Holistic Doctors being murdered?


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JEEP said:
From the same Natural News article:

From the http://www.betterhealthguy.com/gcmaf site, some of the information on GcMAF overlaps with what you posted here Jeep, but I will include the whole things because it's longer with more info:

Update July 16 2015: GcMAF is no longer available as the company that made it was shutdown by overseas regulatory agencies. As always, consult your doctor before making any medical decisions on any therapy you may be considering.

Update July 25, 2015: My use of GcMAF for my own personal health recovery, which was guided by a doctor, started in 2011 and ended in 2013. The information on this page has not been updated in some time other than the comment above. Some have contacted me recently asking for more information on GcMAF. Unfortunately, I do not have any further details and suggest that people discuss any potential medical treatment option with their doctor. I am not a doctor and am simply sharing my personal experience having explored this option a few years ago.

GcMAF (Gc protein macrophage activation factor) is an immune-regulating compound from Europe that may have benefit for those of us struggling with immune system health. It has been used in HIV and cancer for several years. More recently, doctors and researchers have been considering GcMAF for use in patients with illnesses that most of us will recognize.

From gcmaf.eu, "In its role of immune system regulator, research shows GcMAF can reverse other diseases that attack the immune system like Autism, CFS, XMRV, Lyme disease, Aids, HIV, Fibromyalgia (all of which we've begun to have success with ourselves), osteoporosis, Hodgkin’s, Lupus, MS, Parkinson’s, various bacterial and viral infections and various types of Immune dysfunction."

I first heard about GcMAF almost a year ago. At the same time, I had first learned about "nagalase", a blood test that is used to in part determine whether or not one might be a candidate for GcMAF therapy. Nagalase is an enzyme that prevents Vitamin D receptors (VDR) from being activated on the surface of the macrophage. As a result, macrophages are not "activated" and our immune systems are not able to properly respond to invaders.

Here are some points that I have learned thus far on GcMAF:

GcMAF has reportedly been tested more for safety, purity, etc. than other human blood products.

Macrophages are cultured, destroyed, and the GcMAF receptors are purified.

Treatment is via injection 1x/week for 8-20 weeks. Dose is titrated initially to avoid exacerbation or Herx responses as much as possible.

A commonly used dose is .25ml once weekly (a 2.2 ml vial should last 8 injections).

The primary test used in looking at whether or not GcMAF may be a reasonable intervention is nagalase.

Nagalase inactivates macrophages.

I personally would NEVER consider this option without having a baseline nagalase test. Normal is < 0.95. Mine was 2.9.

The practitioner I worked with suggested that 2.9 was in the range of someone with HIV or cancer in terms of the impact on the immune system. I'd like to hear from others in the Lyme community as you get test results as well to see if there is a pattern of elevated nagalase in those with Lyme disease. Whether or not Lyme itself has anything to do with nagalase elevation is something I have not been able to find anything on. We certainly all have underlying viral co-factors that are likely in play as well, but I suspect that Borrelia may also play a role in nagalase elevation.

In healthy college students, a nagalase 0.4 is not uncommon (the lower the better).

At 2.9, my practitioner was surprised that I did not have more cognitive deficits such as memory loss and other cognitive issues.

It has been suggested that ongoing antimicrobial therapy without a working immune system is like leaving the house with the door wide open inviting burglars in. By using GcMAF to activate macrophages, nagalase drops, and one may regain a functional immune system. The door is then closed to further invaders and we may no longer serve as a microbe hotel.

Maintenance therapy should not be needed once the immune system is once again properly functioning.

Activated macrophages only remain active for 7 days so any negative responses are generally short-lived. That said, some people do have strong inflammatory responses that are not believed to be typical die-off reactions.
It has been indicated that in some cases, other medications may be needed in order to manage the inflammatory response. This is another reason that one needs to be working closely with a knowledgeable practitioner before considering GcMAF in my opinion. In the CFS and GcMAF world, this more severe form of a die-off reaction is called IRIS.

VDR genetics do not seem to play a role in predicting response as earlier thought according to one practitioner that I have spoken with. That said, Vitamin D levels do correlate with the positive response rate of GcMAF. Thus, Vitamin D supplementation may be required in order to optimize outcome.

Other than die-off reactions or activation of symptoms (inflammation), no other side effects are generally expected.

Nagalase should be monitored every 1-2 months while on treatment to determine the required duration of the therapy. Target nagalase after treatment would be 0.4 to 0.6.

Elevated nagalase has a profound detrimental effect on the immune system. Elevated nagalase is often presumed to be related to microbes of viral origin or cancer. Viruses that are nagalase producers open the door to chronic infections.

Hemagglutinin contains nagalase and is also found in flagella of some bacteria so it could also be the case that some bacteria may produce nagalase.

Parents with ASD children also often have elevated nagalase.

A practitioner I spoke with likened Lyme disease to a "peat moss fire" burning below the surface. Activating macrophages should help to deal with the fire.

GcMAF should be helpful in dealing with other infections that are not of viral origin; for example, Borrelia, Bartonella, and other infections commonly associated with Tick-Borne Infections (TBIs). GcMAF is active against many cancers and many different kinds of microbes.

Neopterin is another test that is sometimes used as an indicator of immune suppression. As macrophages become activated, neopterin may rise and later fall. If one is in the normal range for neopterin and has an immune-related illness, this could be an indication that the immune system is suppressed and not responding appropriately.

People with autoimmune conditions can generally use GcMAF. However, GcMAF may be contraindicated in people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Reduction in nagalase is generally seen early in the course of treatment; within the first 3-6 weeks. In some studies, nagalase dropped by over 50% in less than six weeks.

Cancer patients may initially feel as bad on GcMAF as they do on chemotherapy, but often feel much better after the first month.

Anti-inflammatories may limited the effect of GcMAF.

Enzymes and biofilm-reducing supplements may have a negative impact on GcMAF therapy and may be best avoided. It is still too early to know what the impact may be, but one practitioner I spoke with feels that it is best to avoid these.

One should not be on any immune-suppressing agents while on GcMAF as the immune system must be partially functional in order to respond appropriately to the treatment.

A common pattern is to see elevated lymphocytes, high nagalase, and low NK cells. Once nagalase drops, it may be the case that NK cell function could be positively impacted. CD57 is a type of NK cell. It is too early to know if this proves to be true, but it is one of the things I'm quite interested in.

- See more at: http://www.betterhealthguy.com/gcmaf#sthash.BWCYdscV.dpuf


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While searching for testimonials, I stumbled upon a forum thread which is 160 pages long where David Noakes' GcMAF formula was criticized on 2011. It seems they're promoting their products based on original research which is not necessarily applicable to them (???). It is a long forum thread and I just read like 6 pages, so maybe I'm missing something.

The forum thread was started on 2010 and it was last updated on May 2015:




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Perhaps having Nagalase levels tested before/after doing the autoimmune protocol would be helpful? If things aren't improving on it, helping GcMAF restart may be important I think.

A word on vitamin D from a similar thread _http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/gcmaf-and-nagalase.7849/
Hi Cindy,

A word of caution!

Both Dr. De Meirleir and Dr. Cheney tell patients that it is important NOT to supplement with Vit D while taking GcMAF. Ronan posted this yesterday (_http://forums.aboutmecfs.org/showthread.php?6019-GcMAF-for-XMRV-Gc-protein-derived-macrophage-activating-factor-anyone-taking-it&p=148444&viewfull=1#post148444) and a patient of Dr. Cheney told me the same.

This is because taking GcMAF can cause dangerous spikes in your Vit D levels. Dr. Cheney advises patients to have their Vit D levels monitored every 2 weeks or at least once a month. This was news to me too, but coming from these two, I think we should be cautious.


Thank you so much! I had blood work done and got the results this week and was surprised to see that my vitamin D, hydroxy 1.25 levels were high. Before they were low so I didn't add any vitamin D. I am so glad you passed this along to me. I will not supplement at all.

Thanks so much,

So theoretically if someone has low vitamin D (I think Gimpy said she had low vit D that wouldn't respond to treatment) it may be that GCMAF isn't working due to elevated Nagalase levels. As such, viral/fungal/pathogen infections are suspected.

I'm wondering if there is anything else that can neutralize Nagalase or help GcMAF (mega dose of vit D?).

Apparently you can also get a kit to make a GcMAF containing yogurt...
At 550-2000 EUR, that's way to expensive to experiment with (and I haven't seen any evidence that oral GcMAF works).


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JEEP said:
I was already aware of the Florida congresswoman submitting a bill to Congress to require ALL children be vaccinated as per the now law in California. The other proposed legislation - 21st Century Cures Act - sounds even more ominous than the other proposed bill.

H.R.2232 - Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015

It's a resolution requiring mandatory vaccination of children at the Federal level, whereas vaccination requirements currently are enforced at the State level. Next step (if passed), would be a resolution introduced - for all Adults?

If you look at the link I posted of the Bill, Ms. Wilson introduced this Resolution - first, IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (on May 1, 2015) which was then referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, then on May, 8, 2015 - Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.

Why was "the Bill" submitted through several channels and then referred to a Subcommittee BUT not directly introduced to "the Committee on Health and Welfare?" Introducing a Bill via a Resolution this way, this Bill can then "be bundle" into another Bill, as a sub-resolution and passed along with another Bill/Resolution that has no identifying markers. In Legal terms, H.R.2232 becomes "a Rider" on another Bill which might be to increase taxes on Transportation or any number of Resolutions - up for consideration.

In simple terms, this Bill was "sneaked in" through channels - so it can be placed "as a rider" and passed along with another Bill.

"Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled", and Passed - It becomes Law.


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Gaby said:
While searching for testimonials, I stumbled upon a forum thread which is 160 pages long where David Noakes' GcMAF formula was criticized on 2011. It seems they're promoting their products based on original research which is not necessarily applicable to them (???). It is a long forum thread and I just read like 6 pages, so maybe I'm missing something.

The forum thread was started on 2010 and it was last updated on May 2015:


It is the 12th post on page 28, which reads as follows:


WOW! Mr. David Noakes you are so misleading, please stop it.
This is exactly why some people get treated and some get tricked...
first of all i am not a salesmen, nor i am a doctor nor i am a person who in any way pretend to have any medical education, i am NOT a doctor but i do have 2 master degrees and very high IQ. I happened to get an HIV from my girlfriend and shortly after a brain tumor so i am scared, i am petrified, i am lost, i am in pain, i need support, i need help, i want to read what others going through while hoping for a brighter side. While many who are sick would do anything to get cured i am not one of those people who will jump on anything being offered before i know facts and data behind the offer.

My responses to your misleading statements. (How come you write so much bull $shit that is so nicely and deeply hidden between lines? not everyone can read between the lines so if you are selling something that works why don't you just put things straight without any twists? )

#2 - your GcMAF needs to be frozen because it's not stable, Yamomoto's formula stable for over 6 month at room temperature... best kept at around 2-8c

#3 please provide the numbers behind the GCMAF you are selling, stop making statements without showing any comparable data to an original. 50+ scientists working and producing GcMaf tells me nothing! there's only one Yamamoto and there's only one Einstein, right? not everyone smart equally so your 50+ scientists tells me nothing. Mr. Noakes you sound like a great salesmen because you write using great marketing practices. Good sales men are not always best doctor's, best doctors almost never great salesmen - you see i just did the same thing to you, i didn't call your name :)

#4 I am not a salesman but i did my research... and i know that PPS version is THE version Yamomoto used - he is actually a co-founder of this lab. Mr. Noakes when you state in your article that talked about research Yamomoto did something like "This research was done using Yamomoto's GCMAF, COMMERCIAL version is available blah-bla-blah" - i read this like "Here's the research Yamomoto published in big ass prestigious magazine and i am just using his name to fool everyone by composing highly marketing sentence so everyone thinks i sell the same thing" NO? if you have nothing to hide why don't you just post your own researches in prestigious magazines using your version of GcMaf

#5 - shipping to usa - read customs - Illegal. i can send you links but trust me i did my research here too. if you ship without problems - great! but it may get stopped at customs and never get to destination or in worst case scenario receiver will get visited by law enforcement...

#6 i saw the same or very very similar phrase that you posed soooo many times! can you come up with something new?

Your comment about synthetic version. Yamomoto's GCMAF is the only synthetic GcMAf that is out there this is why it is EXTREMELY potent, this is why it is expensive because procedure to produce it is much more difficult... None of the GcMaf out there can be patented because it is way too close to human GcMaf and this is the reason why Yamomoto is now at university of Massachusetts trying to create a version that is slightly different from human so pharmaceutical company that sponsors this can start selling it... All other GcMaf is derived from human blood and has "compatibility" issues.

And yes, just because i could buy the real version doesn't make me worse or better, i just TRULLY hope what others are selling actually works, based on what i see i PERSONALLY cannot trust it, i have strong bull $hit filter and unfortunately not many sources passed that.

I recently saw great results of a friend of mine who cured his Hep C with real Yamomoto's version i am hoping on the best for myself. if it works on me i will not stop promoting it and "killing" everyone else who is trying to fool people, i have all the money to do that so money is not an interest to me, playing with people's lives shouldn't be an option for anyone unless you are saving one. When i say "killing" i don't mean literally but rather commercially.

The most readily commercial GcMAF happens to be the one of David Noakes. I think it would be interesting to find about the original formula!


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Gaby said:
While searching for testimonials, I stumbled upon a forum thread which is 160 pages long where David Noakes' GcMAF formula was criticized on 2011. It seems they're promoting their products based on original research which is not necessarily applicable to them (???). It is a long forum thread and I just read like 6 pages, so maybe I'm missing something.

The forum thread was started on 2010 and it was last updated on May 2015:



I scanned through about 30 pages or so. It seems that some people don't do well on it and I suspect their diets are crappy and they don't have fat in them, and they prolly should do the antibiotic protocol first. Mainly it seemed like those having bad effects were experiencing herx reactions, stiff neck mentioned, and so forth. So, they obviously need to kill the critters. (IMO)

Some others had good results.

Needs more looking at to see what kinds of problems peeps have with the stuff.


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Did anyone listen to the audio link previously referenced? It's hour 3 of Dave Hodges' CommonSense Show. Starting at 23:55 is the segment in which Dr. Ted Broer discusses GcMAF. He mentions the importance of having vitamin K along w/ vitamin D as well as the role of cytokine storm.


In looking at Dr. Ted Broer's biography on his healthmasters.com site, it appears he's a Ph.D. rather than an M.D. He is a licensed nutritionist. And there's a list of 'notables' that he apparently wants to be associated with:

Pastor Rob Parsley, Herman Bailey, TD Jakes, Bill Cosby, Carl Lewis , former President George Bush, Barbara Bush, President Gerald Ford, Paul Harvey, Larry King, Secretary Of State Colin Powell, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Zig Ziglar, Elizabeth Dole, Naomi Judd, Bill Cosby, Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Evander Holyfield, Larry Bird, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz and many others.

This alone reduces his credibility as far as I'm concerned, but I suppose it's possible that what he's saying in the broadcast has some credence. Try to ignore the New World Order/eugenics assertions which may be indicative of another alternative media 'control the narrative' disinformation site.


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Alana said:
Regarding the three doctors that disappeared in Mexico, I wanted to archive this article in the thread too:

Where Are Mexico’s ‘Dead’ Doctors? Families Fear a Cover-Up Like Iguala


His son Marvin (Hernandez) vanished June 19 while traveling with three other medical professionals along a remote stretch of highway in Mexico’s southwest Guerrero state. The local prosecutor’s office has since come under intense criticism for allegedly mismanaging the investigation, especially for its insistence on claiming the victims are deceased without presenting credible evidence.

"They told our families we couldn’t talk to the press. That we shouldn’t tell anybody about what happened at the morgue. But we can’t be silent any longer,” Hernandez said.

Two other medical workers and a lawyer from Petatlán Community Hospital who were in the car with Marvin Hernandez were reported missing the same day. The four were en route to Acapulco on hospital business at the time of their disappearance. None have been seen since.

Police found their vehicle the next afternoon near the resort town of Xolapa—riddled with bullets from an AR-15 assault rifle, the tires shot out, and the car seats covered with blood.[/b] Xolapa was also the site of a deadly shootout between rival factions of a civil defense militia on June 6, which left 17 dead and at least 10 wounded.

“Marvin had no criminal record of any kind, and he hadn’t received any threats,” said his father. “He’d just graduated from medical school a few months ago. All we want is to get him back alive,” said Hernandez, 53, as outraged doctors, nurses, and relatives at the protest continued to cry out for “Justicia!”

The families aren’t buying the prosecutor’s story.

“None of the evidence we’ve seen would hold up under a thorough, honest investigation."

Meanwhile, Godínez’s decision to halt the search for the missing men has sparked a wave of marches and demonstrations by doctors, nurses, and lab technicians across Guerrero—as the medical community protests the lack of safety for their personnel.

Overall, violence against medical workers has spiked recently across Mexico. In just the last three weeks, at least six health-care professionals were killed, wounded, or abducted—including a prominent surgeon who was gunned down outside his home last week in the neighboring state of Morelos.

A new study by Mexico’s National Security Council reveals that some 75 percent of public-service physicians across nine states report being subjected to armed assault, extortion, vehicle theft, and other forms of violence. For the health-care workers of Guerrero, the missing Hernandez party is just the latest example of the risks posed by organized crime in this lawless region.

“Unfortunately, there’s a precedent for this kind of thing in Mexico,” attorney Omar Hernandez told The Daily Beast after a press conference with the doctors’ families in the blocked-off street outside the municipal palace.

“Our concern is that the [Guerrero] attorney general’s office is manipulating the case,” he said. “We don’t know if it’s a political maneuver, an error, or if they’re trying to cover something up. All we know is that they’re telling lies.”

I have some questions? Link this with the above statements:

"1) June 19th, 2015 – Dr Bradstreet, formerly of Florida, now practicing in Georgia was found with a gunshot wound to his chest in a river. The small town locals ruled the death almost immediately as a suicide; but many have their doubts. This same day in Mexico, on June 19th, 2015, three doctors were traveling to the State Capital in Mexico, to deliver some papers. They were reported missing that day. This is the only case outside of the US. Authorities said they found the bodies, but the family says those bodies look nothing like their family members; and they are demanding more proof and more testing."

The first death reported was Dr. Bradstreet (in the U.S.). On the same day, three Doctors are reported missing, after traveling to the State Capital in Mexico (with a Lawyer) to deliver papers. In the link that Alana posted, it's stated, "Two other medical workers and a lawyer from Petatlán Community Hospital who were in the car with Marvin Hernandez were reported missing the same day."

The only name mentioned of the four is Marvin Hernandez who is described as, "just graduated from medical school a few months ago."
I am assuming, all four were associated with Petatlán Community Hospital in Guerrero, Mexico? Petatlán, Guerrero is also the site of a military base.

Other then happening on the same day that Dr. Bradstreet was murdered, I don't see how it's connected (in any way) to Bradstreet's death and his work with GcMAF or with any of the other holistic Doctor's that followed in the U.S., in the next four weeks?

Information of what happened in Mexico and why the 3 Medical personnel (Doctor's?) and a Lawyer went to the State Capital and what type of paperwork was being filed - is totally lacking. Is it to suggest - they were in route to file a petition to produce and Patent a GcMAF version of their own? Or was the Lawyer in attendance because it had something to do with legalities and a financial report for additional funding for Petatlán Community Hospital or something else more mundane? Without further documented and verifiable information, how does this incident in Mexico, although tragic in itself, have any bearing on the recent Doctor death's in the U.S.?

I must admit, before Dr. Bradstreet's death, I had no knowledge of Nagalase being inserted into vaccines and it's possible connection to Autism and other immune dysfunctions.

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angelburst29 said:
Other then happening on the same day that Dr. Bradstreet was murdered, I don't see how it's connected (in any way) to Bradstreet's death and his work with GcMAF or with any of the other holistic Doctor's that followed in the U.S., in the next four weeks?

Information of what happened in Mexico and why the 3 Medical personnel (Doctor's?) and a Lawyer went to the State Capital and what type of paperwork was being filed - is totally lacking. Is it to suggest - they were in route to file a petition to produce and Patent a GcMAF version of their own? Or was the Lawyer in attendance because it had something to do with legalities and a financial report for additional funding for Petatlán Community Hospital or something else more mundane? Without further documented and verifiable information, how does this incident in Mexico, although tragic in itself, have any bearing on the recent Doctor death's in the U.S.?

I had exactly the same thoughts as I was reading. That's why I archived it here, to see if there is more info coming out later, and maybe help make sense, connect dots, whatever.

The woman from Healthnut was the first to link them together I believe, because she was at the time putting together the list of doctors who died, and it seemed related. It might be or not. Note that Mexico has its own problems with doctors going missing or being killed, but it doesn't seem to be for the same reasons as the US ones. Also, I don't think that all US doctors missing/murdered are linked to the GcMAF studies. The latest I heard from the Healthnut lady, and I've been visiting to see for updates, is this one about the video that most of us saw on FB by now, and Z posted it at the beginning of the thread, that makes the connection between the doctors' deaths and GcMAF. So here's her latest post, she shares some personal stuff too.

Every 5 minutes someone sends me this video I’m posting in this story near the bottom.

Literally, every 5 minutes.

The reason? Because one month ago I broke an (unintentional) series of stories on doctors who have been killed or gone missing here in the last month or so. I broke the news on each as gently as possible and appreciate that millions have shared my stories, reprinted and translated them, network affiliates have picked them up and they’re getting the exposure they need. It brought me no joy to report on it. I’d tell you I haven’t slept in a month, but I said that once and someone thought I was just trying to garner sympathy. What I was trying to say is that it affects me too; we knew some of the wonderful doctors who died so it’s not easy to write about. I cannot imagine how tough it is for the families (some of whom I’ve spoken with) and I feel concern as my other half of is a holistic doctor (DO) who is one of the better well known outspoken ones world wide.

Most of the doctors were from here in Florida or found dead here, most were holistic and more than one of them determined to be murder. The first was a doctor I greatly admired – Jeffrey Bradstreet (MD) He was found in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. The investigation is still underway, and contrary to popular belief, the cause of death is yet to be determined. The cause of death is actually undetermined on a few of the doctors who were found dead. As I stated, some of them were murdered and yes their killer or killers are still on the loose. It might sound dramatic but it’s the truth.

When I started my site 18 short months ago, I’d decided to concentrate on natural health articles, but the investigator and researcher in me came out after breaking the first story on Dr. Bradstreet and I kept seeing more in the news or that were sent to me. I felt it my duty to report them. Leaders in the health community agreed and urged me to post them.

I’m in close contact with some members of the doctors and promise more (much more) on that soon.

Again, I never intended my first article I broke to turn into a series. I wrote about Dr. Bradstreet, then another, then there were three. When I broke the sad story on the 5th (I held off on that one, but still no one else reported it) about two men, both chiropractors, found dead, the same day, Father’s Day , both fathers, both on the East Coast of Florida it was really shocking and I prayed it would be my last.

But it wasn’t. They continued.

Here is my story on the first 8 and here you’ll find my story on the 9th doctor found dead just days ago at age 41. Healthy and fit. I won’t post all of them or you’ll be reading all day.

Besides working in the health arena I’ve also done investigative work in the past and will delve into that later. Besides finding my birth parents (I’m adopted) with little information when I was still underage, I’ve helped others find their birth parents, missing persons and other white collar criminals who ended up being put away. Again, we’ll save that for another story on Health Nut News.

Here is the video which discusses Nagalase and its effect on GcMAF in the body. I cannot tell you how many of the doctors had worked with or used GcMAF out of the ones found dead, but I can tell you at least some of them did. That’s all I can say for now.

Take from the video what you will. I’m not confirming nor denying it. I appreciate that so many countless videos and articles and even memes are popping up by the hour on my stories. It brought me no joy to break them and I only wanted to make people aware, share their go fund me accounts and report the facts and let people decide what they thought.

I had no idea so many would say so much.

As far as this video: The gentlemen did get a few things wrong. There were more doctors already found dead when he made the video but he might not have known that. Also he talks about a doctor in North Dakota traveling to Wisconsin I believe? Actually those are 2 separate doctors. Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick is still missing last seen in Montana. He’s from North Dakota. He also says that 3 doctors were vacationing in Mexico. No, actually they were on their way to the State Capital and all there were Mexican Nationals so far as I can confirm.

Snopes did a whole write up on my stories and were so daft they said he’s FROM Montana and tried to correct me when I said he’s from North Dakota (which he is) In other words I had it right and hope sites like Snopes and others spreading misinformation don’t hinder the investigation of finding this doctor – hopefully alive and well. I made screen videos on all this in case Snopes tries to deny it later.

Secondly, the other missing doctor in the US is from Wisconsin. His name is Jeffrey Whiteside. Sadly I see their pictures and names in my sleep. At this point I know more facts about them than I want to but when I do stories I am factual and even Snopes didn’t really call me out for that except to not be factual in their piece (sure it was just another accident)

Dr Whiteside’s body was just found a few days ago after missing for nearly a month, which was when I’d first reported about him. They found a gun near his body and say he was in a secluded part of the woods for some time. The gun doesn’t appear to be his but there’s no database for Wisconsin (weird) to search, so that will take some time to find out who the .22 caliber belonged to and if he took his own life or someone else took it from him.

Thirdly, not all are from Florida and not all are holistic. Thus far we have 9 doctors and all but 2 were found here in the South East (5 in Florida, 1 in Georgia and 2 in North Carolina) The other 2 were found dead in NY and Wisconsin. One we knew (Dr. Gonzalez – a famous holistic MD) and the other Jeffrey Whiteside MD who was loved by many.

Take away from this video what you will. I didn’t want to report extensively on the use or involvement GcMAF with any doctorrs (I’ve known about it since the day I wrote my first piece) until I talk more with people in the know, the family members etc.

- See more at: http://www.healthnutnews.com/exposed-is-this-why-holistic-doctors-are-dying-in-florida-what-you-need-to-know/#sthash.N0l72MUZ.dpuf


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I found an interesting quote in this article, in reference to the alternative Doctors, that have died or gone missing.

REVEALED: Cancer industry profits 'locked in' by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines... spurs tumor growth... explains aggressive vaccine push

In an interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Dr. Ted Broer, an internationally recognized health and nutrition expert also based in Florida, describes how cutting edge Dr. Bradstreet's work was, as well as a discovery he made that very well may have placed him in great danger and could have been the motive for his suspected murder.

The alternative doctors who went missing and/or were killed, were reportedly "interlocked" through Dr. Bradstreet and Dr. Gonzalez's extensive research on autism, and what's causing autism, according to Dr. Broer.

Some of the doctors who wound up dead or missing believed that the nagalase protein/enzyme was being introduced intentionally into the body either virally or directly through vaccines.

Dr. Bradstreet and his colleagues also learned that the nagalase protein was not present in children at birth but was somehow introduced into autistic children, they felt, during the immunization process.

Before his death, Dr. Bradstreet treated 1,100 patients with GcMAF with an 85 percent response rate – something that was deemed impossible by the medical community.


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This story has finally broken on Veterans Today via Clayton Douglas' Free American radio show link - he has the Dr. Doom youtube audio featured and he's reading from the same articles that have been posted in this thread. I just attempted to post a comment containing the 21st century cures act youtube link which has apparently gone off into editorial cyberspace for approval before being allowed to post - or else it will disappear all together.

I also commented on another VT article relating to the trophy hunting killing of Cecil the Lion - noting the enormous outcry over this animal's death including, “Jimmy Kimmel nearly breaks down in tears over Cecil the lion”. A tragic and reprehensible act no doubt but pales in comparison to the thousands of PEOPLE being killed every day in the fake war on terror & the genociding of the Palestinians! I followed up w/ another comment re the deaths of the alternative medicine/holistic doctors (w/ NO links in the text) but w/ a vaccine connection reference. That one has yet to post either.

Veterans Today is, IMO, in the same category as BeforeItsNews. The fact that it apparently has a wide readership is the only reason I keep 'flapping my butterfly wings' over there.


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Laura said:
I scanned through about 30 pages or so. It seems that some people don't do well on it and I suspect their diets are crappy and they don't have fat in them, and they prolly should do the antibiotic protocol first. Mainly it seemed like those having bad effects were experiencing herx reactions, stiff neck mentioned, and so forth. So, they obviously need to kill the critters. (IMO)

Some others had good results.

Needs more looking at to see what kinds of problems peeps have with the stuff.

It seems that Herx reactions are fairly frequent. Doing the antibiotic protocol first makes more sense, or at least go through the worst Herx reactions of the antibiotic protocol before GcMAF is tried.

I was scanning that giant forum thread and also prohealth's forum and other sites where GcMAF has been discussed.

In general, I do get a bad impression from the "European researchers" (David Noakes et al. in Brussels, UK, etc). Their clinical data is not forthcoming despite all the references. My interaction with their contact details was not very reassuring. Still, it seems quite a lot of people in that forum used their vials which have a concentration of 100ng/ml active GcMAF.

Here is David Noakes defending himself to the post quoted above.


Sorting misconceptions

To: dsp2011: GcMAF misconceptions

Sorry if I spoke too plainly, but lets look at the facts:

2. A university has done four longevity tests on our GcMAF, as to how best to store it, and how long it lasts. (removed commercial link) "Tests on our GcMAF" top left.

It is still active after 8 months when frozen.

At below +4 degrees C it will keep in a fridge for 8 weeks, and still have good activity.

It degrades to zero activity in 8 weeks at +7 degrees C. All GcMAF will be useless after 6 months at room temperature.

What tests have you done to prove your "GcMAF stores for 6 months at room temperature" theory?

3. Stefania Pacini, Gabriele Morucci, Tiziana Punzi, Massimo Gulisano were four of the research scientists who kindly mentioned in a published paper that our gcmaf.eu GcMAF is similar strength to Yamamotos (18.4 versus 17.3, see Garcia's post).

What experiments have you done to prove them wrong?

How can you possibly think there are not way over 50 scientists involved with GcMAF? Why do you think Yamamoto is on his own?

Mohamad SB Nagasawa H Sasaki H Uto Y Nakagawa Y Kawashima K Hori H, did research on GcMAF's tumoricidal properties. Schneider GB, Benis KA, Flay NW, Ireland RA, Popoff SN, did GcMAF and bone reabsorption. Datta HK, Cook DB, Kanan RM, Cant A, Gennery A, did basal generation of GcMAF.

We're up to 20 GcMAF scientists and we've only looked at 4 papers. I must have seen 50 GcMAF research papers with an average of 6 scientists per paper.

And their research papers make it clear most scientists make the GcMAF for their own experiments - and look, not a Yamamoto in sight.

4. PPS came along 19 years after Yamamoto first made GcMAF. How can PPS's version be the one Yamamoto used?

Particularly as Yamamoto improved his methods over the years?

I would really like to see a statement from Yamamoto that he is a shareholder in PPS. How do we know he isn't annoyed they're using his name?

Ok, you are not a PPS salesman, but aren't you wholly indoctrinated by their sales techniques? You really believe them!!

5. We've had correspondence with USA customs, and as a result they let our packages through. Why would they do that if it were illegal?

6. We all make GcMAF the same way. You start with human serum, you extract GcProtein, you modify GcProtein to make GcMAF. Look at Yamamotos patents: 5177002 onwards. Yes, that's how Yamamoto makes it, thats how we make it. There are variations and many improvements, but the basic method is the same.

Sorry, Yamamoto's patent 5177002 does not create synthetic GcMAF.

Apologies, but there are scores of scientists who have made GcMAF. We all, including Yamamoto, aim for the same potency: 400ng/ml concentration of active GcMAF, and then we assay it, both internally and independently, to see we got it right.

If Yamamotos was so much more potent than everyone else's, how would you get the dosage right? How would you treat brain cancer, where weak doses are required to prevent intercranial pressure?

Very best wishes

David Noakes.

In the next page, someone calls him on shaky testimonials where we don't know if the patients survived cancer or not, or if their cancer went into remission.

Didn't saw a reply to that from Noakes or anyone else in the next few pages. Possibly he did later (?). Still, I'm not seeing case reports well documented as I would expect considering the claims here and elsewhere. But perhaps I need to do more digging though. It just troubles me that well documented information of "before and after" associated with their particular product isn't forthcoming.

The Italian reference reminded me how in some European scientific communities, Italian medical research is always "taken with a grain of salt". I have first hand experience on Italian medical research from my years in Italy. To be clear, it was not a good experience!

Quite a few people are producing GcMAF, including a Japanese company called Saisei Mirai. Their website here:


They produced a vial with 1500ng/ml of active GcMAF. It is claimed that Yamamoto visited their facilities and/or research centers and cooperated with them.

I'm attaching a PDF with case reports from their website. It is a presentation given by one of the associated Japanese doctors. It is actually VERY good!! They have case reports which show remission of very aggressive cancers as demonstrated with CT scans or other methods. That is the kind of information that is reassuring.

This is what the "Europeans" have to say about them:


As this is now an information and science – only website, it is not possible to purchase GcMAF here. We suggest the following:

A dozen companies have claimed to make GcMAF. Most of them failed.

The Japanese company Saisei Mirai offer “Second Generation GcMAF.” Its not GcMAF, its serum, blood with only the red blood cells removed. Somewhat risky to inject in our opinion, and their research papers don’t seem to show good results.

However, some of the scientists and doctors on this site have used Immuno Biotech’s products, added their tests to their already extensive testing, visited their laboratories or are in other ways familiar with them, and in our view they are easily the most professional company in this field. They go through a 24 step extraction process down to the molecular level, and extensive monthly testing. It can be done through nebulisation, suppositories or orally. They are at www.immunobiotech.eu

The Israeli company Efranat is carrying out GcMAF trials, but don’t seem to have a product. An Israeli company was offering GcMAF at $1,000 a shot, but many of the people using it did not believe it worked. It was probably inactive.

That doesn't seem to be a fair representation of their research.

Here is a prohealth forum thread with a discussion on how some got a bad impression from David Noakes as well:


Will keep on digging.


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This is a short 4 min. interview with Dr. Bradstreet and David Noakes.
Published on Sep 8, 2012

Autism: Dr Jeff Bradstreet in First Immune GcMAF's (gcmaf.eu) laboratory

In an updated comment under this next video, it states:
GcMAF has been shut down, all stock seized. (4 months ago - April 2015)
They took all the Goleic too.


CDC Scientist: ‘We scheduled meeting to destroy vaccine-autism study documents’

July 29, 2015 - A current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) senior scientist has made an unprecedented admission: he and his colleagues–he says– committed scientific misconduct to cover up a meaningful link between vaccines and autism in black boys.

Just as startling, the CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, says the study co-authors “scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study. The remaining four co-authors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room, and reviewed and went through all the hardcopy documents that we had thought we should discard, and put them into a huge garbage can.”

Despite this whistleblower testimony, which Dr. Thompson provided to Rep. Bill Posey, R-Florida, there is little chance of a meaningful hearing or investigation.

ecause I assumed it was illegal and would violate both FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] and DOJ [Department of Justice] requests, I kept hardcopies of all documents in my office, and I retain all associated computer files,” Posey quotes Dr. Thompson as reporting.


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I posted this on the Autoimmune Diseases/Infection thread - it's from 2013:

OK - now there's an article on Dr Stanislaw Burzynski's cancer fighting protocol - his name should be familiar to anyone who has looked into alternative medical treatment for cancer. This article also references GcMAF.

Updated: 30 Jan 2013

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski may be on the verge of a hard-fought breakthrough for his antineoplaston treatment – and his struggles offer an object lesson about the trials in store for another promising therapy, Gc-MAF.


The high-profile Dr B

You may have heard of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski, the discoverer of antineoplastons. Not only has his work received considerable media and blogosphere attention, both favourable and hostile, but he’s already been the topic of one documentary with a sequel in the works. There is a reason for his visibility: unlike so many cancer researchers who choose to operate outside the mainstream model of ‘cut, poison, drug and burn’, Dr Burzynski has stood firm against everything that has been thrown at him. What’s more, he appears to be winning.

What are antineoplastons?

In short, they are protein components, known as peptides, that Dr Burzynski believes have a twofold role in cancer prevention. In his own words, “The human body has...molecular switches, some of which turn off oncogenes, and others which turn on tumor-suppressor genes. These switches are called antineoplastons, which are naturally occurring peptides and amino acid derivatives in the blood and urine that the human body naturally uses to control cancer growth...The name “antineoplastons” comes from their function in controlling neoplastic or cancerous cells: i.e., anti-neoplastic cell agents.”

Antineoplaston landmarks

Dr Burzynski’s story is long, involved – and breathtaking. In short, it’s a tale of dogged determination by one man to bring a highly promising cancer treatment to market, in the face of a US government campaign of intimidation, harassment, sabotage and attempted patent theft. To simplify things, we’ve put together a list of major events in Dr Burzynski’s struggle to bring antineoplastons to public attention and availability, which you can download here.
Gc-MAF: antineoplastons mark II?

Back in 1993, Nobuto Yamamoto, then working at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA, USA, first described a remarkable molecule. His paper reported the conversion of vitamin D3 binding protein (DBP, known in humans as Gc) into a potent macrophage-activating factor (MAF), known as Gc-MAF. Macrophages are a key part of the human immune system with two roles: to engulf and destroy pathogens and cellular debris, and to recruit other immune cells to respond to the pathogen.

Macrophages are crucial to both innate, or non-specific, immunity and adaptive, or specific, immunity. Under normal circumstances, Gc-MAF is upregulated when the immune system detects a threat, ‘activating’ macrophages so that they single-mindedly pursue pathogens. Cancer cells, a prime target of macrophages, are clever little critters that secrete an enzyme – alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase or nagalase – that inactivates Gc-MAF, thus preventing macrophages from becoming activated and protecting cancer cells. Administration of Gc-MAF is proposed to bypass nagalase, stimulating macrophages to become activated and attack tumour cells. In other words, it’s a potent immunomodulator, rather like antineoplastons.

So why haven’t most of us heard of it?

Unlike antineoplastons, however, Gc-MAF hasn’t had the benefit of a single patent owner – as a natural molecule, it cannot be patented without being modified – with the will and resources to push it under the noses of the public and health authorities. Dr Yamamoto has run small human trials in breast, prostate and colorectal cancers, with promising results. However, he is by no means alone, as David Noakes is at pains to point out: “There’s better research than Dr Yamamoto’s out there these days, and it’s all listed on our website,” he says.

David Noakes might just be the person to bring Gc-MAF into the mainstream. He’s the CEO of Immuno Biotech Ltd. and spokesperson for First Immune Gc-MAF, a project he describes as, “PhD and BSc biochemists and biomedical scientists...with external doctors, oncologists and scientists who kindly provide advice, committed to bringing some of the increasing number of published but relatively unused medical cures to as many people as we can.” At the moment, Noakes and his colleagues are supplying Gc-MAF to 30 countries where it is legal, via a network of “around 300” doctors. Their Gc-MAF is made to extremely high standards, and is being used in ongoing clinical research by Noakes’ collaborators and others. Their ultimate goal is to, “Build the case that GcMAF is effective for various illnesses, which will help to make it available to the public”.

The thrust of this article is less about antineoplastons than it is the suppression of non-conventional cancer treatments by the government.


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Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News has a report on 5 Chiropractors deaths, 4 within recent months.

5 chiropractors die in accidents in recent months, 3 single car

Most of the deaths reported to me, I am able to rule out as being particularly suspicious.

But these 5 DC’s deaths in recent months just leave me with a few questions.

In less than 30 days 2 chiropractors were driving with their kids (in neither case were the moms with them) and both crashed into large semis in front of them. The cases are so similar I actually keep confusing the two. In fact, I thought it was one case until I realized the names were different. It could be a big coincidence, but I’ll just report the facts:

(Note: correction - Dr. Thomas Eynon died June 1, 2014 - not 2015, as suggested)

The first was the well respected Dr. Thomas Eynon D.C. 43, traveling with his 3 children. From the article:

June 1, 2014 - A Longview chiropractor was killed Saturday in a wreck that left three children hospitalized. Thomas Eynon D.C., 43, of White Oak died after he lost control of his Chevrolet Avalanche on U.S. 271 just south of FM 16 in Smith County.

The accident happened just after 12:00 p.m. Saturday, on Highway 271 just south of FM 16.Smith Co. Trooper Jean Dark notes that 43-year-old Thomas Bernard Eynon of White Oak was behind the wheel when his Chevy Avalanche possibly hydroplaned and crashed into a parked 18-wheeler on the side of the road. Eynon was pronounced dead at the scene.

Three children were taken to East Texas Medical Center in Tyler. One child was subsequently transferred to the Children's Medical Center of Dallas. Eynon’s 5-year-old son, Alden Eynon, and a girl are in critical condition. The condition of the third child, a girl, was unknown.
Sadly their 5 year old son did not make it either.

Then we have the beloved David Knotts 45, and his 2 children. He had a practice since 2007 called “Natural Health Chiropractic” with an emphasis on holistic care. From the article on their tragic crash where again, a father, with the mom not in the car, also crashes into a semi with his kids in the vehicle:

June 24, 2015 - Steffes and others are remembering Knotts this week after hearing of a crash in the state of Wyoming that left Knotts and his two young daughters, ages 6 and 9, dead. They had been vacationing together at Yellowstone National Park and were heading home Wednesday night, June 24, when the crash happened on Interstate 80 near Cheyenne.

Police have said a semi truck was stopped, hauling an oversized load, when Knotts approached from behind at highway speed and collided with the truck. Police and fire crews were already there but he and his children died at the scene.

More than building a profitable business, Knotts strove to serve as a teacher to his patients, showing them how to stay healthy and how to find natural remedies for their ailments. He cared about their complete wellness.

Now the other cases were three separate chiropractors driving in vehicles with no one else in the car. All have happened within the last matter of weeks or months. I’ve had a few patients of the doctors write me asking to report on this and I’d actually met one of the chiropractors who died here on the East coast of Florida, in a single car accident on a road he drove on nearly every day where he lost control of his car and it flipped. As far as I can find yet, there is no explanation as to why this happened.

April 18, 2015 - William Snow, 46, of Ormond Beach, was killed about 11:40 p.m. on State Road 40 near Airport Road on April 18 when his car overturned. An Ormond Beach woman in another car was not injured. The crash is still under investigation by the Highway Patrol.

The report states that Snow was driving a 1984 Volkswagen westbound when he lost control for an unknown reason and crossed into the median. The car overturned onto its roof in the eastbound lanes.

A few minutes later, Tina Meyer, 41, of Ormond Beach, was driving a 2008 Ford Fusion eastbound. The front of her car struck the left side of the Volkswagen. She was not injured.

A patient who says she was a patient of Dr. Coffman wrote me to tell me that they thought I might want to investigate and report on their doctor’s death. He mysteriously lost control of the wheel of his car too and (like the last Dr Snow) crossed over the line.

July 15, 2015 - Dr. Chris Coffman, 55, was driving a 2004 grey Toyota Camry north on Lesourdesville-West Chester Road when he crossed the center line and struck an oncoming 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse, officials said.

Coffman was taken to West Chester Hospital, where he later died of his injuries.

The fifth chiropractor is Dr. Janelle A. Bottorff 50, was in a single car accident in Alabama. From the article about her death.

March 6, 2015 -Dr. Janelle A. Bottorff, 50, of Walkerton was killed when the 2015 Chevrolet Malibu she was driving left the roadway and struck a bridge support column. Bottorff was pronounced dead at the scene. The crash occurred on Interstate 65 near the 69 mile marker, 15 miles north of Flomaton. Alabama State Troopers continue to investigate the fatal crash.

Her personal interests included being a member and President of the Plymouth Conservation Gun Club, a Qualified Canine Judge for JGV-USA, and member of VDD-GNA (Director of Testing – Great Lakes Chapter) and operated her own kennel raising deutsch drahthaar dogs. She loved the outdoors hunting, fishing and caring for homing pigeons, chickens and honey bees.

Accidents do happen (though the ones with the 2 fathers up top, both without moms in the cars, both with kids in the car who sadly died was extremely coincidental, if nothing else) I’m not including these officially in my holistic series of doctors who have been found dead or murdered, but have had more than one of their patients write me saying that they would like me to do a story on them.

1 - June 1, 2014 - Dr. Thomas Eynon D.C. 43, of White Oak, Texas
2 - March 6, 2015 -Dr. Janelle A. Bottorff, 50 of Walkerton, Alabama
3 - April 18, 2015 - Dr. William Snow, 46, of Ormond Beach, Florida
4 - June 24, 2015 - Dr. David Knotts 45, of Grand Rapids, Michigan
5 - July 15, 2015 - Dr. Chris Coffman, 55, of West chester, Ohio
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