Letter from a reader: Cosmic COINTELPRO in Action!

Re: Cosmic COINTELPRO in Action!

Laura said:
I received an interesting email yesterday that is a perfect example of the effects of "Cosmic COINTELPRO." I don't even think that any comments by me are necessary.

To: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
From: elkaelka2001@****
Subject: secret history
Date sent: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 22:15:52 -0400 (EDT)

Hallo Laura,

My name is Elizabeth, I have been living in Florida for the last 20 years, but I was born in Poland
and I immigrated here to USA about 25 years ago - I lived in 5 states before I came here.

I have just started reading your book about Secret History - I bought it a few months ago- and after
reading around one hundred pages, I was startled to read about your opinion about antient Egypt, so
I stopped!!!

Dear Laura! Just like you, I am the truth seaker and some time ago I decided that if I don't find
it, at least a bit, understand what is going on around me, I will not rest in peace!

But there is a diffrence between You and Me Laura! I didn't need 30 years to understand at least a
little, as you did.

My knowledge came much sooner to me!!! Maybe because I was not ever entangled in a Christian dogma
- in any way! I had a very, very open mind!

So Laura! When I was reading your book and I read your opinion about Antient Egypt - I was stunned
to hear, that your opinion don't differ from all the wrong dogma of all the last two thousand years
of misunderstanding and misrepresenting of the most profound phylosophy of life that antient Egypt
really was.

Only recently, a small amount of reaserchers figured out the true value of what that culture of
Egypt really was all about!!

Dear Laura , I would kindly suggest to check the last 200 years of history of French Hermetic
influance on French Renaissance ( Hermetic teachings were from Egypt, not from Greece)the country
that you now live in .. You reject Egypt??? It Will not work well for your study- I am convinced!
The French are obssesed with Egypt, and not without a reason, I would suggest you to check out

Dear Laura, You are so convinced Egypt had no part in human history and development, please I beg
you to read just one little book to start with ( maybe your search will be over, maybe than you will
have more undertanding of the things you are trying to understand):

The Hermetica - The lost wisdom of the Pharaohs - by Timothy Freke and Peter Candy.

By the way - You claim Egypt left nothing for the future generations of it's wisdom - oh dear,
Please read about burning of Alexandrian Library, where many egyptian scrolls were distroyed by
Christian fanatics leaded by the pope!!!

Dear Laura, Egyptian culture was NOT about culture of death - You know, it's like telling people in
a few hundred years that people in the past were all about funeral and death, as they put their
dead in the cusckets and tombs! Oh no, Laura!!! It was just a small part of Egyptian understanding
of life and resuraction! It was just a ritual!!

Ohh Laura, Egypt was and is the light of the world! Everything was magical there, the whole
philosophy of life was magic! Their whole culture was magical and deep and in harmony with Cosmos!
Not understending this is not understanding our World!

Laura, please, start your research on Egypt, don't reject it's wisdom - than and only than you will
understand what our world is all about!!!!

Do you know what ALchemy means??????

Alchemy means "from EGYPT" ,Oh yes Laura - it all came fron Egypt - the whole phylosophy of life and

Laura, I am in peace with myself, I found my magical answers to a lot of things in life, and I am
sure YOU WILL too, if you just open your mind and start to learn what the Egyptians really

Because Great Toth(Hermes) said: Everything is Mental, and we are all a part of God's mind!

Stay in peace Laura, hope you will find your understanding, because I already have!
Good luck!


That was funny.

I don't think she was serious, or if she is she's just beginning on this spiritual path.

If her mind opened maybe a little bit more then maybe she would realise that Egypt wasn't the only place in the world that had such great philosophy and magic. In fact, you can go almost anywhere in the world and discover their original cultures, and what they taught and believed in.
And what is this, a competition to see who was the fastest to gain knowledge and truth? IMO, we don't have absolute truth and knowledge because we are still learning, we all learn things everyday and that's the whole point of it, well that's how I've found it to be anyway.
In this email she makes this holier than thou tone on, with the "dear Laura" and the "Oh Laura". Maybe once or twice would have sufficed, but every single sentence??
And what was that she was on about, being entangled in a christian dogma??
Re: Cosmic COINTELPRO in Action!

Csayeursost said:
bedower said:
Grim, you are an angel! Many thanks for posting the info about this file. :flowers:

Er...the only thing is, is, is this file already on my computer, or do I have to download it from somewhere? I'm not very computer-savvy; :-[ most of the little techno-tricks I know I have learnt on this forum (along with the all real stuff this forum is about, as if that weren't enough!)

Any help with how I access this file will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.
While I don't have it myself, as posted by others it should be found for download in the "Files" section of the now-closed Yahoo discussion group accessible after registering.

EDIT: As a side note for others, what I do instead - applicable for users of Linux and other unix(-like) systems - is to search downloaded html files from web archive using "grep" command.

You can also get it from my website, packaged as a ZIP file:

Re: Cosmic COINTELPRO in Action!

One big smile on this letter, i thinks that "they" could make something better than this!
Re: Cosmic COINTELPRO in Action!

Well I think it goes to show that whatever avenue one takes; there's a plethora of "evidence" to back up ones theory. I think that is why Laura referred to it as "Cosmic COINTELPRO."

I actually feel sorry for her for some reason. She seems to have a lot invested in her take on things.

At least she was polite. :rolleyes:
"Stay in peace Laura, hope you will find your understanding, because I already have!" How open can a mind be when its sure it has the answers? When there is info presented without a counter or anything to generate thought...friction...can't be answers. I mean flowers don't just grow because they are given water...they grow because they take time to process it and itself in relation to the environment. Maybe a little more time on research and a lot less talk...when we all start this journey we are sure we have it right
OH soo she only put her attention in the "light" but not in darkness

a traditional new age cointelpro seeker
Well, I hope we all have this very, very open mind like her. I mean, it's not the problem that she spelled her opinion but the most stupid thing is to read something, stop on 100 pg of 800 and be enlightened thinking like it's all way down like I don't need to study no more...
Cosmic COINTELPRO in Action!

I think that says it all. She has 'found her peace'. While: around the world, kids are being shredded by bombs, and the entire eco system is being wrenched apart for a few dollars.

That indicates to me just how in touch with reality this Liz character is.
This Liz character is beyond it hahahahaha. No further comments on her point of view. Preaching to laura how hilarious.
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