Insurrection in Kazakhstan: Popular Uprising or 'Color Revolution'?


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After tracking back and forth news from one Croatian portal, I found this:

Automatic translate of the article above says:

Tokayev: Alma-Ata has suffered at least six waves of terrorist attacks​

January 7, 2022 11:07 pm

At least six waves of terrorist attacks have occurred in Almaty, Kazakh President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev said. According to him, some of the rioters did not speak Kazakh.

Tokayev: Alma-Ata has suffered at least six waves of terrorist attacks

“Very well trained and organized bandits and terrorists are being led from a special center. Some of them did not speak Kazakh. At least six waves of terrorist attacks with a total number of 20 thousand people were committed in Alma-Ata, ” Tokayev wrote on Twitter, explaining the situation in the country.

As it became known earlier, President Tokayev gave the order to open fire on terrorists to kill without warning.

The detained participants in the riots in the country will be brought to the "strictest criminal responsibility . "

The President of the Republic also noted that the terrorist gangs operating in Kazakhstan have been trained abroad .


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Maria Zajarova wrote an article that I think is worth the read, specially since she adds a few details about the concerted effort to attack Kazajistan's journalists and the countries ability to report what was taking place, I am pasting it here for the record:

Defense Dysfunction

M.V. ZakharovaJanuary 08, 2022

In the great mosaic of events taking place in Kazakhstan, there is one detail that is particularly noteworthy to me. It is the off-scale level of aggression on the part of rioters against journalists and media working there. Reports of attacks on media workers and pogroms in editorial offices come in the form of frontline reports. It is telling that the attacks are clearly deliberate. Obviously, in order to make access to an objective picture of the "purely peaceful protest" that is taking place as difficult as possible. And also to intimidate journalists, and shut them out of active news coverage.

Here are just a few examples. On January 5, in Alma-Ata, a group of unknown people attacked the office of Kazakhstan branch of Mir TV and Radio Company, which, let me remind you, has interstate status and celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

The details of the raid are truly shocking. There were about 500 criminals. They were armed with axes, and had an autogen with them. Everyone knows that peaceful demonstrators always bring autogens, Molotov cocktails and axes. These people knew where they were going and were definitely not peaceful.

First, they cut down the bars on the windows. They smashed everything in their way: they removed the radiators (so they could not work in the cold rooms), destroyed the workplaces, literally shredded them to pieces, and destroyed the satellite control room and all the television equipment. A curious detail: the criminals were carrying trunk radios, obviously aware that the connection could be cut off. The conclusion is inescapable: the attackers worked according to plan, they were well prepared and acted in an organized way.

There are other details. The burglars had damaged the heating system: all the premises, including the equipment rooms, were flooded with water. The studio and editing stations were damaged. Later the editorial office was set on fire - everything was burnt out. Nothing was left of the Mir International TV and Radio Company's office in Alma-Ata. Along the way, the offices of the Kazakhstan, Khabar, Eurasia, KTK and Sputnik Kazakhstan news agencies were virtually destroyed. At the time of the attack on the editorial office, employees of the Mir television channel were in the office: journalists, producers, cameramen, and engineers. For some time, they were blocked in the building. With some difficulty they were evacuated. Everyone is alive and well.

The correspondent of "Sputnik" was a bit less lucky. The protesters held him for an hour until he managed to escape. An employee of Kazakhstan TV channel was also hurt by the rioters.

And here is the most interesting part. Neither the OSCE, nor any international human rights organization even asked about the fate of Mira and other journalists, let alone about any real help. No one even thought to comment on this caveman vandalism. The very next day, in the evening of January 6, a camera crew from the Almaty television channel, which was on its way to the city administration to film a video message from the head of the city, B. Sagintaev, came under fire in the center of Almaty. As a result, the driver M. Bazarbaev was killed and the cameraman was injured.

In short, we have an outrageous situation with violations of journalists' rights and numerous infringements on their health and lives and the creation of obstacles to the performance of their professional duty to report on socially significant events during a crisis.

Where is the intelligible response from international human rights institutions? Where is the adequate assessment of the OSCE, especially of its Representative on Freedom of the Media? Ms. T. Ribeiro published two whole tweets. One of them condemns the gun attack on the son of A. Batyrbekov, the editor of the Saryagash info newspaper. Another one expresses condolences to the family of the mentioned murdered employee of the Almaty TV channel. Not a single word about the killers' responsibility.

Is this all? All that could be seen from Vienna? All that seemed to be worthy of reaction? Is this what a balanced and proportional assessment, as our Western partners like to say, of the scale of the violations by an international official authorized to do so, should look like?

Do you think anyone from the office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media called the Mir broadcasting company? From Vienna, from the Organization's office in Nur-Sultan? No, of course not. But if one were to call, for example, the chairman of MTRK Mir, R. Batyrshin, one would learn a lot of interesting things. And shocking.

Do we understand it correctly: for Mrs. Ribeiro to pay for the tweet, the journalist has to die? It begs the question, why do we, the member countries of the Organization, including Kazakhstan, allocate millions of dollars to the OSCE budget, including for the "protection of freedom of speech and journalists", if this organization does nothing of the kind at a critical moment for journalists in Kazakhstan?

It is not just a question of money. States have entrusted such institutions as the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media with the right to make objective and impartial assessments of the state of affairs in a supervised and


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Our friends at have a very thought-provoking article (in Russian) which points out that Kazakhstan is ruled by a greedy, incompetent elite who were more than happy to impose forced injections and cattle tags on their people in order to maintain financially expedient relations with the IMF and other altruistic organizations.

Does that sound familiar? It sounds very familiar to us.

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Interesting perspectives. So could it actually be about the vax pass etc? We know that some alt media compile videos etc to push their preferred stories and interpretations, as are now being shared by our Plandemic Telegram groups.
I too would like to think that this may ne the start of the sporadic fight back for freedoms the C's mentioned may soon happen, yet the political greed seems to far outweigh this atm with their nefarious chess games in the world.
DavidNinoRodriguez - DavidNinoRodreguez of Plazma on Telegram is saying he has communicated with people in Kazakstan who maintain that this is about the vax measures, then goes on to share 40 video clips, which could just be video clips?


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Or it could be a combination.

The government starts pushing stupid vaccination policy, people's economic situation is getting worse etc AND at the same time there is a well established fifth column in the country. The fifth column takes advantage of the underlying situation to drive a revolution - end goal for fifth column is to destabilise Russia but end goal for average protester is to improve his / her situation in life - no vax stupidness, better economic and political situation etc?

In this event, the corrupt government has itself to blame for playing right into the hands of the 5th column which was lying in wait. Given Russia is pushing vax related stupidness I wouldn't be surprised if Kazakhstan was doing the same too.


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The Biden’s with the previous Prime Minister and Chief of Intelligence that was just charged with treason.


Jack Posobiec 🍊 on GETTR: BREAKING: Kazakhstan has arrested their former head of intelligence for treason For reference, here is a photo of him with Joe and Hunter Biden



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Things that bother me about the Kazakhstan situation:

- it's a big country
- it's very strategic to Russia for various reasons
- the unrest flared up just as Russia and NATO were organizing talks to de-escalate Ukraine
- rampant Cult symbolism in Astana
- Tony Blair was paid millions to help the regime with its PR
- Tony Blair was just knighted
- the CIA wannabe Soros-linked NGO, the National Endowment for Democracy is heavily involved there fomenting and training anti-govt sentiment
- Prince Andrew (nuff said) and Prince Michael of Kent, the most senior freemason in the world, were regular visitors, as are other royals
- a considerable percentage of the world's bitcoin was mined there. Is this a preemptive strike against bitcoin to prevent people fleeing to it when the crash happens?

I just get the feeling there's a lot more than meets the eye.

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