Making music today?: join us!


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Here are some of our albums, we just made a data base of some of our work over 10 years and came up with twenty plus albums... Now is time to spread the sounds... If you make music now, join us on this thread so we can share and connect.

Our next album: LIFE BITES, will be released through Bandcamp/ Soundcloud etc. soon:
On the stove I am also preparing some soundtrack stuff:
MissRoBee (Ann) has an album that we are rereleasing for Oct.21st also:
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LISTENING AND PLEASE IF YOU ARE AN INDEPENDENT COMPOSER, SONGWRITER, ETC, CONNECT YOUR DOTS WITH BLUETOAD, one never knows when music may become a most important way to connect with unique like-minded people, as if it wasn't always? Artists, authors, musicians, thinkers, let's tinker through together rather than isolated!

_ Daniel (Ann is busy right now...)


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That MissRoBee's album has biggest potential I think. The previous two are, imho, too monotonic, not so inventive, without real gradation or impuls. But who am I to criticize? Great you are creating stuff! I would definitely enjoy jamming with you if I found some time for it. I have put collective playing on a side for a long while now and although I am not technically skilled at all, I do have a good sense for rhythm and melody so anytime I pick up my instrument the energy flow is instant. Wish you all the best with your projects!


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Thank you Anka,
it's important to have a critical viewpoint and thank you for your observations. I mostly agree... Do you have any work onlline we can listen to?

On the other hand, the beauty of today is that we can also make a difference, once we've decided what should be changed, we can work together at great distance as in the following songs which we are all done in collaboration with artists we mostly have never physically met. Freestying it of sorts! The result can be stunning:

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