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President Ivanov: The reality is the referendum failed


The silent majority has decided, the reality is that the referendum failed. Do not attempt to change this reality, President Gjorge Ivanov said in an address to the nation.

“Do not attempt to change this reality, do not underestimate the sovereign will of the Macedonian people. A 36.9% turnout is not the will of the people, 63.1% that didn’t come out to vote is the people’s will. The reality is that the referendum failed. It is time for responsibility. You have reduced the NATO and EU support from 80% to a mere 36.9%. You have been manipulating our citizens and also our European and Euro-Atlantic partners. You have been providing them with false perceptions,” said Ivanov.

The referendum is no opinion poll, Ivanov noted adding that the decision of the citizens was binding.

“In a referendum, you, the citizens, directly exercise your sovereign power. The Parliament must respect this decision,” stated President Ivanov.

Only rallying around our state interests, respecting the constitutional and legal order, we may complete our path to the European and Euro-Atlantic family, according to him.

“Without a doubt, the place of the Republic of Macedonia is in the EU and NATO. But, we should join the organization with our human dignity, without intimidation, pressure and double standards. Only then we will be able to tackle the two great challenges,” Ivanov said.

The first one, he said, involves serious and thorough reforms in all segments, and the second challenge is to restore national consensus in order to unite in defensing our state interests and fulfilling our strategic objectives.

The Macedonian President said he expected OSCE/ODIHR to seriously take into account reports about irregularities in several polling stations.

President Ivanov also called on the ruling majority to take responsibility for the failed referendum.

Stoltenberg: Macedonia can join NATO in 2019, name deal must be implemented

NATO has said Macedonia could become a member of the Alliance in 2019 provided that it accepted the Prespa Agreement.

The accession talks with Macedonia could be completed in January 2019 and the country could join NATO as early as the beginning of next year, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Speaking Tuesday at a news conference in Brussels, the NATO chief noted that the alliance closely followed Sunday’s referendum in Macedonia.

“I welcome the ‘yes’ vote in the referendum. It is up to Skopje to decide on the next steps. NATO is ready to welcome the country as our 30th member, but the only way is to implement the name agreement, there is no other way to NATO membership,” Stoltenberg stressed.

According to him, once the agreement is accepted, NATO will be able to sign a protocol with the country. In early 2019, Stoltenberg said, the country can join the Alliance and I urge everyone to demonstrate responsibility and to seize this opportunity.

He started screaming and shaking at a press conference due to a failed deal! :lol:


Kotzias: Referendum not a legal condition for Prespa Agreement implementation

The referendum is not a condition or legal requirement for implementation of the Prespa Agreement, but a choice made by Skopje, says Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias in an interview with Greek national TV station ERT following Sunday’s referendum in Macedonia, MIA reports from Athens.

FM Kotzias says President Gjorge Ivanov and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev were elected to the posts with less votes than the “Yes” ballots at the referendum.

“The agreement reads that the referendum is a choice made by the government in Skopje, but not a condition, prerequisite or a legal requirement for the agreement’s implementation. Now we go to the political aspects. Is 37 a large percentage? At first glance, a person not familiar with Balkan politics and the reality in Skopje would say a low turnout, and this is logical. But, if one looks at the numbers and prior elections, then certain things will become clearer,” says Kotzias and referred to the number of votes that PM Zaev and President Ivanov got when elected to the posts.

According to him, the voters’ list in Macedonia has not been filtered and the realistic number of voters ranges between 1-1,2 million, meaning 550,000 votes would represent a majority of 50 percent plus 1.

In reality, the number of voters ranges between 1-1,2 million, so the Prespa Agreement received over fifty percent of this body,” says Kotzias.

Regarding developments in Macedonia, he says that if PM Zaev does not win the battle in the Parliament, “he will win the next elections, as witnessed by the referendum results.”

“The opposition did not ask for elections because they know they will lose,” adds Kotzias.

The FM voices assurance that the Prespa Agreement will be ratified by the incumbent Greek parliament by a majority of MPs.

“The Prespa Agreement is balanced, it can stand the test of time, it is a model-agreement, as stated by all international renowned university institutions,” says Kotzias.

He notes there is no better policy for the Balkans’ future than cooperation between the two neighbors.

“First we need to stabilize this country, which we would not like to see destroyed. Only far-right radicals say ‘Give us the guns to go to Skopje.’ If this is not irredentism, then… Imagine, they used to say this about us. Secondly, we are putting an end to ideas about Greater Albania because the country is stabilizing. Thirdly, both Serbs and Bulgarians acknowledge the country’s reality. Greece-FYROM relations represent the stabilizing axis on the Balkans,” explains FM Kotzias.

SDSM GMO product Kostadin Kostadinov: people need cash, not identity | MINA Report

Here is SDSM official Kostadin Kostadinov: If you don’t have some money, what good is having identity.

And people are surprised that marriages in the Macedonian capital have been cancelled when one side of the family finds out the other side voted for SDSM.

Voting for the likes of Kostadinov, Sekerinska, Zajko Zaev opens up a pandora box, a rabbit hole that apparently no one wants to venture into.

DUI and SDSM stuff more ballots in Kumanovo than registered voters | MINA Report

The SEC has nullified the voting in Kumanovo (polling station 1008 & 1008/1), after it was revealed the number of voters in the last 30 minutes before the polls closed went from 20% and 30% respectively to 101% therefore exceeding the number of registered voters.

We’ve already pointed out there was massive Referendum Fraud in an effort to assist the “Yes” vote via ballot stuffing in at least 12 Macedonian cities and that the real turnout for the referendum hovered around 20%, not 36.8% even though this in itself is quite low.

With the voting in polling stations 1008 and 1008/1 nullified the turnout now drops to 36.1%. The SEC has stated there will be no re-vote at these locations as the Referendum had already failed and re-vote could not change the outcome.

In addition, there are multiple lawsuits pending for Referendum fraud against SDSM and DUI for ballot stuffing.

Here is DUI and SDSM getting carried away with ballot stuffing in Kumanovo.

Results, half an hour before the polls closed:


Results – Polls closed:



Despite the SEC confirming massive Referendum fraud in favor of the “yes” campaign, and nullifying voting results at polling stations, public prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski has been an utter and absolute disgrace and has continued to ignore all criminal acts by Zaev and the SDSM.

Court reduces sentence of SDSM Mayor caught smuggling tobacco, shooting at police with AK47 | MINA Report


You tag Sekerinska’s hair? That’s a four year jail sentence.
You steal 10 kebabs (cost $2) because you’re hungry? That’s a three year jail sentence.

You are caught in the act smuggling dozens of boxes of tobacco to Bulgaria, and to avoid arrest you and your sons pull out your AK47s fire and try to kill policemen… well that’s about six months jail sentence, maybe two months with good behavior.

That’s right. Today, the Shtip Appelate Court reduced the jail sentence of Novo Selo mayor and SDSM official Boro Stojchev from 18 months to 6 months. Considering he’s spent 3 months in jail, it’s likely he’ll be out within the next month as the Court has approved that he could continue his mayoral stint as a mayor of Novo Selo.

Obviously, Stojchev would return as a mayor having gained invaluable experience by shooting at policemen with AK47. This is what everyone expects from their mayors.

The Macedonian Courts had zero credibility to begin with, but now, they would have to work quite hard to get to zero.


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StoRmR1dR, you probably noticed the article Posted in this thread - on the "Three Reasons Why NATO Wants to Absorb Macedonia"? It exposes NATO's hand and why Macedonia and it's "location" is so important to them. NATO does not respect Macedonia's sovereign power or it's peoples welfare - a fact Prime Minister Zoran Zaev tries to hide. President Gjorge Ivanov should seek Russia's advice and help - like Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic just did?

Lavrov speaks out against NATO at UN
02.10.2018 - Observers explain Three Reasons behind NATO's push for Macedonia Admission
Observers Explain Three Reasons Behind NATO's Push for Macedonia Admission

Some highlights:

* The NATO leadership is digging its heels in and creating a 'fence' along our western borders," Sivkov told Sputnik. "Last year, Montenegro, another Balkan state, was admitted [to NATO]. Thus, the alliance severed Serbia, a potential ally of Russia, from the Adriatic Sea. Macedonia is a landlocked country that borders NATO members — Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania. That is, the alliance forms a united front."

* "[Macedonia] is well suited for the deployment of American missiles as the flight time to major Russian cities from the country is very small. Perhaps, elements of a global US missile defense will be deployed there," he presumed.

* Macedonia's renaming will open the door to NATO for the country and allow the alliance to form a united anti-Russian front in the Balkans, says Konstantin Sivkov, a military specialist and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Just like in Macedonia, NATO is trying to push it's agenda and manipulate Kosovo and Metohija. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic had scheduled a meeting with President Putin for Tuesday Oct. 2nd for advice and help. I don't think, the Albanian's realize that NATO is "using them" as a cannon-folder - to fulfill it's agenda in the Baltic region?

September 30, 2018 - Serbia’s president set to discuss Kosovo with Putin, ask for help
Serbia’s president set to discuss Kosovo with Putin, ask for help

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is planning to focus on Kosovo and Metohija at his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and to ask him for support, Vucic told reporters on Saturday.

"Today, we have notified the ambassador of the Russian Federation along with the US ambassador and others of the situation. In two days, I will be meeting with President Putin. We will be speaking about issues of concern for Serbia, therefore the situation in Kosovo and Metohija will definitely be the focus [of the talks]," Vucic said. "We will inform Putin of latest developments and will ask for his support at all international forums. We will ask him for advice, no doubt."

Asked by reporters if he, like Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, would request Russia for military assistance, Vucic vowed he would do his utmost to preserve peace in the region.

"I would prefer Serbia - with all our respect and love for Syria and its people - to be a peaceful country, a country with developed economy, a country of the future and I will do my best to preserve peace," he noted.

The Serbian media reported earlier that Putin and Vucic would hold talks in Moscow on October 2.

Earlier on Saturday, several dozen troops of Kosovo’s Special Forces were deployed to the northern ethnic Serb area, in spite of the fact it is banned under international treaties. The special forces took positions around Gazivoda Lake and seized the local hydroelectric power plant. Moreover, they intruded into an environment center in the village of Zubin Potok. In response, Serbia’s president ordered the country’s Armed Forces and riot police to go on the highest combat alert and lodged a protest with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg over the incident.

The provocation has violated a number of international agreements Vucic said in a special address to the nation.

"They entered the north of Kosovo without permission and in breach of Brussels agreements. They tried to demonstrate that those agreements are non-binding for them and their Western allies support them. They violated first provision of the ninth chapter of the Brussels agreement, because Serbs were not notified; the provision on the freedom of movement was also violated, as well as UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and a military-technical agreement," he said.

"We will try to maintain peace by nearly all means possible. However, Serbia will find an opportunity to defend its people at any moment. I request Kosovo Albanians not to come there with guns, not to attack Serbian people and ask them not to test Serbian people’s patience. Let me remind all international stakeholders: the international right is on Serbia’s side, just take a good look at UN Security Council Resolution 1244, at the Brussels agreements," Vucic added.

The president stressed that his country is willing to establish long-term peace with the Albanians, but it cannot be based on eviction of Serbs.

According to Vucic, it was the third escalation of tensions in Kosovo and Metohija since March 26, when the director of the Serbian Government’s Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Juric, was detained and beaten up by Albanian special forces in Kosovska Mitrovica. In his speech, the president also mentioned several dozens of attacks and provocations against the Serbian population of Kosovo that took place recently.

According to the president’s estimates, about 110-130 people took part in Pristina’s operation, including special forces who took control of territories around Lake Gazivode and detained people. Vucic said at least 12 snipers and 90 armed police officers took part in the operation, and about the same number of personnel was on standby.

An official with the European Union’s external action service told reporters in Brussels that the EU maintains contact with all sides and urged them to show restraint.

Commenting on European Union’s reaction, the Serbian president urged Brussels to refrain from hypocrisy on the issue. "What do you mean by 'restraint'? Did the Serbs attacked themselves?" the president asked rhetorically. "I would ask you, ladies and gentlemen, to at least abstain from hypocritical comments."

The Serbian leader called on the Serbian population of Kosovo and Metohija to stay calm and show restraint.

Meanwhile, Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said the country’s armed forces were put on high combat alert and were ready to respond to any developments in Kosovo.

"The supreme commander’s order is in force, and, as long as it remains so, the Serbian armed forces follow the situation and will be ready to respond to any developments," the Serbian Defense Ministry quoted its head as saying.

During his September 9 speech in Kosovska Mitrovica, the Serbian president said that Belgrade will act without hesitation to defend the Serbian population of Kosovo and Metohija.

* Oct. 1, 2018 - Serbian president highlights upcoming talks with Putin amid tensions in the region
Serbian president highlights upcoming talks with Putin amid tensions in the region

* Oct. 2, 2018 - Serbia doesn’t want to be part of NATO, Vucic says
Serbia doesn’t want to be part of NATO, Vucic says

* Oct. 2, 2018 - Serbian president ‘got everything that he looked for’ in talks with Putin
Serbian president ‘got everything that he looked for’ in talks with Putin

* Oct. 2, 2018 - Vucic invites Putin to visit Serbia in near future
Vucic invites Putin to visit Serbia in near future

Also of note - the Fethullah (Gulen)Terror Organization (FETO) is operating in Macedonia:
Fethullah Terror Organization (FETO)

Sept. 30, 2018 - Fethullah Terror Organization Uses “Schools” to Launder Money in Ethiopia
Fethullah Terror Organisation Uses "Schools" to Launder Money in Ethiopia - Eurasia Future

Thus, in Muslim majority regions of the Balkans whether in Bosnia, Albania, parts of Serbia or parts of Macedonia, FETO “schools” and terror cells have appeared and continue to expand.


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StoRmR1dR, you probably noticed the article Posted in this thread - on the "Three Reasons Why NATO Wants to Absorb Macedonia"? It exposes NATO's hand and why Macedonia and it's "location" is so important to them. NATO does not respect Macedonia's sovereign power or it's peoples welfare - a fact Prime Minister Zoran Zaev tries to hide. President Gjorge Ivanov should seek Russia's advice and help - like Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic just did?

Also of note - the Fethullah (Gulen)Terror Organization (FETO) is operating in Macedonia:
Fethullah Terror Organization (FETO)

Thus, in Muslim majority regions of the Balkans whether in Bosnia, Albania, parts of Serbia or parts of Macedonia, FETO “schools” and terror cells have appeared and continue to expand.
Thank you! I would love to...:-)

Erdogan on Referendum: Macedonians wise and brave as usual | MINA Report

Congratulatory remarks came from Turkey and Erdogan for the courageous Macedonian people who wisely defended their identity, language and culture.

Macedonians boycotted the referendum, it was an expected and wise decision. In that way they made it clear that no one should play with their nation, identity, language and culture. Turkey remains a great friend of Macedonia and Macedonians said Erdogan in a congratulatory note given to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.

'Democratic' threats? :rotfl:

Germany’s CDU/CSU: Opposition must not block Macedonia’s NATO and EU perspective


With over 91 percent of the votes in favor, voters in Macedonia gave overwhelming support to the European path and to greater perspective of their country in the EU and NATO, deputy chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, Johann David Wadephul, said.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling German CDU/CSU group believes that the opposition must not block Macedonia’s NATO and EU perspective, warning that the failure of the name deal will isolate the country for a long time.

“In Sunday’s referendum in Macedonia, more than 91 percent of voters voted in favor of changing the name of the country in “North Macedonia” and, at the same time, for further perspective of their country in the NATO and EU. However, the required quorum of 50 percent turnout was not achieved. Therefore, the vote in parliament will be decisive,” Wadephul said.

The CDU/CSU parliamentary group regrets that only about 37 percent of eligible voters participated in the referendum on the name change and thus the required quorum was not reached.

However, the referendum is not binding. It is crucial that the necessary 2/3 majority for the constitutional amendment and the name change is achieved in the necessary vote in parliament, Wadephul said.

The CDU/CSU parliamentary group urges the Macedonian opposition to agree to historically important vote in the parliament on constitutional amendments, otherwise, it would be politically responsible for blocking this path for Macedonia in the long run and thus isolating the country from Europe. And will reflect on possibility of launching EU accession negotiations.

Dimovski: We have a record holder in ballot- box stuffing – there must be criminal responsibility!


We have a record holder in ballot-box stuffing – there must be criminal responsibility!

Polling station in the municipality of Centar Zupa, polling station 0563.

From 18:30 to 19:00, a total of 331 people “voted”, or 5.4 seconds were sufficient for each “person” to “vote”.

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office has to investigate this case – Dimitar Dimovski wrote on Facebook.

DPNE removes one of Baily’s agents within their party, 20 to go | MINA Report


Step in the right direction.

At tonight’s meeting of DPNE’s central committee, Petar Bogojevski, the assistant to the general secretary was removed from his role and the party.

Bogojevski, dubbed one of the ‘reformers’ at the DPNE was openly working for SDSM’s agenda including and not limited to openly supporting the “Yes” Referendum movement. The US Embassy dubbed him as “the future” of the DPNE. Once the US Embassy promotes anyone as “the future” of anything, that individual must go into the past as quickly as possible.

Bogojevski was removed after DPNE’s Central Committee decided to put his ‘behavior’ to a vote. The vote ended with him being kicked out of the party.

Certainly a step in the right direction, however, the party has at least a dozen more like Bogojevski. Rangelova? Danev? Jovanovski <— this people voted in the Referendum, lied about it, and got filmed… Lets not forget Aleksandar London Nikolovski who decided to ‘boycott’ the Referendum at 6:00pm on Sunday night. We’re not forgetting, DPNE is filled with easily bribed fake patriots.

It’s highly likely that Igor Janushev, DPNE’s general secretary was also expelled in the process, however we couldn’t confirm this. One thing we did confirm is that Igor Janushev was not present at the meeting.

The DPNE has not issued any statements regarding this.

Apasiev tells Dimitrov to quit post and Return money to Greece | MINA Report

Law professor Dimitar Apasiev has asked “Nikolce Dimitrov”, the SDSM foreign minister to quit his post and return the money he has taken to change Macedonia’s name.

“No census, No decision, No agreement”, these are the facts, wrote Apasiev.

Meanwhile, there has been multiple statements from Greece, each more angrier than the last. Did they just realize they too may lose their “investments” in Zaev, Dimitrov, Angjushev and the rest?

At first Greece’s FM Kotzias stated he was surprised by the low turnout. Then he stated he wasn’t surprised, but did expect 41% <— as if that would have made a difference?

Then Kotzias turned a page, and copied the US State Department hilarious statement that the Referendum was great, and the will of the handful “Yes” votes should be respected, even if 75% said No. But then Kotzias turned quite angry (even he realized he is venturing into Zaev IQ territory) and announced 200,000, maybe 300,000 Macedonians have moved out of the country right prior to the Referendum, adding the country has 1.1m voters total. Kotzias was certainly losing it, but did not forget to take a swipe at Turkey for some reason, whose president Erdogan congratulated Macedonians on the boycott.

It’s quite clear the “Greeks” are very nervous not just from the Referendum outcome, but the fact tens of millions of euros were given to Zaev’s junta to sign on just about anything is put in front of them.

Apasiev asked Nikolce to return the money… will he though?

Spanish Professor: Prespa Agreement, worst document I’ve ever seen, contrary to International Law | MINA Report

Análisis | Macedonia: se desvaneció el espejismo

Carlos Flores Juberias.jpg

In all my years of studying and teaching law, I’ve never come across such travesty, this document called the “Prespa Agreement”. First, it is treason to the most basic standards in international law, and second, it’s packed with nonsense, empty promises with zero guarantees – says famed Spanish law professor Carlos Flores Juberias.

It appears Mr Juberias was not briefed this “agreement” was not worked out between Macedonia and Greece, instead was put together by the Nazis at the US State Department who apart from not even mentioning Macedonia in the document (thus nullifying the agreement), they put three cluases to ensure the document bypasses the UN and the UN Security Council who would clearly block this nonsense. They know it’s illegal.

Professor Juberias is stunned by the document itself. First, he says, how can one country (Macedonia), give the right to another (Greece) to be involved in the internal affairs in Macedonia, thus allowing Athens to decide what it wants to do with the name of the country, the people’s identity, even the language, something that no country on Earth can ever allow – someone from outside to be changing people’s names, language and identity!

If this isn’t terrible enough, and it really is, continues Mr Juberias – Greece has a clear advantage of being a member of an economic and military unions that Macedonia wishes to join.

Second, these ludicrous demands are asked of Macedonia, yet nothing, absolutely nothing is being requested of Greece where a vague unexplained promise is made for negotiations with EU or NATO, negotiations that may go somewhere or go absolutely nowhere, negotiations that can take decades!? And the best part is, Greece has nothing to do with these negotiations. – says prof. Juberias.

Considering the facts stated above, continued prof Juberias – is it really a surprise that Macedonians with overwhelming majority boycotted this insanity called “Prespa Agreement” – it is completely illegal under international law. Is it surprising that Macedonians listened to their president and not their prime minister and did not vote in a Referendum that had easily the most illegal and confusing question(s) recorded in all of world’s Referendums throughout history.

Everything in Macedonia thus far has been illegal. The Prespa Agreement, the Referendum, the questions in the Referendum, the only legal aspect of it was the boycott – concluded professor Juberias.


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Referendum Fraud uncovered at 64 locations favoring “Yes” Campaign | MINA Report

With each passing day, new fraud is uncovered that took place during Sunday’s referendum. Although the SEC itself has noted the fraud and nullified the votes at two locations, Macedonia’s public prosecutor is silent on the issue.

This however hasn’t stop the opposition to press charges against 200 individuals across the country, from public officials to police officers stationed at those polling booths who allowed group voting and obviously ballot stuffing.

The numbers we’ve worked out, the SDSM and DUI have officially stuffed 65,000 votes, however after the latest findings, that number will at least double, which certainly confirms the field reports of massive ballot staffing to increase turnout in the last 30 minutes before the polls closed. This will substantially reduce the already low Referendum turnout from 35% to 26%.

The SEC has quite cleverly distanced itself into investigating further after nullifying votes at locations where SDSM and DUI stuffed more votes than there are registered voters. The SEC has looked the other way at locations that hovered around 20% turnout during the entire day, but went to 99% or 100% voter turnout with minutes to spare before the polls closed. The SEC excuse has been “the Referendum has already failed”.

Below is the referendum fraud at each location.


US State Department and British “PR firms” coined illegal Macedonian Referendum Question | MINA Report

More and more officials are spilling the beans after the Referendum Fiasco. Same goes for both local and foreign media who are exposing the dirty work of their Governments.

In Macedonia, we found out that the clueless Government junta not just was not involved in the “negotiations” with Greece, they were told the new name must be North Macedonia within a week after they were installed in power by an Anglo-American coup.

For those born after 2002, Bill Clinton’s CIA “offered” North Macedonia in 2001. This blackmail from Washington is ongoing for 17 years and during the past decade and a half worked on installing a complete imbecile as Prime Minister to do their dirty work.

The alleged negotiations between Macedonia and Greece was a complete charade, a smoke screen from day one. There never was any negotiations. The travesty of a document dubbed “Prespa Agreement” was written by the US State Department Nazis with effective assistance from their colleagues in the UK at Gabara Strategies and Stratagem International (both affiliated with MI6).

Macedonia and Greece had zero involvement in the document. Greece however did request that ASNOM be removed from the Constitution which the Nazis at the State Department were happy to oblige – they had removed everything else: identity, language, history, future, why not the foundation itself, ASNOM.

London-based ‘PR firm’ Gabara Strategies out of the goodness of their hearts offered to help the Macedonian government junta win the Referendum. The proposal, whose authenticity was later confirmed by Gabara’s founder and president, Ivo Gabara, included a raft of conventional measures such as making sure the two (UK & Macedonian) governments made a joint statement. One is leaving the EU, the other wants to join, so a joint statement to the idiots made perfect sense.

Part of Gabara’s contract included a section on setting up supposedly opposition social media groups which would actually be under the company’s control to “channel, infiltrate and divide the opposition”. In June, Mr Gabara told the Guardian that the Macedonian prime minister“ had agreed to the proposal.

The Brits were essentially funding fake “opposition” groups in Macedonia who are actually Soros & SDSM activists. This is nothing new, fake opposition groups have been created by the US and British Governments in dozens of countries where the main goal is either destabilization or taking over.

While the US State Department Nazis were writing up their Prespa Agreement, a British Foreign Office spokesperson said for the Guardian: “The UK is funding a small number of independent experts to offer technical advice in support of the referendum. They are a resource for the referendum task-force”. The impression given by the UK was that this was just impartial ‘help’ in setting up the referendum. That of course was not the case – the company said the FCO had completely funded “its work” on Macedonia, saying “Stratagem International is a resource for the referendum Taskforce (Yes Campaign).” <—- Not sure about you, but we’re very tired of Russians meddling in Macedonia’s internal affairs!

The British “PR firms” created Macedonia’s Referendum question. If the authors of the illegal Prespa Agreement was the State Department, it was the British who coined the Referendum question. Once again, zero involvement by Macedonia even for their own referendum question. The clueless criminal Government junta in Macedonia has taken puppetry to whole new levels.

The British cretins’ tactic was to ensure the referendum question does in no shape or form mention the fact the country is being renamed to North Macedonia. Instead, to deceive the public all focus was put on “European” Macedonia, EU and NATO and then as a side note the Prespa Agreement. The State Department was pleased with how deceptive and in their mind ‘clever’ the Referendum question was and approved it. Apparently both the American and British players in this fiasco have the same IQ as Zaev, which makes sense why they get along so well.

As to the control the US State Department Nazis, aka the Deep State has over European broilers and vassals is the fact that nearly all Western European GMO products were forced either to visit Macedonia (Merkel, Kurz, May, Tusk, Hahn, Stoltenberg, Mattis…) or in the case of Macron issue dedicated speech to the Macedonian people. Only the Italian PM told the State Department to -flick- off. And they certainly couldn’t ask Erdogan or Orban.

In the end, this stupidity, this illegal Referendum and charade of course backfired terribly.

If Macedonians can recognize one thing, it’s fascists and Nazis.

Cavusoglu urges NATO and EU not to give up on Macedonia due to referendum

NATO and EU should not give up on Macedonia due to results of the referendum, but to continue with their support and cooperation, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated.

“We have closely monitored the developments. Finally, this is a decision of the citizens of Macedonia and we must respect that. On the other hand, neither NATO nor the EU should withdraw from the support and cooperation with Macedonia due to the referendum and its results. In fact, Macedonia was invited to become a NATO member at the last summit by unanimous decision of all allies,” Cavusoglu said at a joint press conference in Ankara with Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok.

Cavusoglu said that NATO accession talks with Macedonia must continue, and EU must pay more attention to the Western Balkans.

Turkey supports progress, peace and stability of the Balkans countries and their integration into NATO and EU, he said.

Zakharova: Western countries are aiming to drag Macedonia into NATO at any cost

Western countries are aiming to drag Macedonia into NATO even after a referendum on changing the country’s name was held there, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters on Thursday, TASS reports.

“The continuation of heavy-handed outside interference in Macedonia’s internal affairs is evident,” Zakharova stressed. “The goal is obvious – to drag Macedonia into the alliance at any cost.”

The diplomat recalled that on September 30, Macedonia held a referendum on changing its name, which has been declared invalid.

“Despite the fact that leading politicians in the EU and NATO member-states openly urged Macedonian citizens to vote in favor [of changing its name], which, we believe is a totally unacceptable practice, all this ended in failure,” Zakharova pointed out. “However, they welcomed its results without batting an eyelid. In particular, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg promised to grant Skopje membership in the alliance as early as the beginning of 2019, leaving no doubt that the parliaments of Macedonia and Greece would pass the required decisions,” TASS reports.

Russia’s position remains principled and unchanged – two countries to find a long-term solution to the problem, without interference and pressures from outside, because it showed that this does not help.

“If we refer to non-interference in internal affairs, then we must not agitate ‘for’ and ‘against’ if we speak about referendums. If we talk about non-interference in the internal affairs and respect of the law, including international laws, then a head of an alliance of states must not speak about a decision that should be passed by the parliament of a country,” Zakharova stated.

Zakharova also said she was surprised by the findings of the OSCE referendum observation mission in Macedonia, Sputnik reports.

“The great propaganda campaign of the West is presented in a positive way. It’s not just normal, it’s also a plus. What would happen if Moscow urged the Macedonians to vote? It would have been understood immediately as interfering in the internal affairs. These are not just double standards, but abuse of social rules and norms,” Zakharova added.

DPNE MPs were asked to sign document they won’t sell out to US Embassy | MINA Report

Multiple media outlets in Skopje have reported during the meeting of DPMNE’s Central Committee, all MPs were asked to sign a document they will not sell out (accept money) from the US Embassy/SDSM (same thing) in order for the Government junta to pass legislation in Parliament that will change Macedonia’s name.

According to Fokus, all DPNE MPs have signed such document. This still doesn’t ease the waves and tension within the party after it was revealed several MPs not just voted in the Referendum, some have accepted cash. DPNE’s party coordinator Dragan Danev was filmed meeting with a DBK representative, a meeting which lasted few hours where apparently an exchange of 250,000 euros took place. Danev was also seen voting in the Referendum.

The party has not released any information regarding this, however, so far, DPNE has expelled Bogojevski whose behavior never differentiated from that of the SDSM.

Zaev has internal challenges himself. Two of his MPs have stated they will not support a ‘name change’ vote, adding they will not go against the wishes of the Macedonian public.

VMRO-DPMNE’s EC: We accept elections but only with Przino-style government! (video)

The VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee claims that the referendum is invalid, given that only 36% of the citizens went to the polls. VMRO-DPMNE’s Executive Committee concluded that more than 50,000 ballots were forged, claiming that the referendum was forged and was not acceptable for the party, said Aleksandar Nikoloski, vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE after the EC meeting.

Nikoloski added that they stand at the side of those who are harassed by the government, those under pressure and under threat. The opposition calls for the appointment of a public prosecutor in order to process all irregularities during the referendum, in the direction of sanctioning the perpetrators of criminal acts against the electoral code and the penal code.

Regarding Zaev’s call for early elections, VMRO-DPMNE sent a message that they would defeat tSDSM, but demanded that all election laws be respected.

The opposition demands respecting the Przino Agreement, which will mean establishment of Przino government 100 days before the elections. This means appointing a technical prime minister, a technical minister of internal affairs and labor and social policy, and then elections.

PM Zaev: Opposition demands ‘absolutely unacceptable’

VMRO-DPMNE’s demands for a technical government with a 100-day term according to the model stemming from the Przino Agreement, for a new public prosecutor and an inquiry commission in Parliament to probe referendum irregularities are absolutely unacceptable, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Thursday in Ohrid.

“There is no reason, no need to discuss such things. The institutions themselves have commented on their own. To demand a commission to look into whether the referendum was legal even though the State Election Commission (SEC) is helmed by a VMRO-DPMNE member, and also the Administrative Court, whose members have not been replaced, implies itself what is in fact the purpose of these demands,” Zaev told reporters.

He said that in the coming days talks would take place with lawmakers in Parliament in ‘a pleasant, normal and responsible climate.’

“I believe there will be some kind of result by the end of this week or in the beginning of the next one. Sometime around October 10 is the deadline to tell the public what the next steps will be. I hope we will be able to announce that the needed 2/3 majority has been secured,” Zaev said.

According to him, it would be good for the country because Macedonia won’t waste several months. However, the PM noted, it is still likely that the whole situation will have to be solved in early parliamentary polls.

“Polls is not something that I desire, I would like to finish my term mostly because I want the economy to be stable, reforms to be implemented, including all ongoing processes,” stated Zaev.

Asked if he would talk with VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, Zaev said there was nothing to talk about with him.

“In the past, we accepted the opposition’s demands, involving the financing of political parties, the SEC to be helmed by a VMRO-DPMNE member, and in return, they didn’t even bother to discuss how to support the processes that matter for Macedonia,” stressed the PM.

He said he would have a meeting with several MPs in a bid to meet the objective of Macedonia ‘finally seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for integration into the EU and NATO.’


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Zakharova: Western countries are aiming to drag Macedonia into NATO at any cost

Western countries are aiming to drag Macedonia into NATO even after a referendum on changing the country’s name was held there, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters on Thursday, TASS reports.

“The continuation of heavy-handed outside interference in Macedonia’s internal affairs is evident,” Zakharova stressed. “The goal is obvious – to drag Macedonia into the alliance at any cost.”

The diplomat recalled that on September 30, Macedonia held a referendum on changing its name, which has been declared invalid.
Glad to see that Maria Zakharova is on top of this situation. Russia is watching developments in Macedonia - closely.

Oct. 5, 2018 - Macedonian appeals court upholds jailing of ex-prime Minister
Macedonian appeals court upholds jailing of ex-prime minister | Reuters

An appeals court on Friday upheld a lower court's sentencing of Macedonia's former prime minister Nikola Gruevski to two years in prison for fixing a tender for the government to buy a bullet-proof Mercedes Benz.

Gruevski was sentenced in May after a trial heard he had used his influence over a member of the tender commission to promote one car dealer to supply the Mercedes. Gruevski received a kickback from the dealer, prosecutors said.

The case is the first of five against Gruevski brought by a special prosecutor appointed to investigate corruption allegations against the former government as part of an agreement among political parties brokered by the European Union.

The court said on Friday the ex-prime minister’s appeal was “unfounded”. The start of his prison term is pending a court order.

“This is a classical political persecution,” Gruevski told reporters after the ruling was announced on Friday.

Macedonia was thrown into political turmoil in 2015 when opposition parties accused the prime minister and his counter-intelligence chief of orchestrating the wiretapping of more than 20,000 people.

Gruevski, the former leader of the nationalist VMRO-DPMNE party, stepped down as prime minister in 2016 after 10 years in power. His departure and new elections were part of the EU agreement between his ruling VMRO-DPMNE and opposition parties.

Macedonia’s hopes of joining the EU and NATO have been in limbo since a referendum on Sunday on changing the country’s name to the “Republic of North Macedonia”.

Voters backed a plan to change the name and so end a long dispute with Greece, which had blocked Macedonia’s entry into the international organizations. But the referendum failed to achieve the 50 percent turnout required for the result to be valid.


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Russia's EU ambassador describes West's statements on Macedonia as unceremonious

Vladimir Chizhov said officials in Brussels and other capitals try not to acknowledge the fact that the referendum was declared void by Macedonia's State Election Commission

Western countries, as well as EU and NATO leaders, prefer not to notice the fact that the referendum in Macedonia on name change has been recognized by the country's election commission as void, Russian Ambassador to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov told journalists on Friday.

"Macedonia's example shows that this is a classical case of unceremonious interference into the internal affairs of a country by the US, European countries, NATO - represented by the secretary general, and EU - represented by its leaders. This gives one an impression that it doesn't even occur to them that this represents interference into internal matters [of another country]," Chizhov said.

"Of course, the settlement of bilateral issues between the two neighboring countries through dialogue is a positive step. Problems between Athens and Skopje have existed for more than 20 years, and over this time, there were many opportunities to resolve them, but those opportunities were missed. However, now it is being done with a concrete goal in mind - to pull Macedonia into NATO as soon as possible. This is what all of this is being done for. The focus is on NATO though because [Macedonia's] path to join the EU will be long and meandering, and we can only talk about it hypothetically at this point," he added.

"Here in Brussels and in other capitals people try not to acknowledge the fact that the referendum was declared void by Macedonia's State Election Commission, emphasizing instead its consultative nature. However, the referendum was all in all illegitimate because in accordance with the Macedonian Constitution, only one question can be posed for a referendum. And there [at the name change referendum], they had three [questions]: on the Prespa Agreement, on acession to the EU and NATO," the ambassador reminded.

"The next step is voting in Macedonia's parliament, where the ruling coalition will not be able to secure enough votes even if they try. A qualified majority of two thirds is necessary. I think that personalized 'educational work' is being conducted now with opposition parliament members," Chizhov concluded.

'In vino veritas' :lol:

Juncker does not see Western Balkan countries in the EU before 2025

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Friday that Western Balkan countries must make further progress before joining the European Union.

Juncker told the Austrian Parliament he does not see the countries of the Western Balkans in the EU before 2025.

Hahn: I advise Zaev not to go to elections


With a combination of Balkan and rationality, the required majority in the Macedonian parliament can be reached, EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn said in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Courier, reports

Hahn says he had already conveyed this message to Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev not to call snap elections, but to build a two-thirds majority in Parliament that would support the Prespa agreement.

“New elections will only delay the way to start the EU negotiations. The opposition contributed to the low turnout through boycott. It cannot be said that the referendum failed.

“It is unusual for a referendum to be supported by 94 per cent of voters, but only 36.8 per cent to come out and vote, and because the opposition was apparently successful in the boycotting the referendum. A two-thirds majority can be secured in Parliament. Eight or nine votes from the opposition are necessary and this must be done. Everyone says they want to join EU and NATO, including the opposition, and then simply you have to pay the price of this solution,” Hahn said.

Court confirms Gruevski jail sentence moments after he says ‘No’ to name change in Parliament | MINA Report

Macedonia’s kangaroo court, locally known as the Appellate Court confirmed Gruevski’s two year jail sentence over a Government purchase of a state vehicle (Mercedes) which is in use by the current Government.

The former DPNE president, decided to be silent during the referendum. Our sources have told us he did not vote in the Referendum, but also did not publicly speak against it – considering he had a jail sentence pending on made up charges. Gruevski naively believed if he doesn’t publicly say ‘boycott’, they will remove his charges. He’s certainly no Antonio Milososki.

MINA finds US State Department employee Mitko Burcevski (locally known as Agent Tesla) who wields more power than the US Ambassador had offered Gruevski through intermediaries his vote in Parliament in exchange for removing the jail sentence. It’s why Gruevski was brought up on made up charges, so they can use it down the road for negotiation tactics and swap the sentence for a vote in Parliament. Multiple MPs from the opposition are in similar situation.

Gruevski appears to have refused the offer. Today, during a brief press conference the ex DPNE head stated “no one can vote against the will of the People”. After his statement, not even 15 minutes later the Appellate Court suddenly ‘decided’ to confirm Gruevski’s jail sentence.

Four years ago, two of our MINA contributors offered to advise and assist Gruevski, particularly in his dealings with the “West”, free of charge. Both have ten times the credentials of all of Gruevski and Ivanov’s advisors put together. One of their initial advice to the DPNE was to jail criminal Zaev (and whatever happens not release him, emphasis on “not release him” because everyone knows how scared the DPNE gets when a chauffeur of a 4th rate diplomat visits them). They were told this in 2014. It was also noted if N.G. doesn’t do it, he will regret it. Fast forward to 2018…

Gruevski never understood that you can’t employ reason the conventional way, put trust into and turn your other chick when you deal with fascists. Austrian broiler and former casino assistant manager Johannes Hahn told Gruevski to remove himself from power just temporarily, and then he would be back as Prime Minister. Remember this?

And now the irony: Gruevski’s cousin, former head of DBK Mijalkov was freed from all charges by the same Court that confirmed Gruevski’s jail sentence. The speculation is Mijalkov struck a deal… but a deal for what… he is not an MP.

Note on Mitko Burcevski. This GMO product has been the ‘right hand’, some would say the boss of every US Ambassador in Macedonia. The Nazis at the US State Department have more trust in him than their Ambassadors. That’s the level of traitor this broiler is. All reports in terms of what needs to be done to undermine/destabilize the country come from him, for 18 years. He has a private line of communication with the State Department, independent of the Ambassador. For his ‘services’ he was granted a US citizenship, meaning he can flee, but broilers Zaev, Dimitrov and Sekerinska can’t.

After 1945 the first Macedonian Government introduced the death penalty for individuals who worked for the Bulgarian occupation force. People were hanged on trees in downtown Skopje, no trials, everyone knew who they were.

The good news today is, once again, thanks to the Referendum, we all know who they are and Skopje has lots of trees.

Gruevski: I will not let my people down, I will not vote for constitutional changes (video)

I will not support the constitutional changes. I will not let the people down, the people have said their opinion, this was stated by the former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski asked by the journalists whether he is likely to be saved from serving the prison sentence if he votes in the Parliament, given that talks on a two-thirds majority are in progress.

The ex-Prime Minister said that he would use all the legal measures available to him and his lawyers.

He thinks that the whole “Tank” case is a political process against him and that the President of the Appellate court gave instructions to the judges, something he pointed out at a press conference that he held in the Parliament.

“As you know, it is political repression and a politically-staged process that is ongoing. The only thing that changed after my press conference in Parliament is that they postponed it for after the referendum, instead of before the referendum,” Gruevski told reporters outside a courthouse during a break of another trial in which he is one of the defendants.

He also said that political pressure is being exerted on the court, referring to the statement of the acting President of the Appellate court that his verdict should have been confirmed.

“It is a classic political persecution, accused of soliciting the purchase of a vehicle in order, besides the others, to use it for my own purposes, Gruevski said.

Gruevski has not yet received the decision from the Appellate court. He learned that the second-instance court confirmed the prison sentence while sitting in a courtroom at a hearing in the Titanic case in which he is one of the defendants.

Appellate Court confirmed Gruevski’s expectations – no crime, but there is a sentence

The Appellate Court in Skopje dismissed an appeal by former prime minister Nikola Gruevski, as being ‘groundless’, against a ruling over a two-year prison sentence.

The Skopje court partially upheld an appeal by a defendant, namely the former associate interior minister, Gjoko Popovski. It changed a section of the sentencing decision and sentenced him to a 4,6 years in prison all the while affirming the remaining section of the first-instance ruling.

The Skopje Criminal Court on 23 May 2018 after a trial regarding the purchase of a €600,000 Mercedes Benz sentenced Gjoko Popovski to 6,6 years in prison and Nikola Gruevski was sentenced to two years for acting as an ‘instigator’.

The two men filed appeals to the first-instance ruling to the Appellate Court in Skopje.

Otherwise, the Mercedes, which was purchased during Gruevski’s term, is still used by the Government. They use this Mercedes to transport foreign officials coming to the country. Lastly, the vehicle was used during the visit of Angela Merkel, Jens Stoltenberg, Sebastian Kurz and others.

Who is lying: The employees or the Ministry of Culture?


Despite the fact that employees of the Ministry of Culture claim that they had been sent home earlier at 14:00h, the Ministry claims the opposite.

On the journalist question asked in writing to the Ministry, we received the following answer:

Yesterday (October 4, 2018), the activities of the Ministry of Culture took place like every working day with the usual realization of the regular working tasks of the employed civil servants.

Why do some say that they have not been at work for a full working day, while the Ministry claims that usual regular work tasks have been performed we do not know.

Pressing TV reported that the Ministry of Culture confirmed the information that the police came on Thursday, but claimed they were looking for interception devices or checking other security risks.

As the ministry points out, it was a routine action, which comes at the request of the institution itself, sent some time ago.

The ministry says it was necessary to make such a procedure after the arrival of the new minister and his cabinet in order to check the ministry’s building for anything that could possibly pose a risk to security or jeopardize the normal course of work of the institution Pressing TV writes.

Stefan Vlahov Micov: “United Macedonia” political party created and financed by US Embassy | MINA Report


The Vice President of “United Macedonia” Stefan Vlahov Micov has just poured gasoline and lit a match on his own political party. The alleged patriotic party was founded, and is financed by the US Embassy using Zaev and his junta as its intermediary, confessed Micov today.

Although all political parties in Macedonia – large and small – are under the control of the Western services and their Macedonian puppets. Some of them: SDSM, VMRO-DPMNE, DUI and others, were even created by secret foreign services. Is it normal to you that all political parties in Macedonia would sell their soul to the West and NATO even though the entire population is Christian Orthodox? Not one political party wants friendly ties with Russia. Really?

That’s the level of control the West has over Macedonian political parties, says Stefan Vlahov Micov.

In a post on his personal FB page, Micov says:

It is abnormal in a Christian Orthodox state like Macedonia, all existing parties, and I mean all of them to be oriented towards the West, although much of the population wants closer friendship with Russia. That is why I accepted to be deputy chairman of the rebranded party under a firm condition: to have a major say in the strategy of the party. I wrote the party program (the section for the Eurasian Union was prepared by another colleague), which was divided into thousands of copies throughout Macedonia – writes Micov.

The president of United Macedonia, Janko Bacev, surprised me when he suggested that our party logo should resemble that of Putin’s political party “United Russia”. I saw no reason for it. In the end we settled for our Macedonian 16 ray sun, the lion and the red color.


In a very short amount of time, we ended up bringing in influential Russians such as Savin and Dugin to Macedonia. In April we went to Moscow. In Macedonia we created 62 offices. What brought my attention and a few red flags is our rapid development and the fact none of the SDSM-run newspapers, or CIA run Voice of America, DW… wrote anything negative about us, but the papers that I didn’t think would write anything negative about us, wrote a lot of negative thinks – not realizing that they knew who is behind this political party – says Micov.

BEHIND THE SCENES – Whole Project Run by the US Embassy

In essence, the idea of creating a “pro-Russian” party in Macedonia was 100% initiated and run by the US Embassy while Zaev’s junta were the intermediary, the point of contact between them and Bachev. The sole purpose and goal was to portray Russian influence in the country and thereby increase Western pressure for the country to be swallowed by NATO as well as speed up the genocide against the Macedonian people and the demolition of the Macedonian state.

Editor Note: Just yesterday we wrote of the UK doing the same thing in Macedonia, creating fake opposition run by them.

I applaud Mickoski who very early stated that Janko Bacev works for Zaev. Now of course, we all know that Bachev and Zaev are in constant communication – continued Micov.

Other red flags kept popping up after Janko Bacev stated “United Macedonia” is an extended hand of the Russian Government. What the hell!? Now, we all know that his statements were ordered from someone else, think of a flag with stripes and stars – says Micov.

The Russians very quickly saw through Janko Bachev, describing him as first and foremost “Anti Macedonian” and certainly not a “Russophile” – says Micov.

In the end, Micov says that Bachev is yet another traitor in the long list of traitors to Macedonia.

Today Micov announced he is quitting the party and wants nothing to do with a US Embassy run political party/project.

Has anyone noticed the speed with which American activities in the country are crumbling left and right?


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SEC Officials admit Referendum Fraud in Vinica in their official report | MINA Report

SEC officials in Vinica admitted in their official report that fraud was committed. Namely, during the count they noticed votes were missing, serial numbers did not match, and as they point out “every 87th ballot of the official ballots issued by the SEC was missing“.

This leads to only one conclusion, there was vote-rigging, the so called “Bulgarian train”.

Bulgarian train is, in fact, a method of vote-buying that includes a recurrent process of casting pre-filled ballots. The process starts when political ‘handlers’ distribute pre-filled ballots in front of polling stations. The voters who are willing to sell their ballots take them into the polling stations, where they obtain empty ones, and cast their pre-filled. Then, they go back outside and hand the empty ballots to the handlers.

In Macedonia’s case the Bulgarian train is much simpler. Pre-filled ballots are simply brought in black bags and dumped into ballot boxes while the empty ones are removed. People (voters) aren’t needed. It’s for this reason, the SDSM and DUI refused to allow party representatives (as is the norm) be present at polling stations.

This is believed to have happened in at least 64 polling stations across Macedonia where the desperate Government tried to increase the voter turnout in a Referendum widely boycotted by the public.

The opposition parties have pressed charges against 200 SEC officials, policemen and voting observers for purposefully ignoring obvious fraud.


SDSM mental diarrhea on Al Jazeera TV | MINA Report

Watch a Northern SDS official Bojan Maricik explain the referendum turnout on Al Jazeera TV. And yes, this is hard to watch.

The Al Jazeera host keeps mocking the turnout, tries very hard to explain to the Northerner that the referendum failed, telling Maricik not to manipulate with basic facts.

Our favorite part of the exchange is when the host tells the Northerner – “so little Macedonians cared to vote in the referendum, here are the numbers, it’s 36%, and not all 36% actually voted ‘yes’ it’s lower than that, you know you need 50% right?” – and the response from the Northerner is the usual verbal ebola that comes out of every SDS official: “well yes, but the people who boycotted, they knew if they vote they will lose” after which the host interrupts him with – well, the people who boycotted that’s their way of saying NO.

Watch the way the host looks at the camera as the SDSM official explains, as if to ask “is he seriously saying this”.

By the way, the genius in the video is Zaev’s chief advisor.


Croatian MEP: EU and Democracy is an Oxymoron | MINA Report

One of the most popular Croatian politicians and MEP in Brussels Ivan Pernar blasted the EU as anything, but democratic during a speech at an EU session in Brussels.

Although we highly recommend watching his speech, here are his main takeaways:
  • In Macedonia 36.8% (the number now is actually 35.1% due to nullification of 2 polling places) of which 33% voted “For”, yet 67% said “No” by boycotting the Referendum. The EU says referendum is successful.
  • In Catalonia 93% voted “Yes” in a much higher turnout than in Macedonia recorded at 43%, but the EU said the referendum is unsuccessful. Why is it successful in Macedonia with 36%, but unsuccessful in Catalonia with 43%?
  • The political elite in the EU is only interested in implementing the wishes of the global elite. The people can not decide nor are they allowed to have a say about how they live their lives.
  • Putting the EU and democracy in the same sentence is an oxymoron, the two cannot be more diametrically opposed.
  • Before Catalonia and Macedonia it was Crimea. Once again the EU would not recognize a Referendum that had over 90% turnout simply because they did not like the result, just like they did not like the results in Macedonia and Catalonia. In Catalonia Spanish police beat voters who waited in line to vote, police stole ballot boxes to reduce the turnout percentage, which they did. And what did the EU say, absolutely nothing. It never condemned all the crazy violence against the Catalan people.
  • Catalonia, Macedonia, Crimea all have one thing in common. The people have spoken, but the EU vassals serving globalists were told not to ‘recognize’ the results.


The Living Force
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Hahn: I advise Zaev not to go to elections

With a combination of Balkan and rationality, the required majority in the Macedonian parliament can be reached, EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn said in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Courier, reports

Hahn says he had already conveyed this message to Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev not to call snap elections, but to build a two-thirds majority in Parliament that would support the Prespa agreement.

“New elections will only delay the way to start the EU negotiations. The opposition contributed to the low turnout through boycott. It cannot be said that the referendum failed.

“It is unusual for a referendum to be supported by 94 per cent of voters, but only 36.8 per cent to come out and vote, and because the opposition was apparently successful in the boycotting the referendum. A two-thirds majority can be secured in Parliament. Eight or nine votes from the opposition are necessary and this must be done. Everyone says they want to join EU and NATO, including the opposition, and then simply you have to pay the price of this solution,” Hahn said.

Hahn to Zaev: No elections, you can’t win, bribe VMRO MPs instead | MINA Report

Former Casino Assistant Manager, PhD fraudster and current EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn has a message for SDS leader Zoran Zaev: “No early elections, this is certainly not good, instead do what needs to be done in Parliament with the opposition”.

This is a statement from one criminal to another, the only thing missing from Hahn was “or I will take care of business“.

Hahn strongly suggested to Zaev in today’s climate his chances of winning elections are zero, considering the massive Referendum fiasco where huge majority of the Macedonian population strongly opposed Zaev (the exception being people who did the ballot stuffing).

Instead, Hahn encouraged Zaev to seek ways to ‘convince’ 9-10 members of the opposition to switch sides.

MINA finds, the 250,000 euros that were initially offered to MPs for a vote, have now gone up at least ten fold per MP. In fact, fake patriot and DPNE MP Ilija Dimovski pretty much confessed this in a FB post where he stated he will not vote for the agreement, adding rather nonchalantly the cash offered to MPs is now in the millions not the measly 250k as local media reported. Additional $50m at this point is certainly not a problem for Uncle Sam’s printing machine or for London.

Columbia professor and Macedonian patriot Gorazd Rosoklija slammed Hahn’s criminal proposal in a FB post. “What sort of offer except a criminal one can you expect from a person who stole someone else’s Dissertation at the University of Vienna and then wrongly interpreted the results from the stolen work“.

Rosoklija’s statement pretty much sums up the European Union and the imbecile that represents it, Johannes Hahn.

Mickoski Press Conference – Zaev offers cash, dropping made up charges in exchange for votes | MINA Report

UJP shutting down Café Bars in Skopje so Zaev’s brother can take them over | MINA Report

Sanja Lukarevska.jpg

Zaev and the SDSM have transformed the taxation office (UJP) into a Racketeer Firm that goes around the capital and shuts down businesses targeted by the Zaev clan who then simply take over.

In ten days a dozen famous cafe bars and coffee shops have been shut down. All of these businesses had one thing in common – they had excellent locations and very much cult-like status among the public.


First targeted were the businesses in Aerodrom, where one location was shut down not because of licensing or any business/health related reasons, instead the business was closed because on the tables the owner had placed very cool sugar cubes in the shape of Aerodrom’s logo. That was it. That merited shutting down the business for weeks and issuing huge fines.

UJP temporarily closed the ultra popular place “Trend”, then proceeded to close “Palma” and very quickly after “Deja Vu”. Prior to this it shut down the most popular Bakeries in Debar Maalo. All of them were closed for three weeks and given abnormal fines.

Next the SDSM junta via UJP targeted cafe bar “Broz” across the street from Univerzalna Sala.

These raids are orchestrated by UJP’s new director Sanja Lukarevska who receives her orders from SDSM’s Stefan Bogoev. Bogoev and Vice Zaev are close business partners.

Vice Zaev, the brother of the SDSM leader has a list of which businesses in Skopje he’d like to take over. It then unleashes the UJP to fine and close the businesses down. The goal is after multiple fines which fetch 10,000 euros and closing them down for weeks, the business owners would give up and close for good.

‘We bombed you to save you’ – NATO head Stoltenberg speaks about 1999 bombings on visit to Serbia

The south-west part of Pristina.JPG
The south-west part of Pristina late March 24 after NATO forces launched a missile attack against Yugoslavia / Reuters

Although many people in Serbia hold “poor” memories of NATO’s 1999 bombing of their country, it was, in fact, done precisely to protect them from their own government, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said in Belgrade.

He was answering questions about the bombing and about the NATO campaign against the government of the former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, during a meeting with the students of Belgrade University.

“I stressed that we did this to protect civilians and to stop the Milosevic regime,” Stoltenberg said, as quoted by the local media, claiming locals have poor memories of the events.

COMMENT: Why NATO is not going to Palestine to protect the civilians and to stop the Netanyahu regime?

So NATO wants the alliance and Belgrade to “look into the future.” Stoltenberg also boasted of an “excellent relationship”between NATO and Serbia, adding that the military bloc “respects” Belgrade’s decision not to join the alliance. Still, he maintained that NATO wants to be Serbia’s “partner.”

He also said that NATO supports “dialogue” between Serbia and its breakaway region-turned-self-proclaimed state Kosovo, not only diplomatically but also “in the form of KFOR” – the NATO-led international peacekeeping force deployed to Kosovo.

His words came about a week after a brief escalation of tensions between Belgrade and Pristina sparked by the visit of Kosovo’s leader to a northern part of the breakaway region, which is populated by Serbs who refuse to recognize Pristina’s authority. The KFOR stayed conspicuously inactive during the incident, according to some reports while others suggested that the NATO-led force had even accompanied the Kosovo representative on that trip.

In March 1999, NATO launched airstrikes in what was then Yugoslavia, without the backing of the UN Security Council, after it accused Belgrade of “excessive and disproportionate use of force” in a conflict with insurgent Muslim ethnic Albanians in the region of Kosovo, which unilaterally declared independence nine years later, in 2008.

During the bombings, NATO dropped “between 10 and 15 tons of depleted uranium, which caused a major environmental disaster” and prompted Serbians to sue NATO over its actions, linking them to a rise in cancer-related illnesses across the region.

"In Serbia, 33,000 people fall sick because of this every year. That is one child every day," a member of the international legal team that was preparing the lawsuit told RT in 2017. Back in 2015, Stoltenberg himself expressed "regret" for the civilian casualties of NATO's 1999 bombing.

Bosnian Serb Milorad Dodik Wins Seat in Bosnia’s Presidency

Bosnian Serb Milorad Dodic won a seat in Bosnia’s three-member presidency after securing more than a half of the vote, the electoral committee said.

Dodic, who is known for his anti-NATO stance, came first in the race with 55.15 percent of the vote, the committee's chief Branko Petric said.

Sefik Dzaferovic leads the race for the Bosniak seat with 37.97 percent of the vote, while Zeljko Komsic is the prime candidate for the remaining Croat seat with 49.47 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, Zeljka Cvijanovic, prime minister of Bosnia's Republika Srpska, declared victory Monday in the regional race for presidency after her processor ascended to the country's tripartite governing body.

"We estimate that I have a 30,000-vote lead over [closest rival] Vukota Govedarica. The gap is obvious and can't be closed," she told supporters who gathered overnight at the campaign headquarters.

The former Yugoslav republic has a tripartite presidency made up of a Serb, a Croat and a Muslim Bosniak.

The Serbian-majority region, one of the two legal entities making up Bosnia, voted in its own presidential poll on Sunday in addition to electing a president in Bosnia's tripartite governing body.

If elected, Cvijanovic will replace Milorad Dodik as president of Republika Srpska. Sefik Dzaferovic and Zeljko Komsic are ahead in the race for respectively Muslim Bosniak and Croat seats.

In his victory speech aired early Monday by Bosnian Serb radio, Dodik promised to protect Serbian national interests and "dignity" and devote every moment of his presidency to making Republika Srpska stronger than ever.


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Hahn to Zaev: No elections, you can’t win, bribe VMRO MPs instead | MINA Report

Former Casino Assistant Manager, PhD fraudster and current EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn has a message for SDS leader Zoran Zaev: “No early elections, this is certainly not good, instead do what needs to be done in Parliament with the opposition”.

This is a statement from one criminal to another, the only thing missing from Hahn was “or I will take care of business“.

Zaev: Macedonia doesn’t need elections

Macedonia doesn’t need to hold elections – unless absolutely necessary, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in an interview with Euronews Greece, explaining that MPs were currently consulting with each other.

As MIA’s Athens correspondent reports, PM Zaev insisted the country would hold elections only after all options to reach a two-thirds majority in Parliament had been exhausted. He then called on all MPs to do their duty towards the country.

“Macedonia doesn’t need elections,” Zaev said. “Macedonia is on the right track. We’ll open a chapter in June. We’ll have a place at the negotiating table in Brussels and NATO while its 29 member states begin ratifying the protocol in their Parliaments. From an economic standpoint, Macedonia is doing great, and there’s no need for us to hold elections – unless absolutely necessary. And, of course, if we do, the obvious goal is to achieve two thirds, or 80 MPs.”

Zaev also noted that, according to latest surveys, the Government would achieve parliamentary majority should elections be held.

He pointed out that now the most important thing was for politicians and MPs to heed the message of 91 percent of referendum voters who voted in favor of the name agreement and voiced their preference for the course the country should take.

“The messages by Commissioner Hahn and the entire European community,” Zaev said, “are a clear incentive for MPs to complete what we started and we expect this to happen.

“This is what we’re focused on, as I’m convinced that even the opposition supports our course towards the EU and NATO.

I have no doubt about it. What should happen is for political fighting to stop so we can finish this process for our country. It’s a matter of days. MPs are consulting closely with each other, we’re consulting with top ruling party officials as well as with members of the Albanian parties in Government. We believe it’s possible and we’ll do all we can to succeed.”

In the brief Euronews interview, Zaev also said he had talked to Greek “PM and our friend Alexis Tsipras,” who congratulated him on Macedonia’s referendum outcome of over 90 percent of votes in favor of.

“There’s plenty of time,” Zaev said, “but we all agree that the sooner the deal is implemented, the better for both countries, considering all the benefits of the agreement.

“The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both countries are in constant communication, as are our governments, and we’re all focusing on the next stage, which is to implement the agreement in Parliament.”

MPs not accepting bribes, Zaev offers conditional early elections | MINA Report

The latest offer from SDSM to VMRO-DPMNE is the formation of a Przino government with a shortened mandate, according to the pro-SDSM media, adding that this is the “last offer” by the SDSM.

This offer confirms VMRO-DPMNE’s earlier information that Zaev’s attempts to bribe and blackmail their deputies has failed, and the government is forced to go to the polls.

The SDSM sent a “final offer” for early parliamentary elections utilizing the Przino agreement, but with shortened mandates of 45 or 60 days, the pro-government media said, according to well-informed sources.

The 45/60 days will not give the opposition any time to consolidate the police ranks (Zaev has hired over 200 criminals who now wear police badges and are in large part responsible for organizing fraud at the polls).

VMRO-DPMNE has no commented on this information, it wouldn’t confirm or deny it.

A new parliamentary session was confirmed on October 15, Monday, but so far the possibility of dissolution of Parliament and proclamation of early elections is not in the agenda.

Negotiations are still ongoing, and there have been meetings between party leaders. This morning, the parliamentary groups did not discuss the negotiations and have now been left to a political decision within the parties.

The latest proposal by VMRO-DPMNE is that the prime minister publicly renounce the agreement with Greece, go to the polls, and after the elections, a new Public Prosecutor’s Office will be formed to replace the SPO which in the eyes of the public is an extended hand of the US Embassy and the SDSM.

Mitko Burcevski coordinates Cash offers to MPs – $2.5m in duffel bags | MINA Report

Gruevski and Burcevski playing basketball

VMRO MPs have started receiving deliveries of $2.5m each in duffel bags. The entire process is coordinated by US State Department employee Mitko Burceski (aka Agent Tesla), while the meeting location is at a luxury apartment belonging to former DBK head and Gruevski’s cousin Sasho Mijalkov – reported journalist Milenko Nedelkovski.

One VMRO MP has apparently taken up on the offer and is currently meeting with US Embassy officials.

Is it Rangelova?

The MP has gathered her entire family at the US Embassy, and according to Nedelkovski she’s been at the Embassy for over 4 hours.

It is not out of the question that the MP is negotiating to emigrate to the US after she votes “yes” in Parliament.

Zaev and the SDSM expecting ‘success’ in bribing MPs, around 20 minutes ago scheduled a Parliament session in which they will put changing the country’s name to a vote, despite major public opposition and a failed Referendum.

US Ambassador Jess Baily strategy is very simple. The vote is scheduled for the 16th. The Court scheduled all of their proceedings against VMRO MPs on the same day, the 16th. Against all the VMRO MPs who are in jail and those who have Court proceedings against, their Parliament immunity will be stripped by the SDS, thus the MPs in Parliament will be reduced from 120 to likely 112 or 110, which means to get 2/3 of the MPs, you won’t need 81, but 75 MPs. Of course this will be immediately ‘approved’ and cheered by the Nazis in Washington, Brussels and Berlin.

Earlier today, another VMRO MP (Gordana Jankulovska) was sentenced to 6 year jail for her ‘involvement’ in the purchase of a bullet proof State vehicle which every country has, a vehicle that Zaev today uses for personal joy rides and to welcome foreign officials. The whole made up case about the vehicle is that the vehicle was not needed per the prosecution, yet it continues to be in use.

Advice to DPNE:

1.Those who are blackmailed and who we all know may get their immunity stripped should immediately resign from Parliament, their places taken by new MPs.

2. DPNE must immediately Quit Parliament, all MPs. The party should have never returned to Parliament in the first place. Have some respect towards your colleagues in prison.

Jankulovska sentenced to six years in prison


Former minister of interior Gordana Jankuloska has been sentenced to six years in prison in the case dubbed “Tank” over abuse of office regarding the procurement procedure of a new vehicle ‘Mercedes’ worth more than EUR 600,000.

Jankuloska, whose trial was separated from that of the other defendants due to her pregnancy, was not present at the delivery of the judgement.

Former prime minister Nikola Gruevski has been sentenced to two years in prison, while former head of MoI’s public procurement department Gjoko Popovski to six and a half years in the same case.

The Appellate Court has rejected Gruevski’s appeal and confirmed his prison term, while Popovski’s sentence has been reduced to four and a half years.

Stoltenberg: No membership without the name agreement, no Plan B for Macedonia

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Monday there is no Plan B for Macedonia, because the country has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of joining NATO if it implements the Prespa Agreement.

“I firmly believe that the country must take decisions over its future. It is up to the government and the parliament to take these decisions. To decide how to move forward, how to react to the referendum and the political implications it has produced,” said Stoltenberg during a visit to Serbia.

The NATO chief said the Alliance is prepared to swiftly accept Macedonia as its 30. member if democratic institutions in Skopje decide to fully implement the Prespa Agreement.

“We can swiftly proceed towards signing the accession protocol, right after the name change. Democratic institutions in Macedonia decide if they accept and apply the name agreement. We are prepared to accept the country as our newest member,” stressed Stoltenberg.

He reiterated there is no Plan B or other alternative for Macedonia’s membership unless the agreement with Greece is implemented.

No membership without the name agreement. That is why we welcomed the agreement between the two countries,” noted Stoltenberg.

He added that NATO will not force Macedonia into a decision, because it is a sovereign country taking its own decisions.

“However, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They have a chance and they need to seize this historic moment,” underlined Stoltenberg.


Samaras: We cannot accept a Macedonian language and identity

We will not allow our Macedonia to be sold. I have always said that we cannot give Skopje the name Macedonia, because from that moment on they will officially be called Macedonians, not Northmacedonians or Uppermacedonians, says former Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras, MIA reports from Athens.

“The Prespa Agreement officially gives the Skopians name Macedonia, the nationality, the language and the identity. Despite disagreements in the past, no Greek politician has ever accepted the recognition of a Macedonian nation, language and identity,” Samaras told members of the Kavala chamber of commerce.

The former PM and incumbent New Democracy MP says the opposition party will not vote for the Prespa Agreement’s ratification.

“If the agreement is ratified in the Greek parliament, Skopje’s NATO integration is all but finished. However, all other long-term aspects of the agreement will not last. The following Greek governments will be forced, sooner or later, to get rid of them. Why? Because we cannot accept a Macedonian language and identity, because this will have consequences within Greece, because Skopje’s irredentism will be legalized,” adds Samaras.

Referring to the process of European integration, he says Greece cannot renounce its right to negotiate with Skopje over its accession.

“EU member Bulgaria can negotiate on everything with them, but Greece cannot because of the Prespa Agreement. For example, Bulgaria can veto Skopje’s integration and we cannot. We cannot negotiate whether Macedonian products from Kavala can be called Macedonian,” noted Samaras.

Milorad Dodik Vows to Push BiH Recognition of Crimea as Part of Russia

Bosnian Serb Milorad Dodik, who according to preliminary results has won a seat in Bosnia’s three-member presidency, said in an interview published Tuesday that he is planning to push recognition of Crimea as Russia’s part by Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

"I will put forward such an initiative, and I intend to achieve recognition of the status of Crimea at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After all, the reunification of the peninsula with Russia was the result of a legitimate referendum, which was in accordance with the UN Charter. It was a democratic process, during which the inhabitants of Crimea expressed their position," Dodik told the Izvestia newspaper.

Dodik also said that Crimea historically belonged to Russia and was part of it, adding that he wanted to visit the region as soon as possible. He also said that Ukraine needed to concentrate on solving its interior political problems.

"Ukraine now needs to solve domestic political problems and determine its foreign policy, and to understand that the position of Kiev generated by the West has had a negative and detrimental effect on the country. The country needs to start normalizing relations with Russia. In this situation, we are talking more about pressure from Western countries," he stressed.

Dodik also said he would like to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin before the end of 2018.

"I would like my first meetings in my new position to be held with the presidents of Russia and Serbia — Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vucic. I am ready to hold a meeting with the Russian leader before the end of the year. But it is important to bear in mind that not everything depends on me," he noted.

Dodik also said that he would advocate creation of a Russian-Serbian humanitarian center, similar to the one that was operating in Serbia’s city of Nis.

"I would like to note that we are now cooperating closely with Russia in all areas. We are interested, for example, in deliveries of Russian medical equipment, as well as in the construction of a gas liquefaction plant in the territory of Republika Srpska," he added.

Crimea rejoined Russia in 2014, when 97 percent of those participating in the referendum voted for the reunification. Despite this, the vote was not recognized by the majority of the Western countries, including EU member states that subsequently imposed economic and political sanctions on Moscow.

Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that the Crimean residents decided to rejoin Russia following a democratic procedure. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the issue of Crimea's territorial belonging was "historically closed."

Meanwhile, Milorad Dodik also said in an interview published Tuesday that he would prevent the accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to NATO.

"I will never vote for an initiative that supports the country's course to join the alliance. This is my commitment, and it means that Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be able to join this organization… We will not permit joining NATO, as Republika Srpska stands for maintaining neutrality," Dodik told the Izvestia newspaper.

Dodik also said that he was not against BiH troops’ participation in international missions with a UN mandate.

NATO has been significantly increasing its presence in Eastern Europe after the eruption of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, using the alleged Russian interference in Ukrainian internal affairs as a pretext. Moscow has repeatedly voiced its protest against the NATO military buildup, saying that it will undermine regional stability and result in a new arms race.

Bosnian elections risk new ethnic tensions but guess what West cares about

The latest election for Bosnia-Herzegovina’s triumvirate presidency is threatening to unravel the Balkan country’s fragile peace. The Western media, however, seemingly focus only on one winner’s alleged ties to Russia.

On Sunday, Bosnia-Herzegovina held a general election, including for its three-member presidency. The multi-ethnic institution, which includes one representative from each of the country’s three ethnic communities - the Serbs, the Croats and the Muslim Bosniaks – is one of the power-sharing bodies established to promote equal rights in the fractured state after the bloody ethnic conflict in the 1990s.

Kaleidoscope of troubles

However, the presidency’s new composition might in fact fuel tension and distrust, threatening Bosnia’s future. While the Serbs and Muslims will be represented by candidates of their respective ethnic political parties - Milorad Dodik and Sefik Dzaferovic - the third seat will be filled by Zeljko Komsic against the wishes of most of Bosnia’s Croats.

According to election rules currently in place, and protested bitterly by Croats as well as members of smaller ethnic communities, Croats and Bosniak Muslims vote together in one half of Bosnia, the Federation, while the Serb candidate is elected by the Serb Republic.

Dragan Covic, head of the largest Croat party HDZ, accused the Bosniaks of getting Komsic elected. Prior to the election, he also warned that his party will not cooperate with the central government in case of his defeat.

“Such election results may cause an unprecedented crisis in Bosnia-Herzegovina,” Covic said from the divided southern city of Mostar. The HDZ itself called for the creation of new, ethnically based election procedures for Bosnian Croats. This is opposed by the Bosniak Muslims, who outnumber the Croats within the Federation.

The biggest winner of the elections seems to be Dodik, who will command majorities in both the Serb Republic and the Serb delegation in the joint parliament. Dodik and his party have been the dominant political force in the Serb Republic since 2006, at times even threatening to separate from Bosnia.

“My first priority will be the position of the Serb people and of the [Serb Republic],” Dodik said in his victory speech. During the campaign, he argued that Bosnia is “not a state,” while calling its capital of Sarajevo a “foreign territory.”

Blaming Russia, again

The Western media have apparently chosen to ignore the many complexities of Bosnian politics and focus on Dodik as the designated culprit for all of the country’s problems, complete with the accusation that he is – what else? – an agent of the Kremlin.

“A victory for Milorad Dodik, a Bosnian Serb strongman and a close ally of Russia’s president Vladimir V. Putin, could exacerbate ethnic rivalries in the Balkan nation and stall the country’s bid for membership in the European Union,” the New York Times reported in the article on the Bosnian elections, which mostly focused on the Serb candidate.

The German-based Deutsche Welle (DW) international broadcaster branded Dodik’s victory “a blow to the fragile unity of the country created after the brutal civil war” while also highlighting the fact that his is “known for his pro-Russia stance.”The DW’s Russian language website outright called Dodik “Putin’s favorite.”

The Times also called Dodik “Putin’s ally” while the Associated Press named him a “pro-Russia Serb leader,” whose victory would “deepen ethnic divisions” in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Dodik has frequently visited Russia in recent years, while serving as president of the Serb Republic. He attended the World Cup that was held in Russia earlier this year, and most recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 30. He also spoke favorably of Russia and supported the development of economic relations between Moscow and the Bosnian Serbs.

Of particular concern for the West is the fact that Dodik vehemently resists any idea of Bosnia-Herzegovina joining NATO, something the Alliance apparently seeks to achieve.

“NATO bombed [the Serb Republic], the Serbian people. That was in fact an attack on Serbs,” he told TASS in 2017, arguing that the depleted uranium used in the NATO bombs has led to a spike in cancer-related illnesses in the region. “And these people, this organization expect us to join them? Our answer is ‘no.’ This is our decision,” Dodik said at that time.

Frustrated with Dodik’s resistance to Western efforts to change Bosnia’s power-sharing arrangements in the name of joining the EU and NATO, the Obama administration placed him on the sanctions blacklist in January 2016.

Complicated system

Bosnia-Herzegovina’s incredibly complex system of government, which includes not only the triumvirate presidency but also a bicameral state parliament and parliaments for both the Serb Republic and the Croat-Bosniak Federation, arose from the 1995 Dayton Accords, which stopped the fighting that claimed 100,000 lives over nearly four years.

The voters of Bosnia had to elect as many as 518 officials on Sunday, according to local media - which is a lot for a country of just over 51,000 square kilometers and an estimated 3.5 million people.

Not surprisingly, nationalists won majorities in both the state parliament and the two regional legislatures, according to preliminary results cited by AP. If they are unable to reach a power-sharing agreement, that spells trouble for a country that still desperately struggles to overcome ethnic tensions more than 20 years after the war.

It still remains to be seen if the outcome of the latest elections will lead to any significant turmoil in the fractured state, but the West already seems to be eager to blame it all on Russia, again.


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MP Milososki asks Johannes Hahn for help “Grandma will remove my head if I vote in Parliament” | MINA Report

VMRO MP Antonio Milososki has written to EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn asking him for help.

After Hahn tweeted that it is absolutely not acceptable for some Macedonian MPs to be receiving threats over their vote in Parliament, MP Milososki used his opportunity to ask Hahn and the EU for immediate assistance.

Milososki has received death threats from his grand mother who told him he will find himself without a head if he votes in Parliament in support of the unconstitutional and treasonous agreement with Athens.

The VMRO MP with a great deal of sarcasm is asking Hahn to quickly provide him with the relevant EU institution where he can report his grand mother’s abusive conduct.

We all hope the EU quickly intervenes and dispatches Hahn to Macedonia, in particularly to Gevgelija where he is part owner of Casino Flamingo.


Merkel: The agreement offers an opportunity for a historic deal

The Prespa Agreement offers a historic opportunity for Macedonia and for strengthening the good-neighborly relations, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says in a letter to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

‘On 30 September a vast majority – over 90 percent – of those who took part in the referendum voted ‘FOR’ the agreement with Greece. The agreement offers an opportunity for a historic deal and for strengthening the relations between the two countries. It also eliminates the key obstacle for the country’s accession to the European Union and NATO. Now it is crucial for the country to take very significant steps for implementing the name agreement by an adoption of the necessary constitutional amendments. I’ll continue to cooperate with you for realization of this goal,’ Merkel says in her letter, published on web-site of the German Government.

Gay German FM: In Macedonia Boycott is Not the Solution, In Romania Boycott is the Solution | MINA Report

Gay German Foreign Minister Michael Roth (yes, the same guy who enjoyed peddling in Lake Ohrid with Nikolce Dimitrov), spent two months lobbying for Macedonia to change its name, scolded the Macedonian public not to dare and boycott the Referendum because like we all know boycott is never the answer, particularly when the final result is not liked in Berlin, London and the plantation owner in Washington.

Here is what Germany’s Foreign Minister had to say about Macedonia’s boycott:



But, the German idiot changed his mind days later during a Referendum in Romania.

The Romanians went out to vote in a Referendum to ban same sex marriage. The Referendum failed thanks to a massive financial involvement by Brussels, London and Berlin who very much bribed Romanian political parties and NGOs urging them to boycott the referendum. If a week earlier Boycott was not the answer, today absolutely Boycott was the answer. Per the German FM, Macedonia’s boycott doesn’t need to be respected, but the boycott in Romania, well that’s something else, the people have spoken there and it must be respected. And EU politicians act surprised when no one takes them seriously!


Zaev’s junta spent $1.5m euros on Vaseline for LGBT, sends people to jail for $600k for State Vehicle | MINA Report


The government of Nikola Gruevski purchase of a vehicle (bullet proof Mercedes) that meets all the world’s security standards at a cost of 600,000 euros in order for the state to have worthy conditions for welcoming high-ranking foreign guests, and three people have thus far being jailed for, today Zaev’s junta made a decision to purchase Vaseline worth 1.5 million euros so homosexuals could have a better time

And yes, we do realize this can be interpreted as satire, but we assure you it isn’t.

So far, over the Mercedes purchase, the procurement official at the Ministry of Interior received a 6.5 years jail sentence, Gruevski 2 years and Jankulovska 6 years.

The ludicrous vaseline purchase of 1.5m euros is 2.5 higher than the bullet proof Mercedes. How much vaseline can one purchase for 1.5m euros? Either there are 800,000 homosexuals in Macedonia, or Zaev’s junta pocketed 1.45m euros – and we’re quite certain it’s the latter.

Zaev’s government stated the purchase was needed as vaseline protects homosexuals from HIV.


Northern Zaev: Unsure of two thirds in Parliament, but I have a third of optimism | MINA Report

I’m an optimist and I am relaxed. Macedonia is living in a beautiful historical time where citizens have the opportunity and the right to decide. They decided. We must listen to the majority. Yesterday the government decided, and now the Parliament will decide. There are talks of money, listen, I spoke to all MPs, other MPs have spoken to MPs, we are all very relaxed. Not sure if there will be two thirds votes in Parliament, but I am always an optimist, a good third – stated Zaev.

Zaev changes mind on elections

Elections now are not a good option for any of us. Our people are tired of elections and they don’t want them. We have to listen to our people.

Right now, and other have said, our partners have said, Parliament is really the best option for us to ensure the Prespa Agreement gets through – said Zaev during a forum hosted by Soros funded Open Society dubbed “Bridges or Walls? Macedonia and Western Balkans in Europe”.

Armakolas: The legacy of the 1990s should be left behind and move towards a brighter future

The Prespa Agreement is the foundation for the friendship between the two countries. It is unpopular to a certain extent in both countries, but important for them and the region, said Ioannis Armakolas of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) on Tuesday.

Armakolas expects the process of the agreement’s implementation to be sensitive in Greece, but expressed optimism over the outcome.

“We need to be honest and this is the foundation of future friendship. The agreement is not popular in Greece and will be equally sensitive as it is here now and in the coming weeks. However, I have learned to be more optimistic through the process of negotiations between the two countries over the past couple of years,” Armakolas told debate “Bridges or Walls? Macedonia and the Western Balkans in Europe” within the Civil Society Forum Skopje 2018.

According to him, the name issue settlement should be a signal for both countries, but also the whole region, that the legacy of the 1990s should be left behind, finally moving towards a brighter future.

“It is important to bring back optimism and hope in the region. This requires positive leadership and EU support. The most important element of integration is to share the idea of organized society,” noted Armakolas.

North Macedonia ready to enter the Parliament

The government held Monday an extraordinary session to review a motion initiating a change in the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia. After adopting the text, the government concluded to send the document to the Macedonian Parliament for consideration before reaching a decision on launching a procedure to amend the Constitution.

The government proposes inclusion of the adjective North in the name Republic of Macedonia throughout the text of the Constitution before the word Macedonia. Changes to the Constitution’s preamble are also proposed so as to align it with the Prespa Agreement and to change two articles, said Mile Bosnjakovski.

The preamble, in the section for statehood and legal traditions, will contain concrete documents adopted at the Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM), the government spokesman told a news conference.

The government, he added, also proposes changes enhancing ‘border guarantee’ in Article 3 of the Constitution, which was already amended in 1992.

“The new proposal will champion observance of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of the neighboring countries, thus strengthening the guarantee for the existing borders and declaring that Macedonia has no territorial ambitions. It means protection of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Macedonia and of the neighboring states,” elaborated Bosnjakovski.

The government also proposes a change to Article 49 of the Constitution about Macedonian expatriates and the diaspora abroad. It was also amended in 1992.

“Under the constitutional amendment, the Republic of Macedonia cares for the cultural, economic and social rights of representatives of the Macedonian nation and all of our citizens residing abroad without implying interference into the sovereign rights of other countries and in their internal affairs in any form and for any reason,” the spokesman said.

Now it is up to the members of Parliament, regardless of their party affiliation, to voice their opinion about the government’s proposal.

“They have a historic duty and obligation before the citizens to pave Macedonia’s way toward stability, security and economic prosperity. It is the way to the EU and NATO paved by the Agreement between Macedonia and Greece. The MPs are expected to decide to this end and as an expression of respect of the will of the citizens voting in the referendum, and also the will of almost 80% of citizens that approve Macedonia becoming a member of the EU and NATO,” noted Bosnjakovski.

The MPs, he added, should make a decision that will make Macedonia a better place to live in.

Asked whether the proposal initiating constitutional changes suggested that a 2/3 majority had been secured in Parliament, Bosnjakovski said that the government today was launching the process and expected the lawmakers to follow the will of the people in the Sept. 30 referendum.

Ursus Minor

Jedi Master
Just for the record, Michael Roth is not Germany's Foreign minister.

He is a "Minister of State", a political aide to the Foreign minister, for European affairs.


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MP Milososki asks Johannes Hahn for help “Grandma will remove my head if I vote in Parliament” | MINA Report

VMRO MP Antonio Milososki has written to EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn asking him for help.

After Hahn tweeted that it is absolutely not acceptable for some Macedonian MPs to be receiving threats over their vote in Parliament, MP Milososki used his opportunity to ask Hahn and the EU for immediate assistance.

Milososki has received death threats from his grand mother who told him he will find himself without a head if he votes in Parliament in support of the unconstitutional and treasonous agreement with Athens.

The VMRO MP with a great deal of sarcasm is asking Hahn to quickly provide him with the relevant EU institution where he can report his grand mother’s abusive conduct.


TV21 contenders for Pulitzer: Reporter finds Antonio Miloshoski grandma never made threats | MINA Report

In what can only be described as journalistic gold, Kosovo owned TV21 set out to look for Antonio Miloshoski’s grandma after the Macedonian MP made sarcastic remarks to Johannes Hahn that his grandma would see off his head if he becomes traitor and votes in Parliament.

Antonio’s remarks came as a result of a tweet by EU casino owner and political hack Johannes Hahn where he urged VMRO MPs to report any sort of pressure on them from the public to local police, US & UK Embassies (of course) and last but not least the EU Office as least important in the bunch.

Antonio’s grandma had passed away a while ago, but here come local morons of TV21 and their reporter Furkan Saliu who is apparently not a friend of sarcasm, logic, humor or common sense.

TV21 set out to look for Antonio’s grandma and question her over her threats to Antonio. They drove to Kichevo, surrounding villages, then drove back to Kichevo after realizing they only checked on his father side.

We visited TV21 and were quite certain we’d find a logo caption that says “TV21 Morons In Action“, but much to our surprise, it said “Beyond Any Border“…. oh, they got some borders all right.

Enjoy this masterpiece…

VMRO MPs 2.5m cash, 2 month police protection and political asylum – SDSM MPs: what about us? | MINA Report

Popular Macedonian analyst Aleksandar Pandov has spoken and confirmed the report from last week.

Indeed, sports bags with cash, 2.5m euros/dollars depending on the MP’s preference were offered to VMRO MPs.

There are few of them who are negotiation with Baily and the new UK Ambassador through Zaev. Some of these MPs have already met with the US Ambassador as we had noted few days ago. The speculations are that VMRO’s Rangelova is one of them. They don’t seem to realize they will get played. Will take the cash, will wire them to an Anglo-American Bank where it will be endlessly frozen until they do “more favors” for them. Trifun Kostovski, Mijalkov, Crvenkovski… have some experience with this.

Treasonous VMRO MPs know that their continuing life in Macedonia will be impossible, so after the vote and while they’re awaiting political asylum documents, MPs have requested 24 hours police protection in front of their homes. Others have requested a new temporary apartment/house with police protection as their homes were deemed unsafe.

The number of these MPs is relatively low, however MINA finds there are great deal of efforts to recruit more, with even more cash, coercion or both… everything is in play.

Macedonia, an open Bazaar – SDSM MPs Ask “Why is Cash offered to VMRO MPs and Not Us?”

Numerous SDSM MPs have been very upset that huge sums of money are being offered to VMRO MPs for a vote, but not to them.
At least 20 MPs have now asked Zaev between 500,000 – 1 million euros cash for a vote, otherwise many have stated they would not vote.

The vote is slated for Monday, October 15th, it doesn’t look good, which leads to this… :rotfl:

Jakimovski: Our MP in Parliament was summoned by Zaev’s junta, Twice | MINA Report

“We wouldn’t vote for the traitors in Parliament even if they send over a firing squad” – says GROM’s Stevco Jakimovski in an interview.

“Our MP Pancho Minov was visited twice by Zaev’s representatives. As you’d expected, first they made their indecent (cash) offers, then moved on to threats, jail time, of course I was mentioned in their conversation. There are already made up charges against me”, – says Jakimovski.

Watch his interview…

Baily turns his useful idiot Katica Janeva to “On” to exert pressure on VMRO | MINA Report

Legally the SPO’s mandate ended over a year ago, meaning, legally, they are not allowed to press new charges, or in their case create new witch hunts where the target is always VMRO. But this is Macedonia.

The SPO team appears to be used solely as useful idiots who are turned ON/OFF depending on what the need is.

As VMRO as a collective has refused to back down and would not support a name change in Parliament, the SPO got immediately activated with “new, unverified” cases full of allegations and zero evidence, similarly to Gruevski’s sentence over the Mercedes purchase. He is going to jail not because he stole money, or did something illegal, but simply because the Government purchased a state vehicle worth $800k for $600k.

Pre-arranged questions with pre-written responses as Katica Janeva reads them to Kanal 5’s host.

The cases of course come as the US and British Embassy are working around the clock to ‘break’ around 10 MPs needed to obtain the vote. So far, our information is they haven’t been able to do it. Not wish cash, not with threats, so the SPO got activated as additional pressure threatening them with multi year jail sentences.

Janeva mentioned Bujar Osmani, and this is odd as DUI as a political party is run by the US Embassy. Osmani must to have run afoul with Baily.

And now the video…You know the Macedonian saying “The Pigs have gathered and promised each other they wouldn’t eat sh*t”.

Well, this is it.



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Referendum Fraud gets bigger and bigger every day, Ballot Stuffing at over 80 locations | MINA Report

You know there is trouble when SDSM and Soros backed journalist Branko Geroski was forced to admit there was Referendum Fraud.

“When you enter a polling station, they ask you for an ID, you need to show them your ID. Then they need to look for your name in the list. Then they have to find it, and cross it out for having voted. Then they have to get you a ballot and send you to the private booth to vote. This can take easy 3-4 minutes of your time, and if there is someone in front of you, double the time. Therefore it is not possible for voters to vote every 14, 18 or 25 seconds. Something is wrong” – wrote Geroski in his column in Soros funded Sloboden Pecat.

Meanwhile VMRO officials keep showing more and more evidence of huge fraud that would significantly lower the already low turnout in the Referendum. After showing evidence of ballot stuffing at 60 locations, more and more locations appear to have had voting fraud. All polling stations had people voting in mere seconds, of course at all places this type of “voting” aka ballot stuffing took place between 6:30 and 7:00pm. Out of the 600,000 votes, it’s likely only 350-400,000 are legitimate.

The largest ballot stuffing was in empty villages where DUI governs. Ironically this type of ballot stuffing shows how DUI gets 19 MPs in Parliament, where in reality they wouldn’t be able to get 8.







Kopanica again: (the ballot stuffers returned for a second time)

Kopanica again.jpg










Gorno Svilare:

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? US Embassy Edition | MINA Report



Government expects two-thirds majority for constitutional revision

Spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski reiterated Wednesday the Government’s expectations for a two-thirds majority in Parliament for endorsement of the constitutional changes.

The Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Issues is set to begin the debate on the Government’s motion over the need for constitutional amendments today, with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev addressing the body.

“We believe MPs are faced with a historic decision, which is crucial for the realization of Macedonia’s strategic objectives of NATO and EU membership. We believe and expect that the majority of MPs will respect the will of the majority of citizens who said ‘Yes’ at the September 30 referendum,” Bosnjakovski told a press conference related to the decisions of yesterday’s Government session.


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VMRO’s Rangelova lunching with Name Change recruiter and Baily’s enforcer David Stephenson | MINA Report

The leader of VMRO’s Union for Women was seen lunching with State Department enforcer David Stephenson and DUI’s Artan Grubi at a local Skopje restaurant.

Just few days ago we reported that Daniela Rangelova was seen entering the US Embassy. MINA has alluded on several occasions, however now we can be certain she is one that is bought among at least 3-4 VMRO MPs that we know are negotiating as well.


More striking is the sight of David Stephenson at the table, one of Jess Baily’s main enforcers who now rather shockingly works for Janeva’s quasi anti-constitutional SPO team and is greatly involved in pushing the SPO to pursue and press criminal charges against VMRO’s leadership particularly in relation to the name change. All this despite the fact that SPO’s mandate ended a year ago.


Rangelova’s luncheon with DUI’s Artan Grubi and David Stephenson comes after a bizarre interview given to SDSM run media in which Rangelova sets the foundation for what may come on the 15th, at least for her. The VMRO women’s leader claims the party cannot be isolated and must swim in European waters… in other words, she will sellout.


VMRO, this is your women’s leader?

lGbt Nikolce Dimitrov wants SDSM MP Ferid Muhic out because he won’t support Name change | MINA Report


During an interview with ‘360-degree’ program with Alsat M, Nikolce Dimitrov was asked if the government managed to return Ferid Muhic to the treasonous camp to vote for the name change.

Dimitrov responded that a person who does not believe in the Prespa Agreement they should quit their parliamentary function which confirmed that the government does not need 8 lawmakers from the opposition, but a total of 9 because it is highly likely Muhic will not vote for constitutional changes.

The same MP was livid after Zaev’s junta in Parliament illegally cast a vote in his name to support bilingualism while he was not even present in the country.



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VMRO wants elections in November??! | MINA Report

ust when you think VMRO can’t get more lost, here comes MP and one of their senior officials Trajko Slavevski claiming early elections were possible in November! If you look at your calendar, it’s right around the corner, some 40 odd days away.

Later in the interview Slavevski adds elections were possible in the Spring. Then why even mention November and two other dates in December? We just had a Referendum 10 days ago!

With Baily’s Przino agreement which worked out very, very well for the SDSM, The VMRO cretins gave up all Departments in their Government (police, finances, Gruevski left 6 months earlier…), gave the SDSM 100 day window to prepare the field, replace hundreds of policemen and install heads of police in virtually every municipality to better manage their crimes and Election Fraud. It was carefully planned operation that has since extended to what we witnessed in the Referendum – it’s no small thing to stuff 150-200,000 ballots and go on your merry way like nothing happened.


100 days? No Thanks

Now, the VMRO apparently plans on keeping a criminal SDSM administration who committed the largest election fraud in history, and is okay with (very) early elections by ignoring the Przino agreement that their sellout Nikola Todorov signed. SDSM is very nervous about giving VMRO 100 days, for obvious reasons. But the insanity which has become a synonym with VMRO is that the party is also not keen on respecting an agreement that would clearly benefit them. Why?

Why is this caricature Trajko Slavevski against the 100 day time-frame? The agreement itself was absolutely anti constitutional, it is illegal, but it will benefit the party because the tide has turned, they’re the opposition now. In addition, we certainly hope the DPNE are not serious about their plan to push Slavevski as a presidential candidate, he is just not cut out for it.

Slavevski’s interview and throwing around dates like “November” for early elections coincides with a statement by Stoltenberg who out of nowhere claimed Macedonia would join NATO in January. The plantation owner in Washington with its vassals in Brussels, London and Berlin is not giving up on its creation, the Prespa capitulation.

For the DPNE now, the logical thing is to respect the illegal document they signed.

Used condoms Zaev and Spasovski must quit 100 days before early elections are scheduled per the Przino agreement.

If our math is correct, early elections should be held at the end of February considering Zaev will need few weeks to ponder who does he need to give money back to…

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