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I watched an interview with Jackowski on his friend’s YouTube channel (the guy is somewhat popular due to his entertaining political commentaries) about the series of predictions for 2021. The next year is symbolic for him (as 2019 was “the last normal year”), he does not know if the symbol refers to some location or if it is some military intervention or not, but he associates 2021 with a “cloud of dust and then silence”. I guess a lot of us can interpret that as some event that belongs to the earth changes category.

The host asked about mandatory vaccinations. Jackowski did a short vision, and responded, that there will be discovery, that the virus “leaves something permanent” in many people who have had it. Something that can become dangerous over the years. A lot of young people will be registering in some kind of registration points (don’t know if he was talking about Poland specifically).
Not all European countries will be having mandatory vaccinations. In the case of Poland, there will be very serious social and legal objections (he sees “a man dressed in something white” as a symbol, and places the protests around March). The government will hesitate with the jabs because of the legal consequences and media pressure. There will be big protests in Poland, people gathered in circles (?).

Honestly, I didn’t know what his point was about the upcoming economic crisis in Poland, he argued with the host that seems to be a lot more informed in that regard, so I’ll skip that part.

Let’s see how the events will unfold, and how accurate his predictions are.


The Force is Strong With This One
Jackowski recently did some interesting live session on his YouTube channel. His speciality is "remote viewing" he uses to help finding dead bodies (commisioned by the families, and somtimes by the police). In yesterday's session he tried to sense Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki. He gave a lot of interesting information relevant mainly for Polish people. One thing that he added into 2021's menu is big economic crisis originating from the USA. He also gave some date: 14th of June, but he does not know if it corresponds to the start of the crisis or something else.

For the next session he will try to do "remote viewing" on Merkel. Guess it will be entertaining to watch :)


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From my perspective, I am cautious of the prophecy, the future is open. In fact, nothing is permanent, and thinking that a prophecy has a date, etc. It can cause attachment to that date, event, etc. By blocking what may happen a bit as if we were doing things based on knowledge, things just every day. From my perspective, if you read information on e.g., you can also predict crises, because covid, etc. Hunger because less food, etc.
@Lucius Indeterministic future (more or less confirmed by science currently in opposition to old deterministic view of the universe) doesn't restrict the view of possible futures. I imagine this the way that some people (like Jackowski for example) may have such insights and what they see is one of the future with most probability to occur. For example they may see many possible futures but strongest pictures are the ones that at the time of 'insighting' are most possible.
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