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Hesper said:
Also, Szimhart now has an essay on Laura here: _

All the old lies are rehashed. He calls her anti-Semitic, a cult leader, bashes Castaneda and says that anyone who is against deviant authority is a cult. He also says he's got someone in the group who he's talking to, which could easily just be a "puffer" claim. He also, extraordinarily enough, links to this forum thread in the beginning. I just hope people who visit his site actually read the thread and check out the nasty things ole Joe-jam's been hiding! Probably wishful thinking though :halo:

Indeed there is a former member who's talking to Szimhart and we have the smoking gun evidence in the form of a text message accidentally sent to her now estranged husband. We'll be publishing a full report on this situation rather soon including names, places of employment, and years of emails from the person revealing her level of duplicity which can suggest either mental illness or pure evil, not sure which at this point. This is the person responsible for the opening post situation. She "loves" her husband so much that when he left her she decided to begin manipulating his family to call in Szimhart.


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[quote author=Hesper ]
Also, Szimhart now has an essay on Laura here: _

All the old lies are rehashed. He calls her anti-Semitic, a cult leader, bashes Castaneda and says that anyone who is against deviant authority is a cult. He also says he's got someone in the group who he's talking to, which could easily just be a "puffer" claim. He also, extraordinarily enough, links to this forum thread in the beginning. I just hope people who visit his site actually read the thread and check out the nasty things ole Joe-jam's been hiding! Probably wishful thinking though :halo:

In my humble opinion, after reading Joe's many “reviews”, he seems to cut and past his know-all in the usual and self-aggrandizing way for his special cause. And just to make him seem legit, he likes to mentions (often) a few known prophetic malcontents, yet he likes his brush that he paints his worldview with; the strokes are always the same.

He talks like he understands, yet his MO looks like a man wearing a Catholic mask that he likes because it helps him blend in, helps him, he thinks, command attention. He also likes to make his Catholicism look to be a bit on the edge, you know, like a man with some religious perspective, however, it just looks like a show. His actions also resemble a type of offshoot modern-day inquisitor, a bounty hunter of minds and he decides, with persuasion and a price, just who and why - like a freewill thief.

It was said, he is a type of low dangling thread; seems so and looks to attach to clothes that almost make him seem bare. He also seems like he is a useful cover, for what analytically can be shown, as being nothing more than the murderous deeds by inhuman intelligent ‘operations’ (Jones Town affair example) in effort to obfuscate their real malicious intent; his voice, if conscious or unconscious, aids the cult-cover-story and who better to know then a cult “Expert” from his self-professed pulpit, along with a few clappers at hand. Alain Vivien, you are in good company - "you shall know them by their fruits".


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Even the current wikipedia article on the deprogramming industry in general is pretty damning:

Deprogramming has often been associated with kidnapping, which has in some cases been part of the procedure. The percentage stated of cases involving kidnapping varies considerably, depending on the source. Joseph Szimhart, a former deprogrammer, says "until 1992, in a low percentage of my cases, included situations in which families elected to confine and sometimes abduct a 'cultist' to a deprogramming." (Kent & Szimhart, 2002).


The deprogramming accounts vary a lot regarding the use of force, with the most dramatic accounts coming from deprogrammed people who returned to the group.

Steven Hassan in his book Releasing the Bonds spoke decidedly against coercive deprogramming methods using force or threats.

The deprogramming case observed by Dubrow-Eichel did not include any violence.

Sociologist Eileen Barker wrote in Watching for Violence:

"Although deprogramming has become less violent in the course of time ... Numerous testimonies by those who were subjected to a deprogramming describe how they were threatened with a gun, beaten, denied sleep and food and/or sexually assaulted. But one does not have to rely on the victims for stories of violence: Ted Patrick, one of the most notorious deprogrammers used by CAGs (who has spent several terms in prison for his exploits) openly boasts about some of the violence he employed; in November 1987, Cyril Vosper, a Committee member of the British cult-awareness group, FAIR, was convicted in Munich of "causing bodily harm" in the course of one of his many deprogramming attempts; and a number of similar convictions are on record for prominent members of CAGs elsewhere."

In Colombrito vs. Kelly, the Court accepted the definition of deprogramming by J. Le Moult published in 1978 in the Fordham Law Review:

"Deprogrammers are people who, at the request of a parent or other close relative, will have a member of a religious sect seized, then hold him against his will and subject him to mental, emotional, and even physical pressures until he renounces his religious beliefs. Deprogrammers usually work for a fee, which may easily run as high as $25,000. The deprogramming process begins with abduction. Often strong men muscle the subject into a car and take him to a place where he is cut from everyone but his captors. He may be held against his will for upward of three weeks. Frequently, however, the initial deprogramming only last a few days. The subject's sleep is limited and he is told that he will not be released until his beliefs meet his captors' approval. Members of the deprogramming group, as well as members of the family, come into the room where the victim is held and barrage him with questions and denunciations until he recants his newly found religion "

Exit counselor Carol Giambalvo writes in From Deprogramming to Thought Reform Consultation
"It was believed that the hold of the brainwashing over the cognitive processes of a cult member needed to be broken – or "snapped" as some termed it – by means that would shock or frighten the cultist into thinking again. For that reason in some cases cult leader's pictures were burned or there were highly confrontational interactions between deprogrammers and cultist. What was often sought was an emotional response to the information, the shock, the fear, and the confrontation. There are horror stories – promoted most vehemently by the cults themselves – about restraint, beatings, and even rape. And we have to admit that we have met former members who have related to us their deprogramming experience – several of handcuffs, weapons wielded and sexual abuse. But thankfully, these are in the minority – and in our minds, never justified. Nevertheless, deprogramming helped to free many individuals held captive to destructive cults at a time when other alternatives did not seem viable. "

Effectiveness and harm

Alan W. Gomes (chairman of the department of theology at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University) in his 2009 book Unmasking the Cults reports:

While advocates of the deprogramming position have claimed high rates of success, studies show that natural attrition rates actually are higher than the success rate achieved through deprogramming.[9]

The Dialog Center International (DCI) a major Christian counter-cult organization founded in 1973 by a Danish professor of missiology and ecumenical theology, Dr. Johannes Aagaard[10] rejects deprogramming, believing that it is counterproductive, ineffective, and can harm the relationship between a cult member and concerned family members.[11]

Professor of psychiatry Saul Levine suggests that it is doubtful that deprogramming helps many people and goes on to say that it actually causes harm to the victim by very nature of the deprogramming. For deprogramming to work, the victim must be convinced that they joined a religious group against their will. They then must renounce responsibility and accept that in some mysterious way that their minds were controlled.[12] It is Levine's professional opinion that once deprogrammed, a person would never be certain that they were really doing what they want. He states that deprogramming destroys a person's identity and is likely to create permanent anxiety about freedom of choice and leave the deprogrammed subject dependent upon the guidance and advice of others. "Fundamentally deprogramming denies choice and creates dependency. It robs people of their sense of responsibility. Instead of encouraging people to accept that they made a mistake, it encourages people to deny their actions and blame others." [13][14]

The article continues for quite awhile with many more examples and sources.

See also:


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Interesting, Szimhart actually admits his connection to West...and he seems quite proud of it.

The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Camarillo State Hospital

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The history of locking people up as supposedly “mentally ill” began with the arrival upon the scene, of what some call The Evil Ones.

A colorful descriptive, ‘tis true, but it is rather accurate.

The world’s first Mental Hospital was nicknamed Bedlam. It was in England and had many ties to Catholicism (Christianity).

In the 1700’s, the prisoners began being called “patients”, and were labeled as curable or incurable.

The Hospital became famous and notorious for the brutal ill-treatment meted out to the mentally ill.

This time period was most notably portrayed in a scene from William Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress (1735), the story of a rich merchant’s son whose immoral living causes him to end up in a ward at Bethlem.

This marks the earliest use of a “mental hospital” as a form of social, or political control. The most common diagnosis at the time was “moral insanity”. A decidedly ambiguous term, solely dependant on the person flinging the label’s opinion – much like the modern day term schizophrenia.

As far back as 1810, it was known that electro-magnetic weapons were in use by these Evil Ones, to borrow a term. A man named Mathews was incarcerated in Bedlam for just such an expose. (more on this later) He is used repeatedly in modern day texts, as an example of “schizophrenia”.

Understanding America’s early ties to the Old World through strangle-hold loans and power-mad Evil Ones, it’s no surprise to see these techniques not only continuing to be used, but dramatically increasing – especially in America.

Fast forward a hundred years or so, and we find that in 1932, the State of California purchased 1,760 acres of the Lewis ranch, located three miles south of the city of Camarillo, and established the Camarillo State Mental Hospital.


When it opened in 1936, it was considered the largest mental hospital in the world, according to a history in the university’s archives, although it started with just 406 “residents”.

The 1948 movie, “The Snake Pit,” was filmed on the grounds of Camarillo, and due to its disturbingly realistic portrayal of what goes on in mental institutions, 26 states changed their mental health laws after the movie became popular – but the same horrifying treatments continued and INCREASED at Camarillo despite this.

Olivia de Havilland undergoing “Hydrotherapy” in the movie “The Snake Pit”

By 1957, Camarillo was jammed with more than 7,000 patients, shock treatments were standard and lobotomies were also performed, as well as sterilizations. The 5X increase was often justified as reasoning to sterilize more patients in order to increase “eugenic efficiency. (Stern, “From Legislation to Lived Experience”, p. 104).

As if all of that wasn’t horrifying enough, during the 1950s and 1960s especially, the hospital was at the forefront of so-called treatments of schizophrenia* and patients were being used as “testing grounds” for unsavory drug and therapy “procedures”!

*Also see The Dark History of Schizophrenia series of articles

Camarillo patient population growth statistics:

1937 – 1,082
1940 – 2,501
1945 – 4,123
1950 – 4,960
1953 – 6,748 on April 8th
1955 – 6,865 on June 30th
1957 – in excess of 7,000

To really understand the horror of Camarillo’s history, it is necessary to look over it’s formation; it’s activities; it’s connections, it’s true purpose; and the kind of people who would condone and actively participate in such a living testament to Evil.

And so, first off, I will begin with a consecutive time record of events establishing the general climate in which Camarillo was formed and operated. There will be more than one article covering this part of The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Camarillo State Hospital.


Note: For an excellent history of Eugenics, see:
Jewish Messiah, Messianic Age and Scientology

Eugenics – The first state sterilization law in California was enacted on April 26, 1909 and remained largely unopposed for the next 70 years (Laughlin, p. 1). This was the first of three laws passed in California and it targeted patients in state hospitals and institutions for the mentally retarded, as well as prison inmates. Of the prison inmates, those labeled sex offenders were the most commonly targeted. At the time of the passage of this law, the approval of the superintendent of the institutions, the superintendent of the state hospitals and the secretary of the State Board of Health were consulted. If two out of three of them approved, the sterilization could be carried out (Paul, pp. 256-257).


Eugenics – California – A second law was passed on June 13, 1913. This law repealed the first law and established different guidelines (Gottshall and Laughlin, p. 2). It allowed for a wider range of people to be sterilized. Anyone who was “afflicted with hereditary insanity or incurable chronic mania or dementia” (Braslow, pp. 33-34) could be sterilized. This law also established the State Lunacy Commission, which had the power to order sterilizations. However, this law did call for parental consent in the case of the sterilization of minors (Braslow, p. 34).


California – Eugenics – The third law, enacted at the end of July, 1917, created modifications to the 1913 sterilization law by expanding the scope of who could be sterilized (Kline, p. 50). Two amendments were made to the 1913 law which included specific references to the Sonoma State Home and the Pacific Colony. (Laughlin, pp. 3, 7, 8). The law established the Pacific Colony and allowed the Board of Trustees of this institution to grant permission for sterilizations of those living there (Gottshall).

The sterilization laws were significant largely for their overt language, effectively applying to anyone who we deemed abnormal, as well as for the omission in terms of patient rights (Stern, Eugenic Nation, 101). There was no legal mechanism for patients to challenge the sterilization order, no written notification required to be sent to the patient of family, and no opportunity for a hearing that the institutional level (Stern, Eugenic Nation, 101).

The 1917 amendments greatly expanded the groups targeted even further to include those who had hereditary mental diseases, “those suffering from perversion or marked departures from normal mentality”, and those with sexually-transmitted diseases (Laughlin, pp. 7-8). These two later laws expanded to include virtually any individual deemed unfit. Out of those sterilized, 70% were labeled as mentally ill (Paul, p. 261).


By 1921, in addition to the Sonoma State home [see 1942] and the Pacific Colony, several state mental hospitals performed sterilizations of some kind. On average, mental hospitals averaged five times as many inmates as the feebleminded homes in California.

This resulted in their performing more total sterilizations (12,000) than did the feebleminded homes (8,000) ( Stern, “From Legislation to Lived Experience”, p. 100).

These hospitals included Patton, Agnews, Norwalk, Stockton, Camarillo, Mendocino, and Napa.


The idea for a series of experiments using drugs on people, originated in November 1941, just one month after William Donovan, founded the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA during World War Two. He also directed it.

Donovan had set up the COI headquarters in Room 3603 of Rockefeller Center in October, 1941 and asked Allen Dulles to head it. As a side note, the offices where Donovan had located his headquarters had been the location of the operations of Britain’s MI6.

Donavan and Dulles then recruited my (Virginia McClaughry’s) relative James Russell Forgan to head up the European division of the Office of Strategic Services. James also had a professional relationship from 1943 to 1945 with Brigadier General John Magruder, Deputy Director for Intelligence. Magruder had been theChief of Intelligence Division, War Department from 1938-41, so it’s easy to see why he was brought on board into the OSS. Magruder died in 1958.

For more information on my relative James Russell Forgan, see My Family Tree II, section of him.

After setting up shop, the first order of business practically, was to begin testing experimental drugs.

The story goes, that the U.S. was highly concerned over the heavy losses of freighters and other ships in the North Atlantic, all victims of German U-boats. Information about German U-boat strategy was desperately needed and it was believed that the information could be obtained through drug-influenced interrogations of German naval P.O.W.s, in violation of the Geneva Accords.

$5000 was invested for the “truth drug” program. Experiments began with scopolamine and morphine, then scores of other drugs, including mescaline, barbituates, benzedrine, cannabis indica, to name just a few.

Tetrahydrocannabinol acetate, a colorless, odorless marijuana extract, was used to lace a cigarette or food substance without detection. Initially, the experiments were done on volunteer U.S. Army and OSS personnel, and they lied to them that the drug was a “remedy for shell shock.” T

The volunteers became known as “Donovan’s Dreamers”. The experiments were so hush-hush, that only a few top officials knew about them. President Franklin Roosevelt was aware of the experiments. The so-called “truth drug” achieved mixed success.


California – Eugenics – The Sonoma State Home was a state hospital founded in 1884 and became the institution that set the stage for sterilization, providing an example for institutions all over the world (Kline, p. 30). This transition came with the emergence of eugenics. It especially focused on sterilizing women who were considered sexually deviant (Kline, p. 32). Many of these women were considered such because they had sex outside of marriage. Such an act was considered an implication the mental deficiency of the individual and qualified them for institutionalization and sterilization (Kline, p. 30). Under the direction of Butler, Sonoma admitted patients solely for the purpose to be sterilized and then released.

In 1942, Sonoma sterilized more “mental defectives” than any other institution in the world (Kline, p. 33). Often overlooked, Sonoma conducted dangerous tests and trials on patients into the 1960s. Such treatments, including radiation dosing experiments, resulted in countless injuries and deaths that are still being investigated (60 Minutes). Still open today, renamed the Sonoma Development Center, there is no mention of the past on the website (State of California).


OSS was still conducting field tests of experimental drugs on American citizens.

The OFFICIAL experiments were halted when a memo was written: “The drug defies all but the most expert and search analysis, and for all practical purposes can be considered beyond analysis.”

The OSS did not, however, halt the program. The most celebrated test was conducted by Captain George Hunter White, an OSS agent and ex-law enforcement official, on August Del Grazio, aka Augie Dallas, aka Dell, aka Little Augie, a New York gangster. Cigarettes laced with the acetate were offered to Augie without his knowledge of the content. Under the influence of the drug, Augie revealed volumes of information about the under world operations, including the names of high ranking officials who took bribes from the mob.

George Hunter White

These experiments led to the encouragement of Donovan, so a new memo was issued: “Cigarette experiments indicated that we had a mechanism which offered promise in relaxing prisoners to be interrogated.”


The National Institute of Mental Health was first authorized by the U.S. Government in 1946, when then President Harry Truman signed into law the National Mental Health Act, although the institute was not formally established until 1949.


California – Eugenics – In part as a result of the Garcia v. State Department trial, in 1951, the laws were amended to require full authorization from the patient in order to perform sterilizations (Stern, “From Legislation to Lived Experience”, p. 102). This effectively made the process of sterilization much more burdensome for the physician-causing a decrease in sterilization rates. In 1950, Sonoma sterilized 5, 550 patients, two years later, they would sterilize just 4.


The most daring phase of the M.K.-Ultra program involved slipping unwitting American citizens LSD in real life situations.

[see 1976 Kennedy hearings]

[also see 1941 for other experimentation on unwitting American Citizens]

When the OSS was disbanded after the war, Captain George Hunter White continued to administer behavior modifying drugs. In 1947, the CIA replaced the OSS. White’s service record indicates that he worked with the OSS, and by 1954 he was a high ranking Federal Narcotics Bureau officer who had been loaned to the CIA on a part-time basis.

White rented an apartment in Greenwich Village equipped with one-way mirrors, surveillance gadgets and disguised himself as a seaman. White drugged his acquaintances with LSD and brought them back to his apartment.


In 1955, Captain White’s operation shifted to San Francisco. In San Francisco, “safehouses” were established under the code name Operation Midnight Climax in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district. (named for the intersection of the 2 streets)

Haight-Ashbury district circa 1960′s

Midnight Climax hired prostitute addicts who lured men from bars back to the safehouses after their drinks had been spiked with LSD. White filmed the events in the safehouses. The purpose of these “national security brothels” was to enable the CIA to experiment with the act of lovemaking for extracting information from men.

~ Break ~

The National Institute of Mental Health, after it’s formation in 1946, went on to become one of the greatest supporters of behavior modification research.

Throughout the 1960′s, court calendars became blighted with lawsuits on the part of “human guinea pigs” who had been experimented upon in prisons and mental institutions.

~ End Break ~


Captain White’s CIA superior was Sydney Gottlieb, and the San Francisco safehouse LSD experiments continued until 1963 until CIA Inspector General John Earman criticized Richard Helms, the director of the CIA and father of the M.K.-Ultra project. Earman charged the new director John McCone had not been fully briefed on the M.K.-Ultra Project when he took office and that “the concepts involved in manipulating human behavior are found by many people within and outside the Agency to be distasteful and unethical.” He stated that “the rights and interest of U.S. citizens are placed in jeopardy”. The Inspector General stated that LSD had been tested on individuals at all social levels, high and low, native American and foreign.”

A. Dulles Director of CIA, General Edward Lansdale, Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, President Eisenhower

Earman’s criticisms were rebuffed by Helms, who warned, “Positive operation capacity to use drugs is diminishing owing to a lack of realistic testing. Tests were necessary to keep up with the Soviets.” But in 1964, Helms had testified before the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of President John Kennedy, that “Soviet research has consistently lagged five years behind Western research”.


Upon leaving government service in 1966, Captain White wrote a startling letter to his superior. In the letter to Dr. Gottlieb, Captain White reminisced about his work in the safehouses with LSD. His comments were frightening.

“I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun,” White wrote.

“Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest?”

~ Break ~

The U.S. government has conducted three types of mind-control experiments:

Real life experiences, such as those used on Little Augie and the LSD experiments in the safehouses of San Francisco and Greenwich Village.
Experiments on prisoners, such as in the California Medical Facility at Vacaville.
Experiments conducted in both mental hospitals and the Veterans Administration hospitals.

Such experimentation requires money, and the United States government has funnelled funds for drug experiments through different agencies, both overtly and covertly.

One of the things you will discover later on in this series, was the funnelling of drugs through Camarillo State Hospital which had a major drug ring going, as well as the selling of “released” inmates into prostitution. There are also numerous examples of it being used as a testing ground for mind-control experiments and drugs.

~ End Break ~


Ronald Reagan is Governor of California until Jerry Brown takes over in 1976.

Governor Ronald Reagan

The inspiration for California’s Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence [see 1972 Jolly West] came from three doctors in 1967.

Amidst urban rioting and civil protest, Dr. Vernon Marks, Dr. Frank Ervin and Dr. William Sweet of Harvard put forward the thesis that individuals who engage in civil disobedience possess defective or damaged brain cells.

In a letter to the Journal of the American Medical Association, they stated:

“That poverty, unemployment, slum housing, and inadequate education underlie the nation’s urban riots is well known, but the obviousness of these causes may have blinded us to the more subtle role of other possible factors, including brain dysfunction in the rioters who engaged in arson, sniping and physical assault.

“There is evidence from several sources that brain dysfunction related to a focal lesion plays a significant role in the violent and assaultive behavior of thoroughly studied patients. Individuals with electroencephalographic abnormalities in the temporal region have been found to have a much greater frequency of behavioral abnormalities (such as poor impulse control, assaultiveness, and psychosis) than is present in people with a normal brain wave pattern.”

Dr. Ervin and Dr. Mark then published their book Violence and the Brain, which included the claim that there were as many as 10 million individuals in the United States “who suffer from obvious brain disease”. They argued that the data of their book provided a strong reason for starting a program of mass screening of Americans.

“Our greatest danger no longer comes from famine or communicable disease. Our greatest danger lies in ourselves and in our fellow humans…we need to develop an ‘early warning test’ of limbic brain function to detect those humans who have a low threshold for impulsive violence…Violence is a public health problem, and the major thrust of any program dealing with violence must be toward its prevention,” they wrote.

The Law Enforcement Assistance Administration [formed in 1968] funded the doctors $108,000 and the National Institute of Mental Health kicked in another $500,000, under pressure from Congress.

The doctors wanted screening centers established throughout the nation.


The Internet is Developed – the rest of us don’t know about it until the 1990’s.

Description of passages in the book La Jetee’

“Surveillance is a key characteristic of the cold war machine.” – La Jetee

Paul Baran, [died March 26 2011] of the Rand Corporation developed the concept of dividing information into “message blocks” before sending them out across the network. Each block would be sent separately and rejoined into a whole when they were received at their destination. The British computer scientist Donald Davies independently devised a similar system, but he called the message blocks “packets,” a term that was eventually adopted instead of Baran’s message blocks. The technology is known today as “packet switching.”

In 1969, this distributed concept underwent its first large-scale test, with the first node installed at UCLA and the seventh node at RAND in Santa Monica. UCLA, was where the Neuropsychiatric Institute was, and where Dr. Jolly West would head up his “Center” for studying violence. In addition, West wanted the use of a military base in the same basic area. This internet being established at UCLA, was obviously in use already for projects such as that Jolly West (and others) were working on – they could communicate “in secret” from the rest of us.

Funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency and called ARPANET, it was intended for scientists and researchers who wanted to share one another’s computers remotely. Within two years, however, the network’s users had turned it into something unforeseen: a high-speed, electronic post office for exchanging everything from technical to personal information.

In 1983, the rapidly expanding network broke off from its military part, which became MILNET. The remainder became what was called ARPANET. In 1989, the ARPANET moniker was retired in favor of the “Internet,” which had also been described as the “information superhighway.”

Baran left RAND in 1968 to co-found the Institute for the Future, a nonprofit research group specializing in long-range forecasting. He also started seven companies, five of which eventually became publicly-traded companies.


One of the funding agencies to contribute to the mind-control experimentation is the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), a unit of the U.S. Justice Department, and was a pet agency of President Nixon. Nixon began his Presidency in 1969.

The Nixon Administration was, at one time, putting together a program for detaining youngsters who showed a tendency toward violence in “concentration” camps. According to the Washington Post, the plan was authored by Dr. Arnold Hutschnecker.

Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Robert Finch was told by John Erlichman, Chief of Staff for the Nixon White House, to implement the program. He proposed the screening of children of six years of age for tendencies toward criminality. Those who failed these tests were to be destined to be sent to the camps. The program was never implemented, but it resurrected under a new name in California, underneath The Neuropsychiatric Institute, and was a pet project of Ronald Reagan.

[see 1972]

LEAA’s role in the behavior modification research began at a meeting held in 1970 in Colorado Springs. Attending that meeting were Richard Nixon, Attorney General John Mitchell, John Erlichman, H.R. Haldemann and other White House staffers. They met with Dr. Bertram Brown, director for the National Institute of Mental Health, and forged a close collaboration between LEAA and the Institute. LEAA was a product of the Justice Department.

The National Institute of Mental Health was a product of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW).

[see 1946]

LEAA funded 350 projects involving medical procedures, behavior modification and drugs for delinquency control.

A national uproar was created by various articles in 1974, which prompted a Senate investigation.n [see 1974]

Thirteen behavior modification programs were conducted by the Department of Defense. The Department of Labor had also conducted several experiments, as well as the National Science Foundation. The Veterans’ Administration was also deeply involved in behavior modification and mind control. Each of these agencies, including LEAA, and the National Institute for Mental Health, were named in secret CIA documents as those who provided research cover for the MK-ULTRA program.

Eventually, LEAA was using much of its budget to fund experiments, including aversive techniques and psychosurgery, which involved, in some cases, irreversible brain surgery on normal brain tissue for the purpose of changing or controlling behavior and/or emotions.

Camarillo State Hospital, was one of the main places used for these “experiments”.


Scientologist Hal Puthoff headed the CIA’s Remote Viewing Program at SRI from 1972 to 1985.

On 4 June 1972, Scientologist Ingo Swann joined Hal Puthoff at SRI.

Psychiatrist Louis Jolyon (Jolly) West was involved in the remote viewing research at SRI.

West worked for the CIA mind control programme MKUltra, confirmed by CIA records.

[see 1976]

In California, the publicity associated with the Dr. Vernon Marks and Dr. Frank Ervin and Dr. William Sweet report, [see 1967] aided in the development of The Center for the study and Reduction of Violence. Both the state and LEAA provided the funding. The center was to serve as a model for future facilities to be set up throughout the United States.

The Director of the Neurophyschiatric Institute and chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA, Dr. Louis Jolyon West was selected to run the center and moved out to California.

Dr. West’s specialties include interrogation using deprivation techniques, hypnosis and psychoactive drugs, behavior modification through electrical stimulation of the brain, and electronic devices to track and monitor his victims. Governor Ronald Reagan was a strong supporter of West’s ideas.

Dr. Vernon Marks and Dr. Frank Ervin and Dr. William Sweet [see 1969 and 1974] had also moved out to UCLA to start working with West and the Neuropsychiatric Institute.


– January 11

California Governor Ronald Reagan announced plans for the Violence Center that Jolly West had been selected to run.

– January 22

On page 357 of book [see 1974]:

There’s a letter by Dr. Louis Jolyon West, dated January 22nd 1973. The letter was written to J.M. Stubblebine.

Stubblebine was head of the State of California Department of Mental Health.

West wrote:

DEAR STUB: I am in possession of confidential information to the effect that the Army is prepared to turn over Nike missile bases to state and local agencies for non-military purposes. They may look with special favor on health-related applications.

Such a Nike missile base is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, within a half-hour’s drive of the Neuropsychiatric Institute.

It is accessible but relatively remote.The site is securely fenced, and includes various buildings and improvements making it suitable for prompt occupancy.

If this site were made available to the Neuropsychiatric Institute as a research facility, perhaps initially as an adjunct to the new Center for Prevention of Violence, we could put it to very good use. Comparative studies could be carried out there, in an isolated but convenient location, of experimental or model programs for the alteration of undesirable behavior.

Such programs might include control of drug or alcohol abuse, modification of chronic anti-social or impulsive aggressiveness.

The site could also accommodate conferences or retreats for instruction of selected groups of mental health-related professionals and of others (e.g. law enforcement personnel, parole officers, special educators) for whom both demonstration and participation would be effective modes of instruction.

My understanding is that a direct request by the Governor, or another appropriate officer of the State, to the Secretary of Defense (or, of course, the President) would be most likely to produce prompt results. Needless to say, I stand available to participate in any way that might be helpful.

Sincerely yours,

Medical Director

1973 – April

Jolly West submits his plans for the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence to the California Department of Health in Sacramento.

Demonstrations began being held against the Neuropsychiatric Institute proposal just filed in Sacramento.


A national uproar was created by various articles in 1974, which prompted a Senate investigation.

The subcommittee’s harrowing report was virtually ignored by the news media.

[see 1970 for examples of what was being done that was found out]

Senator Sam Erwin, of Watergate fame, headed a U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights (Committee of the Judiciary of the United States Senate) which held an inquiry into Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Human Behavior Modification and published the results.

It is a 651 page book, and a good-sized portion of the book had to do with the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute.

One thing Senator Sam Erwin wanted to know, (he wrote a letter asking):

“…whether Dr. William Sweet, Dr. Vernon Mark, or Dr. Frank Ervin will perform any work at UCLA project. I understand that Dr. Sweet and Ervin are now associated with the Neuropsychiatric Institute of UCLA and that they are closely aligned with types of projects to be conducted. Their work in the past has raised questions with regard to the constitutional rights of the subjects of their experiments.”

Veterans Administration

During this investigation, the Veterans’ Administration openly admitted that psychosurgery was a standard procedure for treatment and not used just in experiments. The VA Hospitals in Durham, Long Beach, New York, Syracuse and Minneapolis were known to employ these products on a regular basis. VA clients could typically be subject to these behavior alteration procedures against their will. The Erwin subcommittee concluded that the rights of VA clients had been violated.


LEAA also subsidized the research and development of gadgets and techniques useful to behavior modification.

One classification name for such devices, is psychotronics.

Former Rand Corporation executive Paul Baran (inventor of the internet) warned that the influx back to the United States of the Vietnam War [ended in 1973] surveillance gadgets alone, not to mention the behavior modification hardware, could bring about “the most effective, oppressive police state ever created”.

Senator Erwin questioned the head of LEAA concerning ethical standards of the behavior modification projects which LEAA had been funding.

After Senator Erwin’s denunciation of the funding polices, LEAA announced that it would no longer fund medical research into behavior modification and psychosurgery.

Despite that pledge by LEAA’s director, Donald E. Santarelli, LEAA ended up funding 537 research projects dealing with behavior modification.

Immediately after the funding announcement by LEAA, there were 50 psychosurgical operations at Atmore State Prison in Alabama. The inmates became virtual zombies. The operations, according to Dr. Swan of Fisk University, were done on black prisoners who were considered politically active.

There is strong evidence to indicate psychosurgery was still being used in prisons in the 1980′s, as well as in hospitals such as Camarillo State Hospital.

Senator Erwin issued a strong condemnation of the federal role in mind control. That condemnation, however, did not halt mind control experiments, they just received more circuitous funding.

Like through the Church of Scientology for example.


Dr. Louis Jolyn West, gets identified as positively working with the CIA during the Senator Church Hearings.


In 1977, a Senate subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research, chaired by Senator Ted Kennedy, focused on the CIA’s testing of LSD on unwitting citizens.

The Kennedy subcommittee learned about the CIA Operation M.K.-Ultra through the testimony of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. The purpose of the program, according to his testimony, was to “investigate whether and how it was possible to modify an individual’s behavior by covert means”. Claiming the protection of the National Security Act, Dr. Gottlieb was unwilling to tell the Senate subcommittee what had been learned or gained by these experiments.

He did state, however, that the program was initially engendered by a concern that the Soviets and other enemies of the United States would get ahead of the U.S. in this field.

Nowadays, through the Freedom of Information Act, researchers are now able to obtain documents detailing the M.K.-Ultra program and other CIA behavior modification projects in a special reading room located on the bottom floor of the Hyatt Regency in Rosslyn, VA.

~ End ~
Whatever happened to the Jolly West’s Center?

The Napa Sentinel, ran a series of articles in 1991. I have used several things from these articles in the above.

One of the articles detailed what happened to the Center, and I include it here.

“Dr. Earl Brian, Governor Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of Health, was adamant about his support for mind control centers in California. He felt the behavior modification plan of the Violence Control Centers was important in the prevention of crime.

The Violence Control Center was actually the brain child of William Herrmann as part of a pacification plan for California. A counter insurgency expert for Systems Development Corporation and an advisor to Governor Reagan, Herrmann worked with the Stand Research Institute, the RAND Corporation, and the Hoover Center on Violence. Herrman was also a CIA agent who is now serving an eight year prison sentence for his role in a CIA counterfeiting operation. He was also directly linked with the Iran-Contra affair according to government records and Herrmann’s own testimony.

In 1970, Herrmann worked with Colston Westbrook as his CIA control officer when Westbrook formed and implemented the Black Cultural Association at the Vacaville Medical Facility, a facility which in July experienced the death of three inmates who were forcibly subjected to behavior modification drugs. The Black Cultural Association was ostensibly an education program designed to instill black pride identity in prisons, the Association was really a cover for an experimental behavior modification pilot project designed to test the feasibility of programming unstable prisoners to become more manageable.

Westbrook worked for the CIA in Vietnam as a psychological warfare expert, and as an advisor to the Korean equivalent of the CIA and for the Lon Nol regime in Cambodia. Between 1966 and 1969, he was an advisor to the Vietnamese Police Special Branch under the cover of working as an employee of Pacific Architects and Engineers.

His “firm” contracted the building of the interrogation/torture centers in every province of South Vietnam as part of the CIA’s Phoenix Program. The program was centered around behavior modification experiments to learn how to extract information from prisoners of war, a direct violation of the Geneva Accords.

Westbrook’s most prominent client at Vacaville was Donald DeFreeze, who be tween 1967 and 1969, had worked for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Public Disorder Intelligence unit and later became the leader of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Many authorities now believe that the Black Cultural Association at Vacaville was the seedling of the SLA. Westbrook even designed the SLA logo, the cobra with seven heads, and gave De Freeze his African name of Cinque. The SLA was responsible for the assassination of Marcus Foster, superintendent of School in Oakland and the kidnapping of Patty Hearst.

As a counterinsurgency consultant for Systems Development Corporation, a security firm, Herrmann told the Los Angeles Times that a good computer intelligence system “would separate out the activist bent on destroying the system” and then develop a master plan “to win the hearts and minds of the people”. The San Francisco-based Bay Guardian, recently identified Herrmann as an international arms dealer working with Iran in 1980, and possibly involved in the October Surprise. Herrmann is in an English prison for counterfeiting. He allegedly met with Iranian officials to ascertain whether the Iranians would trade arms for hostages held in Lebanon.

The London Sunday Telegraph confirmed Herrmann’s CIA connections, tracing them from 1976 to 1986. He also worked for the FBI. This information was revealed in his London trial.

In the 1970′s, Dr. Brian and Herrmann worked together under Governor Reagan on the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, and then, a decade later, again worked under Reagan. Both men have been identified as working for Reagan with the Iranians.

The Violence Center, however, died an agonizing death. Despite the Ervin Senate Committee investigation and chastation of mind control, the experiments continued. But when the Watergate scandal broke in the early 1970′s, Washington felt it was too politically risky to continue to push for mind control centers.

Top doctors began to withdraw from the proposal because they felt that there were not enough safeguards. Even the Law Enforcement Assistance Agency, which funded the program, backed out, stating, the proposal showed “little evidence of established research ability of the kind of level necessary for a study of this cope”.

Eventually it became known that control of the Violence Center was not going to rest with the University of California, but instead with the Department of Corrections and other law enforcement officials. This information was released publicly by the Committee Opposed to Psychiatric Abuse of Prisoners. The disclosure of the letter resulted in the main backers of the program bowing out and the eventual demise of the center.

Dr. Brian’s final public statement on the matter was that the decision to cut off funding represented “a callous disregard for public safety”. Though the Center was not built, the mind control experiments continue to this day.”

The Scientology Connection

Frank Olsen was one of the victims of the mind-control drug experiments, and was given punch laced with LSD. The Napa Sentinel discussed this in 1991:

“One of the “victims” of the punch was agent Frank Olson. Having never had drugs before, L.S.D. took its toll on Olson. He reported that, every automobile that came by was a terrible monster with fantastic eyes, out to get him personally. Each time a car passed he would huddle down against a parapet, terribly frightened. Olson began to behave erratically. The CIA made preparation to treat Olson at Chestnut Lodge, but before they could, Olson checked into a New York hotel and threw himself out from his tenth story room. The CIA was ordered to cease all drug testing.

Mind control drugs and experiments were torturous to the victims. One of three inmates who died in Vacaville Prison in July was scheduled to appear in court in an attempt to stop forced administration of a drug, the very drug that may have played a role in his death.

Joseph Cannata believed he was making progress and did not need forced dosages of the drug Haldol. The Solano County Coroner’s Office said that Cannata and two other inmates died of hyperthermia, extremely elevated body temperature. Their bodies all had at least 108 degrees temperature when they died. The psychotropic drugs they were being forced to take will elevate body temperature.

Dr. Ewen Cameron, working at McGill University in Montreal, used a variety of experimental techniques, including keeping subjects unconscious for months at a time, administering huge electroshocks and continual doses of L.S.D.

Massive lawsuits developed as a result of this testing, and many of the subjects who suffered trauma had never agreed to participate in the experiments. Such CIA experiments infringed upon the much-honored Nuremberg Code concerning medical ethics. Dr. Cameron was one of the members of the Nuremberg Tribunal.”

Excerpt from Jewish Messiah, Messianic Age and Scientology:

Camarillo State Mental Hospital followed in the footsteps of Dr. Cameron, also keeping people unconscious and sedated for months, as well as administering both electric and insulin shocks. L.S.D. was also used, but also cocaine and other “street” drugs – testing their effects on the defenseless patients under their care.

L. Ron Hubbard’s connections to the MK-Ultra program, and to Chestnut Lodge (that has it’s own horrifying history as a “mental health” hospital), have begun to be documented.


Scientology and the CIA


Scientology and Chestnut Lodge

For much more information, also see:

The War for Minds of Men – Scientology Role

Dr. West, rather over-obviously tried to distance himself from Hubbard’s Scientology, when in fact they were compatriots on the same side.

While West was on his internship at the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic, he discussed with J.A. Winter the recently published book <1950> Dianetics and concluded that the “auditing” described in Hubbard’s book used hypnosis. Winter made him known to L. Ron Hubbard once, but West’s comment was: “Winter introduced West to Hubbard on one occasion but West said: “I guess I didn’t find the man very memorable. I was more interested in the book which described the auditing technique in which they had preclears — or prereleases if just beginners — count backwards from seven to zero repeatedly until they went into a trance, although Hubbard denied it was hypnosis.”

West followed the activities of Scientology from that time on and has openly said and written that he thought the organization dangerous.

However, continuing on the “competing factions” in the arena of controlling the minds of the rest of us idea, we later find that the Church of Scientology, under the auspices of puppet-head David Miscavige, took over and now owns the Cult Awareness Network, a Jolly West organization.

Glenn Krawczyk, a freelance writer and former researcher with the satellite TV science programme, Beyond 2000, has made a study of CAN, and his findings were published in the October-November 1994 edition of Nexus magazine. He found one of the prime movers behind CAN is Doctor Louis Jolyn West, who is connected to a similar group called the American Family Foundation.

The American-based Cult Awareness Network (CAN) was a front for the Anti-Defamation League, the spy and enforcement arm organization of Temple Emanu-El of New York, and the B’nai B’rith brotherhood. See? Jolly West, Hubbard and Miscavige, all on the same team, but competing for Top Dog position.

For more on Scientology’s blatant ties to Masonic Judaism, see Scientology – A Masked Branch of Masonic Judaism

One of West’s cronies was, Dr Martin Orne, a former head of the Office of Naval Research’s Committee on Hypnosis… Significantly, it was during Dr Jolly West’s campaign for the “behaviour modification” unit in California in 1974, that the Symbionese Liberation Army came to public prominence when they kidnapped Patricia Hearst, the daughter of newspaper tycoon, Randolf Hearst. Later Patricia Hearst was given a mental examination by two “experts” on brainwashing… Dr Louis Jolyn West and Dr Martin Orne, of the Cult Awareness Network.

The Church of Scientology was named by former CIA officer, Miles Copeland, as one of two religious-type groups with which the CIA made “arrangements.” The Evil Ones (who think they are the “Elite”) make sure they work through both sides whenever possible, in this case the “cult” and the “cult- busters.” In doing so they control the actions and events the public mind sees and absorbs.

What are these drugs like to the patient?

Napa Sentinel:

“Vacaville [Prison] also administered a “terror drug” Anectine as a way of “suppressing hazardous behavior”. In small doses, Anectine serves as a muscle relaxant; in huge does, it produces prolonged seizure of the respiratory system and a sensation “worse than dying”. The drug goes to work within 30 to 40 seconds by paralyzing the small muscles of the fingers, toes, and eyes, and then moves into the the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm. The heart rate subsides to 60 beats per minute, respiratory arrest sets in and the patient remains completely conscious throughout the ordeal, which lasts two to five minutes. The experiments were also used at Atascadero.

Several mind altering drugs were originally developed for non-psychoactive purposes. Some of these drugs are Phenothiazine and Thorzine. The side effects of these drugs can be a living hell. The impact includes the feeling of drowsiness, disorientation, shakiness, dry mouth, blurred vision and an inability to concentrate. Drugs like Prolixin are described by users as “sheer torture” and “becoming a zombie”.

The Veterans Administration Hospital has been shown by the General Accounting Office to apply heavy dosages of psychotherapeutic drugs. One patient was taking eight different drugs, three antipsychotic, two antianxiety, one antidepressant, one sedative and one anti-Parkinson. Three of these drugs were being given in dosages equal to the maximum recommended. Another patient was taking seven different drugs. One report tells of a patient who refused to take the drug. “I told them I don’t want the drug to start with, they grabbed me and strapped me down and gave me a forced intramuscular shot of Prolixin. They gave me Artane to counteract the Prolixin and they gave me Sinequan, which is a kind of tranquilizer to make me calm down, which over calmed me, so rather than letting up on the medication, they then gave me Ritalin to pep me up.”

Prolixin lasts for two weeks. One patient describes how the drug does not calm or sedate nerves, but instead attacks from so deep inside you, you cannot locate the source of the pain. “The drugs turn your nerves in upon yourself. Against your will, your resistance, your resolve, are directed at your own tissues, your own muscles, reflexes, etc..” The patient continues, “The pain grinds into your fiber, your vision is so blurred you cannot read. You ache with restlessness, so that you feel you have to walk, to pace. And then as soon as you start pacing, the opposite occurs to you, you must sit and rest. Back and forth, up and down, you go in pain you cannot locate. In such wretched anxiety you are overwhelmed because you cannot get relief even in breathing.””

“The pain grinds into your fiber….”

This, is what they call “treatment”.

This concludes the first part of the Background of Camarillo State Mental Hospital. Further information on electro-magnetic weapons (also called Psychotronics), and more on Mathews talking about these weapons back in 1797, is in Appendix below.



This series is my way of honoring my mother.

It will also serve to show others out there, that Evil can be defeated and that:



Dedicated to my mother, Barbara Ann Freeman.



By Virginia McClaughry

– All Rights Reserved –
The Man Who Murdered My Mother Series:

The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Introduction
The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Camarillo State Hospital
The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Camarillo State Hospital: First Hand Accounts
The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Camarillo’s Demons and Ghouls
The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Camarillo Scourges of Humanity
The Man Who Murdered My Mother – MKULTRA And Drug Kickbacks
The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Definition of Murder and Drugs That Destroy.

Appendix A


Excerpt from article: 200 Years of “Mind Control”

One case from London was James Matthews, who said he was being influenced by an implant in his head by a gang using a weird electromagnetic device. This group, one of many, he called the Air Loom Gang, and among the tortures they inlicted on him were implanting thoughts (‘kiteing’), stopping him from speaking (‘fluid locking), cutting his circulation (‘sudden death squeezing) and brain lengthening which would ’cause good sense to appear as insanity, and convert truth to libel’.

Sounds like something you might see on the internet today, right?

Except there’s one small thing.

THIS WAS IN 1810!!!

“The case was described in 1810 by John Haslam, the apothecary at the notorious Bedlam correctly the Bethlehem Hospital , the original lunatic asylum. This was the first ever full length clinical description of a single patient, one apparently suffering from delusions of control.”

Except he wasn’t insane.

He was put there for the same reason most people are put in mental hospitals today.

Because he knew things, and was talking.

Mathews was put there on the orders of Lord Liverpool, the Home Office minister, who Matthews had accused of being part of a nefarious plot.

Matthews had been negotiating a peace settlement with France and had been betrayed, when his mission to Paris failed the French threw him into prison.

The account by Haslam concerning Mathews was titled: Illustrations of Madness: Exhibiting a Singular Case of Insanity and it was intended to prove that Matthews really was insane for what he was saying about the Air Loom.

Apparently though, this public book was more of a PR maneuver, because Matthews kept his own notes on his treatment, notes which found their way to a committee investigating Bedlam some time after his death. The committee, based largely on Mathews accounts, dismissed Haslam and ordered that patients should be treated more humanely in future.

Mathews was right about Lord Liverpool’s character. He became Prime Minister. His fine approach to dealing with those who would expose his evil designs, included the Peterloo Massacre, the Cato Street Conspiracy – a plot to kill the king which was actually a set-up by a government spy — and the Derbyshire Insurrection, which was also incited by government agents provocateur.

Since obviously Matthews was the victim of a plot, what about the mind-control machine he called the Air Loom?

Mathews drew pictures of it, and he said that it sent out invisible magnetic rays which influenced a magnet implanted in his head.

The article author attempts to say that Matthews “was trying to describe advanced technology in an age before the discovery electromagnetic radiation or the electrical nature of the nervous system — and that way surely lies madness.”

“…or the electrical nature of the nervous system”

BEFORE the discovery? I beg to differ!! Even a cursory glance at history (what we are allowed to know of it) shows that as far back as 1791, the electrical nature of the nervous system was already known.

From The Dark History of Schizophrenia – Origin of the Term

In 1791, Luigi Galvani published his discovery of bioelectricity, demonstrating that electricity was the medium by which nerve cells passed signals to the muscles.

Similarly as to how far back, electromagnetism the unity of electric and magnetic phenomena was recognized due to Hans Christian Ørsted and André-Marie Ampère back in 1820!!

Concurrently, the concept of the electric field was introduced by Michael Faraday in 1821.

So here is Mathews in circa 1797 when he was committed, talking about all this, and actually, the discoveries that are officially credited to Orsted and Ampere, were known over 20 years earlier, so Mathews was not “mad”.

He was right.

Right about that, and about Lord Liverpool, and that’s why they put him away.

For those interested, a little more backstory about Mathews:

In the early 1790s, concerned at the likelihood of war between Britain and France, Matthews travelled to France with the radical David Williams who was acquainted with such Girondists as Jacques Pierre Brissot and Le Brun. Williams made efforts at mediation which failed, whereupon Matthews took the lead. Despite the eccentricity of his statements, he gained the trust of the French government for a short time.

On 2 June 1793 the Girondists were displaced by the Jacobins and Matthews fell under suspicion for his Girondist associations and also because he was suspected of being a double agent. He was arrested and imprisoned for three years during the height of The Terror until 1796 when the French authorities concluded that he was a lunatic and released him.

Returning to London, Matthews wrote two letters to Lord Liverpool, in which he accused the Home Secretary of treason and complained about conspiracies directed against his life. After interrupting a debate in the House of Commons by shouting “Treason” at Lord Liverpool from the Public Gallery, he was arrested and held in a secure workhouse in Tothill Fields, Westminster before being admitted to the Bethlem (Bedlam) psychiatric hospital on 28 January 1797. Upon examination he declared that he had taken part in secret affairs of state (referring to his efforts in France), but had been betrayed and abandoned by William Pitt’s administration.

Top Secret Program Hidden in Plain View?

Was Artificial Telepathy developed by the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, Homeland Security, NASA or the U. S. military?

This question unreasonably assumes that a single agency or laboratory could research and develop such an exotic weapon all alone. It’s much more reasonable to assume that all of these agencies have combined forces. They’ve probably hidden their secret weapon in plain sight: Under the aegis of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program.

See the JNLWP’s home page at:
For a brief history of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program,see:

The Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program would provide perfect cover for an Artificial Telepathy program for several reasons.

First, an Artificial Telepathy weapon would naturally fall into the category of Non-Lethal Weapons. Artificial Telepathy is a weapon, but it does not kill. In fact, Artificial Telepathy is a perfect match for several of the core mission applications of Non-Lethal Weapons, namely: Counter-Personnel Operations, Crowd Control, Operations Other Than War (OOTW), Electronic Warfare, Information Operations, and Psychological Operations.


Second, as a weapons system, Artificial Telepathy requires the combination of Directed Energy Weapons (weapons that direct laser, microwave, millimeter wave and infrared energy at targets), high-tech sensors, space-based platforms and supercomputers capable of simulating the behavior of a human brain. The laboratories that serve JNLWP provide all of that. For an overview of the jaw-dropping capabilities of the labs that support the JNLWP, see the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Links page at:

Third, the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program brings together weapons scientists from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and all branches of the U.S. military – Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. The JNLWP is headquartered at Quantico, VA, home of the FBI training academy. What better place to base an inter-service mind control program?

Fourth, as a joint military-civilian program, the JNLWP provides the perfect means for sharing military weapons technology with law enforcement agencies. The military has no legal right to perform domestic surveillance operations, but the Department of Justice (which oversees the FBI) does. With the help of the FBI and other law enforcement intelligence units, the JNLWP can take military personnel from the Special Operations Division, “sheepdip” them (that is, put them in civilian clothes with valid law enforcement credentials) and send them to work zapping people under the guise of counterintelligence or counterterrorism operations.

Finally, evidence from the open literature suggests that those military scientists most strongly associated with the research of Artificial Telepathy are also very strongly associated with Non-Lethal Weapons. For example, Lt. Col. John Alexander, a man notorious for his telepathy experiments at Psi-Tech, was until 1995 Los Alamos National Laboratory’s manager of non-lethal defense research. He has also been instrumental in organizing three Non-Lethal Weapons conventions.

Likewise, Dr. William L. Baker, Chief Scientist at the Directed Energy Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base, NM has reported that his lab plans to build anti-personnel weapons based on “cognitive engineering.” The result may be a wide range of Non-Lethal Weapons with human effects similar to those associated with Artificial Telepathy.

See David Hambling’s article “Air Force Plan: Hack Your Nervous System” at:

See Dr. Baker’s description of “Controlled Personnel Effects” here:

“For the Controlled Personnel Effects capability, the S&T panel explored the potential for targeting individuals with nonlethal force, from a militarily useful range, to make selected adversaries think or act according to our needs. . . . By studying and modeling the human brain and nervous system, the ability to mentally influence or confuse personnel is also possible. Through sensory deception, it may be possible to create synthetic images, or holograms, to confuse an individual’ s visual sense or, in a similar manner, confuse his senses of sound, taste, touch, or smell.”

Dr. Baker’s laboratory, the , serves as one of the core research facilities used by the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate.

See their home page: AFRL controls a vast array of exotic laser and microwave weapons, and it has its very own Space Directorate and satellite system. The AFRL’s Directed Energy Directorate has a budget of more than $300 million per year. In other words, the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program could certainly ask AFRL to launch an Artificial Telepathy program, and AFRL has the capabilities to do so.

Air Force Research Laboratory


• Synthetic Telepathy Patent 6587729 “Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect”

• Flanagan, GP “Nervous System Excitation Device” 7/16/68

• Puharich, HK and Lawrence, JL “Hearing Systems” 12/21/71

• Malech, RG “Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brainwaves” 4/20/76

• Stocklin, PL “Hearing Device” 8/22/89

• Brunkan, WB “Hearing System” 10/31/89

• Mardirossian, A “Communication system and method including brainwave analysis and/or use of brain activity” 1/4/00


• Microwave Auditory Effect – Wikipedia Article

• MEDUSA Microwave Auditory Effect Gun

• Synthetic Telepathy – Army Grants $4 million to UC-Irvine for Brainwave Messaging Research

• Discovery Channel – Helmet to Send Messages by Thought

• TIME – The Army’s Totally Serious Mind Control Project

• CNN – Military Wants To Study Mind Reading

• Washington Post Article on Voice Hearers

• Threat of Information, Electromagnetic, and Psychotronic Warfare

• The Secret Weapon in Action?

• Mind Power News – Article Library

• MCRAIS Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Information Service

• S.M.A.R.T. Ritual Abuse Newsletter

• The Sunshine Project


Return of the Dragon: Hazards of Man-Made Magnetism Parts 1-4 by David Yarrow

Mind Control: The Ultimate Brave New World, Parts 1 and 2 by Nick Begich, MD

The Mind Has No Fire Wall by Timothy L. Thomas, Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly

Transmission of Microwave-Induced Intercranial sound to the Inner Ear by Ronald L. Seaman, Mckesson Bioservices Corporation at Wrair US Army Medical Research Detachment.

ABC News Special Mission Mind Control 1979 An ABC News Special about the human mind and experiments in mind control.

HR 2977: Space Preservation Act of 2001
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The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Introduction
The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Camarillo State Hospital: First Hand Accounts
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Good gawd:

"My prior reputation as a deprogrammer that did work on some alleged kidnap cases prior to 1992 is what is creating the phony panic among Jadczyk's cult members at this time."

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"I haven't been caught kidnapping and/or raping innocent people in 20 years, so there's nothing to worry about"

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Good gawd:

"My prior reputation as a deprogrammer that did work on some alleged kidnap cases prior to 1992 is what is creating the phony panic among Jadczyk's cult members at this time."

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A really nice man this "soon to be ex-wife" hooked up with - lovely company to keep.

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Guardian said:
anart said:
A really nice man this "soon to be ex-wife" hooked up with - lovely company to keep.

It just amazes me how people can't accept that someone chooses to leave a relationship for their own reasons.

I feel I should give the group a heads up. Recently, after a 20 year relationship, I decided to leave Verizon and go with Sprint.

It's possible Verizon could hire Szimhart to blame the Fellowship for my decision and try to deprogram my sim card.


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Guardian said:
It just amazes me how people can't accept that someone chooses to leave a relationship for their own reasons.

I feel I should give the group a heads up. Recently, after a 20 year relationship, I decided to leave Verizon and go with Sprint.

It's possible Verizon could hire Szimhart to blame the Fellowship for my decision and try to deprogram my sim card.

Did you discuss it with any one before, even if only with your dog or goat? Then it would surely qualify as conspiracy and brainwashing!


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Possibility of Being said:
Did you discuss it with any one before, even if only with your dog or goat? Then it would surely qualify as conspiracy and brainwashing!

Oh no! I sure did, I went on the Sprint forum and chatted with other users to see if they were happy with the unlimited data package before I switched.

It gets worse. I recently switched from Angel Soft to the more expensive Scott Toilet Tissue because I got tired of tiny little balls of toilet paper getting stuck in my butt crack.

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There are several 501(c)(3) entries for the C.A.N., all of them semi-defunct, only one of them has filed F990s during the past 10 years. At least it threw out some more names:
(first row field names)
"363836690";"CULT AWARENESS NETWORK";"<NULL>";"PO BOX 5935";"AKRON";"OH";"44372-5935";"NORTHEAST OHIO"
"237396030";"CULT AWARENESS NETWORK INC";"<NULL>";"41 GERSHOM PL";"KINGSTON";"PA";"18704-4808";"<NULL>"
[b]"363849553";"CULT AWARENESS NETWORK ASSOCIATES GROUP RETURN";"<NULL>";"2421 W PRATT STE 1173";"CHICAGO";"IL";"60645-4621";"<NULL>"[/b]

Possibly related (Two of above with changed name and registration)
--> F990 (2004) _

Possibly related  (same/similar address)

Theatre Club Chicago‎ / Chuck Sussman
2421 West Pratt Boulevard STE 740
Chicago, IL 60645
(773) 508-4894

That address, 2421 West Pratt Boulevard, is in a dilapidated neighborhood with all boarded up street-level shops. The one which I bolded is the only one apparently not defunct as of August 2012.

Second thing, there was a "Grainger Foundation" (EIN 366192971) mentioned as donor of $2000 to C.A.N. some years back. It is a $200M charity org linked to a company, Grainger Inc, which is traded on NYSE and has annual sales of about $8Bn and is an internaitonal conglomerate of about 90 distinct corporate entities. This company has three 501(c)(9) employee benefit orgs attached to it, they all have a director named "Philip M West" (Name similarity - possibly a relative of Jolyon West ???) and who takes in an atrocious amount of money from his function in said orgs according to how I understand their F990s. One of the directors of the Company is/was also director of two pharma companies called PathoCapital and PathoGenesis. The Grainger Foundation appears to belong in the "Krishtian" US political milieu, and it looks like many other "foundations" I've seen named after some moneyed family: a significant part of the families assets parked in that org and money given to various charitable causes probably for tax reasons (cf. Bill Gates Foundation) and which always buys influence in or relative to a certain milieu (my interpretation).

Thats all for now.


The Living Force
A forum member just sent me this, and I think we need to make it public right away. Randall Floyd is a Board Member at MCES and the Chief of Police at Telford Borough Police Department.

I bet it's a whole lot easier to commit people to MCES against their will when you have a Police Chief on your board? I'd like to know how much Board Members are compensated, both salary and "expenses"?

It looks to me like Montgomery County Emergency Services (MCES) has a pretty sweet scam going here.

Szimhart convinces (hypnotizes?) someone's family that there's something wrong with their loved one because they've chosen a Spiritual path Szimhart doesn't approve of, then all he's got to do is call the police and have the person committed to a mental institution Szimhart and the Police Chief work for.

Now Szimhart doesn't have to kidnap people himself anymore, he can just lay the fake foundation and have the cops do it.

Randall Floyd, age 51
Relatives: Donna L. Hallman Floyd, 52. Courtney M. Floyd, Kimberly Floyd
Kulp Road
Harleysville, PA
Address History
Harleysville, PA
Souderton, PA
Telford, PA


Randall S. Floyd
Chief of Police / Education Professional
Randall S. Floyd's Overview
• Chief of Police at Telford Borough Police Department
• Owner / Senior Consultant at Professional Protection Concepts, LLC
• Adjunct Professor at Bob Randall Associates, Inc.
• Eastern University
• FBI National Academy
200 connections
Randall S. Floyd's Summary
Law Enforcement and Educational Professional
Randall S. Floyd's Experience
Chief of Police
Telford Borough Police Department
2010 – Present (2 years)
25 Year Law Enforcement Career
Previous Positions Held:
Juvenile Officer
Owner / Senior Consultant
Professional Protection Concepts, LLC
2007 – Present (5 years)
"Offering Crime Prevention Solutions Through Training and Consultation"
Adjunct Professor
Bob Randall Associates, Inc.
2000 – Present (12 years)
Instruct graduate level courses to K-12 educators in the following subject areas:

Child Abuse
Domestic Violence
Protecting Children Online
Juvenile Justice
Randall S. Floyd's Skills & Expertise
1. Public Speaking
2. Security
3. Conflict Resolution
4. Public Relations
5. Higher Education
6. Hostage / Crisis Negotiation
7. Classroom Instruction
8. Community Relations
9. Community Service
10. Community Involvement
11. Professional Experience
12. Classroom
Randall S. Floyd's Organizations
• Harleysville Rotary Club
Past President
• Souderton Mennonite Church
• Police Chiefs Association of Montgomery County
• Bucks County Police Chiefs Association
• Southeast Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association
• Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association
Randall S. Floyd's Volunteer Experience & Causes
• Volunteer Experience
o Mission Director
Rotaplast International, Inc.
 Health
Offering free reconstructive surgery to children suffering from cleft lip and cleft palate
Member - Board of Directors
Keystone Opportunity Center
 Social Services
o Member - Board of Directors
Montgomery County Emergency Services
 Health
o Member - Consultant
Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth Multi-discipline Team
 Social Services
o Member of the Friends Committee (Fundraising)
Bucks County Child Advocacy Center
 Children
January 2010 – present (3 years)
• Volunteer Interests
o Causes I care about:
 Children
 Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
 Education
 Health
 Human Rights
 Pro-Life
o Organizations I support:
 Mennonite Disaster Service
 Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center
 Bucks County Chid Advocacy Center
 Rotaplast International
Randall S. Floyd's Certifications
• Crisis Intervention Specialist (CIS)
o Montgomery County Emergency Service
• Internet Safety Certified Trainer (ISCT)
o Pennsylvania Commision on Crime and Delinquency
• Cerified Fraud Specialist (CFS)
o Association of Certified Fraud Specialists
o License 762
Randall S. Floyd's Education
Eastern University
MBA, Management
1999 – 2000
FBI National Academy
191st Session
1997 – 1997
Activities and Societies: Section 5
Randall S. Floyd's Additional Information
Hunting, fishing, service trips
Groups and Associations:

FBI National Academy Associates

Law Enforcement Recruitment

Official Rotary International Group

The Society of Police Futurists International

Thin Blue Line Network
Contact Randall S. for:
• consulting offers
• job inquiries
• expertise requests
• business deals
• reference requests
• getting back in touch
View Randall S. Floyd’s full profile to...
• See who you and Randall S. Floyd know in common
• Get introduced to Randall S. Floyd
• Contact Randall S. Floyd directly


The Living Force
I just read this on Szimhart's slander site, and about fell out of my chair laughing. Since MCES is run by Catholics, Jews, and at least one Mennonite...those are considered "Healthy Cults"

Healthy cult formation has far less tension with the outside world, thus a member can quit without the panic and anxiety. For example, Catholics and Jews generally have far less problems drifting in and out of and back in to their traditional faiths than does anyone that has had the misfortune of believing in Laura Knight Jadczyk's "experiment" as the cult likes to call its agenda.

Oh yeah, no "panic and anxiety" if someone leaves the Catholic or Jewish cults, their family just ostracizes them and their soul is damned problem.

Hey Laura, since you are now apparently the "most enlightened person on earth." according to Szimhart, can you please tell me what would happen if I decided to quit the Fellowship, and say...become a Methodist? Yes, yes, I know I'd never hear the end of it from my Heathen and Pagan friends...but I'm talking about this group right now.

Would I have to stop posting on the forum? Would yawl stop being my "friends" as Szimhart puts it in quotes? Could I still use all your kewl research?
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