Greta Thunberg: False Prophet of the Children's Crusade

Barbara Honegger is reported as the source for the original CIA, William Casey quote:

We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false

This whole business is, of course, wider spread than America, and yet there is the crowd effect: repeating the position because one does not know enough on the subject: the authoritarian delivery makes going against it difficult.

What I try to do instead is to gently bring some rationality to the discussion. There is so much irrationality that you can counter.

Yes, if you know the subject matter the irrationality sticks out like a sore thumb - I tried this too the other day and learned something (not that it is not the general basis of why people don't understand).

Here is what happened:

The subject of AGW climate change - respective of the global crowds now assembled; recently hyped by Greta and co., begets the rational conversation that indeed "we need to do more on matters of pollution, toxins, chemicals." No disagreement, a global alignment of normal people would agree as a general rule with those three points. However the conversation in the AGW main is about a molecule, an evil one. So, when asked about this focus being equated to the persons previous response, there was pause, confusion - grasping for some type of term of reference. So I asked, okay, what is the C02 threshold for plant life?

You can see in the photo that below 150ppm's it is close to plant demise. So, the question is, why would there be a policy to reduce CO2 if it results in the death of plants - to what acceptable level?

They (individually) have no answer. In this case, the person (no child and well read) confessed to not understanding the role of C02 in the AGW conversation; somewhat apologetically. So, this is likely the source of the wider matter, yet people inflate the C02 'cause' (fossil fuel et al.) to all these other things they do know (which makes sense i.e. pollution/toxins/chemicals), thus C02 fits in because they are told over and over again that it is the alleged problem coming out of either the smokestack or tailpipe (or cow's derrière for that matter).

I said no more, and kept it light ("gently") and it clicked that it's the inability to focus down on the one molecule as opposed to conflating what they do understand with what environmentalism traditionally focused on - pollution, toxins and chemicals (and war in the case of people like ex-Greenpeace Patrick Moore).

Anyway, as luc said, it is worth the approach, yet my sense is that people can't (or they don't want to) somehow try and figure out what these molecules really mean in ppm's and their vital importance. All this leaves cosmic influences out of the conversation, which is another hard one for people to talk about, let alone volcanic and other previously locked in C02 sources that are now opening up.

As has also been well pointed out by others, rising C02 ppm's proceeds the return to ice age.

Note: the photo seems to still tie into pre/post industry without all the other influences that see ppm rise. It should also be noted that PPM's (for C02) were not officially measured until Charles Keeling designed the device used (starting in 1956).

Here is his curve:

Yet as an oscillation (wave form), it starts in 1958 at the bottom of a graph, and where do we see climate scientists today playing with graphs (Temps/C02 et cetera) while stating at the bottom of an oscillation to show the rise - continuously.

Fig. 2 Representative plants of Abutilon theophrasti (C3) grown at glacial through future [CO2]. All plants were 14 d of age and were grown under similar water, light, and nutrient conditions. These plants were photographed during a study by Dippery et al. (1995). (Photograph is courtesy of Anne Hartley, Florida Gulf Coast University.)
Children are receiving mentally distorted adult guidance.
They are born and guided in the parental paradigm, these parents are then indoctrinated by education and permanently hypnotized by the mass media of entertainment.
And if we add to this the established religion we get a picture of massive destruction of the human being.

All this movement is masterfully devised and the new generations are in an internal situation of being able to receive the lies that are transmitted without having to use discernment, since they take everything as truth and it is not in their possibilities to judge the information they receive.

The human is like a child in your mind. They are gullible, they always need an authority figure to follow. Most people are sentient and unthinking.
They turn to the emotional side and do not use force to implant ways of thinking that are lying and destructive.

Childhood is the most vulnerable part of humanity, and also easy to convince and manipulate. They are destroying humanity from the bottom up.

They are aware of what is to come and want to generate as much destruction as possible before the cataclysms. The final blows. We are witnesses and protagonists of this drama.

It seems that all effort is in vain, that we cannot change people's beliefs. They are entrenched in their dogmas and nothing persuades them to get out of that hole.

Not everyone is prepared to know the truth. The sad thing is that most people are not in a position to wake up. You have to learn to respect their times.

In this cycle I don't think that can happen. Perhaps later on, in subsequent incarnations they can mature and initiate a process of consciousness development.

Truth (this is a willing thought) I would love for all humanity to be able to "open their eyes" and be able to SEE.
But reality objectively indicates that not everyone is able to do the work.
Most prefer to focus their attention on the illusion and are literally hypnotized. There is a disability to appreciate objective reality.

I don't see a way out for humanity in general.
Julio César says: "I was wrong to think that I could change the masses with the example. Humans are voluble and egocentric for the most part. Therefore, if you really want to make changes you can only do it through early education, and even then it is fragile and will not last.
In the end you must be true to your own nature and fear nothing. If you do, you can make a difference after you're gone ... "
"What drove me was love and compassion.
Humanity are lost "

Translated with

Los niños están recibiendo una orientación o guía de adultos distorsionados mentalmente.
Nacen y son guiados en el paradigma parental (padres que ya recibieron el "tratamiento especial" de la estructura en la cual viven) luego son adoctrinados por la educación y permanentemente están siendo hipnotizados por los medios masivos de entretenimiento.
Y si a esto le sumamos la religión establecida obtenemos un panorama de destrucción masiva del ser humano.

Todo este movimiento está ideado magistralmente y las nuevas generaciones están en una situación interna de poder recibir las mentiras que son transmitidas sin tener que usar el discernimiento, ya que toman todo como verdad y no está en sus posibilidades juzgar la información que reciben.

El humano es como un niño en su mente. Son crédulos, necesitan siempre una figura de autoridad a la cual seguir. La mayoría de las personas son sintientes y no pensantes. Los controladores
se dirigen a la parte emocional y no utilizan la fuerza para implantar formas de pensar que son mentirosas y destructivas.

La niñez es la parte más vulnerable de la humanidad, y también fáciles de convencer y manipular. Están destruyendo a la humanidad desde su base.

Están concientes de lo que está por venir y quieren generar la mayor destrucción posible antes de los cataclismos. Los golpes finales. Estamos siendo testigos y protagonistas de este drama.

Da la sensación que todo esfuerzo es en vano, que no podemos cambiarles las creencias a las personas. Están atrincherados en sus dogmas y nada los persuade de salir de ese hoyo.

No todos están preparados para conocer la verdad. Lo triste es que la mayoría de las personas, no están en condiciones de despertar.Hay que aprender a respetar sus tiempos.

En este ciclo no creo que pueda suceder eso. Quizás más adelante, en siguientes encarnaciones puedan madurar e iniciar un proceso de desarrollo de la conciencia.

La verdad ( esto es un pensamiento deseoso) me encantaría que toda la humanidad sea capaz de "abrir sus ojos" y pudieran VER.
Pero la realidad objetivamente indica que no todos están en condiciones de realizar el trabajo.
La mayoría prefiere centrar su atención en la ilusión y están literalmente hipnotizados. Existe una discapacidad para apreciar la realidad objetiva.

No vislumbro salida para la humanidad en general.
Dice Julio César: "Me equivoqué al pensar que podía cambiar las masas con el ejemplo.Los humanos son volubles y egocéntricos en su mayor parte. Por lo tanto, si realmente desea realizar cambios sólo se puede hacer mediante educación temprana, e incluso entonces es frágil y no durará.
Al final debes ser fiel a tu propia naturaleza y no temes a nada. Si lo haces puedes hacer una diferencia después que te hayas ido... "
"Lo que me impulsó fue el amor y la compasión.
Humanidad están perdidos"
it reminded her of Hitler and that he used the youth for his propaganda as well
and creates tension between people. I think that this is as well intended.
Also in that time many people from older generations have passed away, and taken their common sense with them.
All of the above are true observations of the agenda being perpetrated upon the clueless. Divide and conquer - FEAR - indoctrination of the youth > all well-known tools of the globalists out to manipulate the masses into voluntary totalitarianism.

As a member of the non-clueless as well as of the older generation, it is beyond exasperating to have to witness what amounts to an insane clown circus play out every single day on countless platforms. AGW is just one of the many over-the-top lies being shoved down our throats from multiple directions. I do my best to ignore it all knowing from experience that there's almost no one interested in actual facts that counter the 24/7 propaganda that's been dispensed since before the turn of the 20th century. This is particularly grievious when it comes to my own family. A summer visit with my son and his children reinforced this notion for the nth time. My grandson (turned 9 three months ago) expressed sincere anxiety and fear in regards to the polar caps melting and flooding the planet. I promptly assured him that that wasn't going to happen. I don't recall now exactly what I said other than I kept it short and didn't go into a prolonged explanation regarding the entire subject. There was no supporting comment from son or daughter-in-law. Based on past interactions, I feel certain they did not hold the same opinion and that it was just more evidence that 'grandma' doesn't know what she's talking about. Cassandra Complex indeed!

It really disturbed me that my young grandson had been exposed to and allowed to absorb uncontested this outrageous BS! He attends Catholic school - was he getting that crap there? Don't know. It bothered me enough that I sent an email to my son with ample factual articles/links debunking the whole thing beginning with that on July 15 (it was the 18th that day), "The Norwegian icebreaker “Kronprins Haakon” (Crown Prince Haakon), on a mission to the North Pole for the Institute of Marine Research, was forced to turn back north of Svalbard after meeting considerably thicker and more massive ice masses than expected, which the vessel was not capable of breaking through." The facts about cosmic rays and deep solar minimum among others also provided. I really tried to get across how wrong it was to allow his children to be terrorized by this false human-caused climate catastrophe. Don't know if he even read the email.

Wasn't familiar with Cassandra Complex before now so googled. Please note the irony:
Cassandra complex in the world today
Environmental movement

Science has been predicting climate change on a massive scale, for quite some time. This includes temperatures rising, flooding, droughts, pollution, and all manner of other horrible things.

Unfortunately, despite many of their warnings coming true, lots of people still ignore this, and the science behind it, as a Cassandra complex. Many scientists actively talk about the dilemma of being stuck in the middle of a Cassandra complex. It’s about being totally alone while you watch people destroy the planet and themselves.

What makes things worse for scientists who have a Cassandra complex? It is that they often find themselves blamed for the very events that they tried to warn about.

Some scientists have also experienced the opposite effect. When they manage to give some good news to people, this is taken as a sign that the entire problem of climate change is, in fact, a hoax, and that anybody who says otherwise is lying.

A Cassandra complex can be an exhausting thing to have. It is especially true when scientists have to watch things get worse and worse as a direct result of their inability to make people believe what they have to say.

Cassandra Complex in Mythology, Psychology and the Modern World

Here's the beginning paragraphs to the link the entire problem of climate change (with picture):

[Ahh - a little child ... of color, no less - I guess gender won't matter in this scenario]

Since 2014, each year the scientists have been warning that that was the hottest year since 1880. The Earth’s pre-industrial average temperature was 57. 3 Fahrenheit or 13.6 Celsius.

According to numerous sources in the past several years, the planet’s temperature has risen for more than 1 degree Celsius while an increase of just one more degree could mean a disaster of epic proportions. The Earth’s surface temperature has been continually rising for forty years. In June 2016, the average temperature was 1.3 Celsius above the pre-industrial level and all signs show that it will continue to rise.

Researchers from all over the world agree that this is our own fault and if we wish for our civilization to grow and prosper, we need to take immediate action. As the history of civilization proves, if we create our own doom, we wouldn’t be the first. Humans before have managed to influence the Earth’s climate and cause their own destruction.
Does the term crazy scientist sound familiar? Well, that’s the term most relevant authorities used to describe scientists who first started pointing out the dangers of prolonged emissions of CO2. For those of you unfamiliar with this gas, it’s what made Venus boiling hot and what creates the greenhouse effect.

Since the start of the industrial age, enormous quantities of this gas have been released into our atmosphere. Nobody knows what effect it can have on the future of our planet because it never happened before. What we do know is that our home is warming up. The consequences are numerous and they include melting of the polar ice caps, which in turn could cause sea level to rise by 10 to 40 meters. Just this scenario could wipe out the civilization as we know it.
[Hmm - shouldn't that picture show the kid treading water?]
Still, by burning a lot of trees, our ancestors prevented an ice age some 6.000 years ago. Human’s ability to interfere with the climate has been around much longer than most of us think, and the declines of Egyptian or Indus civilizations could be partially related to the impact they had on their environment.

Examples of major climate crisis can be traced in much more recent history. Medieval Warm Period took place from 900 AD to 1200 AD and Little Ice Age lasted from 1300 AD to 1700 AD. The results of both these events were hunger, epidemics, and wars.

Culture and science decline each time weather conditions change because the primal needs and instinct for survival take over. If the Earth’s atmosphere continues to absorb high amounts of greenhouse gasses, we might witness the greatest climate change since the Last Glacial period.

[Now, the truth all these lies have been utilized to obstruct - or at least one would think]

Despite all of these factors, mankind isn’t the only one to blame for the great shifts in the Earth’s climate. The amount of sunlight and other cosmic circumstances play a large role in the faith of life on our little planet.

Space and the climate on Earth

There would be no life on Earth without a number of cosmic factors that influence Earth’s climate. Our planet’s distance from the Sun is considered to be perfect for the development of life. More importantly, Earth’s rotation plays a huge part in determining whether we are headed for an Ice Age or a Warm period.

The angle of the Earth’s axial tilt changes in relation to the plane of the planet’s orbit. It goes from 22.1° and 24.5° in approximately 41.000 years. The lower angle causes less insulation and conversely the higher angle results in a higher amount of insulation. Scientists think that all major changes in the climate are caused by the variations of the angle of the Earth’s axial tilt.

The current shift is going toward the 22.1° angle and at this point, we should be witnessing the first indications of an Ice Age, but this isn’t happening because of the global warming. Simply put, Earth is heating up instead of cooling down. It seems like we are able to disrupt processes that take thousands of years just by producing ridiculous amounts of CO2. The fragile balance of conditions that made life on Earth possible could easily be disrupted if our civilization doesn’t realize what it is doing to the environment that gave us life.

History of Civilization and Climate Change: What We Can Learn from the Past
I have come across a descriptive term that is being linked to child activists - as "child actorvists" and actorvism.

This article was published before Greta Thunberg made a guest appearance at the U.N. this week. It goes into some details, as to how these actorvists are used by NGO's, to further their personal agenda's, which often crosses over into the Political arena.

Although the article focuses mainly on child activists and their present activities, I would imagine - these same NGO's use the Gay Pride Parades in much the same way - just a different age group? Kind of like ... the NGO organization sets itself up as a Parent company and sends out it's tentacles - forming subsidiaries that perform certain duties but are directly in line with the same ideals as the parent company?

Unfortunately, Greta is being "used" and her Parent's are blind or they have their own personal agenda for exploiting her? Maybe, it all boils down to Big Bucks ... but to what cost to their Daughter's well being?


“Child Actorvism” and the Extinction Agenda of Neoliberal Racists
“Child Actorvism” and the Extinction Agenda of Neoliberal Racists

August 22, 2019 - There is no shortage of social justice causes trumpeted by the West [1], with a revolving medley of “child actorvists” at the forefront. The logical observer may question whether these endless multi-billion dollar campaigns have had any tangible effect at all, except in serving as a stalking horse for mass-mediated interferences in the affairs of other nations.

Whether it is about immigration, education, or the whitewashing of terrorists, they are there, ready with their scripted messages. The latest sensation happens to be Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg who is trying to save humanity from an environmental apocalypse by playing truant from school. Manufactured doyens however conveniently overlook real progress in the activist areas they were groomed for, revealing a strong pattern of bias in the process.

On August 9, 2019, more than a million Indians planted 220 million trees in a single day, with each tree representing a resident of the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). According to state government official Awanish K. Awasthi: “The pits are geo-tagged and the saplings carry a QR code. So we can record how many saplings are planted and where.” The BBC had earlier cast doubts on whether Ethiopia had actually planted 350 million trees in July due to the lack of a verification mechanism.

This was not India’s first afforestation feat. In 2016, nearly 800,000 volunteers in UP had planted 50 million trees in a single day while a year later, 66 million saplings were embedded in just 12 hours by volunteers in neighbouring Madhya Pradesh.

India has targeted a total forest cover comprising 33 percent of its landmass by 2030. While this initiative was launched under the general rubric of climate change, there were more immediate issues at stake. The spectres of desertification and groundwater depletion were enough to mobilize ordinary Indians into action.

The sheer design, organization and coordination involved in the Indian undertaking
may be studied for years to come. Once verified, the afforestation model can be adapted in fields ranging from big data, artificial intelligence, sharing economy to contingency planning. A similar commonsensical model was employed when Cyclone Fani hit eastern India during the first days of May. As The Conversation reported on May 13: “A record 1.2 million people (equal to the population of Mauritius) were evacuated in less than 48 hours, and almost 7,000 kitchens, catering to 9,000 shelters, were made functional overnight. This mammoth exercise involved more than 45,000 volunteers.”

After studying the grim statistics for Hurricane Maria (Puerto Rico, US; 2017), Hurricane Harvey (Texas, US; 2017) and Cyclone Idai (Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi and Zimbabwe; 2019), the authors concluded that the “world can learn from” from the Indian experience.

Yet, the momentary fascination with India’s mass mobilization skills dissipated just as quickly as the storm itself. The global risk researcher, stupefied by hours of BBC programming, was left to wonder: Where are those follow-up in-depth analyses? How come the world only came to know of India’s recent tree-planting milestone through a brief Associated Press report? Isn’t climate change the dernier cri?

One could excuse the BBC for disregarding Uttar Pradesh’s greening exploits as it was too busy fabricating videos on “large-scale protests” in Kashmir alongside usual suspects like Al Jazeera and Reuters. Even Malala Yousafzai was rolled out to test the waters, only to be summarily rebuffed.

There may be other reasons behind the neoliberal media’s indifference here. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had earlier committed the cardinal sin of renaming the city of Allahabad as Prayagraj. This is a complete no-no in a West that always sides with militant Islam. Take a look at Serbia, Syria, Libya, and Myanmar, amongst numerous other examples. Furthermore, India’s afforestation campaign (2016 to 2030) was being undertaken outside the ambit of parasitic Western NGOs at a paltry outlay of $6 billion.

Neoliberal Selectivity
New Delhi’s indigenous efforts since 2015 were however deemed unsatisfactory by Extinction Rebellion superstar Thunberg. She pilloried India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a February 2019 video post:
“Dear Mr. Modi, you need to take action now against the climate crisis, not just talking about it because if you keep going on like this, doing business as usual, and just talking about and bragging about the little victories, you are going to fail. And if you fail, you are going to be seen as one of the worst villains in human history in the future. And you don't want that.”

Do not seek a scintilla of sanity in the outburst above. Instead, note the timing: It was posted during the run-up to the April-May 2019 Indian general elections where Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won by a landslide victory, surpassing expectations thanks to neoliberal hissy-fits typified by the likes of Thunberg.

Does Thunbergconsider the planting of 50, 66 and 220 million trees overnight – involving schoolchildren no less – as one of those insignificant “little victories”? Who is doing the talking and bragging and who is doing the actual planting here? One of India’s other “little victories” was in lifting 271 million people – numbering more than half the EU population – out of poverty in a mere 10 years.

If Thunberg's views aren’t reflective of Western neoliberal racism, tell me what is? Here is where racial supremacist undercurrents are cleverly masked by the clarion call of “social justice”. Nothing non-Westerners do is good enough unless it involves and profits vested Western interests. Neoliberals and their neoconservative cousins feel they are entitled to run the affairs of other nations. If the line is not toed, an army of “child actorvists” are ready to selectively name and shame national leaders. How is this different from the use of child soldiers and human shields by an assortment of violent thugs and jihadis? And much like jihadis, a false flag calamity inflicted on a child actorvist would reap international sympathy for the “cause,” would it not? We shall see what the future holds…

Quite tellingly, when it comes to the question of extinction, French-Lebanese author Amin Maalouf sums up the prevalent Western hypocrisy perfectly: “Threats to pandas cause more emotion than threats to the extinction of Christians in the Middle East”. Another child actorvist, Bana Alabed, has been roped in to hasten that particular genocide.

The Incurably Colonized
could have easily trained her guns on Southeast Asian politicians for allowing the West to dump millions of tons of highly-toxic trash throughout the region. (India had another “little victory” by banning them). It cannot get more pathetic than Pakistani garbage appearing in an illegal Malaysian dumpsite! Is Thunberg really as environmentally literate as she claims to be? The organized crime networks involved in the regional garbage racket are also into money laundering, smuggling, organ harvesting, and human trafficking.

Neoliberals and neoconservatives, however, have a soft spot for Southeast Asia (sans Mynamar) for a good reason: Its leaders and societies have an incurable inferiority complex towards all things Western, rendering them supine and receptive to machinations from the other side of the world. The region hosts innumerable Western-backed NGOs and affiliates whose sole role is to disrupt and shape the local political process. That is, when they are not discriminating against native talent, native ideas and native solutions. For a region that has had several developmental head-starts over India, Southeast Asia has yet to produce world-class scientists, innovators and products of any import, making it easy for West to offer their “expertise” and goods at huge costs. The media in “Asian values” bastions like Malaysia and Singapore are more likely to celebrate Thunberg’s theatrics than investigate real Asian success stories.

Just like neoconservatism, neoliberalism neatly divides the world along classic colonial lines. Can George Soros and his neoliberal backers claim a single success story from the countless “social justice” agitprops unleashed worldwide? Instead, such interventions have left behind a string of broken, emasculated, and dysfunctional societies. Women and children are the biggest victims here. One could also include Thunberg’s Sweden in the list of nations facing a surge in sexual violence against women and children. Swedish schools are no longer safe, and somehow no child activist has emerged to publicize this highly-proximate issue [2]]. What is the celebrated “female education activist” Malala Yousafzai actually doing?

Redundant Societies
The idea that the East and West can cooperate, compliment, and compete on an equal footing is anathema to neoliberal and neoconservative minds. It is in “redundant societies” however where neoliberals find the most fertile ground for its destructive agendas. Redundant societies are ones the world would scarcely miss in case its populations were magically rendered extinct overnight – short-term raw material and supply chain disruptions notwithstanding. Is that the core idea behind Extinction Rebellion? Fewer humans are great for the environment, no?

A nation less contaminated by the neoliberal agenda is a nation poised for growth and technical breakthroughs. Look at the world around us: the relatively nationalistic South Korea, Japan, China and India (the “effective Asia”), Israel, Russia, and Eastern Europe are already challenging the West’s dominance in many critical areas. Even Iran is not doing too badly considering the circumstances.

In the meantime, one hopes that Thunberg will encounter flotsams of plastic as she yachts towards the upcoming UN powwow in New York. If so, these would likely be trash that were supposedly repatriated by Southeast Asian nations but which may have been dumped by ships en route. To avoid “baseless allegations” like these, Thunberg could try some real environmental work by researching, tabulating and verifying claims that all repatriated trash had indeed reached their destinations in toto, as claimed. Maybe, this is a task too arduous for Thunberg. Let us leave such little details to an Indian schoolgirl’s future dissertation, shall we? After all, she would have literally had her hands soiled in planting the future while others talked the big talk at big-money events.
Because this threadtitel has an almost biblical reference ("Greta Thunberg - a false prophet?") I would like to point out the numerological aspect of the Fridays for Future movement for the sake of completeness. F is the sixth letter in the alphabet. (I couldn't find references in english, have they been deleted by google?)

Greta Thunberg el anticristo neo marxista?
When we analyze fridays for future we find that it is related to the Kabbalah, FFF that corresponds to the number 18 that I have already shown you is the number 666 of the Antichrist.

After photos surfaced of Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg wearing a shirt associated with Antifa, she denied any ties to the violent left-wing protest group.


“Yesterday I posted a photo wearing a borrowed T-shirt that says I’m against fascism,” she tweeted in July. “That T-shirt can apparently to some be linked to a violent movement. I don’t support any form of violence and to avoid misunderstandings I’ve deleted the post. And of course I am against fascism.”

Thunberg went on to criticize her detractors, claiming the shirt was innocuous, “can be bought anywhere” and is only linked to violence “according to some.”

In recent days, however, photos have emerged showing her parents, Svante Thunberg and Malena Ernman, wearing the exact same t-shirt, throwing her whole explanation into question.


''My family and I were photographed wearing Klan hoods but I'm not a white supremacist.Moreover the movement is only linked to racism by some.We borrowed the Klan hoods,we're not actually in the KKK''
Sounds legit.
Slightly OT, but this is shocking - a recent tweet by an assistant of a green MP in Germany, wearing the Antifa flag:

You would think people would think twice about wearing an armband in the friggin German parliament after Hitler!!

The tweet reads (deepl):

My today's work outfit in the #Bundestag
The reason? A request by #noAfD to distance itself from the Antifa, its symbols and signs.
I find: a commitment to #Antifascism is a commitment to the free democratic constitutional order!
Just as this discussion was taking place, I was in Vienna on a family gathering. And just as some people I was with were saying that education wasn't bad in Austria, and that it was much better than, say, the propaganda in the US, we saw children marching. They were between 8 and 10 years old, and frankly, they made me shiver. Their expressions were what you would expect from a new "nazi youth". They signs said the usual Greta BS, "If you are not a vegetarian you are killing the planet", "the Earth will die because of you", etc. Yikes... I heard that the new rule in some schools was to demonstrate like that every Friday.

So, yeah, it's even happening in places that used to be more on the conservative side, and nobody is immune. I feel extremely sad for the new generations, and especially the children born after 2010 who don't seem to have any chance left of escaping some serious indoctrination and brain-washing. And the parents... the amount of denial that THEY go through and facilitate just to feel that the world is a safe place, is plain scary... They COULD and SHOULD know better if they only looked back a few years, but they seem to be too busy with their phones and trying to appear cool and open-minded as is dictated by the system into which they have dumped their children.
Just as this discussion was taking place, I was in Vienna on a family gathering. And just as some people I was with were saying that education wasn't bad in Austria, and that it was much better than, say, the propaganda in the US, we saw children marching. They were between 8 and 10 years old, and frankly, they made me shiver. Their expressions were what you would expect from a new "nazi youth". They signs said the usual Greta BS, "If you are not a vegetarian you are killing the planet", "the Earth will die because of you", etc. Yikes... I heard that the new rule in some schools was to demonstrate like that every Friday.

That reminds me of a saying, I think attributed to Trotski or someone of that sort, that the communist revolution doesn(t come from the working people, but from the sons and daughters of doctors and lawyers. And that's what we see today, the louder voices towards power centralisation are middle to upper middle class students. Also, those who have been subjected to past overt dictatorship are more likely to be skeptical of the media and power structures. One can even argue that those without an endoskeleton are asking for an exoskeleton to "protect" them in the form of an omnipotent and omnicient technocracy (a mix of scientism, technolatry and mind hive communism).

This reminds me of George Orwell's 1984 where children were feared because they were the first to keep an eye on everyone and accuse people of wrongdoing. I suppose it's got to do with the fact that young children are far easier to manipulate and more prone to black and white thinking as a natural stage in cognitive development. Also, they are more prone to ask for protection from a 'superstate' (as an extension of parents whose authority has been slowly undermined and replaced by institutions and, in many cases, with their consent, perhaps) than fully individualized adults who value their independence and responsibility. I think we can also relate this to how society in general seems to be getting more and more 'infantilized', as if we are becoming a huge kindergarten... and who's running it? That's the worst part, I suppose.

This video is exaggerated for comedy purposes, but this discussion reminded me a bit of it:

Just as this discussion was taking place, I was in Vienna on a family gathering. And just as some people I was with were saying that education wasn't bad in Austria, and that it was much better than, say, the propaganda in the US, we saw children marching. They were between 8 and 10 years old, and frankly, they made me shiver. Their expressions were what you would expect from a new "nazi youth". They signs said the usual Greta BS, "If you are not a vegetarian you are killing the planet", "the Earth will die because of you", etc. Yikes... I heard that the new rule in some schools was to demonstrate like that every Friday.

So, yeah, it's even happening in places that used to be more on the conservative side, and nobody is immune. I feel extremely sad for the new generations, and especially the children born after 2010 who don't seem to have any chance left of escaping some serious indoctrination and brain-washing. And the parents... the amount of denial that THEY go through and facilitate just to feel that the world is a safe place, is plain scary... They COULD and SHOULD know better if they only looked back a few years, but they seem to be too busy with their phones and trying to appear cool and open-minded as is dictated by the system into which they have dumped their children.

Those marches of young children and youth are happening in many places in germany too. I also saw one myself in the city we are living by accident a couple of months ago and my immediate reaction was also that this is basically the beginning of a replay of history, this time on a much broader scale spanning whole countries especially in the west. Basically new NAZIS being formed in front of our eyes. Yes, I also feel rather sorry for the young generations who are confronted with a vicious situation/circle that is very hard to escape from. The younger the generation is, the harder to escape from the madness it seems, largely fueled by inventions like the smart phone.
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