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Yumi, do you get up early in the morning in order to plan how to write/say things that are totally off-side and irrelevant to the context?
it's about learning to "beat the measure", the following lessons concern sequencing, for those who are interested.


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I'm still enjoying the keyboards though I don't get to practice as much as I want to, too many other interests on the go. I've treated myself to a cheap synth/organ combo unit so I can just practice meaty sustained chords till I drive my family nuts:evil:. The speakers will be down low, obviously. Anyway the new keyboard should arrive in the post for Monday. It's funny, I had keyboards at various points in my life and never really got into them, but now I'm much more engrossed in them as a hobby. Even when I sound a bit off, I'm still having fun.
Nice! I've been having so much fun all this time since I started. Playing Green onions by Booker T was very rewarding.
I bought Roland Juno DS 61 and love it.
Since quality of my speakers is low, I usually put headphones on and everybody lives peacefully :)


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Funny you mention the Juno DS, as I picked up a Roland keyboard as it happens. Lots of good organ and string sounds, which I tend to enjoy stretching out on. It's also got loads of drum/rhythm tracks, which can be fun to jam along with.

I don't think I'll be rivalling Booker T though, he's a legend.:-)


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A really funny discovery; my new keyboard, a Roland Go Keys, is modelled off the sound bank off the Roland DS. Such a funny coincedence that the two newbies on this instrument are basically following the same sound engine. A geeky observation but I'll make it nevertheless.:-)
Hehe cool, interesting coincidence indeed!
Oh, about Booker T, I don't even think of rivalling him, it's just I loved that song and wanted to play it, so after I managed to learn the piece it was the most rewarding feeling regarding keyboard playing so far.

Oh, I do not know about your music taste in general, but I think this is awesome. I've had so much fun learning and playing this.
Here is the link:


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Thanks for the link, that's another good channel to add on youtube. I like good soul, jazz and funk with those elements being what I listen to keyboard music for. Mostly though my playing seems more suited to ambient electronic sounds, so I just go with the flow.

Getting discipline between my two hands is what I'm mainly concentrating on, just loads of practice before muscle memory kicks in.

I've also got a modelling synth, where you create your own sounds from basic soundwaves, but that was an investment for when I become more competent. I bought it about a year or so back and it's just waiting to be booted up. Should be fun but I'll practice a bit more first.
Getting discipline between my two hands is what I'm mainly concentrating on, just loads of practice before muscle memory kicks in.
That has exactly been my point of focus and there are definitely a lot of levels for this matter, one can make progress in. Interesting journey it is


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I've found this site quite interesting - Flowkey. They have a little app so you can select parts of a song and play it on loop. You can play right or left hand, slow the song down or use the "wait mode" with your mic so the app only progresses with the song when you hit the right keys. I've only tried the free songs so far but it seems helpful being able to play a song on automatic loop. There's a subscription service if you want access to their full library.
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