Liver pate.


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sbeaudry said:
Chu said:
Uh oh, sbeadry! What an adventure! I'm sure the result will still taste alright. Next time if you aren't going to cook it before canning, you should ask your butcher to grind the mix up for you. That's what we do, and it doesn't cost any extra.
I think it was the bacon that did in the blender. Thankfully, the end result was still delicious. :D

As for the butcher, you may have a better one than I do, but I could have chopped my ingredients better before blending and that action may have spared the blender. ;)

Hmmm... now to figure out what to do with my lamb kidneys and heart... Any suggestions? :cool2:

You could try chopping up the bacon into small pieces (if you don't have a food processor) with a French chef's knife or similar.


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Chicken liver paté

500 g chicken liver
350 g bacon
A large dollop of lard
500 g butter

In a frying pan, sauté the bacon in the lard. Bacon should be cooked but not crispy. Add the chicken livers. When they're browned on the outside, add the spices and let them roast thoroughly.

Put the liver and bacon in a food processor and chop until the consistency is as desired. Place the butter in a mixing bowl and pour the hot mixture over it. Once the butter is softened, stir until well blended.

Pour the mix into a tin and refrigerate until solid.
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