Happy Caesar's Birthday!


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"It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life." Julius Caesar

Happy birthday Ceasar!


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Ave Cesare! And Happy Birthday Caesar!

Hopefully time 'does not exist' where you are, 'cause I'm quite late here at sending you cheers :)


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romochar said:
Happy Birthday Caius Julius Caesar IV... May your soul watch over us in the coming times!

That was nice sentiment to ask of him for all, romochar.

I wish him well wherever his soul/spirit chooses to go. So indeed, a most Happy Birthday thought to you, Julius, may your contemplation's be comfortable.

From the session his communication said that his name was close when asked, it would be interesting to know his name as it was then.


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Happy Birthday, Gaius Julius Caesar.

According to my old Latin teacher -an ex-priest- it was pronounced: Guy-oose Yool-ee-oose Kuy-zahr.
C -followed by an A- is always pronounced as hard K. And the -oose sound is as in moose.

My old teacher made it sound like singing!


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Thoughts to you, Julius! Happy Birthday to you in the contemplation zone! :flowers:

The Truth Perspective in 2015 interviewed Dr. Tom Stephenson in discussion on Caesar and the transformation of Rome, if you did not catch it.


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Joyeux anniversaire Jules César... Des pensées douces pour vous... LOVE

Happy birthday Julius Caesar ... Sweet thoughts for you ... LOVE


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Happy Birthday Julius Caesar. :cheer: Thanks for all you've done for the human race and for being an example of what it means to be STO.


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Happy birthday, Caesar! Last week I found a two volume set of his Commentaries in English from 1806 on eBay for really, really cheap, so I swiped 'em up with plans to restore them in the future. Anyway, they happened to arrive in the mail the day after his birthday, which I thought was kind of funny - felt it was worth mentioning. Attached some photos below.


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