percentage in student athletics? That should be her PC priority!
Ohio State athletic department pursuing loan to cover projected budget deficit


Not having fans in Ohio Stadium this season will result in a financial hit of about $60 million to the athletic department's bottom line.

Ohio State’s athletic department is pursuing a loan from the university as it manages a projected $107 million deficit for the current fiscal year.

During a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, athletic director Gene Smith said no terms had been finalized and it was unknown if the loan would have interest.

“I'm going to battle for it not to be an interest-bearing loan,” Smith said. “It should be interest-free. We're going to do our best to develop a long-range plan.”

The sizeable budget hole for the department, one of the wealthiest in the country, is largely the result of the coronavirus pandemic that has led to a postponed football season in the Big Ten and one that will not see fans in attendance at games this fall.

Full story:


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Breonna Taylor investigation reveals sequence of events that led to her death: Cops DID knock on the door, her boyfriend shot first and she died in a hail of bullets next to him in the hallway and NOT in bed as repeatedly claimed
'Their statements are corroborated by an independent witness near to the proximity of apartment 4. In other words, the warrant was not served as a no-knock warrant.

'When the officers were unable to get anyone to answer, or open the door to apartment 4, the decision was made to breach the door,' Cameron said.

Mattingly was the only officer to enter the apartment, where he said he found Walker holding a gun.

'In his statement [Mattingly] says that the male was holding a gun, arms extended, in a shooting stance,' Cameron said.
The warrant is here:


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It’s striking how a few years back the real status quo activists put on Guy Fawkes masks, those people were driven by justice, love and a desire to make the world a fairer place. But things changed and that’s now what we are seeing anymore. Protests are now dominated by a 5th column globalist riot army that murders, destroys and burns neighbourhoods to the ground to push an agenda many of them don’t even understand. Only those at the top do. They are driven by hate and their outfits; zombie masks, horror masks and clown masks mirrors this perfectly.

I try not to romanticize past activism because there's often a big element of blindness and Marxist ideology involved, but that said things sure have devolved in a downward spiral where activists are seeking to dismantle order, destroy local economies and businesses, and turn neighbor against neighbor. The criminal mind is so indulged where loud progressives are now defending rapists, drug dealers shooting cops, and even pedofiles attacking kids. They're not wearing masks. This is their nature.


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So, I made myself a bowl of popcorn, sat down and watched the show. It was informative to hear and see Eisenhower speak and the real similarity to whats happening now with Trump as well as the other things you mention. Tore is an inspiring woman, and her head and heart are in the right place. She has inspired and energized me and sparked my love for our country! Good work.

In the last 5 days or so I've taken the time to watch 4 of her shows and I'm hooked. This is just the kind of program I enjoy. I like thats she has a broad base of knowledge for not only whats happening in the US but events around the world that are happening currently and in the past. She has the insider and behind the scenes perspective that catches my attention and broadens my understanding of whats going on. I like that she plays news clips and her added comments.

The Sept. 21 show was particularly interesting to me. She spoke of Ruth Bader Ginsbergs death and the complicity of Chief Justice Roberts in the abuse of the FISA court during Spygate so he was in on it. Also his trip to Malta in 2012 (after supporting Obamacare) and that islands connection with secret societies is interesting and gives a bit of the historical background. Now this is interesting and I don't know how she would know this. She's saying RBG has been dead for awhile now and was on life support for awhile. It was easy to hide this because of covid. Now all of this I found to be rather vague so clarification would be nice.

I've a sense we're on the verge of exhilarated events and maybe we'll see an October surprise with more exposure of the people behind the curtain.
Her show on Constitution Day was also informative and educational as well as inspiring.

1:35:28 Roberts and Malta/FISA. 1:45:01 RBG death.

Glad you liked Tore's shows. She's fantastic. And yes, I care much about the US too.

On RBG and taking her off the ice (hee hee) she's had reported cancer many times in the news and probably was dead but not reported. This would have kept SC nomination off the table until after election. After realizing polls weren't in their favor, the signaling started from democrats that Trump would contest election votes. They couldn't have a split in equal votes from the SC, so they had to announce her death.


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In the near future people will understand that the American flag, like every national flag is a symbol of hate as is everything that reminds us from the old world. Systemic sexism and racism tore us apart. Now we live ''peacefully'' under the ''One World Govt'' that prevented the rise of the Fourth Reich. Or so they will teach our children. Now show your loyality and raise your fists.

Symbols of nationalism/patriotism will be a hate crime under the ''One World Govt' and punishable by death. The Woke Mob will become their SS who will enforce it.

The ever growing Woke mob will Purge American/Western history. Away with the old. History will end and the future will begin. The endgoal will be to rewrite history completely (Year Zero) So people will never be able to figure out how real progress looks like. For example, democratic societies.

Even statues such as the statue of Liberty will be blown up. Under thunderous applause.
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Did Kate declare a state of emergency when Rioters murdered, looted and burned in Oregon for months? Oh no. She declares one for a Patriot rally before it even happens though.



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So I have sort of a dilemma with the whole thing in the US, I don't know what's worse, BLM or having authoritarian cops shoving vaccines down your throat.

My perspective is that when you look at countries like the UK and Autralia which went completely nuts over the covid BS regulations, and their government is basically creating an environment of distrust and full totalitarian control, I have been having the notion since the protests started in the US that they were sort of a blessing in a backward sense.

I surely know what the BLM movement is, but the more I look at it, the more I see it as a counterbalancing force.

I keep thinking that the protests started as a direct result of cops being instructed to literally hunt down individuals, and start making advances in with covid infractions until it became normal and unquestionable, and they pushed it too far, with GF killing, there were several instances of them pushing it but GF drew all attention.
With the growing anti police sentiment in the air , cops are reluctant to risk their lives for petty crimes such as a mask and many of them now endorsing Trump since he is not throwing them under the bus, and by being on the ground I'd hope realize how "deadly" the virus is.. Many people follow recommendations for the sake of following them as the initial panic is not there anymore, they forgot what this is about and became very politicized.

Then we have Soros pushing the protests, and that is sort of the part that's a bit unclear.

Yes they want Trump to loose, but do they really think the anger of this mob to go away just because both the media machine and his funding is cut from the protests after Biden wins? in that universe, cops are not gonna stop doing what they are doing with the mob's new sense of entitlement.

I can't decide, if you rid from BLM you will have cops knocking down your door shoving vaccines down your throat, and if police looses its footing then you have riots and destruction in the streets.

My guess, like I said if Biden wins, in their head, they will control the mob with the media and cutting funding to these organizations and the leader will sudently be pro police and the media will applaud them, and THEN have police enforce vaccines on people. But will that work with the anti cop sentiment they have been feeding?
One other way obviously is forcing companies to require people to get them in order to keep their jobs, Biden will be more than happy to assist.
If they pretend to keep both notions that 1) cops okay when they force vaccine and 2) cops not okay if they attack BLM, it's very delusional.

If Trump wins, they will push and fund and applaud riots, Trump said he will handle any unrest on the streets with the national guard, but now with the fake ballots, the media will go insane trying to make it an illegitimate election. If people don't get behind Trump we have no much hope. I think things will get very violent if Trump wins either way.

MEANWHILE, 157 countries reported zero deaths a few days ago according to worldmete(dot)info ...... and seems people are not even looking.

I really feel bad for anyone in the UK or Australia.

For some perspective, this relationship (leftist mob antipolice) and (covid cult) is being happening in many countries, Colombia was an interesting example, they had a shooting of a lawyer by a cop on camera, and protests erupted from groups trying to push the same leftist, socialist rethorics from the US onto their context and people outraged by the graphic video, which obviously doesn't work, but as much as they tried to replicate the anger, it didn't hold much, police there is ineffective and in some instances even more abusive and people just wanted to burn buses, because since they did it we can do it too, right?. nope, It didn't hold.

But with the UK and Australia, it's scary, they really want to trash every business until there is nothing left. So i take it they will experiment this format with some countries first and retrieve that "data" for the rest of the countries in their sick agenda.

some thoughts


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EXCLUSIVE: California Man Finds THOUSANDS of What Appear to be Unopened Ballots in Garbage Dumpster — Workers Quickly Try to Cover Them Up — We are Working to Verify

Last night we received these photos from a reader in California. They appear to show hundreds of alleged unopened ballots in a garbage dumpster in California. We are working to verify. Big if true.

This is an exclusive from a Gateway Pundit reader in California.

Hey Gateway Pundit,
I thought you might find this interesting. My dad found THOUSANDS of unopened ballots at the garbage dump in Petaluma, California, north of San Francisco.



"My dad was throwing away some trash and saw them so he took some pictures. He told a lady who worked at the dump about it and she claimed that the county dumped them there. After my dad drove back around and saw the workers in the bin covering the ballots up with cardboard
The guy crawling out of the dumpster in the green shirt worked there. He was covering up the ballots."



The TGP reader then sent us a map of the location in Petaluma.


We will post any updates when he hear more from our sources.

According to a state source California does nto mail out ballots until October fifth and those already have return addresses.


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I couldn’t find mention in this thread but I was looking into what happened with the hype around the 9/17 “Siege the White House” protest and apparently they changed their tone (literally) rather quickly:

Since first announcing the siege in July, Adbusters has changed how the siege is going to work. It’s now promoting 50 days of nonviolent improv jazz on street corners and in front of federal buildings...

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