Laura's commentary on "From Paul to Mark", Religion & Hyperdimensional Realms

Thank you so much Laura for the brilliant discussion on The Kingdom of God, and your book. We can never have enough reminders or wake up calls. I find it absolutely amazing all the clues you found hidden in front of our very eyes. It can never be sufficient to read such books just once, they need at be studied and revisited again and again, and read with the eyes of a detective!

Now I appreciate why I always choose a crime drama to watch, alongside my nature programmes ;-)
Thank you very much for making this video available. I already bought "From Paul to Mark" but i borrowed the book. Now i'm really looking forward to reading it myself as soon as my friend has finished it.

I have an idea for a more or less more modern way of saying "The Kingdom of God".
That is "Lover of Truth" and the opposite "Lover of Lies".
Thank you Laura! I enjoy your writing and this way of explaining is simply brilliant. So much cross references to the Work, I have to admit that I forgot about this part of the book.
Thank you for your time in reading and explaining - it is most needed in this times.

And manny thanks to you all who edited and created the video so it is available to all to hear.

the 10 Commandments do not mention, "Thou shall not tell a lie."
I see that in English, the 8. commandment is translated as: „You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.“

This is interesting because in Croatian, this commandments is simply „Do not say false statements.“

So basically, 8. commandment says/is: do not lie.
Thank you @Mari for pointing out the Croatian translation:

This is interesting because in Croatian, this commandments is simply „Do not say false statements.“
When I read the English version, it applies to a particular falsehood, not a blanket statement against all forms of lying:

I see that in English, the 8. commandment is translated as: „You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.“
Many thanks for putting this up. I'm halfway through the book currently and this really helped put things in perspective. Speaking of 'seeing the unseen', sometimes when I'm reading the more dense parts of this book I have to really focus and fight an urge to do something 'easier', or even comfort eating or something like that. It's weird because I almost never feel that way the rest of the time, in fact I feel a drive to be doing something productive at almost all times (including positive dissociation and rest when needed). It's something I am beginning to see as maybe a form of attack, something to observe and not allow too much power. If I persist in reading it is always rewarding and perhaps a victory of sorts over the unseen forces. The battle being through us, as you say.
Thanks for the great video. Really sums up the points relevant to forum members. The book has two aspects: the academic achievement (for specialists) in combing through so much and clarifying as much as possible; and the great insights for forum members and the Work....
I couldn’t help but to smile ear from ear while I listened to Laura break all of this down.

Sometimes I have to shake off the fact that I’m overly enamored that someone has truly spent so much of their time and energy to discover, piece together, document, and understand/make understandable for others the answers to some of life’s most important questions. Not to mention, knowing that she was willing to make the sacrifices she has made and suffered in the ways she has suffered so that we all can grow to know ourselves, our purpose, our history, and ultimately how we can work to grow together in our respective spiritual evolutionary paths is humbling. It’s inspiring beyond syntax, and the gratitude I feel cannot be properly expressed simply through a forum post. 🙏🏼

But with that said, I know now that I must reread “From Paul to Mark” and study it as it was intended to be studied. I feel as if the sheer amount of intellectual grit that went into collecting and writing this body of work must also be applied in fashion while analyzing it in order to truly appreciate and grasp the innumerable gems tucked away in ink and paper for us, just waiting to be discovered for the diligent seeker.

What a blessing we have here.
Now that this has been brought up, it seems crazy that I have not finished FPtM. I found it incredibly difficult to read. It seems many others have had the same experience too. Even other people who have been here for a while, when we all came here for Laura's work originally and have a keen interest in anything she has to say. Pretty weird right?

I chalked it down to me never having any real interest in organised religion, never having read the Bible etc. But maybe there's something else going on here.

When recounting her story, Laura sometimes mentions the time when she was reading UFO books (I think it was that), and it seemed like some invisible force was actively disengaging her from reading it and trying to put her to sleep - like, physically making her tired and fall asleep. She realised that she couldn't trust her own mind.

Recently she urged us to strengthen or minds and used this particular example of the UFO books to show how negative energies or hyperdimensional forces are always working on your mind, and to push through it. How apt for this situation.

I will be making an effort to read FPtM now, and I also clearly need to finally read the Bible.
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