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DPNE VP Mitko Jancev: I stand with Zaev | MINA Report

For the past two years we’ve reported that starting in 2010, the DPNE was infiltrated by at least two dozen SDS officials who received high ranking roles in the DPNE.

We warned (directly) DPNE that Nikola Poposki’s family are hardened communists and SDS officials who have held very high ranking administration jobs for few decades. DPNE responded by first promoting Poposki to Foreign Minister and later to their Executive Committee (EC). Once they realized who they were dealing with, Poposki was removed from their EC, after all the damage was done. Often, the level of amateurism among the party heads at DPNE is borderline infantile, and this is an understatement.

Today, another high ranking DPNE official and SDS implant Mitko Jancev publicly stated that he supports Zaev and the name change. On August 26th, MINA reported that this very Mitko Jancev is financing anti-Macedonian online portals. By the way, Jancev is the owner of “Kozuvcanka” and the Vice President at DPNE.

Jancev has been siding with Zaev, the SDS and financing their activities for years, yet kept getting promoted at DPNE all the way to VP!? Clearly many, many things are wrong with the DPNE.


“Long live life, the fish stinks from its tail”… Zaev’s genius | MINA Report

Zaev’s speech translated for the masses:

The crazy speaks:



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Total debacle in Ohrid: Dimitrov gathers only 20 people at referendum debate (photo) (video)


The Ancient theatre of Ohrid hosted Friday an interactive debate, which was attended by Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, Minister of State for Europe at the German Federal Foreign Office, Michael Roth and Mayor Jovan Stojanoski.

As can be seen in the photographs of the event, one of the loudest representatives of the government calling for voting in the referendum, Minister Dimitrov gathered an audience of 20 people at the event in the Ancient theater.


As in events organized in many cities around the country where representatives of the governing majority are present these days, as part of the campaign for support of the referendum, and today’s event in Ohrid was a total debacle where people attending barely filled the space under the umbrellas.


Referendum fiasco: of 1 100 000 Only 250 thousand Macedonians will vote in the referendum Macedonian voters


According to an official OSCE poll, turnout in the referendum will be catastrophically bad. Namely, according to this credible institution, turnout will be 32.3% of the total voting body, which translated into numbers is 616,930 votes.

If we take this poll as precise, and taking into account the fact that all Albanian parties in Macedonia have called for coming out in the referendum as well as the parties of the communities, we can freely conclude that the number of Macedonians who would vote in the referendum would be around 250-300 thousands.

This is a cold shower for the authorities by the Macedonian electorate, which more than obviously does not approve the harmful anti-state policies of SDSM.

The citizens do not agree that the Republic of Macedonia to change its name, following the agreement signed by Zaev’s government, with which the country loses its identity, history, culture and tradition.

In addition, the citizens see that this government does nothing to benefit the Republic of Macedonia, everything that is doing is harming the Macedonian national interests, but also on the inside, we have a failed economy, more young people are moving out, although the current government promised that it would stopped it, it even speeded up the process, so the interior of the state is rapidly being emptied, and Skopje too.

For year and a half there are no projects, no investments, the government literally does nothing.

According to media reports, this lack of interest among citizens is due to the fact that the ruling parties have betrayed their voters, the dissatisfaction among the people is huge, but from the OSCE unofficially briefed that the media propaganda for the upcoming referendum of the ruling parties is a complete failure.

“Ohrid Sky”: Referendum before collapse, OSCE polls show

Zaev publicly asks employers to bribe employees to vote in Referendum | MINA Report

“I ask the employers and businessmen to treat their employees, give them extra money to vote in this referendum….” stated the SDS leader in Kriva Palanka.

Last time we checked, publicly pleading for bribing voters is punishable by law.

SDSM activists already going house to house, giving cash, pens, lighters | MINA Report


Here you go, 500 denars, a pen and a lighter (presumably so they can set themselves on fire). These are the greetings SDSM activists open with as they visit your home, or even better meet you on the street.

Contrary to all legal norms, SDS activists have already started bribing Macedonian citizens to go out and vote in the referendum, namely, the same thing was done quite openly during the previous elections which was also not sanctioned. Their goal is to start with the poorest population first where the starting offer is only 500 denars ($10) and as they work their way up to the middle class, the bribes will go up to ($300+) per family.

The bribery funds are provided by US Taxpayers – USAid gave $23m to the SDSM on September 6th, funds to be allocated for “activities” for the Referendum.

Where are Macedonian Courts to sanction this? Don’t hold your breath.

Macedonian Constitutional Court suddenly decides to review legality of illegal Referendum | MINA Report


Macedonia’s Constitutional Court today, out of nowhere decided to review the legality of the very illegal Referendum.
To say that this information caught everyone by surprise is an understatement.

The Constitutional Court has over two dozens cases pending for over a year against the foreign installed Government junta, and they have not touched a single one of them. Some of the cases include the over the top Parliament Coup, the illegal installation of Xhaferi as Parliament Speaker, the multitude laws broken by SDSM to vote in their Government from the halls of Parliament with MPs raising both arms while allegedly counting themselves.
Last, but not least, the Macedonian World Congress opened a case questioning the legality of the upcoming referendum.

The Constitutional Court has not touched any of these cases. Today though, out of nowhere it decided to review the very last case it received (clearly they don’t work in chronological order, and don’t seem to follow their own rules).

This is surprising for many reasons, one is certainly the pressure the Court has faced from the US Ambassador and defacto Macedonia’s Prime Minister.

Now the question is whether the Constitutional Court has the courage to make the right decision and annul this highly illegal and unconstitutional referendum?

The Court will be reviewing this on Wednesday, September 19th. One can only imagine how many visits the Court will now receive from Baily’s representatives and how much cash is going to be offered…

0 MPs listen to Zaev’s attempt to read a speech in Strasbourg | MINA Report

Macedonia’s mental patient and SDS leader Zoran Zaev held a speech in Strasbourg today, but you wouldn’t know about it, because no one was there.

During his speech, Zaev never mentioned the word Macedonia. The ‘speech’ is said to have lasted few minutes in which Zaev covered “this great opportunity to change Macedonia’s name and enter the EU and NATO” (despite the fact both organizations are crumbling with the EU stating no new members until at least 2025).

The level of disrespect Zaev received is rather shocking, considering these are the people that put him in power, yet wouldn’t want to waste even few minutes of their day to listen to their own nutjob.

Just for a reference, the EU hall in Strasbourg is the home of 745 MPs. When Hungary’s Orban was there to speak two days ago, there were over 700 MPs present. Maybe 8 were there for Zaev…

Even worse, social media out of Strasbourg have noted Zaev’s arrival wasn’t important to be put on anyone’s agenda.

Lastly, on MTV at home, certain Lidija Dimova reported “Zaev’s speech was received with standing ovations by hundreds of MPs”, of course without providing any video footage or a photo of this ‘standing ovation’.

Who is he talking to?


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Mattis is coming to cancel the referendum.

Mad Dog Mattis to visit Macedonia, to save us all from “Russians” | MINA Report

US Department shill Wes Mitchell wasn’t enough to persuade Macedonians to give up their name, identity, history and sovereignty.

More “help” is arriving from Macedonia’s biggest strategic “partner” in the form of a mad dog, which is what Macedonia apparently needs.

US Defense Secretary James Mad Dog Mattis is arriving in Macedonia to, the way he described it, “save us from the Russians”. The real question is who is going to save Macedonians from the Yanks considering it isn’t the Russian Ambassador who is bribing judges, visiting Courts or seating with Election Officials on the eve of elections… it’s the US Ambassador.

There is a referendum, and we are very concerned the Russians will meddle, they have meddled from Estonia to the US and will certainly meddle in Macedonia” stated Mattis during a Pentagon briefing.

Lets get this straight… the US is in a massive trade war with China ($700 Billion) which can easily turn into a real war. It’s in a proxy war with Russia in Syria, and as they are preparing another false flag in Syria, the Deep State dispatches the head of Pentagon to Macedonia? Just how desperate are the Yanks to change Macedonia’s name?

Mattis real mission in Macedonia is the following: A high ranking official was dispatched to spew bullshit about “Russian meddling” which the Constitutional Court will then use to “postpone” the Referendum until another date, awaiting the “right conditions” for it.

These people (the Deep State) carry such stupidity, they rehash the same tactics, use the same template in every country.

US Embassy activates Constitutional Court to save SDSM junta from Referendum Fiasco | MINA Report

On Friday, we reported the Constitutional Court suddenly decided to review the legality of the Referendum. This in itself raised the suspicion of the Macedonian public to a whole new level, considering the same Court hasn’t touched/reviewed a single case pending against the current Government structure for 16 months.

To remind, three months ago, two cases were brought to the highest court by the World Macedonian Congress and “Levica”, both stating:

  1. Referendum is illegal and unconstitutional in its nature. Macedonia already has a constitutional name and no Government or MPs can change it.
  2. The misleading multiple questions posed (EU and NATO alleged integration) have nothing to do with what the Referendum is for, namely the name change, thus breaking the law on Referendum which clearly states only one (1) question can be posed.

The Macedonian Constitutional Court has remained silent on dozens of cases it was asked to rule on (link 1) (link 2) (link 3) (link 4). Until two days ago. The Court itself is under the influence and control of the US Embassy, something MINA has reported at great lengths. Judges have been bribed, received vacationing packages from the US Embassy for years, US Embassy reps are often seen strolling through the Court, swarowski gifts, judges’ family members have been hired by Katica Janeva’s team, it goes on and on.
To say the Constitutional Court does not have the country’s best interests is an understatement.

Thanks to Macedonians’ resolve which has resulted in Baily and SDSM’s campaigning fiasco, followed by multitude of secret polls which show devastating referendum results (72% will boycott), the Constitutional Court heeded Baily’s call to “postpone” the referendum and save the US&Soros installed junta from a major debacle.


The US Embassy orders were delivered via well known SDSM backer judge Gosheva. This morning, Gosheva requested that “all referendum related activities be stopped”.

The cowards they are, this was Baily and SDSM’s only way to avoid defeat from the people. The fascists are (temporarily) running away, and the Constitutional Court was activated to help them. The Court would not dare say the Referendum is illegal, instead will give Baily more time to prepare…

This is reminiscent to the US Ambassador’s postponement of Macedonian elections three times back in 2016 – simply because his ‘team’ needed more time in the field to bribe the populace.

Will Macedonia fall again in the same trap?

Journalist to Wes Mitchell: You aware majority Macedonians are very unhappy with Jess Baily? | MINA Report

When US and EU Deep State assets along the likes of State Department’s Wes Mitchell visit Macedonia, the journalists who are allowed to be present and ask questions are hand picked by the SDSM.

Although, US State Department rep Wes Mitchell is one of those bottom of the barrel 5th rate ‘diplomat’, an assistant to the assistant… in Macedonia he was welcomed as everyone’s boss.

However, journalist Sasha Uzunov surprised Mitchell, and most certainly surprised Zaev when he asked the US State Department shill if he was aware that most Macedonians are very unhappy with US Ambassador Jess Baily.

While Zaev appeared with a frozen smile at the mere mentioning of Baily (he probably didn’t understand the question), Wes Mitchell on the contrary calmly acknowledged this fact and made no attempt to dispute Uzunov’s remark. An actual diplomat, or anyone for that matter would try to defend its “Ambassador”. Not Mitchell. Besides, what is he going to defend really… Kumanovo, USAidSoros, the huge electoral fraud… ?

Instead, Mitchell simply stated that the US Embassy is working hand in hand with the ‘Government’ to prepare for the referendum.Mitchell essentially offered admission that the US Embassy runs the show.

No meddling there…

-correction- We made a mistake in our earlier report. Sasha Uzunov was confused with Vanco Uzunov… Sasha has no ties to SDSM.

SDSM brings 50 buses to Skopje for campaign in the capital | MINA Report

“Here is ham, cheese, come on, lets go we’re heading to Skopje” – this is how the northern idiots filled the buses and vans in Delcevo, Strumica, Prilep, Kumanovo… all of them on their way to Skopje in ‘support’ of the name change, of course.


Clueless SDS activists: No, we’re not giving up on the name, we’re organized here to support Zaev…

By latest count, over 50 buses and vans were spotted parked at various streets around the capital, all hailing from different Macedonian cities. Noticeable is the presence of DUI activists as well. SDSM were in absolute panic after nearly 1 million Skopje residents refused to participate in their “For” campaign.

Update: 96 buses were brought in from other cities, yet somehow there were only 9-10,000 people in Skopje to support the name change. Apparently, Zaev is very unhappy with Kiracovski, Bajdevski, Kaevski and MoI’s Spasovski whose job was to organize the transport and recruit 30,000 people! Namely, 200 buses were paid for, however, a total of 100 arrived half empty, resulting in roughly 9-10k attendance, well short of the planned numbers and Zaev blames the above mentioned northerners for the fiasco.


'...or ring and choose' :lol:

Not everyone enjoys visits and cash from SDSM activists | MINA Report

Some residents have started posting notes on their doors clearly aimed at SDSM activists who go house to house offering cash, pens, lighters (now we hear cookies are given) in an effort to convince people to vote for changing the country’s name in the upcoming referendum.

The notes, like the one posted by the Kitancev family is quite hilarious, but at the same time sends a stern warning to the SDSM activists not to get near their home.

No translation is necessary…


For Zaev: Macedonians are the enemy | MINA Report

Zaev tonight in Demir Hisar, in front of employees of two SDSM run companies… Zaev finally found the problem in Macedonia… It’s Macedonians, hence his attempt to remove the identity, name…

Rant and insults begin at the 1.43 minute mark.



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DPNE’s Nikola Todorov – another SDSM implant, urges public to vote in Referendum | MINA Report


Mega scandal erupted today in DPNE’s inner circle.

Senior DPNE official and former Minister of Health, Nikola Todorov outed himself as an SDSM implant, a mole within the highest circles in DPNE, after he publicly urged people to vote “For” in the Referendum earlier today.

Todorov is a rarity in the DPNE, there are no litigation processes against him of any kind. The rest of the DPNE officials all have a plethora of made up cases against them by Janeva’s illegitimate SPO team. The real patriots are still in jail. Nothing for Todorov though. And here is the real kicker. It was Todorov who ‘represented’ the DPNE at all important events, he even signed the Przino Agreement which created unconstitutional parallel institutions in the country.

Todorov undermined DPNE from within

MINA finds Todorov was one of Baily’s senior moles in the DPNE. Local DPNE officials relayed to the party that someone within the leadership with access to sensitive data has given away information to “opposition”. The SDSM implant was one of the primary suspects internally for betraying the party by giving the names, phones and addresses of nearly half a million people (DPNE members) to US and SDSM operatives before the 2016 elections. Thanks to this information, US and SDSM operatives were able to locate, get in touch and bribe thousands of people. The US spared no money, some DPNE (influential) families were given tens of thousands of euros to influence people in their neighborhoods.

We understand the irony in this, the SDSM still lost the elections, despite the massive fraud that came with it, but it was Todorov who played a crucial role in the SDSM “obtaining” more votes.

After Mitko Jancev, Nikola Todorov is the second senior DPNE official to publicly out themselves as SDSM and more importantly Jess Baily’s moles. Nikola Poposki was another such mole and a member of their executive committee, before he was purged from it. Aleksandar Nikolovski, current VP and fake patriot is another such mole.

It appears everyone outside of the DPNE knows who their moles are, except for their leadership. This unfortunately, says a lot about the leadership.

Lastly, this illegal referendum has openly, very openly outed all the Traitors in Macedonia. From garbage politicians, to garbage businessmen, everyone now knows who the traitors are. And, by default, we now know who the real patriots are.

NATO and EU membership remains country’s highest strategic goals, Ivanov tells Mattis


The membership in NATO and EU remains Macedonia’s strategic goals and highest priorities that will contribute to progress and prosperity of the entire region, President Gjorge Ivanov said at Monday’s meeting with US Defence Secretary James Mattis.

Ivanov highlighted that the Republic of Macedonia remains stable strategic partner to the USA and will continue to urge for the security, freedom and democratic progress of the region and will actively contribute to joint activities in the fight against terrorism and other threats on the global level, Ivanov’s Office told.

Ivanov and Mattis exchanged opinions on current political developments in Macedonia, country’s Euro-Atlantic perspectives and bilateral cooperation between two countries in the sphere of defence and security.

Ivanov thanked for the US support to Macedonia aimed at promoting defence and security reforms, both in terms of financial, practical and technical support through participation in joint trainings, exercises and missions. He expressed satisfaction with the cooperation with the Vermont National Guard.

“Although we are not NATO member, our army is NATO compatible and for that we are thankful to the US. It is investment in the future. We must be prepared for new threats and new challenges,” Ivanov said.

He also noted that Army of the Republic of Macedonia (ARM) with its professionalism and highly ranked combat readiness is a proven NATO partner and continuously contributes in the NATO’s international peacekeeping missions.

Intensifying and improving the overall bilateral relations with the US are of long-term interest for the Republic of Macedonia, Ivanov said.

Ivanov and Mattis also exchanged views on the challenges and expectations for the future of the region of Southeast Europe, Ivanov’s Office press release reads.

Fitting: Fake Prince bestows award on fake prime minister Zaev | MINA Report

It’s like we live in some sort of alternate reality.

A Fake prince calling himself the “Prince of Montenegro and Macedonia” was welcomed at Macedonia’s Government HQ earlier today by child Zoran Zaev.

The fake prince’s name is allegedly Stephan Cernetich, who appears well known in Italy. Namely, the Italian police has launched an investigation against Cernetich for falsely presenting himself as a “prince” to obtain financial gain.

Cernetich is also known to try to insert himself into Hollywood, once again for financial gain, has even given a fake award to Pamela Anderson.

So the list of people being successfully tricked by a charlatan and getting fake awards are:

– Pamela Anderson
– Zoran Zaev

We need to start giving away awards…

Macedonian in Canada donates $100,000 for campaign to boycott name referendum

Macedonians in Canada.jpg

Macedonians in Canada donated over 145,000 Canadian dollars to support the campaign to boycott the referendum on September 30th.

Concerned about the situation in their homeland of Macedonia, two weeks before the scheduled referendum, and with the aim and unique message to Macedonians around the world to boycott the referendum, united Macedonian patriotic organizations from Toronto held an all- Macedonian donor cocktail.

The organization of this important event was attended by: the World Macedonian Congress from Canada, the United Macedonian Canadian Organization from Canada, the Macedonian International Movement for Human Rights based in Canada and the Macedonian Patriotic Association from Canada Andon Lazov Janev Kjoseto.


The whole event was helped by Macedonian businessmen, patrons of the evening who once again expressed their unselfish love for their homeland.

The Macedonian community in Canada for support of the campaign of Macedonian patriotic associations in Macedonia raised over 145,000 Canadian dollars.

The biggest Macedonian donor from Canada is the famous businessman Krste Ivanovski who together with his family donated $100,000 to the campaign for boycott of the referendum in Macedonia.

Only in the Republic of Macedonia the word Macedonia will be banned, you will not be able to tell your children and grandchildren its history and mention the name Macedonia. It is the beginning of the end of the Macedonian state and nation. Who gives the right for someone to decide to change the entire centuries-old Macedonian history, who gives the right to erase one of the oldest people in the world, imagine it will be erased in order to satisfy the interests of the states that want total distruction of Macedonia and the Macedonian people, said Ivanovski.


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What is the position visavi the Referendum for Gruevski, Mijalkov, Protugjer, Jankulovska…? | MINA Report

The entire former DPNE leadership, with many still holding ties to the party in one form or another have remained silent on their stance visavi the Referendum.

Whether you look at Gruevski, Bocevski, Jankulovska, Mijalkov, Protugjer, Krstevski… not one of them have made their position clear. Is it because all of them spend majority of their days in Courts facing made up charges by Jess Baily and the SDSM junta?

There are already speculations that Gruevski, Protugjer and Mijalkov are ‘negotiating’ with Baily dropping of their made up charges and removal of Gruevski’s 2 year jail sentence in exchange for Referendum support.

The Appelate Court run by SDSM is taking far too long to ‘review’ Gruevski’s appeal of his 2 year jail sentence, considering judge Kacarska from the same Court handed down Gruevski’s sentence to begin with.

DPNE’s Antonio Miloshoski and Dafina Stojanovska are the rare MPs who from the getgo called for a boycott.

It would be foolish to think that there are no negotiations between Baily and at least some of the DPNE leadership, otherwise they would have made their stance known long ago.

It appears, at least the speculation is that at the very least ‘some’ of the DPNE leadership plans to support Zaev and make the announcement days before the Referendum.

But first, lets await what Baily’s Constitutional Court will decide tomorrow afternoon.

Hahn from Stip: I am very confident in positive outcome of name referendum (video)

I am very confident in a positive outcome of the 30 September (name) referendum, EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn told reporters on Monday as he visited Stip to take part in a public debate.

He once again urged the citizens of Macedonia to come out and vote.

The most important thing is that people use their democratic right and participate in elections, referendum every vote counts – this should be clear – in particular if it is about such a fundamental issue. Let’s cross the bridge. I am very confident in a positive outcome, but it’s finally first and foremost a sovereign decision of the people of the country and this is something one has to respect but afterwards politicians have to take their conclusions and decisions,’ Hahn said.

He refused to comment allegations of possible Russia’s influence on the referendum campaign, saying that Europe and the country itself should be much more confident.

‘We are the big player. If I look at the trade relationship – 75% of the trade is with the EU; 75% of the foreign investments come from the European Union. So it’s obvious who is the economic power in the region. But it’s not only about the economic element, but also about the European values which we share together,’ Hahn said.



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Baily’s Constitutional Court deems itself irrelevant on Referendum issue | MINA Report


The Constitutional Court rejected the initiative for assessing the constitutionality and legality of the Decision on announcing a referendum, adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia on 30 July 2018.

Seven constitutional judges voted in favor of the initiative, while two were against Elena Goseva and Josif Josifovski.

Judge reporter Elena Gosheva previously proposed to initiate a procedure for the decision to call a referendum and to impose an interim measure and stop all activities for a certain period.

According to her, the decision contains several legal deficiencies. The issue of the referendum, as she said, is manipulative, the type of referendum is not clear, and the full name of the Prespa agreement is not indicated. Gosheva believes that the decision on the referendum does not contain four of the seven elements for a referendum. According to her, the Referendum question should be divided into three issues.

Judges were summoned one by one, met with US Embassy Reps

Local media has reported that the majority of the judges were secretly meeting with US Embassy Representatives (likely Mitko Burcevski aka Agent Tesla) two days before today’s vote.

Apasiev: It should be investigated who summoned the constitutional judges for conversation and influenced their decision

There are indications that the constitutional judges were summoned for a conversation before today’s session, said Dimitar Apasiev, one of the submitters of the initiative assessing the constitutionality, which was dismissed Wednesday by the Constitutional Court. According to him, such decision is shameful and violates the rule of law.

“Shameful day for the rule of law, this is a political decision of the judges. The possible scenario that one of the judges said, that the judges were called for talks, should be investigated, and find out who called them and influenced them? We remain in the position for a boycott,” said Apasiev.

Apasiev: Constitutional judges today buried the legal state


Constitutional judges today buried the legal state. Only the people remain, through a massive boycott, to bury the “Prespa Agreement” on September 30th, Apasiev wrote on Facebook.

Nikoloski: Constitutional changes have already been written by Greece and given to the Government of Macedonia

Николоски: Уставните измени се веќе напишани од страна на Грција и дадени на Владата на Македонија


VMRO-DPMNE vice-president Aleksandar Nikoloski in the 1TV "Open Studio" says the government does not want to discuss the content of the agreement and makes a classic avoidance of the content of the agreement.

According to him, besides the change in the Constitution, the most problematic member of the agreement is Article 8, which foresees the establishment of an inter-ministerial commission between the government of Macedonia and Greece, which should come out with a report on where it is with the revision of history, archeology, science, etc.

- This is a mechanism for the eternal duration of Macedonia's EU accession negotiations. The big difference is that in the part of Greece, we as a state will voluntarily agree that this mechanism is used. This agreement is an introduction to the eternal duration of negotiations and very easily Macedonia can become the second Turkey. The agreement has many fakes that the government does not want to talk about in order not to reach the citizens, says Nikoloski.

The VMRO-DPMNE vice-president in the show revealed that constitutional changes have already been written by Greece and given to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. He adds that if the referendum passes by chance, then citizens will see a theater and acting.

- According to our information, I urge the government not to deny it. The constitutional changes in the part of the change of the name from the Republic of Macedonia in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, the change in the preamble, Article 3 and Article 49, have already been written, and this is done by the representatives of the Macedonian government by Greece in the form of a non -Piper. That is, even the amendments to the Constitution are not written by the Macedonian Assembly, such as the order in a procedure that should start after the referendum, but has already been written by the Greek government and has also been delivered practically when the process begins if only one acting and one theater that there are amendments that are already written, whose contents we do not know and are not published in public, stressed Nikoloski.

He added that citizens in a referendum should decide on the agreement, and according to him, how should they decide if they do not know all the facts. He reiterated that one of the biggest postulates of this agreement is the constitutional amendments.

Nikoloski: We call on the Government to publish the constitutional amendments

Today we are visiting the municipality of Kisela Voda, the settlement Dracevo, the village of Dracevo and Pisojnica. Here we are meeting with people to discuss the current situation, primarily related to the referendum regarding the renaming of the Republic of Macedonia, to hear their positions and views, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said on Tuesday.

The citizens are really worried about everything that is happening, there is a huge resistance to this agreement.

Citizens, primarily ethnic Macedonians, do not accept it, they are against the renaming and changing of the Constitution, as well as the changing the national identity of the Macedonians. At the same time, questions are raised why, in the 10 days before the referendum, the government does not publish the constitutional amendments because the key part of the agreement is to change the Constitution, a change the Preamble, Articles 3 and 49, as well as change everywhere that says the Republic of Macedonia into the Republic of North Macedonia.

We are once again publicly asking why the government did not publish the amendments and what is the purpose of non-disclosure of the amendments? The explanation that they will work on that after the referendum does not hold, the explanation that time is needed also does not hold because it is about simple short amendments. Perhaps it is true what Prime Minister Zaev said, and that is that citizens will be scared if they see the amendments.

We call on the government to publish them, just so that the citizens can see them and see the great fear that the government is hiding from them, said Nikoloski.

Ahmeti: DUI has a huge contribution to changing the name of the state in order to get closer to the EU and NATO


The Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) visited Tuesday the Municipality of Aracinovo and explained to the inhabitants of the villages belonging to this municipality the importance of the voting on September 30 in order to join NATO’s largest military alliance, and the voting to change of name of the country.

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti stressed that Albanians are people of good will, who love life, the future, love the freedom.

I do not doubt the decision, or the strong will of the Albanians that on September 30 they will say yes to Europe, yes to NATO and the future. Albanians were an inseparable part of the process, we were part of the solution to this process, part of the solution to the name dispute. I guarantee you, as your brother, that by joining this country in NATO and the European Union, the dream of the East to rule the Albanians in this region ends. Come out and vote FOR Macedonia on September 30, because our future, the future of this country, is being decided, said DUI president Ali Ahmeti.

The Economist: If there is Greater Albania there will be Greater Serbia

“Every idiot with a map and rifle is getting excited,” says an international official in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, still barred from membership of the United Nations ten years after it unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. Serbs and Albanians have been transfixed as their leaders have recently discussed swapping pieces of territory populated by tens of thousands of people. It is an idea that is raising hopes and fears across the Balkans and provoking political turmoil in Kosovo itself, the Economist writes.

When Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia collapsed in the 1990s their successor states all emerged within existing boundaries. But if Kosovo and Serbia redraw their borders on ethnic lines, that would be a big and possibly destabilising change for the region. It would mean, for example, that Bosnia’s Serb leader could ramp up his own demands for independence by arguing that Yugoslavia’s old internal borders had now been breached and so Bosnia’s could now be too. That would risk a new war.

Almost unnoticed, a first ethnic boundary change is about to take place. On September 12th the municipality of Gracanica, a Serbian-majority area in Kosovo, voted to hand over part of its territory to a neighbouring Albanian-majority district. A new ethnic-Albanian housing estate has changed the proportions of Serbs and Albanians in Gracanica, so this is a way for the Serbs to get rid of Albanians. Changing the borders of the two states would not be so easy. It is also highly controversial. It would, argued an op-ed in the New York Times, be both “a peaceful form of ethnic cleansing” and “the right thing to do”.

More than 90% of Kosovo’s population are ethnic Albanians and perhaps 5% are Serbs. Serbia does not recognise Kosovo and, excluded from the UN, its statehood is also rejected by several countries, including Spain and Russia. The essence of the deal is that the Serbian-inhabited north of Kosovo, which the government in Pristina does not control, should be returned to Serbian sovereignty. In exchange Serbia would give Kosovo the Presevo Valley in south Serbia, which is predominantly ethnic Albanian, and recognise Kosovo. Part of any deal would have to involve Russia and China dropping their veto on UN membership for Kosovo.

In August, when Albanians of the diaspora were home for the holidays, the Presevo Valley was buzzing. Parents snapped in Swiss German and Belgian French at their children. Local Albanians are thrilled at the thought of living in one state with fellow Albanians in Kosovo. Local Serbs believe it will never happen. After all, said Marko, aged 22, who runs a grocery shop, Serbs and Albanians have never resolved disputes peacefully, so why would they start now? Nearby, bulldozers were finishing the motorway which runs through the valley, alongside the railway. These transport routes link Serbia to central Europe and Greece. It is hard to believe that Serbia will give them up.

Over in Kosovo, the mainly Serbian village of Babin Most sits on a hill overlooking the battlefield where the Serbs famously lost the battle of Kosovo to the Turks in 1389. It is not in the north, the area which would become part of Serbia again. The majority of Kosovo’s 120,000 Serbs do not live in the north and so they are horrified by the thought that Serbia might, as they see it, give up on them. Father Sava, the abbot of Kosovo’s Serbian medieval monastery of Visoki Decani, has been campaigning loudly against division. For this he has earned the enmity of Serbia’s government-controlled press, which has declared him a traitor.

In Pasjane, another Kosovo Serb village, there is a street named for Dobrica Cosic, an influential novelist who died in 2014. He regarded Kosovo and its Albanians as a “cancer”, to be surgically removed by partition.

Both the EU and America had previously rejected the redrawing of borders on ethnic grounds, believing it would destabilise the region. They have now given a green light to Kosovo’s president, Hashim Thaci, and Aleksandar Vucic, his Serbian counterpart, to see if they can strike an agreement. Yet it will be difficult, if not impossible. On September 7th Mr Vucic refused to meet Mr Thaci in an EU-sponsored meeting in Brussels. Then he went to Kosovo and praised Slobodan Milosevic, Serbia’s wartime leader, who repressed ethnic Albanians and then ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of them during the Kosovo war.

Mr Vucic wants a guarantee that if there is a deal, Serbian membership of the EU will follow. That is an undertaking the EU cannot give. But it is clear that even raising the issue has opened new perspectives for the region. “There are always other options,” says a senior Kosovo Albanian leader. He means that unless Kosovo is recognised by Serbia and can join the UN, it can unite with Albania instead. Some nationalist Serbs who understand that Kosovo is lost to them might welcome that. If there was a Greater Albania then they could demand a Greater Serbia by claiming the Serb part of Bosnia, which was what Mr Milosevic fought a war for.

Source: The Economist


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Apasiev: Only citizens can oppose this crazy plan for self-destruction of Macedonia’s constitutional name

Today, the rule of law was buried and only the citizens remain, because they have no guardians of the Constitution, they have to preserve themselves, that is, to resist themselves on this crazy plan for self-destruction of the constitutional name of the state, which, by the way, was voted plebiscitary and which can be changed only in another referendum, and not by a parliamentary decision or by any other decision, said university professor Dimitar Apasiev on TV Kanal 5 show “Samo vistina” (Only the Truth).

Apasiev stressed that he was ashamed to attend the session and that the Constitutional Court judges did not bring a legal decision but a political one.

If they had caught a goldfish and said that they would become constitutional judges they would not because they were put there by party line and they made such a decision, a political one, he added.

Apasiev added that the Parliament has no competence to change the constitutional name of the state, and that the Constitutional Court has the competence to determine the constitutionality not only of the Constitution but also of the laws.

A decision in a referendum is a by-law general legal act that means that the Constitutional Court cannot say that I am interested only in the Constitution, it must see whether the decision is lawful or in accordance with the law and the Constitution, Apasiev said.

Sekerinska Q&A in Aerodrom, mostly As, no Qs | MINA Report

Sekerinska is visiting Aerodrom tonight, where she is campaigning for the name change.

During what was suppose to be Q and A session, a retiree attempted to ask a question… however, as soon as Sekerinska’s thugs realized the question is not coming from an SDS activist, first he got shoved, got his documents taken away, and his mic was turned off.

Once a junta, always a junta.

Papadimoulis: If you change your constitutional name, the Greek parliament will ratify the agreement

I am sure that there will be a majority in the Greek Parliament that will vote for the Prespa Agreement, the European Parliament vice-president and head of the SYRIZA group, Dimitrios Papadimoulis, said at a press conference after the end of the EU-Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee.

“I have no doubts, I am sure, if your country ratifies the Prespa Agreement and makes all necessary constitutional changes as agreed, then the Greek Parliament will ratify the agreement,” Papadimoulis said.

He said he expects the Prespa Agreement to be ratified by the Greek Parliament in March next year.

The EU-Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) held Wednesday and Thursday its 15th meeting under the joint chairmanship of Alojz Peterle, MEP from Slovenia and Goran Milevski, MP and LDP president.

Nicholov: Republicans have become Democrats in their vicious cycle of anti-Macedonian policies | MINA Report

Republicans Have Become Democrats – The Vicious Cycle of US Anti-Macedonian Policy
I figured out why Republicans have become Democrats and are allowing the State Department to still be run by the Obama administration. To spite the Russians. For all the hate that each party has for each other, they hate the Russians more. Spite drives Washington D.C.

The ultimate goal of US foreign policy is to increase US imperialism (while ignoring the world decrying it) and, as icing on the cake, anger the “big, bad Russians.”

The latest ploy (and Macedonia is the toy) is to get Macedonia into NATO. Why not get a country that doesn’t need it and can’t afford it into an obsolete organization that should’ve died alongside the Soviet Union, yet only exists to fulfill the goals mentioned above?

The brutal side effect in this case (and there always is one when it comes to American foreign policy) is that Macedonia is being forced to change its name, identity, language, ethnicity and history in order to appease its biggest oppressor, Greece, so that Greece lifts its veto and “allows” Macedonia to get NATO membership.

The Republic of Macedonia’s new…everything, would be “North Macedonia” and “Northern Macedonian” and this changes the very definition of “Macedonian”. Of course, eradicating an ethnic group’s name and identity constitutes genocide and violates international law and human rights conventions, but this won’t stop the United States – the self-proclaimed and brutally ironic “greatest democracy in the world”.

And we are not just talking about the Republic of Macedonia being wiped out. The West, in its infinite racism, partitioned all of Macedonia in 1913 and handed pieces to Serbia/Yugoslavia (now the independent Republic of Macedonia), Bulgaria, Greece and later, Albania. The redefining of an age-old nationality plays right into the handbook of all of our oppressors – to eradicate our existence. Macedonians everywhere, with international support, who have been fighting Greek, Bulgarian, Albanian and Serbian oppression are now by being hung out to dry (with our ethnicity to die) all because the United States values NATO over human decency and democracy.

And let’s not forget – what the United States wants, the United States gets. Despite resistance, if any, from the international community.

Of course, a simple solution to satisfy the United States’ obsession with NATO enlargement while actually RESPECTING an entire people’s right to exist is to remove the one-country veto rule in NATO, something that even George Bush suggested. Donald Trump, are you going to allow George Bush to be your voice of reason?

Now, if changing NATO rules requires too much effort for this incompetent US administration, the US could easily direct (order) Greece to refrain from using its veto power as it would if say, Montenegro, were to threaten to veto a potential NATO member.

If only Donald Trump would notice – anything, he would put an immediate end to this debacle, even if it were only to save his best friend/boss Vladimir Putin from watching NATO gain another member-state.

God forbid (and remember that God apparently watches over Republicans) that Trump acts like a real president and institutes his own foreign policy as I called for after Trump took office in this op-ed in The Hill. The reasons range from common sense, respect for human rights and international law, the saving of millions of US-taxpayer dollars by ending the implementation of a Soros-run government in Macedonia, and spite – something that Trump should have eaten up like yet another Big Mac.

But since Trump is incapable and unwilling to act, can the Republicans who claim to be Trump’s “voice of reason” (or better yet, the anonymous New York Times Republican who claims to have Trump on a leash), implement their OWN foreign policy and save a country as a side effect? As opposed to typical US foreign policy which destroys countries as a main objective.

I wondered when Democrats became Republicans in this Hill op-ed when I blasted their foreign-interventionist policy that is destroying Macedonia. But it is now, ironically, the Republican-like Democratic foreign policy that the Republicans are enabling and executing. If that didn’t make you dizzy…

And this is the vicious cycle that drives US foreign policy. Macedonia is stuck right in the middle of it and going around and around like a carnival ride. But instead of waiting for Trump or any US politician to gain a conscience and act, the vicious cycle ends if the object in it stops moving. Macedonia – STOP. Stop allowing yourself to be a pawn in the United States’ twisted foreign policy game of Risk. But in this case, and as I explained in The Game of Macedonia, Macedonia owns this game and can choose to stop playing at any time.

So, Macedonian politicians, will you finally defend Macedonia, human rights and common sense and end this name change catastrophe? Defend yourselves and the world will defend you, instead of being yet another American doormat and a living example of the Seinfeld episode where the angry Ukrainian yells at Kramer and Newman: “You think Ukraine is weak?! Ukraine is game to you?!” Substitute “Ukraine” with “Macedonia” and Seinfeld would’ve hit the nail on the head.
And finally. With one last homage to Seinfeld (he should’ve been President). Will the Republican Party do what it’s best at and, based purely out of spite, return the US State Department’s policy to one that is not anti-Macedonian?

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

Parliament Employee: Speaker Xhaferi was “elected” illegally, there were no 61 votes | MINA Report


After today’s testimony of Sasko Kocevski, an employee of the Macedonian Parliament whose main duties are the electronic and voting systems, about the way in which Thalat Xhaferi was elected president of the Assembly, and according to which Ahmeti, Manojlovski and the Besa MPs did not vote in this forgery, which means Xhaferi was short at least 6 votes of the 61 votes needed. Corrupt judge Dobrila Kacaraska received this statement and is now on the record that a massive crime was committed on April 27 last year when the election of a president of the Assembly was forged and he is obliged to submit it to the Prosecutor’s Office.

On the other hand, since Kocevski’s testimony is a written fact and is already circulating in the media, Jovevski (public prosecutor) does not need Kacarska, he is obliged by law himself to request the record with Kocevski’s statement.

This is the same as a witness during a trial stating “yes, I saw the murder”, while the judge and the prosecutor ignore the actual murder and instead focus on something else, like speeding while intoxicated.

Essentially, we have a corrupt judge and an even more corrupt public prosecutor who are holding dozens on terrorism charges because they entered Parliament, yet, the very people who provoked the masses by conducting treason and illegally voting in a Government while Parliament was not even in session, and a senior Parliament employee stating on the record the SDSM never had the votes to elect Xhaferi… these crimes are all being ignored?

Come on, you have a Criminal Code there, you have a Criminal Procedure Code, just read it, everything is laid out for you.

President Ivanov to attend 73rd UN General Assembly in New York


Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov kicks off Thursday his working visit to the United States, where he will take part in the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.

On Sept. 27, President Ivanov is scheduled to address the general debate of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly entitled “Making the United Nations relevant to all people: global leadership and shared responsibilities for peaceful, equitable and sustainable societies”, his cabinet said in a press release.

As part of his participation at the UN General Assembly, Ivanov will meet with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, as well as with several heads of state and government attending the event.

Also, the Macedonian President is expected to attend the high-level event “Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem”, which will be chaired by US President Donald Trump and UN Secretary General Guterres.

Ivanov will attend the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit 2018 – a high-level plenary meeting on global peace in honor of the centenary of the birth of the late South African leader.

Furthermore, President Ivanov will meet with representatives of the Macedonian community in New Jersey.

As part of his working visit to the US, Ivanov will travel to Detroit, where he will be presented with the Global Statesman Award, deemed the highest recognition of the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD). In Detroit, he will deliver a lecture at the Wayne State University, which includes the Mike Ilic Business School, and will meet with the representatives of the Macedonian church community.

President Ivanov throughout his US visit will be accompanied by his wife Maja Ivanova. She will attend an event alongside the first ladies attending the 73rd UN General Assembly, organized by the US First Lady, Melania Trump, and a high-level event organized by the first lady of Turkey, Emine Erdogan. In Detroit, Ivanova will visit the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.


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Here are all the Russians that continue to meddle in Macedonia | MINA Report


Russians are everywhere in Macedonia, continue to undermine the country by forcing the population to change their name in a referendum, which may or may not be mandatory, depending on the results – per Russian Prime Minister, Jess Baily.

If the referendum fails, then it is not mandatory and the results are meaningless.

Back to the Russians. Over the past 30 days, more than a dozen of Putin’s emissaries were dispatched to Macedonia to lobby for a name change. Emissaries along the likes of Mad Dog Mattis. Typical of Putin, he sent a Russian Mad Dog to Macedonia and then dispatched another mad dog in Theresa May, where she lobbied for Macedonia to change its name so it could allegedly enter an organization in 7-10 years, while May’s own country is leaving the same organization.

There is a running joke now in Macedonia with the populace asking whether the globalist war criminals plan on sending Brad Pitt and Monica Bellucci next to lobby for the name change!? They’ve sent everyone else …

Even Putin’s personal assistant Angela Merkel and part time waffle house waitress Federica Mogherini were sent to Macedonia, again, something the Russians would absolutely do.

Needless to say, the list of Russian meddling in Macedonia is very extensive, and below is just a sample of it.

James Mad Dog Mattis – Russian
Mike Pence – Russian
Wes Mitchell – Russian
Theresa May – Russian
Jean-Claude Juncker – Russian, Drunk (Dual citizen)
Johannes Hahn – Russian
Federica Mogherini – Russian
Jess Baily – Prime Minister of Macedonia – Russian
Samuel Zbogar – Russian
Jens Stoltenberg – Russian
Hashim Thaci – Russian
Sebastian Kurz – Russian
Donald Tusk – Russian
Ank Bijleveld – Russian

Lets all stop the above mentioned Russians and boycott the referendum.



FOTCM Member
In all this madness that is happening, I can't really understand one thing. Why is it so important to all these politicians from Western countries that Macedonia changes its name.
I do understand if Greece has some issues because of the history and all the things that happen before, But why it is so important so all these politicians from the USA and EU this to happen.
In the end, I can see that one part of the problem is their "RUSSIANS ARE COMING" worldwide propaganda, and all those ethnic specific weapons and situation and latest development in Syria.
I can't see how changing Macedonia name fits in all this madness, why is it so important for them.
We know how and why is the current prime minister Zaev brought to this position and changing the name is one of them.
All I wonder is why??
In this last 2 weeks, we can clearly see how Deep state is sending all their puppets to make everything to spread propaganda among people that we must vote for changing the name or it will be a disaster for the country.
It is already a disaster last 30 years, so why this now. Why is this so important to them.
What will this change on a bigger global picture?


Jedi Master
@Konstantin, Interesting to hear that from a Macedonian. I'm from Germany and I thought maybe I just don't get it, but if you say it like that maybe it just *is* that crazy.:nuts:


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In all this madness that is happening, I can't really understand one thing. Why is it so important to all these politicians from Western countries that Macedonia changes its name.
I do understand if Greece has some issues because of the history and all the things that happen before, But why it is so important so all these politicians from the USA and EU this to happen.
In the end, I can see that one part of the problem is their "RUSSIANS ARE COMING" worldwide propaganda, and all those ethnic specific weapons and situation and latest development in Syria.
I can't see how changing Macedonia name fits in all this madness, why is it so important for them.
We know how and why is the current prime minister Zaev brought to this position and changing the name is one of them.
All I wonder is why??
In this last 2 weeks, we can clearly see how Deep state is sending all their puppets to make everything to spread propaganda among people that we must vote for changing the name or it will be a disaster for the country.
It is already a disaster last 30 years, so why this now. Why is this so important to them.
What will this change on a bigger global picture?
Lavrov just arrived in Bosnia today. I'm sure the Russian's are keeping a close eye on what's going on in Macedonia?

September 21, 2018 - Russia backs Bosnia's Integrity amid Serb calls for Secession
Russia backs Bosnia's integrity amid Serb calls for secession | Reuters

Russia supports the peace accords that ended Bosnia’s war in the 1990s and the country’s territorial integrity, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday amid a Bosnian Serb leader’s calls for secession of a Serb-run region from Bosnia.

Lavrov arrived in Bosnia two weeks before Bosnia’s national election, a visit described by local media as a show of support for Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik, even though the Russian said he was not making a recommendation as to who to vote for.

Dodik, who is running for a Serb seat in Bosnia’s inter-ethnic presidency, is campaigning on a ticket of a wider autonomy of the Serb Republic that he currently presides over and its ultimate secession from Bosnia.

Dodik, who favors closer ties with Russia
rather than the West, hopes that Russia will support his separatist plans at the time when a land swap has been discussed between Serbia and Kosovo, meaning that borders at the Balkans may change again but this time with international blessing.
However, Lavrov, who is due to meet Dodik later, gave no public support for the separatist move.

“Russia’s stance is there is no alternative to the Dayton peace agreement,” Lavrov said at a news conference in Sarajevo held with his Bosnian counterpart Igor Crnadak, referring to the US.-brokered peace deal that ended Bosnia’s 1992-95 war.

“We support Bosnia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and the authorities granted by the constitution to its two entities and three constituent peoples,” he said.

Lavrov dismissed allegations that Russia favored and supported particular politicians ahead of the Oct. 7 vote. “We never make recommendations to anyone for who to vote when it comes to foreign countries, and (we) will always respect the choice of Bosnian citizens and work with those who they entrust,” he said.

But he also said that other world powers should not interfere in the Balkans and create new confrontations in the volatile region.

Lavrov will also go to Banja Luka, the Serb Republic’s de facto capital, where he will talk to the region’s leaders and visit the site of a future Serbian-Russian Orthodox cultural center, joined by Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic.

President of the Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik awards Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with Order of the Republika Srpska, after their meeting in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 21, 2018. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, President of the Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik and Prime Minister of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic attend a meeting in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 21, 2018. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic


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PM Zaev meets US vice president Pence in Washington


US vice president Mike Pence has received Prime Minister of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev in a meeting in the White House.

“This meeting with vice president Pence comes at a key moment for the Republic of Macedonia. Vice president Pence encouraged us and congratulated us on the agreement reached in Prespa”, Zaev posted after the meeting.

PM Zaev also said that the Prespa agreement secures the country the place it deserves in Euro-Atlantic structures and that there is no other alternative for the country besides accession in the NATO and EU.

The government released a statement saying that vice president Pence has told PM Zoran Zaev that president Trump offers his support for the implementation of reforms and the agreement reached with Greece.

The meeting between PM Zoran Zaev and vice president Pence was also attended by deputy PM for European Affairs, Bujar Osmani and Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov. This visit comes a few days after the visit held by the US Defence Secretary James Mattis and vice assistant US Secretary of State, Wess Mitchell to Skopje.

Kotzias and Maas call the name agreement historic for stability in the region

The Greek Parliament has a majority to ratify the Prespa Agreement, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said Thursday after a meeting with his German counterpart Heiko Maas.

FM Maas visited Macedonia earlier this week as part of his regional tour, where he held talks with top state officials.

Maas and Kotzias discussed the Prespa Agreement calling it 'historic' and 'a historic chance' that would contribute to stability in the region, MIA's Athens correspondent reported.

"I sincerely hope that this historic decision will be implemented, because it contributes to friendship between the two nations and more importantly, it contributes to stability in the wider region," FM Maas told a news conference in Athens.

Kotzias noted that the Prespes Agreement had helped Greece "get out of a prison that some hope we will re-enter". He said he hoped that the name referendum would be successful.

"I hope and I believe the referendum will pass, the required turnout will be met. Afterwards, the future North Macedonia will have to make a series of constitutional changes," stated the Greek Minister.

The changes, according to him, are chiefly related to irredentism. One major issue, Kotzias said, is the name of the church, but now we won't discuss this.

Kotzias said that most likely the Greek Parliament would ratify the agreement in January, followed by a ratification of NATO's decision to grant membership to Macedonia.

Furthermore, Minister Kotzias told the news conference that the name agreement provided the Balkan region with stability and security.

On Thursday, German FM Maas also met with Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos and opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

SDSM brings in Albanians from Kosovo, gives them citizenship so they can vote in Referendum | MINA Report

Each day, hundreds of Albanians from Kosovo are seen waiting at Government HQs to be expediently issued Macedonian citizenship, reports Skopje media.

There are numerous hurdles one must go through in order to receive a Macedonian citizenship, including 10 year continuously living in the country and mastering of the Macedonian language.

Government employees who wanted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons gave statements to local media, some even vented on social media that the Kosovars have never lived in Macedonia, couldn’t utter a word in Macedonian and brought translators with them during their language test.

MINA finds, all are given citizenship so they could vote in the Referendum. This is reminiscent to the early 1990’s when the then SDSM government “imported” 100,000 Albanians from Kosovo and gave them citizenships so they could gain more votes in Parliamentary elections.


Milenko… | MINA Report

At least 15 DPNE MPs in Parliament are susceptible to being bribed by Jess Baily once the Referendum fails…



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Macron: Referendum is to rename Macedonia, nothing to do with EU | MINA Report

Rothschild’s bus boy and president of France took time today to speak in a video address dedicated to the Macedonian people. When have you seen the president of France delivering a video address to the Macedonian people? The globalist psychopaths ain’t kidding around, they really would do anything to change Macedonia’s biblical name.

In his video message, Macron essentially nullified every idiotic statement dished out by Zaev and Dimitrov, not that anyone believes a word by Zaev or Dimitrov. The French president countered every lie by the SDS junta.

For starters: Macron stated the referendum is solely to rename Macedonia, it has nothing to do with EU, where “your country has ways to go to become a member”. In addition, the referendum was a good way to change the Constitution, added Macron.

Macedonia’s dedicated shit eaters (Zaev Dimitrov & Sekerinska) claim the Referendum is for “European Macedonia”. Clearly, not the case, Macron put it nicely “Referendum is for NORTH Macedonia, Not European Macedonia”.

In other words, Macedonia can change the name, constitution and everything in between, and it will not become a member of the EU for at least a decade, instead the one thing that will remain is the epic humiliation, cultural and historical genocide over all Macedonians, something Greece has been working on since 1913.

Macron: The Referendum is to change the Constitution, passports, all documents and institutions in the country.
Zaev and Dimitrov (who still won’t come out of the closet) continue to lie that the referendum is for free EU healthcare (??!), 25,000 euros for every farmer (?!?), free education (!??).

Macron also kept to the point of the Prespa agreement where Macedonia, albeit hilariously is not mentioned anywhere (which makes the agreement illegal).

Macron: You, and Greece, your country, you… the French president kept to it, wouldn’t even utter an “M”, just like Zaev.
So, if you weren’t clear before what the Referendum is for, Macron explained it.


Photos: Referendum Fashion in full swing | MINA Report


SDS official writes his name in a graffiti that he will Boycott | MINA Report

Tensions among SDS officials are rising exponentially as the consultative Referendum comes closer. Several SDS officials have publicly stated they will boycott, the latest being the president of the SDS county office in Chucher Sandevo, Aco Ushkov.

Ushkov not just that he disagrees with the SDS leadership, but he sprayed his name around Chucher Sandevo in the form of graffitis telling the public he is boycotting the referendum.


Aussie journalist Sasha Uzunov to German MEP: Are you a Neo-Nazi? | MINA Report

Sasha ought to be given a presidential medal.



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Why Macedonian Referendum must be boycotted by all | MINA Report


Respected representatives of the international community in Macedonia, Representatives of international organizations EU, NATO

Republic of Macedonia is one week before the vote on the referendum for acceptance of the bilateral agreement that regulates change of the country’s constitutionally prescribed name, but also provides entry point for Greece to interpret Macedonian history, culture and use of its language (art. 7 and 8). This referendum is not on the admission of Macedonia to EU and NATO, what the government campaign insists that it is. These are goals Macedonia wants to achieve but are not pertinent to the acceptance of the agreement. Enlargement of NATO and EU with Macedonia as a member will not happen after the agreement is accepted, it will happen in the near or distant future.
As noted by Heads of State (Merkel, Macron, Kurz) and understood by Macedonians the agreement is about changing the Macedonian identity.

This has been denied by the Macedonian government but is true. It is also true that the referendum question is confusing and multidimensional, conflating three questions into one. Voters asked “Do you support EU and NATO membership by accepting the agreement between Macedonia and Greece?” cannot answer in the positive if they do not support joining NATO or are against the agreement but are in favor of joining EU and NATO.

In the last twenty days against the good practices for organizing a referendum, and against Macedonian law, the government used funds and campaigned ‘for’ the referendum. However, the campaign did not inform the citizens what the agreement is about. Moreover, citizens have to vote on an agreement that is 20 pages long and written in hard to comprehend language. Citizens are not informed what will be the impact of the agreement (what are the constitutional changes, what it will cost and so on).

On the contrary, the campaign provided citizens with lies, false information and assumptions, on how with the acceptance of agreement at the referendum citizens will be able to use free health services in the EU, the EU will provide more funds to support developments in the country, and will provide secure market for its products. In parallel and against all international and domestic standards of good governance in organizing referendums the Government promised and decided upon increase of state provided social cash transfers, increase of the salaries of doctors (5%), of teachers (5%) and nursery school workers (5%). In flagrant breach of Law, the prime minister called the private sector to increase salaries before the referendum vote so that people will back the ‘yes’ vote. Macedonians object the government’s deceptiveness as well as corruptive behavior during the referendum campaign. Let us remind you that Macedonian citizens are against the continuous corruption (the country back-slide in the last Corruption Index 2018); lack of reforms (confirmed with last EC Progress Report 2018 and the second so-called Pribe Report).

Considering that the Macedonian constitution that prescribes a turn-out quorum 50% plus one for the referendum to be valid, many of those objecting the Agreement and/or the question will abstain. This is a legal and simple strategy. Moreover, this is a chosen strategy because there is a great fear that the ruling coalition will falsify the results of the referendum and the turn-out rate. In principle, opponents to the Agreement are among all citizens and ethnic groups.

Since the Agreement hinges most on the identity of ethnic Macedonians they are mostly against. Most of the ethnic Macedonians are against the agreement and not accepting their position on this question will further polarize and destabilize the country. If the result is that majority of the citizens and the majority of ethnic Macedonians abstain this result must be taken seriously and be respected. This agreement is not legal document in Macedonia. Following a failed referendum, it should be forgotten! Macedonians and Greeks need to make a friendship agreement that will respect both nations and states. Macedonian dignity and right to self-determination must be respected. More dangerous than frustrated minority is a frustrated majority and the ethnic Macedonians are the majority in the country!

The ‘BOYCOTT’ movement

Desperate SDSM junta threatens everyone who calls for boycott | MINA Report


MoI chief Oliver Spasovski called an emergency press conference earlier today, the typical press conference for a criminal junta, without any journalists present, not even those close to the junta. For understandable reasons, what Oliver Spasovski planned to announce had zero logic or sense therefore couldn’t take questions from journalists.

Oliver Spasovski announced police will be arresting citizens who in public or on social media who call for boycott, or prevent others to vote? What!? Clearly, this is probably the dumbest scare tactic that we’ve seen. It makes sense that it came from the SDSM.

Spasovski did not convey whether there will be arrests for people who urge and bribe others, not to mention threaten them with losing jobs as induced pressure to vote in the Referendum. Zaev openly asked businessmen to bribe their employees so they would vote in the referendum. SDSM activists have been seen carrying bags of cash, offering people 2,000 denars/vote – will police sanction this? Will Spasovski arrest the individuals behind the 24/7 ‘pro referendum’ lies & propaganda on taxpayers funded Macedonian TV?

As more alarming numbers come in from their latest polls (none has been made public), the more aggressive the Government junta has become. The latest polls indicate over 75% of the ethnic Macedonian population will boycott. Although massive fraud is a certainty, we are talking about an SDSM junta here, the numbers and the careers for the demented American trio (Zaev, Sekerinska, Dimitrov) do not look good.

As for Spasovski, Macedonians have a tough time taking threats seriously from someone with your haircut.
And here is his boss, the gmo clown…

The ‘silent’ section of DPNE | MINA Report

27+ DPNE MPs have stated publicly they will boycott the Referendum. But not the entire party has given the same support. There is a sizeable ‘silent section’ within the DPNE that includes senior officials, among which is Gruevski and Dimovski.

What is stopping them from supporting the boycott movement?


Jess Baily implementing Brennan’s plan: Remove ASNOM and Macedonians from Constitution, add albanians | MINA Report


The Tirana Platform is being implemented in Macedonia to the letter.

MINA finds, ASNOM the first Macedonian Assembly which laid the very foundations to our state after WW2 will be wiped out from the Constitution. This creates unprecedented legal ramifications because the state itself is brought into question, the very existence of the state as a legal entity. A house without foundation crumbles.

In addition, the illegal Government junta will be remove the names Macedonia, Macedonians, everything to be replaced with North Macedonia and North Macedonians, entities without a past, any historical or cultural continuation.
In other words, a new country and new people are created in 2018. This was one of the main demands by Greece accepted by Zaev and Dimitrov.

Flashback: The Greek Foreign Minister Papakonstantinou sent a letter to the UN requesting the world body to deny admission to Macedonia at the UN because the country was founded by ASNOM and Athens doesn’t recognize the Assembly. Now that foundation is removed as well.

The Tirana platform

Journalist Boban Nonkovic out of Brussels once again confirmed, not just Macedonia will never enter in the EU, but Albania will block Macedonia’s entrance into NATO until the entirety of the Tirana Platform is implemented.

– Macedonia must admit it committed “genocide” over albanians, even though the reality (1900-1904) is just the opposite. This is a major step for albanians in western Macedonia to split from the country considering they’re to be inserted as constituent people.

Shenka Kolozova sh*ts on the grave of her legendary husband | MINA Report


What Macedonians wouldn’t do for a little bit of money?

The wife of legendary patriot and actor Gjorgji Kolozov is supporting changing the country’s name.

The Government has been bribing noted public individuals to support their agenda, and Shenka Kolozova herself a great actress who’s been on TV for over 40 years, sold out for little bit of cash.

We can’t know for certain what the going rate is for noted public individuals, there are speculations of people receiving 10,000 euros, 20,000 euros etc, depending on how well known the individual is.

One thing we know for certain, Gjorgji Kolozov who passed away in 2003 would not approve.

The name of the country and the people’s identity for Zaev are just a good poker game: I played with my people, I played all in (VIDEO)

A poker statement by the prime minister of a sovereign European state in the 21st century.
Do not think that somebody else will do our job, do not think there is any backup plan, there isn’t. This is a brave battle, I played with all aces and wild cards in the sleeve. I played with my people, I played all in, I played for all or nothing.



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Huge Resistance against criminal Macedonian Government junta – 84% will Boycott Referendum | MINA Report


Latest poll conducted (September 6-18) by UMD shows 84% of Macedonian citizens plan to boycott the upcoming referendum. Despite huge efforts by the Government assisted by their foreign sponsors to force the population to vote in the upcoming referendum though all sorts of media and field propaganda, threats and bribes that’s still ongoing, the latest poll shows 84.6% of the population they are determined to boycott the referendum.

The poll conducted encompasses all ethnicities in the country. Here are some of the questions and the polling results:


Here we go… SDSM junta won’t allow observers at Polling stations | MINA Report


Illegal Parliament speaker Talat Xhaferi announced earlier today that there won’t be observers representing Macedonian political parties sent during the Referendum vote, even though this has been the case during all elections.

Instead, the only observers would be SDSM linked “NGO” groups financed by Soros.

This opens the door for major referendum fraud and ballot stuffing. The SDSM waited to announce this illegal move with 5 days remaining until the vote, with all opinion polls showing the boycott movement has this wrapped up and the referendum will fail. However, the latest criminal move by the US/Soros backed Government shows things are heating up with fraud now at the forefront of SDSM’s plans.

Xhaferi: After the referendum, the Law on the Use of Languages will be published in the Official Gazette (Video)

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said Monday on the “Click Plus” TV show that after the referendum the Law on the Use of Languages and the name agreement with Greece will be sent to be published in the Official Gazette.

“I already said it, and here I repeat it more accurately. After the referendum, the Law on the Use of Languages and the Law on Ratification of the Agreement with Greece will be sent to the Official Gazette.

Simple math shows SDSM junta is missing 300-400,000 votes | MINA Report

Why the upcoming Referendum can not be successful? If we look at the simplest of math, namely the previous elections results where massive fraud was committed in favor of the SDSM, the numbers are the following:

SDSM: 437,000 votes
DUI: 87,000 votes
BESA: 58,000 votes
AA: 35,000 votes
DPA: 31,000 votes
Total: 648,000 votes (needed 903,001)

Lets not forget, for the SDSM and its ‘allies’ to get to the 648,000 votes during last elections, massive fraud was committed (bribery, ballot stuffing (SDSM&DUI lead the charge here, villages of 60 people had 400 votes cast).

With huge fraud, the junta is still short 255,001 votes (903,001 – 648,000). Considering the fact a good 100,000 of the SDSM membership will also boycott the referendum, and this is underestimated, the number will likely be higher, the SDSM will need fraud of epic proportions. DUI to ensure their Tirana platform sails smoothly, are prepared to commit fraud of at least 50-100,000 ballots (just like in every elections). Each albanian abroad appears to be worth 9 votes at home.

However, even the SDSM imbeciles realize it will be difficult stuffing 300,000 ballots, and have a plan B announced by their senior LGBT representative Nikola Dimitrov.

Plan B: The referendum will be called successful for marketing purposes even if 10,000 (or 10) out of 1.81 million registered voters vote. Zaev has already stated this. However, the traitors know they’ll lose the vote and won’t resign claiming the referendum was consultative, therefore it’s meaningless and as Nikola LGBT Dimitrov stated, the procedure will be moved to Parliament!?

Now, how will these fools move this travesty and treason to Parliament when the entire country just told them “NO”?
The simplest explanation is: the Government is led by a criminal junta who do not respond to or recognize any laws, the people or the nation.

One thing though is very clear. Once the referendum fails the SDSM will lose all legitimacy, something they never had and will have to go, one way or another.

New Parliamentary elections must be called.

Mickoski: The agreement is not for better future, but for saving Zoran Zaev’s political career (VIDEO)

The agreement is not for a better future, but to save the political career of Zoran Zaev, VMRO-DPMNE president Hristijan Mickoski said TV Telma on Tuesday evening.

Citizens should see the truth about an agreement that is not for a better future, but to save the political career of Zoran Zaev, who himself admitted he gambled with national interests and went to all or nothing, said Mickoski.

He signs an agreement, he gambles with national interests. He says, “I gambled all in with the interests of the people and in order to cover my private dossier, so that tens of millions of euros can end up in family companies”, Mickoski pointed out.

To have life as he is used to, to have privileges. With one sentence, he gambled with everything that Macedonia has so that he and his family can enjoy privileges and benefits, without Macedonia and the citizens having a real guarantee that they will really live better, said the president of VMRO-DPMNE.

Mickoski stressed that no serious politician says, “I guarantee that if this Agreement is effective, the Republic of Macedonia one day will be part of the EU if you meet all other criteria.” Nobody guarantees this.

Zaev: We have consensus on many issues with the opposition, including the referendum

So far, we have had a good dialogue with the opposition and consensus on many important issues, and this has been confirmed because the MPs voted together for two-thirds and laws with a simple majority. We recently we elected the new OTA Director together, and that's good, hopeful. Even for the referendum, Mickoski is not aware that we have a consensus, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told TV Telma late Tuesday.

The changes of Macedonian Constitution in line with Skopje-Athens name (Prespa Agreement) will be implemented by one amendment, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

The first constitutional change refer to including the geographic qualifier; the second is related with the Preamble, namely strengthening of the constitutive elements of the statehood via the historic decisions of the Anti-Fascist Assembly of the People's Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) on self-determination, sovereignty, independence, as well as the visions of freedom and democracy, Zaev said.

Other changes are related to Article 3, namely emphasizing the firm commitment to the principles of the inviolability of borders and territorial integrity, as it is the case with the constitutions of all EU members, and Article 49 of the Constitution that refers to the diaspora, the PM said.

I believe these changes to the Constitution may be done with one amendment, but law experts will have the final say on the matter,” Zaev said.

It’s not honest for the wording of these changes to be written before the upcoming referendum on the name deal in Macedonia, Defense Minister Radmila Sekeriska said.

“We are ahead of fully transparent process that is to take place at the Parliament. But we can confirm now that the Macedonian nation will not be erased from the Preamble of the Constitution,” she said in response to speculations that effect.

Zaev once again pointed out that the Prespa Agreement was a fair and just solution to the name issue, based on facts.

It confirms our Macedonian identity and language. The agreement put an end to a long-lasting dispute and opened the ‘iron doors’ of EU and NATO for Macedonia,” Zaev said.

Vice Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani referred to the economic benefits of the EU membership status.

Zaev from Negotino: We, politicians, are good in manipulating!

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev does not stop surprising the Macedonian public with his scandalous statements full of gaffes and personal confessions about the functioning of the current government. Yesterday from Negotino, he told the gathered citizens that politicians manipulate.

We can make political calculations, we can justify ourselves as we want. We, politicians, are good in manipulating as you like, politics does it in the world and in Macedonia, we have seen it all these years, Zaev said.

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