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This is an interesting documentary on homelessness in the UK for young people. Particularly at this time of year I really feel for these people. Many lose their jobs, or are kicked out by dysfunctional parents, really sad to see. As an unemployed person with mental health issues, I am really thankful to my parents for supporting me.

Thank you for sharing this angelburst29. It really is shameful and saddening how far the culture has fallen into the predatory mindset of psychopaths. I am really looking forward to seeing this Destiny's Bridge film. :ohboy:
Thank you for.sharing this because that ring my bell..I have been seeing for the last 3 months a YouTube channel " Invisible people" that's the name..where you can see the life of so many people homeless not just the tipical addict of drugs etc..this are familys with kids ..woman that loss their jobs man who are with a career o education degree..I mean is ❤ breaking listen to their stories and how they struggle to sleep in the shelters changing every day to sleep ...or living in their cars or vans for months or years there's a lot of Truth of what you said we loose the emphaty for others and don't care for nothing only what we think is better for us .no matter the world ..nature is also suffering like you said is awaful to see how this house projects are infesting all the land without control and yes they poisson the waters they don't care to protect animal wild life because they need us to be dependent of their products and life styles ...is alarming now what is going on in this moment......Sad...
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