I Hear Them


I´m sorry to read about your problems writtenfromadarkness.
I also think you should get professional help first.

In the meantime, stop talking/listening to the voices - ALL of them. Do a meditation, pipe breathing and mentally block intrusive thoughts.

Also, think about who you are letting in your close proximity: toxic people, are you part of some new age group, etc, and cut ties with them.
You say that you are 50 and it started 3 years ago; what changed +3 years ago in your life?

I second what others have written, with emphasis on therapy, diet and meditation.
Yes, I have dealt with both psychologists and psychiatrists and even took prescribed medications that were to take the "voices" away, all of which ceased to make the entities "go away". The meds didn't do a thing so I stopped taking them thankfully. I say this because of all the side effects those chemicals created for me. I still have no mental health diagnosis. I have been deemed mentally capable and rational. So, I am left with these entities and what I need to do about their existence from here. Thanks!

hi, i am not qualified, but could this be related to schizophrenia?
Yeah I'm surprised there was no diagnosis. Perhaps a family member has some paper with the word "schizophrenia" on it. The rest doesn't surprise me: I have a friend who has been in and out of mental institutions and his voices never went away.

Voices may induce schizophrenia. Three people I know, though more or less polite, have schizophrenic or autistic behavior. I may not be able to get a word through to them. Otherwise they're not bad.

Command/override doesn't usually seem to be a worry as far as my extremely unprofessional experience suggests, but it could theoretically become one if you start to believe them. Perhaps those are the ones you see on the news.

More common experiences are ridicule, thought repetition, volume adjustment, voices entering different body parts from heart to deep inside the brain, blurry images in the mind's eye. People may seem to repeat what you're reading, and be all-around lowlifes, but nothing actionable ever happens. Their preference here is to humiliate and diagnose a victim with schizophrenia.

For learning empathy for schizophrenics, the board has a book recommendation called "Operators and Things." Beyond empathy and story, I'm not sure it's useful. It's skeptical of sex-obsessed therapists. I don't remember much else.

For the nitty-gritty details about schizophrenia, there's a book called The Matter With Things. There's a lot of great information, but there's too much information. James Tilly Matthews, the first person (I believe) diagnosed with schizophrenia, gets a brief mention. It made me look him up and wonder whether he really had it, or whether his doctor was a psychopath, or both.

Walking Among Us is a book about secret telepathic semi-humans which will either frighten you or give you a sense of relief.

Clear-Hearers by DeSouza, which is perhaps not recommended here, is by a former FBI agent who briefly mentions that the FBI can and will give everyone voices, 24 hours a day.
Hi @writtenfromdarkness, I truly empathise with what you have written in the posts above. I had a nervous breakdown back in 2004 after seeing a UFO, and have heard voices ever since. It's difficult to advise because every individual situation is different, but first things first, I'd like to lay out a few pointers as basic advice.

1. Keep a journal. Even if it's just an ephemeral diary, it's a start. Put down in writing what you think and feel about your experiences. Log down anything that is of interest and importance. You say you are hearing voices, put down in writing what they say (if you can remember) so you have a reference point for further analysis. Take steps to analyse their nefarious input. I understand that this can be difficult if you're mind gets hectic, but perhaps late at night you can take stock of daily events and reflect on what you've experienced thus far. Back in the years 2004-12, I had entities running commentary on my day to day life exploits, and they sought to humiliate me. This is a battle for your soul orientation, take it seriously and make efforts to fight back. 4d critters are clever and cunning, and you need to be smart in return. Pour your heart and mind out in writing, it truly helps.

2. Like others have said above, watch your diet and keep it as healthy as possible. I'd recommend plenty of meat and fish, and keep carbs and gluten to a minimum. A healthy body helps a healthy mind after all. Chicken and beef, along with bacon, those I would recommend.

3. Be careful of what you watch and read. Avoid pathological content, be it in books, articles, TV, movies etc. What we take into ourselves can affect how we think, so try to be as discerning as possible about what you do in your day to day life. I'd echo what others have said, The Wave is an essential primer for sound intellectual pursuits. It's free to access online on the Cassiopaea website, so I'd recommend that for starters. Good psychological hygiene is how I'd describe it.

4. If you're hearing the voices, starve them of energy by not responding to them, it's what they want. You're a sovereign being, your body and mind is your turf, so don't let those invasive thoughts/entities take control. I know from personal experience that this is very difficult, but you can do it with repeated efforts. Trust none of them, no benevolent force would invade your mind, so know that they are truly the enemy. You have no idea how strong you could become, take heart from this.

5. Daily prayer is a great bonus for us suffering souls. If you know about it, Laura's Prayer of the Soul is a tremendous helping hand in grounding oneself in spiritual balance in our tumultuous world. It need only take a minute or two to recite, but it acts as an affirmation to the universe that you are here and you intend to make efforts to make the world a better place. As with all things, the effects from this will take time. I pray about 3/4 times a week, and I know I could do more, so don't think you're alone on this. Basically in the prayer you are saying, "I am here, a lowly soul, and I want to bear witness to the world in all its troubles, and make my own efforts to make it a better place". If you invoke the light, it will shine on you in response.

6. Never lose your sense of humour. Again, when suffering this is easier said than done when you're struggling, but it's a vital asset, it's what makes us human. Notice that humour is what those entities lack, so it's a vital part of our spiritual arsenal. Laugh at yourself when you act silly, and reflect on this and move on, learning as you go. Having a good sense of humour is one of life's natural gifts; there's 8 billion of us down here on this crazy planet, dare to be different from the miserable norm.

7. Tobacco. As a stress reliever, I cannot understate how awesome having a smoke is. It really helps, plus it also has physical bonuses as well. I suffered from asthma till I was about 16, and when I started smoking a few years later it completely disappeared. I don't think that's a coincidence. I'm not saying smoke 20 a day or anything like that, but a wee ciggie can be a handy perk in one's day to day life.

I might add more ideas as they come to me, but know that you are not alone, and there is always hope that you can vanquish those bastard voices. Try not to listen to them, it's not worth the energy. All the best to you, and don't let them get you down.:cool2:
 Beginning three years ago, in the midst of a serious spiritual emergence, I started to hear voices. These voices sounded as if they were coming at me from about twelve feet away, but still crisp and held tones with much emotion. Sometimes they almost sounded exaggerated with their expressions. They claim to be my protectors and that they are working for God. But, after three years of hearing what they have had to say, I am starting to believe they are of a Satanic origin, and could possibly be alien in nature, without a soul. I say this after listening to their banter for so long. One of them, Jennifer, is a commentator who mocks what I say to deliver my talking to the public, who are interested in me and my little existence. The big question for this is WHY?! What could possibly be so special about me to have to know everything I do all day, every day? Well, I have come to the conclusion that they need me for something. My vibrational energy. They are feeding off of me and using my more primitive existence as some form of twisted entertainment. The pieces of this fall into place rationally. At first, I thought it was real people Gangstalking me, but it didn't fit into the picture. They are telepathic and love -flicking-g with me. Ridicule is often; they HAVE slowed down after some time but it is still there. They take my meagre intelligence for granted sometimes and forget that I can have a pretty good memory at times. They don't seem to care too much that I am on to them. They are not threatened at all really, being that when I DID try once telling someone about my situation, they took me as insane. I know that I am of sound mind, as a 50 yr. old woman, but they know that I will never be believed and have no physical evidence to present to anyone. So, I remain stuck in this unfortunate situation. I have, however, made friends with two of my "voices". They have the knowledge and gift of telepathy, thought insertion, mind control, tactile phenomena, and also use sonic technology to cause physical pain and torture. They haven't done this to me lately though. They seem to have gotten familiar with my character and are amused with how we as humans live and how different our motivations are from them. I think if I were to be able to see them it would frighten me. They have not said anything about this though. Sometimes I wonder if they are made up of physical matter at all. Has anyone found themselves in any kind of similar situation to my own. I feel very alone with all of this knowledge and the emotions that come with it all. I would greatly appreciate ANY type of comments or viewpoints you may have. Questions are okay too.
I’d also suggest reading about discarnate energies, Laura has videos on YouTube you could watch on spirit releasement though I don’t suggest you do this on yourself or anyone, but may be to give you an idea of what you could be dealing with.

I have experienced something similar- while I was using marijuana many years ago. I could hear two distinct voices and I knew that I was attracting them because they wanted to latch on and get high with me. They left when I no longer smoked, they couldn’t feed off that energy because I had disengaged in the activity.
May be it’s not spirit attachment but if you haven’t read William Baldwins book on spirit releasement as suggested in earlier posts I would if I were you. At last to understand what it’s all about as a possibility of what you might be experiencing, and it’s very interesting anyway :)
Hi Shari,

Well... That all sounds very overwhelming! Glad your search has fortuitously led you here.

I am sorry you have been enduring this - and having sought professional help, tried medication, suffered side effects, discontinued medication this seems to have left you feeling very confused, kinda alone and overwhelmed in some ways from the sounds of things.

Lots of support available if you are willing to do a lot of reading and reflecting. You have had many great suggestions from others here that will all really help on so many levels. I also place a great deal of weight on the suggestion to read The Wave - it gives you the 'bigger picture' pretty quickly.

When I read your post, a subject that springs to mind immediately is parasites. Parasites act as 'receivers', like 'antennae' so that entities like the ones interacting with you can zero in on someone / affect them in many extremely unpleasant ways. Most of us are walking around with a lovely smorgasbord of them in our bodies, some parasites are not 'bad' but many are terrible for us and directly related to a massive number of health issues.

This might interest you, from a session with the C's:

Session 18 July 2015
Q: (L) So you're saying that awareness is the key to the Great Work, work on the self, graduating to 4D, or whatever. Awareness involves knowledge, and quantum leaps in awareness can be prevented by parasitic infestations, which is somehow related to transmarginal inhibition.

(Pierre) How does it relate?

(Perceval) It makes people easy prey. Like toxoplasmosis in cats.
A: The parasites act as receivers.

(Pierre) Yeah. The parasites act as receivers. So when you are full of parasites, you are more under the influence of bad waves, or waves sent by bad entities. You're more susceptible to those messages. There's a bad influence on you beyond the parasites.

Getting free of parasitic microorganisms is one of the first orders of business for transformation.

Did I make that last point big enough for you? 😂
(helps to have a sense of humour around here)

So we are basically critters hosting critters.
Parasites are e v e r y w h e r e. Ugh, soooo gross.
We need to wham the nasty ones in our own bodies if we remotely want to stand a chance.

You can search the forum for info about this. There are a lot of threads where parasites are mentioned.

You might also want to check out our news site: SOTT.net for amazing articles on every subject imaginable.
Here's one on parasites:

Parasites: The hidden invaders

Use 'search' to look for other posts on parasites on the site.

Another 'Parasite' thread on this forum:

Toxoplasmosis - The Return of the Puppet Masters

Then the researchers put Toxoplasma-carrying rats in the enclosure. Rats carrying the parasite are for the most part indistinguishable from healthy ones. They can compete for mates just as well and have no trouble feeding themselves. The only difference, the researchers found, is that they are more likely to get themselves killed. The scent of a cat in the enclosure didn't make them anxious, and they went about their business as if nothing was bothering them. They would explore around the odor at least as often as they did anywhere else in the enclosure. In some cases, they even took a special interest in the spot and came back to it over and over again.

"They are more likely to get themselves killed." Same goes for humans who are 'asleep at the wheel', riddled with parasites. Their 'gut instincts' don't work. They are far more at risk of doing something stupid without realising. What do you reckon is going to happen with a gut/brain/body full of critters feeding off you?!

A quote from Laura:
But that doesn't mean that it is quite that simple as people being just physical food. It is also possible that such a parasitic infection could make a person just psychically susceptible to manipulation and control. Also notice the possible connection to shizophrenia. If this guy is right, half the population of this plane is infected. Those aren't very good odds. It will obviously take a lot of effort to overcome such a "frequency fence."

The C's have a deceptively simple saying: "Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers". From what I have learned since joining this forum, real knowledge is the only thing that will make any difference to your wellbeing. Without it we are 'toast' and will remain stuck, suffering on the hamster wheel of hell.

These entities / voices you sound like they are very comfortable where they are. They are definitely feeding off you, but they are also influencing you heavily consciously and unconsciously and their presence makes you very vulnerable in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. Likely they will not take kindly to you REALLY transforming the status quo - so you may find life gets a little more challenging if you really start committing yourself to sending them packing, but I encourage you to push back with all your might. It's going to take dedication, hard work and consistent effort to seek real knowledge and gradually grow in awareness - so you can transform your inner and outer reality. Any lengths you have to go to, are surely better living with that nightmare in your head.

I note that you are a Horror Fiction writer. Respectfully, I would think this is very 'fertile ground' for these entities in many ways. "Where attention goes, energy flows". Therefore, in terms of spiritual/psychological hygiene SlipNet offered you a lot of great advice in their post, but I feel to emphasise this:
3. Be careful of what you watch and read. Avoid pathological content, be it in books, articles, TV, movies etc. What we take into ourselves can affect how we think, so try to be as discerning as possible about what you do in your day to day life. I'd echo what others have said, The Wave is an essential primer for sound intellectual pursuits. It's free to access online on the Cassiopaea website, so I'd recommend that for starters. Good psychological hygiene is how I'd describe it.

Have you ever considered writing something different (ie: not horror) - or perhaps to begin with, reading something very different to 'cleanse the palate', as it were?

Many on the forum embarked on a group reading project (Romantic Fiction) that you might be interested in
(later, after you have read The Wave).

Regarding this, Laura said:
I began to wonder why this sort of thing was apparently so popular with at least a goodly number of readers? There was, apparently, enough demand for it that some publishers had a stable of authors turning these things out, some of them even a bit formulaic. But then, there were other, more independent authors, who were producing some darn good stories, cast in often ridiculous “dooks and earls” settings of the pre-regency, regency, and post-regency eras.

It occurred to me that people must find such stories a good escape from a horrible reality, either their personal lives or the world-at-large. But then, I also thought about the fact that, if people weren’t just escaping into such literature, but rather LEARNING from it, and putting some of what they learned into practice, a very different result would be obtained than just going off into la-la land. Because, it sure appeared to me that many of the problems that were set up as the plot of the stories were problems that many people deal with in one way or another, and a few of the authors were darned good psychologists with excellent insight.


It was later when I was pondering the emotional engagement that I made the connection with “hyperkinetic sensate” which was how the C’s described the Wave’s effects on human beings. I began to wonder what if people were engaged in stimulating the RIGHT emotions during this process? And thus, my reference to the books in the last session.
The thread related to this project is called: Romantic Fiction, Reality Shaping and The Work.

If you read The Wave first, then you will understand Hyperkinetic Sensate / how it relates to reading Romantic Fiction. The Wave gives you clarity and perspective about the reality of the situation we find ourselves in in 3D and what we can actually do about it. You need a solid baseline to start from.

Definitely do a post to introduce yourself when you feel ready, you will receive a welcome message that offers you lots of links to helpful info and a framework to start your research from - if you so choose.

Good luck Shari. :hug2:
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