Havana Syndrome: Mysterious neurological symptoms are appearing in US diplomats and spies around the world

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If they're really telling people not to try to locate the source and are hiding medical records I'd wager that the screw up is on the US end, whether it's a FRV mismatch from bleedthrough (which they DEFINITELY don't want investigated) or a side effect of vaccines the way they're going about it is pretty telling imo.


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Perhaps these were test subjects for tech that involves vaccines as receivers of certain frequencies that mess with people's heads.

Here are some more speculations into the mix. There could be so many possibilities actually.

That yeah, they could be test subjects for some brainwashing tech, or perhaps it was an experimental "tracking and monitoring" tech. After all, there are articles like this, where they describe that State Department seeks tracking solutions for diplomats. In the article they talk about tracking them through cell phones, but we all know that there are other methods that they can use or experiment with.

It was also interesting to read the following article, where they speculate that perhaps it was as a result of "bad engineering", and that it was a combination of factors, like a mix of frequencies and signaling. This in its turn reminded me of the "Case of the US Garage Door Gremlins" that was posted on SOTT back in 2010.

But then it doesn't account for other locations. It appears that despite most of the cases being concentrated in specific locations, some of the cases are "personal" and happened outside of embassies or bases. But indeed most of them are more concentrated. Perhaps it is a mix of being a carrier of a tech that is being either activated or amplified by a specific location.

Like what the C's said about suicides in Bridgend:

(A**) What about these suicides in Bridgend, Wales? What's going on there?

A: Location amplifies the kinds of waves mentioned earlier leading to rapid disintegration.

I found a paper, written by Beatrice Golomb, she is a Professor In Residence in UC San Diego. And she is heading Golomb Research Group. They "studies many different conditions related to oxidative stress and cell energy impairments." Their statement:

We are currently working with Gulf War Veterans and people who have suffered adverse events while taking statin cholesterol medications or fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

Golomb wrote a very detailed and comprehensive paper with extensive descriptions of the symptoms, locations, and what not, including detailed tables and comparisons to other cases. Here's the short conclusion:

Reported facts appear consistent with pulsed RF/MW as the source of injury in Cuba diplomats. Non-diplomats citing symptoms from RF/MW, often with an inciting pulsed-RF/MW 3 exposure, report compatible health conditions. Under the RF/MW hypothesis, lessons learned for diplomats and for RF/MW-affected “civilians” may each aid the other.

Here's the link to the paper, and I am also attaching it to the post.

And so this paper made me also wonder about HAARP that became fully activated at some point, though I wasn't able to find the exact year when it became so. It also made me wonder about Cuba being so close to Bermuda Triangle and the crystals that are supposed to be there underwater. Could act as an amplifier.

There is also the following excerpt from this session. They are talking about the downing of KAL 007, but from the description it appears that there are many off shoots and projects that could utilize the same principle.

A:...Also, the impulse system is an offshoot of the electromagnetic pulse experiments being carried out at Montauk, Brookings and elsewhere as part of the HAARP project! In connection with Pentagon missile tests, HAARP has many interesting tie-ins, not the least of which is your cell phone towers.

Now, the homing target can be any moving object. It can be whatever is entered on the computer. It can be a squirrel in a tree, a jogger on the beach, a building, whatever you want. The system looks for any moving target in order to establish recognition to the computer, in order to establish recognition of match pattern of pulse.

So I guess the question is, if what diplomats are experiencing is part of the planned experiment, or they do have something done to them, or have some tech in them, and it interacts with some outside influence that perhaps they didn't anticipate. Or maybe it is something else entirely. 🤷‍♀️


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More than 60 people have reported sudden episodes of nausea, dizziness and headaches from incidents overseas..[..]
I reported experiencing the same here in different threads. So if even embassy personnel is having these symptoms, then the cause may be 'simple adjustments to a changing density' ~ environment. Abrupt arrival to a new density was reported by the C's as extremely shocking. Thus, a very-very slow, gradual arrival to a different density must be producing thoroughly mitigated versions of that same shock.

You can reproduce the dizziness part by experimentally spinning the opposite direction to what you are used to. If you spin regularly, then probably your brain has been rutted ~ trenched ~ piped well in your usual direction and you have zero dizziness. But if you try to spin the opposite direction, the worst disorienting vertigo is the result.


I wonder if this so-called "Havana Syndrome" is possibly related to 4D bleedthrough events? Or maybe employees of intel agencies and 'diplomats' (possibly spies), have an FRV that is mismatched to currently changing Earth frequency? Or if they are targeted "strikes", and if so, by whom or what?
If, "what we're thinking of as aliens, they're extra-dimensional beings that an earlier precursor... made contact with", then I think this, "bleedthrough", could be an outgrowth of the development of harvesting electricity through electromagnetic or magnetic induction, and the signalling and receiving technology for which this provides a potential.

To trace a cursory history:

In 1831 Michael Faraday is credited with developing electromagnetic induction. In 1863, during the Civil War, the Union Army formed a Signals Intelligence Corps under Albert James Myer, who had earlier developed a system of wigwag flag signalling called aerial telegraphy. Within the new Signals Corps, early radio telegraphy systems were deployed for communication amongst Union troops. A notable success was the use of the Beardslee mobile telegraph -- a magneto-driven device, which used permanent magets and hand-cranking around a conductive material to create current for transmission up to 10-miles -- communicating to Union troops across a river during the battle of Fredericksburg during which aerial telegraphy or normal signalling was obscured.

The other more traditional telegraphy method was also used in the Civil War. These set-ups used large batteries to store charge, and often dispatched messages in Morse code. In contrast, the Beardslee telegraphy machine had an alphabet listed on a dial, and characteristic frequency put out by the emitting device would cause a corresponding dial position on the receiving machine. This was more limited in speed, but was mobile, and didn't require knowledge of Morse code.

The traditional set-ups of telegraphy stations could make use of land or sea batteries, drawing on telluric currents that run in the earth relative to north-south magnetic lines. By installing different electrodes relative to the field lines, and making use of saline or other conduction methods where applicable, current could be drawn from the earth or water and stored in capacitors or batteries. This could then be used to put current through the telegraphy antenna for transmissions. Wires were used to draw current for storage, and also installed underground and over land for carrying electricity and transmissions more directly. After the Civil War the insulated wires rigged up for telegraphy lines remained. The telluric currents of the earth and electromagnetic phenomenon associated with particular places are likely connected. As a side note, the ca. 1968 Navy Project Sanguine and Project ELF constructed two antennae in separate bodies of water across the Wisconsin-Michigan border. This system was able to propagate messages about halfway around the world as ELF frequencies -- lower frequencies/longer wavelengths should be able to communicate across/through the whole world.

Tracing this towards current military and intelligence applications, more developments in electrification and AC/DC proceeded and led up and through World War II, with the Army Signals Corps continuing radar development and deployment in the European Theater of War. A notable historical anecdote is that of the Ghost Army -- a detachment used to spoof themselves as being troops of other national origin by making use of sound manipulation, inflatable tanks and other decoy equipment, and broadcasts of taped foreign language conversations, costumes, etc. Over in the Pacific Theater, the Joint Assault Signal COmpany (J.A.S.C.O.) was formed up of Marines, Sailors, and Army officers and enlisted. In the cluttered transmission environment in these theaters of war, the basic need was for the development of command and control over radar transmissions/reception, for "fire" support. With the signing of the National Security Act of 1947, the loosely composed JASCO units of the Pacific were disbanded or subsumed into the Navy -- although the Marines redeveloped the same capabilities through the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison COmpany (A.N.G.L.I.C.O.) -- and the JASCO apparatuses developed in the European theater were brought back into U.S. Army Signals Corps. Similar to the JASCOs, the ANGLICO mission is stated as "To provide Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Commanders a liaison capability to plan, coordinate, and conduct terminal control of fires in support of joint, allied, and coalition forces."

Moving through the Cold War period, through developments like Project ELF (mentioned above) and the Russian Woodpecker systems, signals transmittance and reception technology became more sophisticated. Moving into the digital age, the technology has become more sophisticated still.

Here I want to move over into some recent military publications dealing with these developments of what was formerly telegraphy, then radar technology, and may best be classified nowadays as Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), or Electronic Warfare (EW). There are five documents from which I'll repost a little information -- but I have not read the entire documents. Number 4 document is an update/new revision of number 1 document, and number 5 document is an update/revision to number 3 document. I need to address these documents more thoroughly, but putting this information out will lead to further discussion, and speculation. Apologies for formatting, as these were copied over to txt. I am trying to be concise.

From February, 1999:
Marines.mil site: Marine Corps Warfighting Publication (MCWP) 2-22, Signals Intelligence: (.pdf file also attached, number 1)
Chapter 1
All military forces use the electromagnetic spectrum to command and control operating forces
acquire targets, guide weapons, and direct supporting arms. These military forces also use the
electromagnetic spectrum to collect, process, and
report intelligence and to support other administrative and logistics operations. Most facets o
military operations involve the use of some device or system that radiates or receives electromagnetic energy via air waves, metallic cable, or fiber optics. Radios, radars, sensors, smart munitions, telephone systems, and computer networks
use electromagnetic radiation. Both complex and unsophisticated military organizations depend on these systems and their inherent use of the electromagnetic spectrum. Signals intelligence operations are the principal way to exploit an
adversary’s use of the electromagnetic spectrum.
SIGINT operations, EA [Ed.:Electronic Attack] operations, and the
MAGTF’s overall use of the electromagnetic
spectrum for command and control (C2) operations must be carefully coordinated within the
MAGTF and with pertinent external organizations. Depending on operational requirements,
SIGINT and EA operations coordination and deconfliction may occur within the radio battalion [Ed: RadBns]
operations control and analysis center (OCAC)
within the electronic warfare coordination center
(EWCC), or within the MAGTF command element (CE) current operations center (COC).

[Ed.:Section:]2002. SIGINT Organizations in
Other Military Services
Services man, train, and equip organic SIGIN
forces to support their operational commander
and to prepare to participate in joint, theater, national, and combined operations. Each Service
has a service cryptologic element (SCE) headquarters that provides SIGINT management,
guidance, and oversight. The National Security
Agency (NSA) maintains SIGINT operational
control of each SCE.

From September 2002:
Marines.mil: MCWP 3-40.5, Electronic Warfare, .pdf #2
Marine Corps Warfighting Publication (MCWP) 3-40.5, Electronic Warfare,
provides doctrine for the employment and use of electronic warfare in support of
the Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF)
. Electronic warfare doctrine provides
a basis for—
Effective integration of electronic warfare within the MAGTF.
Coordination and cooperation with joint force components, particularly for the
effective employment of electronic warfare resources
Operational, procedural, and technical interoperability at the operational and
tactical level.
The exchange of electronic warfare information and intelligence between
United States forces and allied nations or multinational partners
MCWP 3-40.5 supersedes Fleet Marine Force Manual (FMFM) 7-12, Electronic
Warfare, dated 20 May 1991.

From January, 2007
Homeland Security Digital Library -- Joint Publication 3-13.1, Electronic Warfare. U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (.pdf #3)

“There is much more to electronic warfare than simply detecting enemy transmissions.”
Martin Van Creveld
Technology and War, 1989
1. Introduction
Military operations are executed in an information environment increasingly complicated by the
electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). The EMS portion of the information environment is referred to as the
electromagnetic environment (EME)
. Today, electromagnetic (EM) devices are increasingly used alone
and in networks by both civilian and military organizations and individuals for intelligence,
communications, navigation, sensing, information storage, and processing, as well as a variety
of other purposes. The increasing portability and affordability of sophisticated EM equipment guarantees
that the EME in which military forces operate will become more complex in the future. The recognized
need for military forces to have unimpeded access to and use of the EME creates vulnerabilities and
opportunities for electronic warfare (EW) in support of military operations. In joint operations, EW
is one of the five information operations (IO) core capabilities.

2. Electromagnetic Environment
The term “EMS” refers to the range of frequencies of EM radiation from zero to infinity[Ed:doubt it...]. The
spectrum is divided into bands ranging from [Ed:ELF to] radio frequencies at the low end to x-ray and gamma
frequencies [Ed: ...and infinity, and beyond!] at the high end.
Figure I-1 graphically depicts the EMS. The EME [Ed: electromag environment?]
refers to the resulting product of the power and time distribution, in various frequency ranges, of the radiated or conducted
EM emission levels that may be encountered by a military force, system, or platform when performing
its assigned mission in its intended operational environment. It is the sum of electromagnetic interference
(EMI); EM pulse; hazards of EM radiation to personnel, ordnance, and volatile materials; and natural
phenomena effects of lightning and precipitation static[Ed.:and, perhaps, signa"l"ing...].

[Ed.:Electronic Warfare]EW includes three major subdivisions: electronic attack (EA), electronic
protection (EP), and electronic warfare support (ES)
. EA involves
the use of EM energy, directed energy, or antiradiation weapons to
personnel, facilities, or equipment with the intent of degrading,
neutralizing, or destroying enemy combat capability and is considered
a form of fires. EP involves actions taken to protect personnel, facilities,
and equipment from any effects of friendly or enemy use of the
electromagnetic spectrum
that degrade, neutralize, or destroy friendly
combat capability. ES is the subdivision of EW involving actions tasked
by, or under direct control of, an operational commander to search
for, intercept, identify, and locate or localize sources of intentional and
unintentional radiated EM energy for the purpose of immediate threat
recognition, targeting, planning, and conduct of future operations.

m. EW Delivery. EW effects can be generated from a variety of platforms including, but not
limited to:
(1) Aircraft (manned and unmanned fixed wing and rotary)
(2) Ground (fixed sites, vehicles, and troops)
(3) Ships (surface and subsurface)
(4) Space
In many cases, techniques and equipment that work in one arena will provide similar success in
disparate environments
. The same techniques and equipment for isolating the battlespace may be
applicable regardless of whether the target is on land, at sea, airborne, or in space.

From May 2016:
marines.mil: Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCRP) 2-10A.1 (Formerly MCWP 2-22), Signals Intelligence (.pdf 4)
1. Change all instances of MCWP 2-22, Signals Intelligence, to MCRP 2-10A.1, Signals

From May 2020:
Joint Chiefs of Staff, jcs.mil site: Joint Electronic Library: Joint Publications Operations Series: Joint Publication (JP) 3-85: Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations, 22 May 20
Eliminates Joint Publication (JP) 3-13.1, Electronic Warfare[Ed.:Ref#3], and JP 6-01, Joint
Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Operations, effective immediately.

This publication establishes a framework for the execution
of joint electromagnetic spectrum operations (JEMSO [Ed.: eh, JASCO?]).
JEMSO support military operations throughout the
competition continuum to achieve desired objectives and
attain end states. During peacetime, JEMSO are
conducted to ensure adequate access to the EMS and may
include deconflicting use of the EMS between joint users
and coordinating with a host nation (HN).
As a crisis
escalates toward armed conflict, JEMSO shift from EMS
access coordination to EMS superiority, with coordinated
military actions executed to exploit, attack, protect, and
manage the electromagnetic operational environment

So, to me, Frequency Resonance Vibration would seem to be something that is susceptible to manipulation by transmitter/receiver technology. Organisms, or man, to paraphrase G., are "receiving and transmitting stations of forces". The kind of technological sophistication behind modern methods is beyond me. But, speaking of the current state of affairs in the U.S. in particular, it seems that there have been developments in managing electromagnetic signal transmission/reception (or "intelligence"), which in the jargon falls under "fire", or what I read as ordnance, as far as the military is concerned. And I'd speculate that the military has been deploying electronic warfare weapon systems domestically, at least since 2002, and is now tightening the clamps, or ramping up the roll out, for the New Domestic War on Terror.

By Stephanie Pappas - Live Science Contributor about 21 hours ago

A mysterious neurological ailment...

More than 60 people have... symptoms have been persistent, with ongoing problems such as vertigo and pain reported by personnel.

The Biden administration is moving aggressively to investigate the reports, according to the Times. A 2020 report from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) suggested that the ailment could be caused by a directed pulse of radio-frequency energy. (Radio-frequency energy includes radio waves and microwaves.)

"Studies published in the open literature more than a half-century ago and over the subsequent decades by Western and Soviet sources provide circumstantial support for this possible mechanism,"
NAS Committee Chairman Dr. David Relman wrote in the report. "Other mechanisms may play reinforcing or additive effects, producing some of the nonspecific, chronic signs and symptoms, such as persistent postural-perceptual dizziness, a functional vestibular disorder, and psychological conditions."

Reports of the neurological symptoms first began ...

Some officials suspect Russia's military intelligence agency is behind the incidents,...

"...and it is premature and irresponsible to speculate,"[Ed: but note well, we did not advise this to correct the reports of the "crickets chirping" canard; herein with this patermoralism we provide more delay/obfuscation. Elsewhere, from other mouthpieces, the reversive blockade: "It is not happening. We will do all we can to protect American Servicemembers from the deleterious effects of high-powered exposures to this technology, though. Apparently noone contacted NSA SIGINT about their capabilities or the possibilities of the pulsed radiofreq. hypothesis; or, the response they got was... crickets chirping.] Amanda J. Schoch, the spokeswoman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, told the newspaper.


Many of the episodes remain classified, making the task of uncovering potential causes of the ailment more difficult for scientists, the researchers wrote in the NAS report. Making matters more complicated, some sufferers reported sudden and transient symptoms, while others reported slow-developing, chronic problems. It was impossible to rule out different causes for different cases, Relman wrote.

Within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which has not disclosed the number of personnel affected, Deputy Director David Cohen has been assigned to meet with victims and brief Congress regularly, according to the Times. The agency has also assigned more medical personnel to manage the cases among CIA staff. An increasing sense of urgency is driving the governmental response, according to the Times: The latest report of a possible attack occurred within the past two weeks.

Originally published on Live Science.
Note very well, from all and various mentions I've heard lately, that the phrasing incorporates that they are looking to protect American Servicemembers (diplomats, military personnel). The American Populace, which might be listed as enemy combatants, I don't think can expect any investigation or much mitigation...

This type of technology may be tied in with the claimed phenomenon of "Electronic Harassment" amongst "Targeted Individuals", which with some searching, too much information can be found about. May be one cogent person here: Eric Karlstrom - Gang stalking, mind control, and cults. In my opinion, the power level of the transmission is what makes some targeted "strikes" more stupefying/debilitating... As for changing earth frequencies, I don't know about that. Some speculate that the Schumann 7.83hz frequency has been hacked to facilitate the targeting. Perhaps the high-tech manipulations line up with the STS ethos, whereas the STO try to cobble together more natural or low-tech technologies making use of the same principles.

Lastly, perhaps instead of just recent vaccination, any sort of prior exposure/infection with a certain type of pathogen could set the stage for a bad reaction, or increased susceptibility to electromagnetic manipulation. I think it is known that there are certain bacteria and fungi/mold that respond or proliferate in the presence of radiofrequency emissions, even such oddities as molds that can utilize radioactivity emanating from, say, Chernobyl, for example... As though they can directly harness electromagnetic radiation as a source to power growth. Nothing here to support this but I think it's generally known.


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I reported experiencing the same here in different threads. [...]

You can reproduce the dizziness part by experimentally spinning the opposite direction to what you are used to. If you spin regularly, then probably your brain has been rutted ~ trenched ~ piped well in your usual direction and you have zero dizziness. But if you try to spin the opposite direction, the worst disorienting vertigo is the result.
From the LiveScience article:
"...symptoms have been persistent, with ongoing problems such as vertigo and pain reported by personnel."
"...symptoms, such as persistent postural-perceptual dizziness, a functional vestibular disorder,..."

I would be interested to hear what you've experienced, or if you could link to the threads/posts, please. Is this one: Session 13 March 2021 page 24? (..."Once, last year, I might've had a Kozyrev-moment, lasted for about 3 seconds..."fallen off the Ship of Linear Time"... With increasing nausea, vertigo, I felt two things at once: ..."). Your post got me here, and searching led back to that thread which I should read, so thanks already.

FWIW, I find it interesting that the 1st of the 5 Tibetan Rites is often prescribed as spinning oriented in a certain direction. I know that spinning a certain number of times in a certain direction has been a recommendation to and a practice of members here. I have learned the set of moves as taught by the Taoist Tai Chi Society, and the movements begin and then orient around what you could call the clockwise direction. On my own it seemed necessary to practice starting counter-clockwise, then mirroring the moves on the opposite side of the body. I think exercises that train or tone up the vestibular system* or improve proprioception** may be insurance against various kinds of environmental disturbances. I think it's also noteworthy that the Havana Syndrome cases have been referred to as possible "sonic weapon" attacks, and the reported ill-effects, with the tie-in between the vestibular system and ears, seems straight-forward.

Terms you likely know, but cited for completeness:
*"The vestibular system, in vertebrates, is a sensory system that provides the leading contribution to the sense of balance and spatial orientation for the purpose of coordinating movement with balance. Together with the cochlea, a part of the auditory system, it constitutes the labyrinth of the inner ear in most mammals.
The brain uses information from the vestibular system in the head and from proprioception throughout the body to enable the mammal to understand its body's dynamics and kinematics (including its position and acceleration) from moment to moment. How these two perceptive sources are integrated to provide the underlying structure of the sensorium is unknown."
[__wikipedia -- vestibular system]

**Proprioception (/ˌproʊprioʊˈsɛpʃən, -priə-/[1][2] PROH-pree-o-SEP-shən), also referred to as kinaesthesia (or kinesthesia), is the sense of self-movement and body position.[3] It is sometimes described as the "sixth sense".
[__wikipedia -- proprioception]


The Living Force
Alligators use a growl that is a composite of subaudible vibrations [SAV] and infrasound.

From the article:
Scientists research effects of infrasonic vibrations in humans
..scientists discovered that the observed vibrations are connected with the cardiovascular system, which has its own proper movements occurring simultaneously with the work of the heart. Three types of infrasonic vibrations were registered.

1. Waves of the first type are connected with the heartbeat;

2. the second with the human respiratory rhythm;

3. the third, called Traube-Hering waves, with states of emotional tension.

Thus, it could be possible to judge the human emotional state via the amplitude frequency response of these waves.
When I researched unique animal sounds for my magnum opus project, I encountered the above and watched several croc-growl videos on YT. What you hear is only the audible part of their growl. Imagine the rest.. Inaudible part vibrates the water!

I remembered the account quoted on this forum many years ago of a biochemist student concocting his own "DMT: The spirit molecule / trance mushroom-essence" chemicals with special attention via his expertise. He swallowed the stuff and got under into a strong influence state, where he encountered a large and super-strong alligator-mind-like presence, which was so powerful and pressing onto his little human mind in that "trance dimension", that he could only flee screaming.
So I wondered how it would feel if an upright standing male alligator security guard / warrior, - with a probably weaponized tail "SAS-commando-style" - standing at its full height, flexing its 'super-strong & psychic & threatening-mind-presence' and growling at me.
What would the effect on me be.

I don't think it would be that different from what the embassy personnel experienced, quoted in this thread.

Also the CIA's heart-killing beam weapon comes to mind here, how they practiced on lots of elephants with extremely fatal results.

I think, the US military borrowed this tech from the Lizzies. The entire technology stinks of the Modus Operandi of the Lizards.
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The Living Force
Look at the water above the creature, when it lowers itself and releases the inaudible sound part of the growl first. How the water begins to wave and splash violently, before he raises his voice and the to-humans-audible part of the growl kicks in.

I immediately thought about how years ago Laura - IIRC - described a similar effect on the pool outside, how its water began waving wildly, like in an earthquake, but maybe wilder. IIRC at that time the STS wave-beam weapon attack directed at the Chateau was discussed.

I thought about an orbital weapons system and how - because of its distance from Earth's surface - an "elongated wavelength" attack would produce bigger waves: compared to the small ones, in the video below, above the croc's back. Check it out:


An important point to delineate is summarized by Beatrice Golomb in her paper that Keit uploaded:

Sound ordinarily results from air-pressure waves (which are “longitudinal” waves – variation occurs along the direction of travel of the wave); whereas radiation arises from electromagnetic waves (which are transverse waves – variation occurs perpendicular to the direction of travel of the wave). In each case, a “frequency” is defined by the number of “cycles” of the wave (that pass, say, a given point) per second, for the respective wave type. Though electromagnetic signals are not themselves sound, RF/MW can lead to perceived noises via the so-called “Frey effect”45 (aka microwave hearing, aka RF hearing). A 1976 Defense Intelligence Agency report stated “Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intracranially can be induced by signal modulation at very low average-power densities”78 . A 1994 Air Force Materiel Command report stated, based on knowledge at the time, that “Individuals exposed to pulsed RF/MW radiation have reported hearing a chirping, clicking or buzzing sound emanating from inside or behind the head. The auditory response has been observed only for pulsed modulated radiation emitted as a square-wave pulse train. The pulse width and pulse repetition rate are factors that appear to determine the type of sound perceived.... James Lin… reports that the sensation of hearing in humans occurs when the head is irradiated at an average incident power density level of about 0.1 mW/cm2 and a peak intensity near 300 mW/cm2. Auditory responses have been observed for a frequency range of 200-3000 MIHz and for pulse widths from 1-100 (micro)s” 47 . The frequency range within which sounds can be heard was broadened by 2003: it was reported that sounds can be perceived by persons exposed to RF/MW in the 2.4-10,000MHz
In the article at __Spectrum.ieee.org also cited above, in the described experiment by Fu, Xu, and Yan, they describe trying to recreate a frequency, found on a recording, by producing ultrasound. But, if I understand it correctly (iIuic, my new acronym), they're still relying on creating pressure waves of vibrating sound in a room, and having control of where these pressure waves interact, and their results seem dependent on that. Such that in the video, they only way they're able to "exfiltrate" the "Rick Roll" with their ultrasound setup was by that lever arm dropping down to a very specific area near the ultrasound machine...

“If ultrasound is to blame, then a likely cause was two ultrasonic signals that accidentally interfered with each other, creating an audible side effect,” Fu says.
“Maybe there was also an ultrasonic jammer in the room and an ultrasonic transmitter,” he suggests. “Each device might have been placed there by a different party, completely unaware of the other.”
Later on in the article, this point is clarified somewhat:
Fadel Adib, a professor at MIT who specializes in wireless technology for sensing and communications, calls the study by Fu and his colleagues “a creative take on what might have happened.” Adib, who wasn’t involved in the research but reviewed the results, adds that wireless signals can and do interact with one another. “And if that happens, you’ll hear signals you wouldn’t expect to hear,” he says. “Given all the possible explanations, this definitely seems the most plausible and the most technically feasible.”

I think there is further confusion, because perhaps both sound and electromagnetic waves could be involved in this phenomenon, and that's hard to understand conceptually let alone parse apart forensically.

In Golomb's paper (I'm on pg. 32/38; then there's 24pgs. w/656 references :whistle:) she harps on Melatonin and its role in antioxidant protection against electromagnetic radiation, also emphasizing glutathione, antioxidant system modulation. To add something to the mix:

Restoration of blood total glutathione status and lymphocyte function following alpha-lipoic acid supplementation in patients with HIV infection
Objectives: To determine whether supplementation with alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), a glutathione-replenishing disulfide, modulates whole blood total glutathione (GSH + GSSG) levels and improves lymphocyte function [...]
Results: The mean blood total glutathione level in ALA-supplemented subjects was significantly elevated after 6 months (1.34+/-0.79 vs. 0.81+/-0.18 mmol/L) compared to insignificant change (0.76+/-0.34 vs. 0.76+/-0.22 mmol/L) in the placebo group (ALA vs. placebo: p=0.04). The lymphocyte proliferation response was significantly enhanced or stabilized after 6 months of ALA supplementation compared to progressive decline in the placebo group (ALA vs. placebo: p<0.001 with phytohemagglutinin; p=0.02 with anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody).


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See Links:
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Creative Realities provides world-class digital signage and marketing technology solutions services through our team of experts who engage in meaningful collaborations with our clients. We use the latest omni-channel technologies to inspire customer engagement within and across commercial environments."
"We were founded in 1997 as a digital signage company that leveraged CMS platforms that distribute content from our offices to any end-user. We expanded our services to include a dynamic front-end environment, more intuitive technical design, robust app development services, and crucial front-end/back-end functions. Our firm’s evolving client base has led to recognized leadership in design, development, and deployment of human centric, behavior-based solutions. We have created and delivered consumer/shopper experiences and installations for high-end enterprise level networks and actively provides recurring SaaS and support services for growth-driven verticals: Arenas & Stadiums, Automotive, Beauty, Multi-brand/Convenience, and Mass Merch Retail, Fashion/Athleisure, Foodservice/QSR, Financial Services, and Wireless/Mobile.

We have built and deployed thousands of digital signage installations across the country. We keep expert vigilance over our high-powered networks and achieve 99% uptime remotely. No intrusive tech visits or lost revenue due to downtime.


"At Creative Realities we take an agnostic / technology neutral approach when providing recommendations for hardware for digital signage solutions. Our technology design engineers take a human centric approach to the requirements of how the content will be utilized, the aesthetic of the space, and the technical and spatial needs of the environment."


From January, 2007
Homeland Security Digital Library -- Joint Publication 3-13.1, Electronic Warfare. U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (see.pdf #3 upload above)

*From column and in text:
"Joint EW is centrally
planned and directed, and
decentrally executed.

Planning considerations.
Planning Joint Electronic Warfare
Executive Summary"

The principal EW activities have been developed over time to exploit the opportunities and vulnerabilities that are inherent in the physics of EM energy. Activities used in EW include: electrooptical-infrared and radio frequency countermeasures; EM compatibility and deception; EM hardening, interference, intrusion, and jamming; electronic masking, probing, reconnaissance, and intelligence; electronics security; EW reprogramming; emission control; spectrum management; and wartime reserve modes.

[/b]Electronic Masking.[/b] Electronic masking is the controlled radiation
of electromagnetic energy on friendly frequencies
in a manner to protect
the emissions of friendly communications and electronic systems against enemy
electronic warfare support measures/signals intelligence without
significantly degrading the operation of friendly systems.

One of the primary functions of the IO [Ed: Information Operations; Electronic Warfare, EW, is referred to
as one of the five IO core capabilities] cell is to deconflict and coordinate
the various capabilities that are associated with IO. EW activities
support psychological operations (PSYOP) by,
when appropriate,
degrading the adversary’s ability to see, report, and process information
and by isolating the target audience from information. PSYOP supports
EW by broadcasting PSYOP products on
adversary frequencies and
by developing products for broadcast on other Service EW assets.


Nov. 11, 2020, web-archive mirror of https__://cri.com, from:
The opening quote covers the link^ given. The material that follows is copied from various sections on the site, with paragraph breaks -- inserted for ease of reading.

Inspiring Men to Shop Smarter

Perry Ellis

Interfaces that Change Content in Real Time

AT&T Dallas Cowboy Stadium

Optimizing Menu Design for Sales Growth


Endless Aisle, Showroom 2.0

California Closets

Connected Beauty Experiences


Bespoke Form Factors

Alfa Romeo

Bringing Online, Instore

Paradies | Trip Advisor

Immersive, Large Scale Digital

JFK Terminal 4

Delivering the Wow Factor

CMX Flagship Theatres

Automotive Shoppers


Inspiring Men to Shop Smarter
Perry Ellis
Part look-book and virtual sales associate – this simple interactive browsing experience helps the unengaged male shopper to put together complete looks, using a lifestyle strategy that presents outfits by Occasion – vs product item. This helps men go beyond the single purchase, increases basket size, and drives overall wardrobe wear and satisfaction. Keeping options narrow and well curated, the experience is as easy to use independently it is when facilitated by a Sales Associate. The Brand saw a 10-12% lift in sales and transaction value versus the non-digital control stores and was measured over a three-month period of time, at 3 strategic Dillard’s locations. Awarded Gold by Retail Touchpoints for best in class Customer Engagement platform.
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Variously sourced from current links at: https__://www.cri.com/creative-realities-our-services. "Descriptive" terms are variously above/below -- breaks; seemingly refer to the content found in between.

"What makes our approach radically different is that we start the conversation not with “what screens or tech are you looking for”, but rather, “what consumer, shopper, brand or environment barrier needs to be addressed”. We do this by exploring client’s pain points or barriers to engagement, as well as through Technography, which is the study of how consumers natively utilize digital in their surroundings.
Using a behavior-based strategic planning construct inspired from our extensive work with Brand Management, we’re able to identify the technology experiences most fertile to shift behavior at the right place in their journey from home, life, and store. Even when the store may not be a traditional brick and mortar or experienced solely on a personal device in their hand. By helping consumers navigate, browse, share, match, compare, fill the basket, check out, and return more quickly, when its contextually relevant, we’re able to justify digital so it earns its right in the marketing mix spend.

Through a combination of immersive content, software and interactive applications, we’re able to fuse well designed user interface with beautiful hardware to make engagement easy, intuitive, and too good to refuse.

Tap here to connect with us for current use cases how our Experience Planning Process drives human centric solutions in literally every Category and Vertical in which we work.

Content Creation
Our digital signage content is first-in-class, created and implemented by our team of experts. We erase pain points and other barriers to engagement.

Our view is that technology should never outshine the content experience its intended to deliver. Content Strategy is a key step in ensuring the experience of technology delivers the right message, at the right time and context along the journey.

Content creation [in the form of messaging strategy and communications calls to action] should be created in function of what consumers need to understand and feel in context to where they are in their journey. Through these processes we arrive at an experiential connected ecosystem that maximizes the customer journey, activates the right touch points, and sets up a CONNECTED journey as opposed to episodic or on-off experiences.

We'd be delighted to share with you our best and brightest content experiences from interactive browsing applications, endless aisle, mobile alerts, video storytelling –all of which ensure the brand stays front and center, and that the communications engages in a way that single minded, inspiring and purposeful.

Want to know about the newest trends in the industry? Tap here to connect with us!

Experience Planning
At Creative Realities, we see our role as making it simple, and efficient to help clients take advantage of the now – new and next generation technologies in a way that are within reach of strategic and budgetary goals.

What makes our approach radically different is that we start the conversation not with “what screens or tech are you looking for”, but rather, “what consumer, shopper, brand or environment barrier needs to be addressed”. We do this by exploring client’s pain points or barriers to engagement, as well as through Technography, which is the study of how consumers natively utilize digital in their surroundings.

Using a behavior-based strategic planning construct inspired from our extensive work with Brand Management, we’re able to identify the technology experiences most fertile to shift behavior at the right place in their journey from home, life, and store. Even when the store may not be a traditional brick and mortar or experienced solely on a personal device in their hand. By helping consumers navigate, browse, share, match, compare, fill the basket, check out, and return more quickly, when its contextually relevant, we’re able to justify digital so it earns its right in the marketing mix spend.

Through a combination of immersive content, software and interactive applications, we’re able to fuse well designed user interface with beautiful hardware to make engagement easy, intuitive, and too good to refuse.

Tap here to connect with us for current use cases how our Experience Planning Process drives human centric solutions in literally every Category and Vertical in which we work.

Engineering Approach
Our engineering approach is built around the human experience, thoughtfully architected, beautifully designed and integrated into virtually any physical environment. Our design and systems engineering process creates the technology, environment, and content designed to put the human at the center of the experience, not the reverse.

Our unique team of professionals have extensive experience planning, designing, building, and managing retail shopping experiences and digital out-of-home networks. We work to create the most unique and dynamic digital engagement available anywhere. We deliver complete systems engineering from blueprints, CAD files and full drawing documents, to on-site programming and ongoing systems management.

Combined with our fabrication methods, systems integration approach, and our hardware, we provide thorough, end-to-end installments that covers everything you need to increase your visibility and effectiveness in your industry.

Our end-to-end engineers design displays, connections, wall designs, audio-visual design, and more. After connecting with our clients and depending on the size of your project, we submit a drawing package that gives you a plain view of the space, icons of equipment, outlets, racks, and feeds, a required Ceiling Plan that shows where speakers are placed, as well as other access points.

We create detailed wiring schematics and installation detail using CAD and DWG on most projects.

We take into consideration the environment in which the project will be installed, working from original blueprints and assessing traffic flow, and entrance and departure points.

We have successfully installed and deployed thousands of digital experiences – on time, on budget, and at scale – from a single flagship to a 3,000-site network. We deliver predictive analytics platforms to drive results, harvest critical customer insights, and provide untapped value.

Connect with us today for more information on how our design engineering team can transform your digital agenda.

UX/UI Experience
TECHNOLOGY CHANGED THE RULES. WE IMPROVED THE DESIGN. We’re experts in User Experience Design and User Interface Design. Both [Ed.:User Experience/User Interface] UX/UI are crucial to our products and work closely together.

We create human-centric, intuitive, and purpose-driven on-screen experiences that are meaningful, contextually relevant, and on brand. We take particular care UX/UI delivers predictable results across current and emerging devices. We continually ensure that internal skills are evolving to address the latest UI standards and development technologies.

Our user experience design is the difference between limited choice and unlimited choice. It’s the difference between digital signage and digital engagement. We operate fully in the 21st century.

As part of our UX/UI Experience, we develop unique client experiences through creative production, user-focused development, quality assurance, custom automation and workflow, API web services integration, and leverage code library for repeatable experiences. Our Universal Content Editor delivers a lightweight application interface for simple digital engagement and content editing. Turn in-store product delivery into the beginning of a lucrative customer relationship.

Our dynamic, multi-channel solutions apply to everything and anything intended to engage within and around environments: big, bold beautiful video walls, easy-to-order menu boards, inspiring storytelling interactive shopping applications, virtual sales associates, e-learning tools and mobile/tablet apps, endless aisle, and wayfinding experiences – we’ll ensure you’re on the leading edge against competitors.

Tap here to connect with us for an impressive demonstration of our UX/UI Design.

Technology Design
Creative Realities is a technology-agnostic, digital marketing services organization that is puts the human at the center of each digital solution. We design, develop and deploy marketing technologies that solve pain points, drive consumer or shopper behavior, or bring any digital communications message to life on the journey – in a way that’s contextually relevant.

We recommend a set of technology experiences that are grounded in behavior-based requirements that can be measured and tracked, and tie back to ROI metrics. In doing so, we can better justify the role of technology for commercial purposes vs. just for the sake of doing something new, different, or as a gimmick.

We offer a level of service that our clients benefit from that goes beyond cost of goods of hardware. Our manufacturer partners train us in their product offering so we become certified to specify and maintain their technologies. Because we’ve reached a buying level, we’ve achieved partner status that provides extra support, quicker turn around when remediation is required, and additional design support to add value at multiple points.

As digital signage is a key enabler within the brand strategy context. We provide best-in-class digital solutions that blend on and off-line strategy in a way that’s intelligent, responsive, aware –and beautifully integrated to virtually any environment.

We back up our products and services with stellar team of technologist who are trained in every aspect of what we do, using the latest software platforms and expertly engineered to the latest and greatest hardware / form-factors.

Service Level Agreements, our Help Desk,and NOC is part of our end-to-end offering and is what makes us unique and different from our competitors. Also, our Network Operations Center support team addresses and resolves issues to minimize client impact. We maintain a robust pipeline across all strategic verticals. This helps stabilize and create more evenly distributed workflows.

Connect with us to understand how our offering can bring digital to life with scale. Tap here to connect with us!

Measurement Methodologies
Creative Realities offers a combination of Analytics & Insights, and Content Optimization services to better understand and fully realize the value of dynamic digital signage. We merge the science of consumer insights and predictive analytics with the ability to scale using technology, and we ensure an ongoing return on investment (ROI).

Using digital signage is a critical point of information, influence, and can lead to increased sales. Through active and effective performance analysis, we provide predictable ROI, allowing you to make better business decisions based on results. Data analytics is actively used to inform all decisions surrounding the initial and ongoing content strategy and how it is presented.

Our solution employs the latest in anonymous video-based facial detection and analysis to capture and measure a range of key data elements about the people patterns around the digital displays and how they engage with the messages appearing on those displays.

The most common uses for Anonymous Analytics of this kind is to help retailers and brands gain intelligence on how shoppers are engaging with digital, and the related fixture merchandising:

Traffic pattern highs and lows
Peak times of day
Attention time paid at display
Which displays or zones are most effective at slowing, holding and converting shoppers in to purchasers
This is particularly effective at validating impacts of Campaign Seasons, Promotional Periods, Product Merchandising Tests and Predictive Analytics.

With an additional layer of development programming, the Anonymous Analytics platform can be integrated to our CMS [Ed.: Computer and Mathematical Systems?] platform, such that content can change based on gender / who is front of the screens.

Want to know about the newest trends in the industry? Tap here to connect with us!

Back-End Development
As a creative technology company, we combine the technical know-how of a digital integrator with the design and consultative prowess of a marketing services partner. We design, develop and deploy marketing technologies that solve business pain points by inspiring action or by bringing branded content to life in a way that’s contextually relevant, and appropriate for virtually any commercial environment.

Our vertical focus allows us to add value through our understanding and perspective on specific categories from consumer technography, through technical requirements of building and integrating ecosystems.

Creative Realities applies crucial front and back-end functions that enhance interactive and intuitive processes for the end user; You. User Experience (UX) is the process that guides us in everything we do. Our passion for creating dynamic, intuitive client experience is what drives us and our team of experts. Gain the competitive edge, driving sales and revenue to positively influence your bottom line.

We provide full-stack development (dev ops) that cover both front- and back-end processes. Plus, we make sure the technical aspects of what we do is clear and understandable. It’s our goal to create straightforward, concise UX for every client, every time. This makes conversations much more specific and beneficial to you and to your company.

Our design and development team reside in Windsor, ON and Atlanta, GA with the capabilities to:

Content design
HTML Application development
Custom applications that bridge and connect to our CMS software
Back-end development and coding
QA Testing
System Integration
Reporting and Analysis
Entrepreneurial in spirit and consultative by nature, we have the intelligence and discipline to collaborate with clients, partners, and vendors in a way that removes the noise and worry from the process. We are 100% committed to putting the client first.

Want to know about the newest trends in the industry? Tap here to connect with us!


From the current front page at https__://cri.com:

Thousands of installations have been deployed since our inception. We fearlessly rolled out 3,000 stores for a single retailer in just under 3 months. Creative Realities Inc. keeps expert watch over networks of 8,000+ nodes, and achieve uptime in 99% of cases – remotely, without needing to dispatch a tech for a site visit. We deliver network health and uptime run rates between 90-95% on average.

Our Ethos
Creative Realities has a diverse mix of seasoned leadership with vast experience in strategic planning, digital design, CMS and custom software platform development, Operations and Field services. Entrepreneurial in spirit and consultative by nature, we have the intelligence and discipline to collaborate with clients, partners, and vendors in a way that removes the noise and worry from the process. We are 100% committed to putting the client first. Bar none.

Read, Learn, Discover, Share
Tap for our News Feed"

There is more to read at other links found at https__://www.cri.com/creative-realities-our-services, and more web archives for the main site (from 1996, with spikes on the graph from 2002-2006 and in 2020).

Lastly, from https__://www.cri.com/creative-realities-our-services page:

The future of retail technology is not just about the technology, but what retailers can do with existing and emerging technologies to make customer engagement more immersive and satisfying. Much like the industrial revolution, digital revolution has made its mark on society and buying habits.

Creative Realities is a technology-agnostic, digital marketing services organization that is solution focused, vs. product focused. We recommend a set of technology experiences that are grounded in behavior-based requirements that can be measured and tracked, and tie back to ROI metrics. In doing so, we can better justify the role of technology for commercial purposes rather than just for the sake of doing something new, different, or as a gimmick.

Creative Realities builds digital content experiences with messaging platforms that speaks directly to audiences we wish to engage, by demonstrating purpose, understanding, value, and relevance. We ensure every touchpoint in the consumer or shopper journey delivers precisely the right message, meaning, and call to action that inspires action seamlessly and without friction. Research in understanding how our audiences use technology in their everyday help inform how and where to reach them, so its native, intuitive, and easy.

We make the very best use of existing brand campaigns, assets, content already in place – to amortize what the brand has already invested to produce but giving it new life appropriate to the environment. Regardless of device or platform, the content experience will always be omni-channel, on-brand, at locations precisely where the target / consumer or shopper need it most. Please connect with us and we’ll share with you how content creation is informed by our Experience Planning Process, and the constructs we use to create fantastic journeys."


E-mail to: John P. Galligan, atty. in Fort Hood, Tx. Forwarded to: Lookouta Charlie; Eric Karlstrom; Beatrice Golomb; Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST).

"Hello Sir,

Please see the .pdfs 1-5 (1-2: MCWP, 3: JCS, Joint Publication, 4: MCRP, 5: JCS, Joint Publication). I have not thoroughly read these materials, but cite them for some basics in the argument. The "Havana" (a paper by Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD at UCSD).pdf stands on its own merits. **Source referred me to Havana paper: Golomb Early Diplomat Involvement — UC San Diego - Golomb Research Group.
These reference materials are used for an argument made in J.Galligan;U.S.v.Hasan.[Ed.:.docx], also attached.

Thank you,[...]"

Please proofread .docx file.


  • 1MCWP 2-22 Signals Intelligence--Feb.1999.pdf
    4.8 MB · Views: 1
  • 2MCWP 3-40.5 Electronic Warfare--Sept.2002.pdf
    450.5 KB · Views: 0
  • 3-hsdl--JP 3-13.1-electronicwarfare-Jan.2007.pdf
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  • 4MCRP 2-10A.1--formerly MCWP 2-22--Apr.2018.pdf
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  • 5JP 3-85 jointMay2020.pdf
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  • Havana-Syndrome-2018-Golombpaper.pdf
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  • J.Galligan;U.S.v.Hasan.docx
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The Living Force
FOTCM Member
I wonder if there is relation in symptoms with the havana syndrome and this new mysterious disease.

A fresh outbreak of a mysterious illness has been making headlines in Canada. A neurological disease dubbed the New Brunswick Syndrome has affected dozens and killed six people in recent months in the region that gave it its name.
At least 48 people aged between 18 and 85, almost equally men and women, have been suffering from an inexplicable illness that has caused their health to swiftly deteriorate. Visual and auditory hallucinations, memory loss, difficulty walking and balance issues are among the symptoms of the mysterious condition, which is reported to have killed six patients thus far.
Ex-ambassador appointed to lead ‘Havana syndrome’ task force, as CIA expands inquiry into mysterious brain injuries Ex-ambassador appointed to lead ‘Havana syndrome’ task force, as CIA expands inquiry into mysterious brain injuries
This week, the government of the mainly affected New Brunswick province, located on the Atlantic coast, stepped up its efforts to deal with the outbreak, which had, until recently, been overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic. An expert committee has been set up to expedite the investigation into what is being referred to as the New Brunswick Cluster of Neurological Syndrome of Unknown Cause.
The discovery of a potentially new and unknown syndrome is scary,” New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard told a news conference on Thursday, adding that locals have been “concerned and confused” about the new disease.
While people in the province have been suffering from alarming symptoms that appear to stem from the same unknown brain-damaging illness for the past few years, no certain cause has yet been identified. Health officials have been looking into potential environmental and animal exposure, but uncertainty prevails.
At this point in time, we don’t know. Everything is on the table. We’re going to look at every possibility, and, hopefully, we’ll … develop a good understanding,” one of the committee co-chairs, Dr. Edouard Hendriks said. The other, Dr. Natalie Banville, admitted no advice can be given to people as to how – or whether – they can protect themselves from the disease, as the experts haven’t determined its derivation.

FILE PHOTO. Elsipogtog First Nation, New Brunswick, Canada. © Reuters / John Morris
We’re researching. We have no environmental causes, we have no genetic causes, we have no medication causes – we have no cause established,” Banville said.
All possibilities are being studied, including contamination through toxins, bacteria, or a virus.
To try to figure out the mystery, an extensive questionnaire has been drafted by health officials. Aimed at both patients and their families, it can take up to four hours to complete. A special clinic to diagnose and treat suspected patients has also been opened.
‘We may never find patient zero’: WHO urges to be ‘careful’ about attributing start of Covid-19 pandemic ‘We may never find patient zero’: WHO urges to be ‘careful’ about attributing start of Covid-19 pandemic
It’s still a big shock,” Luc Leblanc, who has been diagnosed with the unknown syndrome, told Canada’s CTV News. “I never got any answers that I was looking for, or how to cope, or how to extend my life,” the 41-year-old man said. He is suffering from concentration problems and memory loss, and described his condition as “a ticking bomb.” “You don’t know how long you have,” he said.
Another patient’s life has also been upturned by the mysterious brain disorder. Gabrielle Cormier, whose neurological symptoms include vision problems, and sudden walking and standing inabilities, was diagnosed at the age of 20. “I can’t read, which is a shame because I love to read. I can’t move … I was very active before,” she explained to CTV News.
People living in the region have been “frustrated” for months, officials admitted this week. There have been complains of a lack of communication and transparency from health officials, with locals now demanding regular public briefings on the troubling issue.
The disease was first observed in New Brunswick in 2015 by local neurologist Dr. Alier Marrero. Over the years, more patients have emerged, exhibiting similar symptoms of dementia and strange muscle movements, among other disorders. When the number of people affected began to grow, the doctor concluded he was dealing with something that hadn’t been observed before in the medical world and sounded the alarm.

Physicians in New Brunswick have been identifying more patients with common unusual symptoms that they couldn’t diagnose since early 2020. They first linked these to another rare brain disorder, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), but patients tested negative for it. A separate case definition for the perplexing symptoms was drafted in January this year, however, the mysterious illness was publicly exposed only after a senior medical officer’s internal memo about it was leaked in March.

Every year since 2018, the number of cases has increased. And we don’t know why. We don’t know what is causing this. We know it’s happening and it’s probably spreading,” Marrero told the Toronto Star daily, warning that “we are exposed to something that we have not been exposed [to] before.”


The Living Force
FOTCM Member

US Senate votes to give financial aid to ‘Havana Syndrome’ victims & resurrects spectre of mystery weapon behind ‘attacks’​

8 Jun, 2021 17:18
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US Senate votes to give financial aid to ‘Havana Syndrome’ victims & resurrects spectre of mystery weapon behind ‘attacks’

© plus49/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images

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The US Senate has unanimously voted to pass a bill that provides additional financial support for American diplomats and spies stricken by a range of debilitating health conditions consistent with the so-called ‘Havana Syndrome’.
The bipartisan law – Helping American Victims Afflicted by Neurological Attacks (HAVANA) Act – passed on Monday authorizes funding for treating illnesses with symptoms relating to the so-called syndrome, including headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, hearing and vision impairment, vertigo and memory loss.https://www.collins.senate.gov/news...a-syndrome’-victims-unanimously-passes-senate
There have been more than 130 instances of the mysterious illness – which first came to light in 2016 at the American embassy in Cuba – reported among US officials stationed overseas and stateside, according to a release from the office of bill co-author Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine). The release claims that the injuries were “from likely directed energy attacks in Cuba, China, and elsewhere.”
“American personnel who have undergone these attacks while serving our country should be treated the same way we would treat a soldier who suffered a traumatic injury on the battlefield,”
Collins said, adding that a “whole-of-government approach” was needed to determine what the “weapon” in question is, in order to prevent “future attacks.”
ALSO ON RT.COMFrom crickets to insecticides: Effects of Cuba ‘sonic attacks’ caused by anti-Zika fumigation, new study claims
The legislation affords the CIA director and the secretary of state additional funds to support employees with brain injuries. It also requires both the CIA and the State Department to keep Congress in the loop as to the usage of the funds – seen as indicative of lawmakers’ frustrations over a perceived failure of intelligence bodies to properly address the matter.https://www.politico.com/news/2021/06/07/senate-passes-bill-for-directed-energy-victims-492068
The bill was co-authored by Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-New Hampshire), as well as Senate Intelligence Committee chair Mark Warner (D-Virginia) and the committee’s vice-chair Marco Rubio (R-Florida). Warner and Rubio have previously pledged to “get to the bottom” of these attacks and “hold (those responsible) accountable.”
A companion bill to the HAVANA act has also been introduced by a bipartisan group of lawmakers led by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-California) and Representative Devin Nunes (R-California).
Last month, a group of US government officials experiencing symptoms consistent with the syndrome – calling themselves “Victims of Hostile Action in Cuba and China”sent a letter to Deputy State Secretary Brian McKeon, alleging that the State Department had continued to “reject scientific evidence regarding the injuries and treatment needs” and “invalidate our injuries and experiences.”https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20789802-may_25_mckeon_meeting_request
ALSO ON RT.COMSenate releases damning report on Capitol riot: Intel ignored, officers undertrained & underequipped, leaders & backup missing
While the exact cause of the injuries is currently unknown, a range of theories has been floated, including the possibility of directed microwave radiation attacks by US adversaries, infectious diseases, exposure to fumigation pesticides and even noises made by a species of cricket.https://www.rt.com/news/469279-cuba-sonic-attacks-crickets/
In December, a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) report on the syndrome commissioned by the State Department concluded that “directed, pulsed radio frequency energy” was the “most plausible” explanation behind the onset of illness.https://www.nationalacademies.org/n...nnel-and-their-families-at-overseas-embassies
The report did not rule out other possibilities, however, saying that a “multiplicity of factors” could be at play and noted “grave concerns” about “disinhibited malevolent actors” targeting US personnel.https://www.nbcnews.com/news/all/ha...rowave-energy-government-study-finds-n1250094
Despite the lack of solid evidence, the study offered another opportunity for US media to pin the blame for the mystery illness on a familiar bogeyman, with a number of outlets quoting unnamed intelligence sources to assert that shadowy, secretive agencies in Russia were behind the alleged attacks.
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