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Just in case SOTT missed this one by Les Visible at Smoking Mirrors, called My Thoughts are too Dangerous to Speak. It's quite emotional but, oh, so right.

This part, especially, made me feel something:
I am starting to believe that the nation of Israel and those who created it for the purpose it serves today are guilty of worse crimes than even the most imaginative of us have suggested. I am starting to think that whenever this ‘chosen people’ thing got said it was The Devil himself saying it. I am starting to think things that I can never say but I will be goddamned if I don’t connect some dots and have at it with a will while I am still standing.

I have come to the point where I just can’t take it any longer. I just can’t take the ongoing impunity of emptying automatic weapons into nine year old girls. I can’t take the false flag outrages that are blamed on the people being eliminated. I can’t take these odious, blood-sucking swine going on and on and on while the world masturbates in front of its TV set. I just can’t take it.

I suspect that this is the source of the fog I was talking about. I suspect that this is the source of most of the evil that plagues humanity at this time. I realize that the smear machine will come after me. I realize that I’ll be labeled and branded and god knows what else but I don’t care. If I have to live in fear of these forces then I will have to count my life not worth having been lived.
I dunno. This article seems to have a different flavor than the rest of Les' blogs. Given the article's contents, I have to wonder if these 'thoughts too dangerous to speak' are mainly about Judaism, rather than the real source of the problem. I'm sure Les knows about ponerology, although he has yet to mention it in his writing. The pain of seeing the reality of the Palestinians is a powerful shock to our system; if we 'see' more than we're able to process, our lower drives will probably grab hold over the remaining energy and use it against our self and others. I wonder if this may have been what partly turned Kaminski to the deep end. If there's not equal work on the self with an accurate knowledge of psychopathic infection, then there's not much use in working for truth; there's no real DOING. I hope this isn't the case with Les, time will tell.
Shane said:
I dunno. This article seems to have a different flavor than the rest of Les' blogs. Given the article's contents, I have to wonder if these 'thoughts too dangerous to speak' are mainly about Judaism, rather than the real source of the problem.
I don't know either, but I did not get this impression from this essay. Indignant outrage would seem justifiable, given the horror of the objective reality of the situation. It seems that it might generate more real work than the alternative... impotent hopelessness.

Les is stating nothing, in this piece, so I feel, that has not been said many times and in many ways right here at SOTT. Les is embarking on a path that Laura, Ark and the Signs team have already been down. He will hopefully learn well that path's lessons just as they did.
I don't get it. He's right on about everything, but he doesn't mention ponerology once?! I mean - without that piece of the puzzle some of the comments on the blog make sense. A lot of jew-bashing, someone even went so far as to suggest genocide? I mean... if you're gonna rant, at least direct your attention at the problem, not at the mask the problem wears in order to cloak itself... that's exactly what they want you to do.
Cyre2067 said:
I mean... if you're gonna rant, at least direct your attention at the problem, not at the mask the problem wears in order to cloak itself... that's exactly what they want you to do.
Not just want you to do, that's what they'll actively try to manipulate you into doing. He got the smearing part right, but I wonder how much he knows about the more insidious attacks - people who seem to also "get it" just like he does and seem to empathize with him, but will actually work to subtly shove him away from the real problem. Is his desire to Know the truth stronger than his emotional urge to DO something or identify the problem prematurely (before he has all the data and has a firmly rooted objective understanding of the situation)? If not, he can be vulnerable to derailment right about now.
Rabelais said:
Shane said:
I dunno. This article seems to have a different flavor than the rest of Les' blogs. Given the article's contents, I have to wonder if these 'thoughts too dangerous to speak' are mainly about Judaism, rather than the real source of the problem.
I don't know either, but I did not get this impression from this essay. Indignant outrage would seem justifiable, given the horror of the objective reality of the situation. It seems that it might generate more real work than the alternative... impotent hopelessness.

Les is stating nothing, in this piece, so I feel, that has not been said many times and in many ways right here at SOTT. Les is embarking on a path that Laura, Ark and the Signs team have already been down. He will hopefully learn well that path's lessons just as they did.
It wasn't the outrage that seemed 'off' to me but I suppose that it seemed directed at ideology made me raise an eyebrow (and that he left his thoughts a little bit open to interpretation in a very sticky topic also raised concern). Don't get me wrong, Zionism has probably holds the title of 'most effective virus' in the development of the Western world but it's still a mask. Someone wrote a comment to Les' article about ponerology, and Les' response gives an answer as to why he hasn't written about it:

Anonymous said...

Psychopaths - the 6% of the population that have no capability to feel empathy and have worked their way into positions of power in most organizations of this planet - such as governments and corporations. No race is to blame, no country is to blame, no political philosophy is to blame. All such things are simply used by psychopaths in order to achieve their goals - Israel and U.S. just happen to be at the forefront of such activity today.

But as you may know, historically many different countries, political ideologies, races, and philosophies (from religious to atheistic, from communist to democratic, and everything else) have been used to serve the psychopaths and to inflict immeasurable suffering and hardship on all of humanity.

I urge you to please read this book: "Political Ponerology: The Scientific Study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes" by Andrew M. Lobaczewski. It is available here: http://www.qfgpublishing.com/product_info.php?products_id=54

The book addresses the real root of this issue instead of directing its focus on any particular "mask" that is used by psychopaths to hide themselves behind. Much of the study conducted by the author is from his experiences in Nazi Germany, and it goes in great depth to understand how the psychopathic mind works, why it is able to fool and manipulate "normal" people (non-psychopaths), and how they have always been able to do what they continue to do politically and in every other aspect of our lives.
Don't get me wrong, it is vital to observe how such masks are operating in the world in order to understand how the pathological mind functions. As such, understanding Israel's genocide of Palestinians, the lies, and everything else that occurs is very important. However, it is also important to understand the true root of the issue in order to be able to know what can be done about it. As with any disease, one must study the disease and NOT just the symptoms in order to be able to cure it. For all of history psychopaths hid behind those symptoms, and as humanity blamed one symptom or another, the root problem never went away - which is why the world is still firmly under their control.

As with anything else, in order to understand this one must research and study it thoroughly - collect all the data and make sure that your understanding fits all available data. Remember - knowledge protects, but ignorance endangers.

6:34 PM
Blogger Visible said...

My copy of Political Ponerology sits within reach of my left hand as I write this
Les Visible on Mike Rivero GCN network, April, 12, 2008

(Mike Rivero) Please welcome my Guest this morning because I was looking to having this individual on the show for some time. For those of you who read my website whatreallyhappened.com or indeed a number of the patriot movement websites, you are probably finding yourselves referred to a blog called smokingmirrors.blogspot.com which has some of the best written articles on the internet. It is my pleasure to welcome to the show today the author of those articles Les Visible. And Les, Aloha! Thank you for joining the show.

(Les) Oh thank you, Mike! As you probably know you are one of my heroes, so this is a big charge for me.

(Mike) Oh, well, then… do you truly …believe…thank you.

(Les) That’s true.

(Mike) First of all Aloha to a fellow at least former Hawaiian and I guess it’s a kind of a sign of the global sign of a global electronic village - here I am New Hampshire farm kid now I am living in Hawaii and you used to live in Hawaii, now you are in Italy we are both online talking to a control room in Minnesota which is then forwarding our conversation to whoever knows where it’s going…
Looking at your background Les, you are just that incredibly powerful character and it does reflect in your writing, because I know a lot of people who claim to be writers, I know lot of people who are paid to be writers; and they have never got here into the world and really live. And consequently it really does show in a final writing that you have really been out there an you have done a lot of sub… Before we go into current events, would you just give us a real brief self-biography here?

(Les) Ha, I was born…

(Mike) The parts they can’t prosecute you for!

(Les) Well, let’s see…I had been in a lot of troubles with the laws… would you like to talk about?

(Mike) No, not. Let’s stay away from the things where they can come after you Hawaii

Did you do a band here in Hawaii and that kind of thing?

(Les) Yes, I did. The Critical List in my playhoods… but did you know about the Bird Man?

(Mike) I heard but I never had a pleasure of meeting him.

(Les) He is thebfellow of the Perts in Maui. He is a great talent and he Franklin Russel and myself had a band together called The Critical List, Les Visible and The Critical list. We did four albums of socio-political set along lines of Frank Zappa, Crash Chest Domies, Orange Zevan, that sort of thing. And…

(Mike) So, what do you do in Italy these days besides, you know, watching the sun come up well when your kids go down over to Mediterranean?

(Les) I try to stay alive, Mike. Basically the thing is the world is moved into a very dark and desperate place. and It’s my feeling that’s it’s like a cinder box and it might go into a closet at any moment. I wanted to put myself in a place with my loved ones, my old dog is here… and in a place where whatever did happen there was a possibility that wasn’t if I hadn’t been here because not a whole lot I can do you know globally. You know, what I mean there is a lot of madness going on here…

(Mike) I am going to take an issue with that because I think your writings have had a tremendous impact on getting people to really confront what’s really going on. Now whether or not you and I will materially affect the ultimate outcome, I think it is safe to say the your writings have had a tremendous impact and I know you admire me for what I am doing at
Whatreallyhappened.com. I admire your writings because you have a tendency to put a perspective on the current events that really makes it easy for a lot of people to tend to grasp the totality of what is going on. One of the things that I love about your writing is the way that your mind hops from what would be very desperate concepts and positions and paradigms and pull them together into this worldview. And it’s very entertaining to read it and because it’s entertaining more people will read it and that’s makes it very effective communication. And so obviously you know I’m going to bounce you that you continue to write…

(Les) Well, no, I appreciate what you are saying there and I hope that’s true, honestly; but what I meant to say is I guess I was not so precise as I should have been. Good, maybe I have some impact on people, God, I hope I do. You know, there are forces that have impacts on me and I hope I can get out of the way of them and allow them to continue to impact other people. However there is a sense of destiny in the world right now, there are thousands of tanks, there are planes in the air, there are forces massing, there are bankers and their sicker grooms that are drawing up little contracts that involve the lives of millions of people. My capacity to reach into all of these different areas and to effect those in terms of stopping their machinations is not so great. And so… to get back to why I am in Italy - it was to pull myself in a quite place. I can’t take the franticness of urban reality. It seems to me that the world has gone mad on some levels.

(Mike) I would tend to completely agree with you on that part of it. One of the reasons my wife and i are here in Hawaii and off the us mainland is pretty much the same thinking.
Sort of stuff we don’t need to get into the details there.

(Les) Right

(Mike) Of course now we are overlooking Pearl Harbor which means if John McCain does provoke a war with Russia and China which your headlines are saying today…

(Les) Really?

(Mike) Really in a white flash and we are going to that afterwards…We have this one…Well.

(Les) You know, Mike, I mean, there are a lot of possibilities because Sarajevo could be anywhere now. There is no telling where Sarajevo, the metaphorical Sarajevo, might be. The crucial bullet, the turning of the head, honking of a car horn, the dog barking, all of the things that dovetail together to create the moment of impact that is the moment in which the critical mass is reached to shake it to dungs so to speak

(Mike) Don’t say that word on this radio, I am sorry

(Les) OK sorry… OK. The dung is …

(Mike) We can use dung in maneuver, we can’t use the other one

(Les) All right, OH, Jesus, I thought that was probably OK, but this... All right, well…

(Mike) I am getting words from the control room saying ‘no no no no’ we can’t do that. And now we get actual in the show across America we have to be very very careful in what we say.

(Les) OK, you know, we can do what the Zionists do and I can say ‘I didn’t actually say that’.

(Mike) I didn’t hear it either.

(Les) It didn’t actually occur.

(Mike) But you are absolutely right. It does seem way too many - they like to call themselves movers and shakers and I don’t like being shaken myself - But there does seem to be that huge conglomerate of interests who are looking into a new global war as the way to get out of their problems, to improve their station, to realign the boundaries, to maybe get rid of surplus population that they don’t need

(Les) Yeah

(Mike) Yeah and it I looked back at the previous world wars as kind of this mutual cooperative depopulation mechanisms. And of course one of the things at the end of world war I despite all the people that we lost, all of a sudden we get that sudden Spanish flu that shows up and it’s not really from Spain, it’s from a US military base.

(Les) Right

(Mike) In South they heard a little bit more. So we are here with food rides for the sixth day we are talking about. We are talking about food shortages which have been amplified by a bio fuel situation, the US economy is poised at the edge of a cliff and President Bush and the Federal reserve are behind all this showing as hard As they can I mean

(Les) It certainly

(Mike) It does seem like we are being pushed into a new era of crisis and global war; and it is frightening to contemplate because I obviously view the world from the level of ordinary everyday people. I really have a hard time grasping what it’s like to be a person who views a huge population as a gaming chip that I am willing to wager and hazard on a contest with another player just to waste lives of millions away to maybe move a borderline

(Les) Are you familiar with the book called Ponerology?

(Mike) No I am not.

(Les) Ok it’s a fascinating book on the nature of evil. And you can learn a lot about from signs-of the times website They are connected with this and I think they published the book. And what it is is that 6% of our population are psychopaths. And…

(Mike) We need to hold here because we have got to stop because of the commercials,
our people, our 6%. We will be back with Les Visible and psychopaths and sociopaths after these.


(Mike) And Aloha! Welcome back to our show. Our guest today is Les Visible and very interesting stories. Before we went to the brake we were talking about the percentage of the human population who are psychopaths. And I would like to add with that obviously a big problem with our, at least within our own government here of the United States, is the higher percentage of sociopaths, who are in there, who are very effective at line because they feel no guilt whatsoever when they do it, and they don’t give up any of their little subliminal clues that people would pick up on them to know when somebody is being dishonest and that makes them very very dangerous people indeed. So, with the full recognition that nobody can lock me after being crazy and on the other hand if I was already in, I would have a very hard time getting out, please continue and tell us about the nature of evil.

(Les) Well, that to say that’s a very mysterious and dark area that sometimes works a long touch. However I can say this. The problem for the ordinary individual and understanding them is that they possess the heart and a conscience. You possess the heart and a conscience. You have a natural empathy for your fellows. You are, you now, you feel things and things happen to other people and you have a certain range of emotions that you experience. That’s what makes you human. They don’t have this. OK? They don’t feel any of these things at all. And how could anyone saying ‘look back at what happened’ in our last five years and stand shocked or stirring at the ugly behavior of these vicious psychopaths? Where they did come from?
They crolled up out of the storm drain somewhere in the night, or fabricate flash suits out of the gas, people were passing on planes and trains and buses and sports arenas? Do they appear somewhere? I don’t know but there they are and they have chosen this time of history to appear. So that means we have to go into another thing that kind of connects to this. The psychopaths are very bad indeed, but they don’t really have that very much power without the willing assistance of individuals who cater to them in exchange for a little celebrity, some money, and safety from the storm, whatever the case would be. And that’s why, you know, I have real problems with people like Chomsky, and Palast, and Raimundo, and DailyKos. They write long about everything about what really happened, and they are complicit in all the murders because they don’t tell the truth, and they know. Believe me, they know. Of all people how could Chomsky not know? Is he some kind of genius, doesn’t he have as many research assistants as humbler Allen Dershowitz? I mean isn’t this field to know what is happening and to dissect it for our benefit? I can’t give these people a pass. This subject fudges and there are omissions that permitted the game to go on, and they have a lot of blame to fall upon people and our religion that have nothing to do with them. And the complicity of the common person and all the people who want a little bit of a [?] on themselves they rather be the person within the club than the person the club is being wielded upon. And that’d how you get your shock troops from people that armies of the willing that serve these evil minds.

(Mike) You know, in the movie Blade Runner which I did a little work with, when I was in [Maine] many many years ago there is one line by police captain at the very beginning of the movie and it just stuck with me the moment I heard it it says: ‘You know the score, if you not, [copy] you, little people!’ And it set a telling view of how Ridley Scott saw the future of society. And you are absolutely right. There is a large segment of our population who are willing to get along, to get aid to the evil people because it would give them some advantage, or some money or even something as tenuous as allowing them to feel superior to people around them. And it’s no coincidence that if you look at the kind of people who wind up being FBI informants, which is something I am very familiar with going back to the Vietnam days. They tend to be people who would out their FBI informant link, they would be considered borderline losers, they are insecure, they lack social grace, they are not people who normally would be considered the part of the clicks, but they go associate with FBI, they become informants. All of a sudden they start thinking of themselves as some sort of a little James Bond…

(Les) Robert Ford and Jessie James

(Mike) I am sorry?

(Les) Robert Ford and Jessie James

(Mike) Yeah, exactly. They feel good about themselves. So it comes of no surprise these people get even paid by the FBI, they just do what is called patriotism…

(Les) Hawaii

(Mike) It’s really about ego. They want to feel like they are important.

(Les) Many of us are trapped in there…

(Mike) I was going to say: Stalin used to call them the useful idiots

(Les) Yea, the useful idiots, exactly. You know, the sheer spectacle of last eight years is just breathtaking and getting right back to what we were talking here. People get along who for some reason like there is something in the water, in air, or something subliminal - that massaging of the human mind and keeping them in a state of torpor, so they are unable to brake their minds free of this like… sticky dream stuff, this cotton candy that traps them into this strange world of that television, Las Vegas mind. You have got a serial killer [mad-level?] clown in a White House and he wasn’t legally elected once! You have got a vice-president who refuses to order jets in the air when the nation is attacked and he shoots people on the , say, some hunting trips! Then you get someone to apologize for inconvenience! His former employer banking an enormous sums of money from war that was fabricated on lies! You get erosion of constitution,
freak circuses in airports, who get sorted by goblins for security reasons! I mean, you know, it’s all just madness! It makes no sense and it’s all based on 9/11. It all comes out from 911 which was not done by the people they said it was done by. So, when you think about people who are locked up in Guantanamo, the people in the secret prisons, the people that these horrible things are happening to, it’s being done to them by the people who did the thing they are accused of! You know, it is as Kafka-esque as you couldn’t imagine!

(Mike) It absolutely is! I think for some people… I am going to disagree with you about the degree of [malaisening] of American population. I think it’s very dangerous for anybody, and especially to our government, to confuse silence with consent. My sense of it is that a lot more people are aware and angry about it. They just are afraid to speak out because of all this constant propaganda that the government is watching you, reading your e-mail, and listening to your phone calls. I think for some of the people along with just the fear of making a choice what to do something about it there is almost a sense of unreality, there are a lot…

(Les) That’s what I was trying to say, that is what I meant.

(Mike) Yeah. It’s like a bad dream, they don’t believe our…

(Les) Yeah, it does seem to be real! That I meant by the cotton candy Las Vegas headspaces like there is all this stuff is happening and they see vague mentioning of this on the news but nothing of it is real, like there is a disconnect there! It’s like saying I hit psycho outside your window, you know, I mean, when you are driving by, I mean, you don’t really get the full sense of what may be wrong with this guy or some homeless person, because you just assuming it may be a chicken!

(Mike) Yeah, absolutely. It’s kind of funny watching our mainstream media which is our modern gladiatorial games, because what they call reality TV isn’t! And… they are putting out there to distract us from what the real reality is. We got to stop here and take another brake and again I encourage our listeners to call in and to talk to Les Visible. Our telephone is 866 582 9933. We are going to take a break here we will be back after these words from our sponsors.


(Mike) and Aloha America! Welcome back to our show our guest is Les visible a very prolific wonderful author of the smokingmirrors.blogspot. You have a wonderful writing style.
I find myself envious. I wish I could write the way you do. Again going back to our first segment, how you write is based on how you live; and you definitely had a very colorful life. I am going to digress a little bit from what we were talking about before and without giving away
the actual town or city where you are living, what part of Italy are you currently domiciled then?

(Les) I thank you for prefacing it that way, of course I am going to find some ways of action… I am in the… down in the very southern part of Italy.

(Mike) Ha, you are in the fun part then! Because I was up there in Lombardy. It almost like two Italy’s where…

(Les) Hey, they are indeed!

(Mike) I understand … foreign star for government there again

(Les) Yeah! Right!

(Mike) Well, that’s a candidate I can get behind.

(Les) Yeah!

(Mike) Yes, they are. We double them up here. OK I am getting nasty comments from the control room now

(Les) All right. We didn’t say anything! That’s in their minds!

(Mike) Getting back to the lessons of history and to the remembrance that our President’s grandfather was business partner with what’s his name?... We have all heard about that type of a good German who just went along and helped Hitler became a cliché of somebody who thought of being good while doing incredible evil. It seems like in our society we have the same thing going on. We have a good American who supports the president, no matter what he does, he turns the blind eye on torturing people. You mentioned Kafka before. My image of that of course we have tortured Iraqis to find weapons of mass destruction which didn’t exist! What do you think about Americans? What is going to happen to them?.

(Les) you know, I’m going to have like qualify that in metaphysical terms. You are an atheist, right, Mike?

(Mike) Yes, I thank God

(Les) Anyway, I am anything but… but I am not religious at all. I am not into religions at all, but I have daily experiences of another power, a greater power that surrounds us, that penetrates us as a living force. And it is what is responsible for my ability to write. In fact anything I say or do it’s just matter of me getting out of the way. I am sort of a toreador who dances away from my own bull and somehow the sword is able to penetrate and this sword is one of the light and it then fires up the bull and fuses it for fuel, and the next thing you got warmed. But anyway I believe that my point in bringing all of it up is everything is under control. It’s always has been under control you look you see stars, you see the planets, you see orderly configurations. You look at the sequences of nature, you look at all different cycles that we observe, then natural world… There is the force that holds all of this together and one day science will actually discover this. It is on the verge of it already. And my belief is that every human being is more or less in contact with this, but when they are willfully not in contact with it like when they are a good Germans and when they are good Germans they are moving increasingly into temporal or the materially based. Now, you know, pressure creates heat, right?

(Mike) Right

(Les) OK. Well, when you press a whole lot of people together, people move deep into a materialistic darkness, more and more heat, more fire occurs. And this has a good point too… Hopefully one would hope. But for people moving into that state of darkness unfortunately certain karmas, certain laws apply. For instincts if you live in a particular hurricane zone, you know, you are going to get hurricanes. If you live there, that’s something you have to write factor in. If you are going to live out in a jungle you got to be aware of tigers and other things. There are natural dangers that exist and that is kind of a lifestyle or a place of living. So, when people put them into situation when they have given power, their will to forces which are unfortunately not very life-affirming, they in some way share that destiny; but for people who are moving towards the light I will put it this way: as the world is being thorn down and recycled, a new world is rising up. I am always extremely optimistic. I know that bad things are going to happen and it’s possible that millions and millions of people will die. But I do believe that something very very good is going to happen. I see a whole of life Mike as a Shakespearean play in which the same stories are told over and over again and people are given the opportunity to learn from them. If they do not learn, then there are certain pains that happen. Pain is the great instructor. For those who do learn they do move away from pain.
And these things then can not touch them so much until I go off on attention or what…

(Mike) Little tiny...

(Les) That’s my point

(Mike) One of the things I like about your writing you have this very different perspective and you have a very universalist view… In a lot of ways your parabola about the world is very reminiscent of the cathars who view world as inherently evil and…

(Les) Well, I like them.

(Mike) And the psychological mental spiritual world as good which is why catholic church set them on fire

(Les) The cathars had a lot of money and power

(Mike) They did indeed and the Catholic church got very jealous and…

(Les) They had the guns!

(Mike) I am sorry!

(Les) I said they had the guns!

(Mike) They had the guns. And unfortunately the history can be that the strong can take the weak to surrender and it’s always been that way. The reason we have so much war and so little peace is the people who want war who want peace find themselves unwilling to do the things to possibly stop the people who want war and the natural bias goes to the criminal and the evil because they are willing to do things that people who want good are not willing to do. That is the reason I think the evil perpetuates in the world. But getting back to this idea about psychotics and sociopaths controlling our historical destiny. It’s long been said that the biggest problem with political power is that it’s going to attract the very people who ought not to have it.

(Les) Exactly.

(Mike) That’s been the case in the United States back in 1776 when Thomas Jefferson and the boys set offshore, they deliberately crafted a government in which the leaders and legislators
had as little power as possible.

(Les) Exactly, so the balance of power, yes.

(Mike) Yeah. It was part-time occupation, it was never supposed to be a permanent ruling class of of leaders and rulers. And almost immediately the federals came alone and said
‘we must have a strong central government’ and immediately at that point began to tire down. Jefferson’s idea of a true democracy. From that day to this we stay at continuous evolution of an erosion of the rights of the people and of the righyts of the states and creation of a strong central tyrannical government and where we are now, eight years in, from 9/11? seven years in actually. We have all but The Bill of Rights is all but gone! It’s still posted to admirers of an ideal but in actual practice freedom of speech is very much under attack, the fourth Amendment is completely gone, the fifth amendment is now gone; and it’s going to be keeping worse until the people really do confront what is really going on and they tear up the cotton candy and to deal with it. I don’t think anybody expects… We got to take another brake here. I desperately cut the music… We will be right back


(Mike) And Aloha, America! Welcome back to the last segment of the first hour of our two-hour show today. Our guest is Les Visible, we are talking about history, we are talking about Italy, we are talking about the current decline of the United States, some people say by design, with the ultimate goal still rather difficult to look at. Before the break we were talking about nature of power, how it attracts people, who shouldn’t have it, how our nation started, how the goal of keeping political power was severely limited and somehow we have transitioned to the dictatorship that George Bush liked to joke about all those years.

(Bush voice) if this were dictatorship it would be a heck of easier. Just so long as I am the dictator.

(Mike) And we are not laughing any more when George says that because we are actually there.
And I think the biggest proof is of course that we are now where torture of prisoners which was supposed to be illegal under US and international law, the Geneva conventions and all these other things. We have been doing that as the matter of government policy which was micromanaged within Whitehouse itself. And congress won’t do anything about it, Congress has completely abandoned their role as a check and balance of the executive. We had Congress that impeached president Bill Clinton for lying about sex and justly so because we have got to hold our leaders to a higher standard of compliance with the law.

(Les) Congress is in fear and beholden to a dictator elements.

(Mike) I am very much aware of that. For that reason that the American people have got to realize. TV is partly to blame and I share the guilt because I worked on TV firm. We have grown up thinking if we just sit there and somebody will come in at the very end and will make things OK for us. Here we are waiting for Batman to show up or for the Long Ranger to come in and punch the bad guys and make them go away but it’s not going to happen. Congress is not going to act. We should have realized that in 2006 where a lot of us were very hard working to shift control of the Congress to the democrats, so they would come in and investigate 911 and impeach the president. And the Democrats got Congress and the first thing that Nancy Pelosi told us was that impeachment is off the table, we have more important things to worry about. We are not going to stop the war we are going to worry about global warming instead. I think the reason we are seeing intentional denial and blindness is that American people are still getting used to the idea that if they want to change where this country is going, they are going to have to do it themselves by direct action and it’s a very very dangerous and difficult step to contemplate. I think we are headed that way. If going back to John Kennedy, he used to say ‘When peaceful becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable’, and I don’t like it, it’s bad for tourism, it impacts landscaping, but I think we are there.

(Les) Yeah, all we are. There are also some other factors that are going to come up shortly.
One of them are truckers. Everything that moves in the United States, 70% of it anyway
goes on tracks. Trackers can’t afford their fuel any more and still have to put food to their families So, hah, they are going to start.

(Mike) Yes, Exactly. One of our readers sent us a photo from a truck station on East Coast and it’s absolutely full of big rig trucks and they were saying they had never seeing that. But all these truckers are selling their trucks because they can’t make their balance any more.

(Les) They will get a little more proactive on that shortly

(Mike) That’s what I am hearing. I am hearing the [loan Sharmen] on a West coast are staging a strike in protest of the war; but one of the biggest reasons we are having food riots starting to show up around the world is because we can’t send food from places where is a surplus to those where it’s needed. Oil thing…

(Les) Biofuels too. That’s a crazy thing like global warming. It’s not going to go anywhere. There are different kinds of alternative energy which is more viable if we put money into but they weren’t allowed these things to develop because as long as there is oil that’s where they are going to be.

(Mike) Fine. I understand that’s an interesting lesson. I don’t know if you understand science fiction or not.

(Les) Sure

(Mike) Here is a book called Ringworld by Larry Niven

(Les) Yes, I know Larry Niven, sure.

(Mike) OK it’s very fascinating book. There were a couple of attempts to make it into a movie which unfortunately have not worked out, because it would make a fabulous movie, but the interesting thing is the sociological analysis of how the Ringworld civilization fell. And it was
basically when they started to run out of power. The politically powerful would just grab what was left of it to support their elevated lifestyles and they realized that they have run out of resources, they had nothing left over with which to develop new resources and new forms of energy and deal with the problem. And I see it kind of happening here on Earth because if we use all the oil and by that I mean not drain the planet dry but the instant you put he drill down and it takes more than barrel of oil to bring that barrel of oil. Then the party is over.
If we don’t develop alternatives we won’t have energy and means with which to develop those new alternatives.

(Les) There those means are there. You know, to me the real problem that needs to be addressed is not all these externals and the things we deal as appearances in the world. We have to deal with the human heart. There is something within the people which has gone missing. And it’s been attacked; this no child left without the mind programmed that Bush instituted. It was direct effort of numbing down. And also all of the sensations and the rest of things which are going to cause people lack of their emotion. This is causing people more and more frustration. And the fact is that the most people do right if they are allowed to. Most people will be good people if they allowed to be good people. But there is no money in that. You see, there is money and war and a want and a need. And a lot of a time the people have too much, one of the chief enjoyments is that people don’t have enough. That is even greater than the enjoyment of what they have. We have to do something about the way we sustain to begin with. And then all of us assess of how strong we are. Look: Together all of us that are relatively the decent people are far far stronger than the predators that are making our lives so uncomfortable. And if we just collect to get together and realize it; we could shake the world! First of all, one thing they can all do , I mean, everybody could do, you know, ‘You know what? I am not going to work this week’, no one in America is going to work, no one is going to buy anything but what they need to eat. We are going to shut down the corporations because the great thing that corporations have and need and their motivation is profit. If you bring them money, they will suck you like a stuck cake. That’s where you got to get them mad. When you stop turning the wheel, when you stop being a little hamster then boom! they have got to listen to you. Do you remember? There is a classic example. Years ago when radios did promotional situations, they used to give away these free t-shirts with advertising on them. They gave away. But ten years later they were selling these shirts with advertising on them. OK?

(Mike) Oh, Yeah!

(Les) And now you buy things with designers name on it. I mean you really need that! But you know what I am saying. The corporations have taken our life. There has to be a balance. Corporations takes over fascism and [sues?]. It’s just a way it is. It is what we have. They have to be brought to heal. And foreign interests have to be kept apart from American policy. And they are running the show right now.

(Mike) All along

(Les) It is THE problem

(Mike) George Washington warned us ‘Beware of foreign entanglements’. You know, I am in agreement the biggest problem we have right now is that the US foreign policy is being decided by a foreign government

(Les) Completely

(Mike) Absolutely subverted. Our government… I remember, in 1950-1960 we have always been warned: communists subverse this and communists subvert that… Where is the human cry over these citizens who are sending American kids out to fight and die for the war that does not benefit our country but benefits Israel

(Les) Really you know not even theirs, if you thought about it. Because in store there is so much more and more anger there that it will eventually turn on them, and it’s going to, believe me. ’s going on there

(Mike) Absolutely well, look at the history of all of the time that have been…

(Les) I am to go, Mike!

(Mike) injections of the Jewish people and… the only constant factor how they meddle with the society they are living. OK, we are out of time. Les, thank you so much for being on the show. It has been wonderful. I am going to have you next time soon

(Les) It was my pleasure Mike.

(Les) OK thank you and be well.

(Mike) Aloha, Les.
WhatreallyHappened/Mike Rivero SAID said:
I think the reason we are seeing intentional denial and blindness is that American people are still getting used to the idea that if they want to change where this country is going, they are going to have to do it themselves by direct action and it’s a very very dangerous and difficult step to contemplate.
John Lenon once said: "If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace."

Can you imagine if tomorrow the news came to everyone that the goverments of the world have gotten together and decided there will be NO MORE TELEVISION: no soap operas, Wheels of fortune, Survivor, Slidders, Sports - nothing, nada, zero, zip.

The only thing people could do instead of watching the tube would be play say, monopoly, or knit. That's it....

THERE WOULD BE A REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People of ALL walks of life, all countries, religions, cultures etc would take their pitchforks and rise!!!!

Instead, most are walking the malls, drinking their "café latte's" (at 28 dollars a pop) over at Starbucks while they download the latest songs and movies to their iPods.

Fact is folks, we are HYPOCRITES.

We DO NOT want to inconvenience ourselves with anything that might mean we have to do "something" about the WORLD OF S*** we're in. And I am not taking about "just talking."

And why is that?

Perhaps because on some level we FEAR - and rightly so, perhaps - that if we get "too rowdy" the PTB will simply
"press the panic button..." as it seems to me that "they" didn't come all this way, executive orders and detection camps and all, to simply have the "soccer moms" and "bar-be-cue dads" of the world bring them down from power. Talk about wishful thinking....

"They" own *everything* including phone lines, internet cables and routers, satellites, funny money, banks, courts, judges -- "they" own it all. Not to mention the multi billion dollar war machinery and Black Water type mercenaries (with semi automatic weapons that fire 100 bullets PER MINUTE - against the K-Mart special uncle John has hidden in his closet under lock and key) to guard their interests.

Am I being "negative." ?? you might be asking? No. Not at all. If anything is sarcasm. Sorry, but at this LATE STAGE is the only thing that comes out.

I forget who said this... "There's a difference between being an optimist and a pessimist. And that is being a "realist."

Which is why I, much like the SOTT team, left the US years ago.


Knowledge Protects. Right?
Racer_Unknown please!
Most of what you say have been said more clearly before and some of what you don't understand have been explained. You keep trying to sell your subjective view and do not take any input from people trying to tell you this.
I don't get the 'feeling' that you are here to learn anything, you are trying to enforce your own beliefs, you might not be 100% wrong on details but you don't grasp the main idea behind the forum and its stated goals.

you have been told so many times and yet it runs of you like of a teflon coating, I dont know what you see when you read PepperFritz reply but imo he really points out the hard cold reality. I could write a new reply but I think PepperFritz put it better then me.

PepperFritz said:
Well, quelle surprise. All of your posts come back to this core belief of yours -- i.e., that there are "special" individuals in this third-density existence, of which you consider yourself to be one, who have a "higher" innate ability to perceive "spiritual truths", and for whom the "Work" (as defined by this forum) can be effectively by-passed as unnecessary. That belief is, of course, an utterly narcissistic self-delusion. Nonetheless, you continue to rush about, cobbling together barely digested and jarringly miscomprehended bits of "teachings" from here, there, and everywhere, without any discernment whatsoever, in an attempt to prove to us that your belief reflects reality. And all it adds up to is NOISE, NOISE, NOISE, and more NOISE.
Your core belief allows you to dismiss anyone who does not "SEE" as you do as simply not being at your "higher level". You appear to be utterly unable to even conceive of the possibility that you many have been travelling down a path of illusions. You are a self-absorbed child constantly distracted by the pretty bobbles of phenomena, and you believe that because YOU think it, feel it, believe it, experience it -- that it represents the very highest form of Truth and Knowledge and Reality -- because, after all, you're SPECIAL.
R_U said:
"They" own *everything* including phone lines, internet cables and routers, satellites, funny money, banks, courts, judges -- "they" own it all.
And they own your mind too. But you do not yet realise this.

Said a Master to his Student:

Active Side of Infinity said:
"'I want to appeal to your analytical mind, ' don Juan said. 'Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal.'

"'But how can they do this, don Juan?' I asked, somehow angered further by what he was saying. 'Do they whisper all that in our ears while we are asleep?'

"'No, they don't do it that way. That's idiotic!' don Juan said, smiling. 'They are infinitely more efficient and organized than that. In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver - stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators' mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.

Don Juan continues: "'I know that even though you have never suffered hunger... you have food anxiety, which is none other than the anxiety of the predator who fears that any moment now its maneuver is going to be uncovered and food is going to be denied. Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them. And they ensure, in this manner, a degree of security to act as a buffer against their fear.'"
The Dumb, the Stupid, the Clueless, and the Uniformed
by Les Visible
Thursday, September 4, 2008

How great is Les Visible's latest piece? How I love that man.

Earlier this week I was held captive in a dentist's chair while getting a cavity filled, and was forced to listen to the good doctor and his staff chat among themselves about world events, politics, and the latest television shows. I kept thinking, I'm sure these people think they are quite intelligent, educated and well informed, a cut above the general riff-raff -- yet the depth of their ignorance and gullibility just astounded me. It struck me that they don't even HAVE "opinions", they just repeat whatever is fed to them on the evening news, without question and/or any kind of objective analysis. They are prime examples of "The Dumb, the Stupid, the Clueless, and the Uninformed", yet they would be quite shocked and offended to hear themselves described that way.

Man, are these people going to be gobsmacked and side-swiped when the manure truly hits the fan. They'll just look at each other with wide-eyed amazement, wondering why they just never saw it coming....
In my opinion the most shocking thing is, that even if you present these people with facts, or at least inconsistencies with the "party line", they just wipe that away, as if things didn;t really matter.

I recently had a long chat with a good friend about 911 - and mind you, I am now much more careful the way I go about these discussions. But after I had enumerated quite a number of "inconsistencies", his remark was: "If what you are telling me is true, then ... ". He didn't finish the sentence ...

And I must say, I don't agree with Pepper somehow ... these people are not dumb. I would rather call it "denial". Like a psychiatric patient, they desperately cling to straws, no matter how illogic these are, because the alternatives are truly mind-boggling and scary.

In my humble opinion, most people somehow "feel" that what they perceive is not "true" or "real", but they just can't think the issues to their logical end ...

But then, can we?
PepperFritz said:
The Dumb, the Stupid, the Clueless, and the Uniformed
by Les Visible
Thursday, September 4, 2008

Man, are these people going to be gobsmacked and side-swiped when the manure truly hits the fan. They'll just look at each other with wide-eyed amazement, wondering why they just never saw it coming....

Shocked masses of ignorant people is a heavy thing to think of, imo. Sometimes it scares me. Other times it just leads to being extra tired. :-[

I can't help people in such a situation. To even try would be like stepping in front of a semi truck. Stepping back from ignorant people is tough, but what else can be done?

Perhaps all that can be done is to vote with ones feet, in favor of individual destiny, and keep Working as best you can. Yes its frustrating, yes when you care it hurts to walk away....but to do otherwise is a breach of free will.

In my case, it leads to lots of prayer to keep me from being nibby in other people's lessons. :D

Anyone else reading Les' posts feel like inviting him over for dinner and conversation? :D
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