Interesting Poltergeist video


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Aragorn said:
This was just published on RT. Either it's an elaborate hoax, or a quite astonishing video testimony of poltergeist activity. Creepy... :scared:
I would not know, and, yes is creepy, I was wondering why this kind of evidence, it usually happends - when there is no people around, would ghosts know that?, they do perceive or not time in a different sense, is not it?. To be less scared, I remained my self of the movie of Ghost, seeing it like just a "pair of ghosts trying to touch things" :P


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Hmm that’s scary... only doubt I have is that wet floor sign. It suspiciously there at 3AM for the reason of.... being flipped by a ghost impressively without a doubt?

What I’m saying is that the sign is the one thing you’d expect to be recorded moving on a poltergeist video, as it’s not leaning against a wall, and be considered proof. Like if someone had planned a hoax I can see how they’d arrive at the conclusion that the best thing to be used would be a wet floor sign.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t trust that sign xD


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Everything that moved was in a position to have been done so by someone else. The door could have been flung open from the other side, the locker pushed from the window behind, the locker door pulled open by wire, and the wet floor sign looks as if something was attached to the leg and tugged from floor level.

I want a levitating, disappearing wet floor sign and then I'm impressed! ;)

Thanks for sharing.
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