Insurrection in Kazakhstan: Popular Uprising or 'Color Revolution'?


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'Another country "ready" for NATO / US "democracy".'

5 Jan, 2022
Protests have gripped the former Soviet republic for three consecutive days, ignited by the government’s decision to lift price controls on liquefied petroleum gas, a move that saw prices roughly double. In a bid to placate critics, Tokayev reintroduced price limits, but the protest has turned increasingly political, with the demands of those on the streets quickly growing to include the resignation of the entire government.

From RT on Telegram:
RT’s Igor Zhdanov managed to send a clip from Nur-Sultan despite internet being shut down in Kazakhstan, showing a convoy of military equipment arriving near the House of Ministries after law enforcement had been driven out.

Looters have begun ransacking ATMs, as well as seizing Almaty Airport, smashing up Mir 24 TV studio offices and setting fire to govt buildings and the former presidential residence.

Local media reports suggest protestors have also set fire to the Kazakhstan state TV channel in Almaty. (RIA Novosti)
Weird that this is happening on the eve of the anniversary of the Jan 6 US Capitol psyop from last year. Maybe it's not a colour revolution but some sort of mass consciousness "reflection"? 😮
Looks like it might be a colour revolution after all:

RT on Telegram said:
Kazakh President sends request for foreign troops to quell "Terror Threat"

Kazakhstan has requested troops from a collective security bloc - involving six former Soviet countries including Russia - to help put down a "Terrorist Threat" - reports say.

President Tokayev has claimed the so-called revolutionaries were trained abroad and 'thrown' into Kazakhstan - calling it an act of aggression.
RT on Telegram said:
Video shows chaos at Almaty International Airport in Kazakhstan following violent siege

Also according to President Tokayev, five aircraft were stolen from the country’s largest city.
RT on Telegram said:
Anti-terrorist 'special op' underway in Almaty - Vice Mayor

The airport in the city has reportedly been cleared.
Kazakhstan has gone 'from nought to Kiev' in just two days. I agree, it looks like 'color revolution tactics' are in play. 'Protesters' have taken strategic government buildings. In response, the government shut down the Internet. President Tokayev has formally requested Russian military assistance. I don't think it will get far though. CSTO countries are by now well drilled to defend against such tactics.

Nonetheless, it's amazing how fast the 'peripheral targeting of Moscow' has swung around from Ukraine to Kazakhstan! Together with the color revolution attempt in Belarus last August, the pressure against the Russian government from the Empire is relentless...
Yep, that clued me in. Since when do genuine antigovernment protests try to take over airports?

In response, the government shut down the Internet.
Interestingly, the Bitcoin mining hashrate, of which Kazakhstan currently handles approximately 18% since the China ban, hasn't been affected. So whatever Internet shutdown is taking place, it looks like it doesn't apply to the datacentres.

CSTO countries are by now well drilled to defend against such tactics.
Yep, they've just announced a response force.

Nonetheless, it's amazing how fast the 'peripheral targeting of Moscow' has swung around from Ukraine to Kazakhstan! Together with the color revolution attempt in Belarus last August, the pressure against the Russian government from the Empire is relentless...
Yes, the speed of escalation was impressive. I wonder if they manufactured the LPG price rises artificially somehow, in order to get this kicked off?
Just to add some details to the Kazakhstan situation.

First of all, Kazakhstan has been raising their own fifth column for decades now. According to various sources, up to 23,000 Western NGOs are operating in the country. RT's chief Margarita Simonyan wrote in her Telegram channel yestrday, that about 5,000 Kazakh brightest students were sent to the US under educational government programs every year.

On 16 December 2021, the US embassy in Kazakhstan issued a demonstration alert. Some Telegram channels started spreading instructions for protesters, such as the following:


According to Strana, Kazakh opposition activist Mukhtar Ablyazov (former Minister of Energy and Trade of Kazakhstan, accused of embezzlement and creation of a criminal group, living in France since 2010) on his Facebook page appealed to the protesters, and also called to "coordinate actions", indicating the Ukrainian phone numbers. These numbers were mentioned six months ago with a proposal to contact the "headquarters in Kiev" during the protests to "overthrow the Nazarbayev regime".

It's also woth noting that those storming the Almaty city administration were very well equipped, including army-issue bulletproof vests:


So these are just a few details that explain in general how the situation in Kazakhstan spiralled out of control so quickly.
More impressive would be that they just opportunistically capitalized on that move, pressing 'go' on plans that are always 'on stand-by'.
That would be extremely impressive, given that they would have managed to "capitolize" (pun intended) on an event that occurred on the eve of the anniversary of the US Capitol Hill Reichstag Fire 2.0. The timing strikes me as a "signature" of sorts.

On 16 December 2021, the US embassy in Kazakhstan issued a demonstration alert. Some Telegram channels started spreading instructions for protesters, such as the following:

Here's the alert in English:

Mark Sloboda retweeted the apparent demands of the protesters:

Demands of the Protesters in #Kazakhstan
1. Immediate release of all political prisoners
2. Full resignation of president and government
3. Political reforms: Creation of a Provisional Government of reputable and public citizens. Withdrawal from all alliances with #Russia

Pepe quotes the reaction from US Think Tanks and how they're hoping that these 'protests' will weaken Russia's response more generally:

'US ThinkTank land shows their hand: "The volatile situation in Kazakhstan could limit Moscow’s options for an escalation or intervention in Ukraine (...) as the Kremlin could conclude that simultaneously increased tensions on two of its large land borders would be imprudent."'

'US ThinkTank land validates MI6/CIA plan in Kazakhstan. Exactly as I tweeted yesterday. "The crisis could also be a factor in dissuading the Kremlin to back off its most escalatory scenarios in Ukraine."'

One comment highlights the criminality of the protesters and that no one recognises them as locals:
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One comment highlights the criminality of the protesters and that no one recognises them as locals:

The commenter above mentioned "a lot of alcohol involved," but apparently it's not just the alcohol, it's also drugs (narcotics). There is this video where the protesters in Alma-Ata surrounded two city hospitals: the first and the seventh. At the latter, clashes with the police began. Eyewitnesses say that they don't let medical staff and patients through. They demand "not to help the officers" and "give drugs (narcotics)" to anesthetize young people.

Also, 13 law enforcement officers were killed in clashes with protesters in Alma-Ata. Two of them were decapitated. Another 353 officers were wounded, according to the local media. So yes, some of the protesters are extremely violent.

Escobar's initial analysis:

Pepe Escobar said:
Maidan in Almaty? Oh yeah. But it’s complicated.

So is that much fear and loathing all about gas? Not really. [..]

Up to now, the succession game in Kazakhstan had been seen mostly as a hit across Northern Eurasia. Local honchos, oligarchs and the comprador elites all kept their fiefdoms and sources of income. And yet, off the record, I was told in Nur-Sultan in late 2019 there would be serious problems ahead when some regional clans would come to collect – as in confronting “the old man” Nazarbayev and the system he put in place.

Tokayev did issue the proverbial call “not to succumb to internal and external provocations” – which makes sense – yet also assured that the government “will not fall”. Well, it was already falling, even after an emergency meeting trying to address the tangled web of socioeconomic problems with a promise that all “legitimate demands” by the protesters will be met.

This did not play out as a classic regime change scenario – at least initially. The configuration was of a fluid, amorphous state of chaos, as the – fragile – Kazakh institutions of power were simply incapable of comprehending the wider social malaise. A competent political opposition is non-existent: there’s no political exchange. Civil society has no channels to express itself.

So yes: there’s a riot goin’ on – to quote American rhythm’n blues. And everyone is a loser. What is still not exactly clear is which conflicting clans are flaming the protests – and what is their agenda in case they’d have a shot at power. After all, no “spontaneous” protests can pop up simultaneously all over this vast nation virtually overnight.

Kazakhstan was the last republic to leave the collapsing USSR over three decades ago, in December 1991. Under Nazarbayev, it immediately engaged in a self-described “multi-vector” foreign policy. Up to now, Nur-Sultan was skillfully positioning itself as a prime diplomatic mediator – from discussions on the Iranian nuclear program as early as 2013 to the war in/on Syria from 2016. The target: to solidify itself as the quintessential bridge between Europe and Asia.

The Chinese-driven New Silk Roads, or BRI, were officially launched by Xi Jinping at Nazarbayev University in September 2013. That happened to swiftly dovetail with the Kazakh concept of Eurasian economic integration, crafted after Nazarbayev’s own government spending project, Nurly Zhol (“Bright Path”), designed to turbo-charge the economy after the 2008-9 financial crisis.

In September 2015, in Beijing, Nazarbayev aligned Nurly Zhol with BRI, de facto propelling Kazakhstan to the heart of the new Eurasian integration order. Geostrategically, the largest landlocked nation on the planet became the prime interplay territory of the Chinese and Russian visions, BRI and the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU).

A diversionary tactic

For Russia, Kazakhstan is even more strategic than for China. Nur-Sultan signed the CSTO treaty in 2003. It’s a key member of the EAEU. Both nations have massive military-technical ties and conduct strategic space cooperation in Baikonur. Russian has the status of an official language, spoken by 51% of the republic’s citizens.

At least 3.5 million Russians live in Kazakhstan. It’s still early to speculate about a possible “revolution” tinged with national liberation colors were the old system to eventually collapse. And even if that happened, Moscow will never lose all of its considerable political influence.

So the immediate problem is to assure Kazakhstan’s stability. The protests must be dispersed. There will be plenty of economic concessions. Permanent destabilizing chaos simply cannot be tolerated – and Moscow knows it by heart. Another – rolling – Maidan is out of the question.

The Belarus equation has shown how a strong hand can operate miracles. Still, the CSTO agreements do not cover assistance in case of internal political crises – and Tokayev did not seem to be inclined to make such a request.

Until he did. He called for the CSTO to intervene to restore order. There will be a military enforced curfew. And Nur-Sultan may even confiscate the assets of US and UK companies which are allegedly sponsoring the protests.

This is how Nikol Pashinyan, chairman of the CSTO Collective Security Council and Prime Minister of Armenia, framed it: Tokayev invoked a “threat to national security” and the “sovereignty” of Kazakhstan, “caused, inter alia, by outside interference.” So the CSTO “decided to send peacekeeping forces” to normalize the situation, “for a limited period of time”.

The usual destabilizing suspects are well known. They may not have the reach, the political influence, and the necessary amount of Trojan horses to keep Kazakhstan on fire indefinitely.

At least the Trojan horses themselves are being very explicit. They want an immediate release of all political prisoners; regime change; a provisional government of “reputable” citizens; and – what else – “withdrawal of all alliances with Russia.”

And then it all gets down to the level of ridiculous farce, as the EU starts calling on Kazakh authorities to “respect the right to peaceful protests.” As in allowing total anarchy, robbery, looting, hundreds of vehicles destroyed, attacks with assault rifles, ATMs and even the Duty Free at Almaty airport completely plundered.

This analysis [link] (in Russian) covers some key points, mentioning, “the internet is full of pre-arranged propaganda posters and memos to the rebels”
and the fact that “the authorities are not cleaning up the mess, as Lukashenko did in Belarus.”

Slogans so far seem to originate from plenty of sources – extolling everything from a “western path” to Kazakhstan to polygamy and Sharia law: “There is no single goal yet, it has not been identified. The result will come later. It is usually the same. The elimination of sovereignty, external management and, finally, as a rule, the formation of an anti-Russian political party.”

Putin, Lukashenko and Tokayev spent a long time over the phone, at the initiative of Lukashenko. The leaders of all CSTO members are in close contact. A master game plan – as in a massive “anti-terrorist operation” – has already been hatched. Gen. Gerasimov will personally supervise it.

Now compare it to what I learned from two different, high-ranking intel sources.

The first source was explicit: the whole Kazakh adventure is being sponsored by MI6 to create a new Maidan right before the Russia/US-NATO talks in Geneva and Brussels next week, to prevent any kind of agreement. Significantly, the “rebels” maintained their national coordination even after the internet was disconnected.

The second source is more nuanced: the usual suspects are trying to force Russia to back down against the collective West by creating a major distraction in their Eastern front, as part of a rolling strategy of chaos all along Russia’s borders. That may be a clever diversionary tactic, but Russian military intel is watching. Closely. And for the sake of the usual suspects, this better may not be interpreted – ominously – was a war provocation.
So it might be worth looking out for the fingerprints of MI6 on this one.

Richard Krieger


Le Sénateur Alain Houpert confirme ses craintes ce matin sur RMC. « Macron veut créer le KO pour mettre en place l'article 18. C'est à dire les pleins pouvoirs ! »…

Senator Alain Houpert confirmed his fears this morning on RMC. "Macron wants to create the KO to implement Article 18. That is to say full powers!"...

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Hi everyone,

This topic has been ramping up recently, and the news coverage in the US at least has all the familiar signs of what went on in Kiev back in 2014, the pundits are declaring the riots/protests as the oppressed action of people against their evil leaders and whatnot. I've also heard that things like the price of Uranium and even some crypto has been affected by the events there.

I found a decent article (in spanish which I will translate) listing some of the key details of what has been going on, culminating with the intervention of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) today, which of course sent some of the western agencies into overdrive condemning Russia and Putin for their invasion of Kazakhstan and his agenda to recreate the Soviet Union.

What began as demonstrations against the increase in the price of liquefied petroleum gas soon took a political turn and in some cities led to violence and clashes with the police.

The anti-government protests in Kazakhstan, which have continued unabated since January 2, have resulted in fatalities and hundreds of injuries among both law enforcement officers and demonstrators.

What began just after the New Year as demonstrations against rising liquefied petroleum gas prices soon took on a political turn, with demands to remove all corrupt people from power and improve the standard of living of the population.

The mass protests initially broke out in the city of Janaozen (Mangystau province), but soon spread to Aktau (capital of the same province), as well as to the capital city of Nursultan, the country's largest city Almaty, Aktobe (capital of the province of the same name), Taldykorgan (capital of Almaty province), among other cities and towns.

Deaths and injuries

The protests erupted into violence, clashes with police and looting. According to the latest information, 18 members of the Kazakh security forces have lost their lives, with two of the unifromed men decapitated, and 748 have been injured in the unrest. Meanwhile, a total of 2,298 demonstrators have been detained.

The number of deaths among protesters and looters remains unknown. Earlier, police reported dozens of deaths in Almaty on the night of January 5-6. Unofficial information, reported by, points to about thirty dead in the city.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health reported more than a thousand wounded, 400 of whom were hospitalized and 62 ended up in intensive care.

Chaos in the country's largest city

This Thursday Almaty, the former capital of the nation, where an angry mob stormed the Administration building and the former presidential residence the day before, causing fires in the regional government headquarters and in the buildings of the Prosecutor's Office and the state channel Qazaqstan, continues to be the point where the moments of greatest tension are being experienced.

Images taken from inside the Akimat, as the regional government headquarters is known, show the effects of the break-in.

Wednesday was also marred by massive looting in multiple establishments in the city.

Unverified videos of the most radical participants seizing weapons from the riot squads were also disseminated on networks.

Almaty International Airport, finally liberated, was also stormed, forcing the diversion of several planes heading for its runways, the cancellation of multiple flights and dozens of passengers locked in. The demonstrators who managed to break into these facilities left them in an unrecognizable state, with broken glass all over the floor and heavy damage to many stores.

After the demonstrators burned at least 120 cars, including 33 police cars, and destroyed 120 stores, 180 restaurants and cafes and about a hundred offices, and set up checkpoints on the outskirts of the city, where they stopped military vehicles and forced troops to take off their uniforms, the security forces opened fire with live ammunition as part of an anti-terrorist operation, and by the end of the day managed to liberate Almaty's central square and the former presidential residence. The shooting took place in different cities of Kazakhstan, including Taraz and Shymkent.

Internet outages and banks closed

A state of emergency with a curfew has been in force throughout the country since Wednesday. All mass events are banned and freedom of movement within the country and between regions is restricted.

Authorities continue to block Internet access nationwide as part of their anti-terrorist operation. Banks stopped operating and suspended their financial services for the population, citing security concerns. Local residents were also unable to withdraw money from ATMs: in most cases, these were looted and did not work.

Kazakhstan requests military aid from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

Kazakh President Kasim-Yomart Tokayev denounced to the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) that the unrest represents a threat to the country's national security and sovereignty and that he perceives the events as the result of an invasion by criminal groups prepared abroad, requesting military assistance from his allies.

VIDEO: Car rammed into police cordon amid unrest in Kazakhstan.
VIDEO: Car drives into police cordon amid unrest in Kazakhstan.
The agreement on collective security of the bloc, which in addition to Kazakhstan includes Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, stipulates that if one of the organization's members requests support in case it faces aggression or an armed attack threatening its security, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty, the partners will offer their immediate support, including military support.

The CSTO agreed to Kazakhstan's request and announced the dispatch of peacekeeping forces to the Central Asian country to protect important government and military facilities and assist Kazakh forces in their efforts to normalize the situation. Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Tajikistan were quick to guarantee reinforcements on their side, while the Kyrgyz Parliament failed to pass the corresponding decision due to the fact that in the midst of the Christmas holidays only 39 deputies attended the session instead of the required 46.

What the Kazakh government did

The president ordered to investigate the causes of the riots and to bring to justice those responsible. In view of the tense situation in the country, the Kazakh authorities extended the vacations for school students until January 17, and until January 24 for students of universities and higher vocational schools.

This day, the Kazakh government also set by Tokayev's order on Wednesday the maximum prices for liquefied petroleum gas, whose drastic increase from 50-60 tenge (12-14 cents) to 120 tenge (28 cents) prompted the protests. For the next 180 days, the fuel will cost:

On Wednesday, members of the government resigned and former President Nursultan Nazarbayev, whose influence called into question whether the current president was the most important figure in the country and who also drew the ire of protesters who demanded that he step aside from power for good, stepped down for life as chairman of the National Security Council.

Flight cancellations

The airports of Aktau, Aktobe and Almaty have been closed for the past day, when protesters took control of Almaty airport. The main Russian airline Aeroflot cancelled its flights to Kazakhstan, while the national airline Air Astana cancelled all flights until January 7.

The Kazakh government has temporarily suspended the entry of foreign citizens into the territory of the country due to the state of emergency.

So, I go back and forth on this one, on the one hand the energy crisis that has been ongoing in western Europe made me think that there might be some truth to the original cause of the revolts, but also, some of the images that have been shared and the violence that some of the police officers have been found, apparently some of them were decapitated, reminds me of some of the BLM protests in the US and I wonder if there's foreign intervention taking place here.

There has been a lot of rhetoric recently about Ukraine and it made me wonder if trying to trouble Russia on two countries along its borders might not be the goal here. Now as I mentioned above, the CSTO, which Russia is a part of, has responded by sending troops into Kazakhstan, in order to ensure stability and order, so I do think that if the goal was to mess with Russia the same way they did with Ukraine, the fact that Russia has a legal authority to step into Kazakhstan might mean that things will play differently this time, perhaps similarly as they did in Georgia way back when.
Very suspect indeed. Found these 3 articles helpful in framing the situation with some great analysis plus what might be around the corner:

Reminiscences of a Future -

And here is the framework--combined West is in Zeitnot, using chess term. It was in it for a while and the situation is aggravated with Zugzwang, which is even more exacerbated by the lack of resources and systemic crisis. So, half-cooked "rebellion" in Kazakhstan goes-off and will now be suppressed and I am sure ODKB (well, Russia) will make sure that the role of say MI-6, a professional Islamic terrorist support organization, will be exposed. As I stated on many occasions, Russia's ultimatum to NATO is just THAT--ultimatum, however padded with diplomatic rhetoric, for now, and Russia is in no mood anymore to waste time and effort on talking to ignorant exceptionalist morons infesting foreign policy orgs in the US and Europe and the knee-jerk "reaction" in Kazakhstan is a perfect indicator of a panic in West's political top.

Pepe Escobar via The Saker - Steppe on Fire: Kazakhstan’s Color Revolution | The Vineyard of the Saker

Now compare it to what I learned from two different, high-ranking intel sources.

The first source was explicit: the whole Kazakh adventure is being sponsored by MI6 to create a new Maidan right before the Russia/US-NATO talks in Geneva and Brussels next week, to prevent any kind of agreement. Significantly, the “rebels” maintained their national coordination even after the internet was disconnected.

The second source is more nuanced: the usual suspects are trying to force Russia to back down against the collective West by creating a major distraction in their Eastern front, as part of a rolling strategy of chaos all along Russia’s borders. That may be a clever diversionary tactic, but Russian military intel is watching. Closely. And for the sake of the usual suspects, this better may not be interpreted – ominously – as a war provocation.

MoA -

Kazakhstan, Russia's southern neighbor, was part of the Soviet Union. It is a mineral rich, landlocked country three times the size of Texas but with less than 20 million inhabitants. A significant part of its people are Russians and the Russian language is in common use. The country is an important link in the strategic Belt and Road Initiative between China and Europe.

And the Empire of Chaos continues to devour it’s tail right into 2022 🤡 while a bear stands strategic and focused :cool2:
The Kazakh govt reported yesterday that 18 police and military personnel were killed, with another 750 wounded. The government says it 'eliminated dozens of attackers' in gunfights to take over police stations in Almaty.

Police are stopping vehicles and finding weapons:

Heavy gunfire yesterday at the main plaza in Almaty:

This video, from yesterday, shows protesters rushing up to a vehicle in the street that's handing out more firearms:

More videos here show damage to the airport in Almaty, shopping centers, and large military/police movements into the city.

Also yesterday, Russian military forces landed in Kazakhstan. Since then, reports about events there - which had been coming with escalating intensity up to that point - have slowed to a trickle.
From Telegram:

Insider info:
«Insiders in the capital of Kazakhstan report that during negotiations with the Kremlin on the details of the deployment of CSTO peacekeepers, President Tokayev raised the issue of permanently deploying peacekeeping forces in the size of a cadre army at the revived military base in Baikonur. The base will operate under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation on the basis of an indefinite lease and include the territory of the Baikonur Cosmodrome.» brief ®️незыгарь
At the entrance to Nursultan, several minibuses with people from the southern regions were intercepted

"For last night... it was possible to stop several facts of illegal importation of weapons, including firearms, into the capital... We managed to stop several minibuses that were filled with people, mostly young people from the southern regions of the republic," the Khabar 24 TV channel said in a statement
»Snipers with special rifles acted on the part of the terrorists – First Deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Kazakhstan Dauren Abayev on the clashes in Almaty»
Much worse then thought if true: Nazarbayev clan tried a coup, with help from abroad (who, pray tell). We'll see how this pans out, but rioters tore down a Nazarbayev statue - so what gives?:

«⚡⚡⚡️ Tokayev will soon make a speech, in which he will inform about a "conspiracy of the security forces," our correspondent Vladimir Vorsobin reports from Alma-Ata, citing his sources.

Evidence will be presented of the coordination of the rebels in the country by law enforcement agencies that supplied them with special communications equipment and coordinated their actions

The former head of the KNB Masimov allegedly became the main conspirator. He was dismissed two days ago. And also his deputy – Nazarbayev's nephew. Apparently, there is a "revolution from above". Now President Tokayev is trying to remove Nazarbayev and his clan from power in Kazakhstan altogether.

Tokayev will hold another address at 12:00 Moscow time.»
CSTO, if successful in Kazakhstan, can become the basis for countering "color revolutions"

..."In the case of a successful presence of the contingent in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the CSTO will actually reach a new level, demonstrate its "viability" and the ability to quickly and effectively solve security problems on the territory of the states that are part of this structure. It is hardly worth taking the CSTO as a 100% counterbalance to NATO. Here, first of all, we are talking about something else. The success of the CSTO mission in Kazakhstan will serve as a clear signal that any provocations in the member states can be quickly and orderly suppressed or quickly, as they say, multiplied by zero. This is a signal to foreign special services, which are still not alien to the methods of using destructive elements (up to terrorist groups) to undermine the situation in certain states..."

«The goal behind the attack on Kazakhstan is to drown Russia in blood – Lukashenko

"I repeat once again: if Russia collapses, we won't even know where we will end up. It's easy to step all over us. As I say, with millstones they will grind us and spit us out. Therefore, no matter what it costs, we need to preserve the center of our civilization, the center of our Orthodoxy and not only. Those lands that are now part of the Russian Federation. That's the whole philosophy. I want you to understand this," the Belarusian president said, BelTA reports.»
Ramzan Kadyrov, putting Turkey on notice yesterday:
«Friends, representatives of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic, law enforcement agencies and clergy have asked me to respond to the actions of the Turkish authorities, who are covering up terrorists who have committed crimes in Russia, and then completely pouring mud on the Internet all the leadership of the country and the republic. They feel so at ease in Turkey that in their cynical, defiant and provocative anti-Russian speeches they do not disdain vulgarities against defenseless women.

Can you imagine that an entire organized gang was officially sheltered in Russia, which, for example, committed a terrorist attack in Turkey and killed the president, and then from the territory of a friendly state sends threats, insults to the spouse of the deceased, his family members, the whole people?

I personally cannot imagine such a cynical political act, and therefore I openly appeal to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: decide! Either you get the status of a state that publicly supports terrorists, or you stand for transparent and honest relations with the Russian Federation, without changing your beliefs behind its back.
Otherwise, as long as wanted bandits and scumbags find refuge in Turkey, as long as they openly organize gatherings and events to rename parks with the names of terrorists involved in the deaths of thousands of civilians, we reserve the right to retaliate.

For example, in this case, it is quite logical and politically "mirrored" on our part to perpetuate in Grozny the name of the founder of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, Abdullah Ocalan, who is serving a life sentence in one of the Turkish prisons.

I also appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: the current actions of the Turkish authorities are a direct threat to Russian-Turkish relations, which have been developing for centuries. We should pay attention to this and take proactive diplomatic measures against such manifestations.» Kadyrov_95
Looks like Turkey was potentially used as a staging or transit area; the beheadings of a few security officers in Kazakhstan seem to indicate some level of Islamist terrorist participation in the violence.
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