Is Mr. Putin still "the same" Mr. Putin ?

I don't say all the Russian people are evil. I don't know it. I know the basics of how the societies work though and how fanatic and blind people can get. I can presume many of them aren't evil but intimidated. And I wouldn't be optimistic about that.
And there's some evidence but I'm using my native language and social media reports. You have to be careful with emotional stuff and PR.
Ok, so not all the Russians are evil but some may be intimidated, but you're not optimistic about it, which means that most of them are evil, yes?

And regarding the evidence, can you still produce it though? thankfully there are online translators these days so languages aren't that difficult to deal with.

Otherwise, it's a claim that is backed up by the claim itself.
Based on your posts you are someone who has done a rather poor job for a year and considers themselves and expert. You may wish to read our thread on the Dunning Kruger effect. Or at least google the term. I must say I have found the level of ignorance, arrogance and blind belief in the power of your intuition that shines through your posts to be quite shocking.
I know what it is the Dunning Kruger effect but thanks. And I don't believe in the power of my intuition. I just don't see another way than deciding what is true or not basing on some understanding. Even though I can be wrong. How is it anything worth despising?

Horror movies are cruel too, if cruelty was the key determinator of what's real The Hostel would be classified as a documentary.
Sure but people telling what they've seen and experienced and the events shown on videos and pictures aren't The Hostel movie. (Unless it's fake).

Your blind belief in the evidence before your eyes when there is plenty of proof on his forum alone that this evidence is largely manufactured by governments and the media shows that you may have wandered into the wrong bar. You have been given resources to get yourself familiar with and I strongly recommend you do that before posting more.
You don't have to insist so much on the 'western medias agenda only information resource used with blinded eyes', I understand.

I'll also suggest reading this thread: Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Crashes in Ukraine. Spoiler alert: yes, we're telling you it wasn't Russia.
Thanks, I'll check it.

You have huge gaps in your knowledge and if you wish to remain an active participant on this forum it is highly recommended that you start filling them. It's not like we will throw years of gathering and critically assessing information out of the window and replace it with your intuition so you won't get far with your current level of understanding here.
I've never asked you to.

Yet another gap in your knowledge. So you haven't heard about a fake event used by the Western media to justify and gather support for an invasion in Iraq that started the first of a series of wars in that region? You say you do research and yet your latest posts on Russia show that you have fully bought into the media propaganda. The same media that has an enormous track record of lying. It's rather hard not to question the quality of that research and the accuracy of your intuitive compass.
No, I didn't yet and it doesn't really question my intuitive compass because this forum is a different source than casual media + I'm here after all.

So you've been doing dreams & intuition inspired "research" for around a month and a half and somehow you think that our years of gathering and assessing information are inferior? This is a research-based forum, not a clairvoyants' club.
Your way of roasting me is getting funny at some points. 'Your so called "research" isn't for our high-end club'. Alright. I never underestimated your research though. I just got confused and asked a question while no one answered. It's a little more important than your ego insulting puns. Thanks for answering now anyway, despite that it is helpful.

Sounds like magical thinking to me. Your dreams and intuition are clearly incorrect so maybe it's time you got yourself familiar with facts instead of trusting your airy fairy "subconscious thoughts". They have clearly led you astray, so please do get yourself familiar with the threads linked above ASAP
I sincerely do hope you will do that.
It probably is magical thinking to some extent but it was correct. It has nothing to do with proving that anyone knows better.

For those who trust what they see in the mainstream media, it would be worth considering why it appears there at all. If, by way of elimination, we are able to reject the fact that the goal of the mainstream media is to tell us only the truth. It is logical for us to admit that they will lie.
If we add to this that informing us is targeted, that it is a process of deliberately giving out certain information (properly selected and in an appropriate manner given), then what are we dealing with? Lying then ceases to be the result of a thinking error or inevitable not being fully educated in the continuous process of learning and finding the truth, but a conscious lying.
And this is what we are facing. As covid was a compaign of disinformation and manipulation, now we have a new campaign and it is "Russia's attack on Ukraine." I am not saying that there is no such thing, it is just something different than what they give us and you can notice it very quickly when you just want it at least a little.

I think you're making a whole world of assumption and becoming defensive when there is no reason for that. I asked, because I know a thing or two about the education system and can see what effects it has on students, especially in the humanities; and they are not what should be expected from good education, unfortunately.
Of course everyone can, but to what result? Common sense, knowledge (this one was missing from your previous claim) and intuition, all have their limitations so it's not very wise to rely on those solely. And why either-or? Why only? Why not to combine both for the best outcome? You know, I spent the last 15+ years following political events, learning about political history, among other things, and still don't consider myself expert, far from that. So I consult my understanding with those who know more and listen to them. Lost my way more than once exploring some unknown (to me) lands, only to eventually reach a dead end and realise I should have had listened better. Left traces of those adventures on some forum threads. But I did learn a few things from that, like how to spot a trap a bit quicker, for example.
Here, on the forum rarely anyone comes with a strong conviction, drops it here and doesn't show any interest in other members' feedback. Such people are clearly not into learning which is the very purpose of this place: calibrating our intuition, expanding our knowledge and getting closer to the objective view of the reality. Insisting on one's own views is none of those.
I'm sorry to say that evidence and reports available in your native language are mostly trash, with rather scarce exceptions. Would you be up to the task of finding those? And remember our mantra: Learning IS fun.
I think it kind of works until the high school, then gets repetitive. I find college level better than the previous. Depends on the people and places. As for the resources, there is some PR/emotional stuff/infotainment obviously. I don't watch TV or anything like it so. Thanks for providing some support.

Ok, so not all the Russians are evil but some may be intimidated, but you're not optimistic about it, which means that most of them are evil, yes?
And regarding the evidence, can you still produce it though? Thankfully there are online translators these days so languages aren't that difficult to deal with. Otherwise, it's a claim that is backed up by the claim itself.
I don't know how many are evil. I think a lot can be imperialistic or just let the government do whatever (either with credit of trust or to stay away from trouble). Consider it a honest guess.
I am under no obligation to provide anything. I find some info useful to me but it doesn't have to be to you.

Thanks for pointing things out, I'll try to learn more.
I just overall care if people live or unnecessarily die and develop humanely or just slaughter themselves.

It seems to me that if a person truly cared about that, they would seek to understand the real cause of the death and suffering, rather than just reacting to it and absorbing the reasons given for it by people in positions of power. Most often, it is people in positions of power who are responsible for this kind of large scale death and suffering.

Since your take on the situation is perfectly reflected by powerful people in the West, it would be a good idea to determine whether or not those people can be trusted in what they say. To determine that, you could look at their track record for how they responded to previous episodes of death and suffering of innocent people; did they show a similar level of outrage and empathy, or are they selective about such things?

Anyway, if I were you, that's where I'd start.
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