Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Crashes in Ukraine


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John Helmer continues his painstaking analysis of all things concerning MH17 and the preliminary hearings. Today he relates the work of professor Maurice Punch who analyzed the importance of the MH17 disaster in the process of reorganizing Dutch police and the propping up of the Dutch judiciary system. He also announces the publication, later this week, of his new book, "The lie that shot down MH17" (with Max van der Werff, Liane Theuerkauf and Sam Bullard).

Profits for all, except the victims: MH17 shoot-down has been a money-maker for Dutch police, prosecutors and judges --

One snippet out of a treasure trove of background info:

"This [MH17] crash was the largest disaster in recent Dutch history, not counting WWII and natural calamities," reported Punch. "The criminal investigation became the largest ever undertaken by the PPS [Public Prosecution Service]: and the recovery and identification process was the most demanding ever dealt with." Assisted in composing his report by Auke J. van Dijk and Frank Hoogewoning, employed by the Dutch police as "strategic policy advisors", Punch explained that
"[F]or the Dutch this brought something of the impact that 9/11 [the four terror attacks of September 2001] had for the US or 7/7 [the London terror bombings of July 2005] had for the UK, although this was not on home territory... It was one of those indelible calamities that unite the Dutch nation - like the catastrophic floods of 1953 with some 1800 fatalities - and it touched everyone and moved many abroad. Responding to it required a swift and concerted effort at many levels, by many agencies and by many actors... a pivotal role was played by a specialized police unit - the 'LTFO'- which contains highly skilled and even 'passionate' professionals."
LTFO stands for Landelijk Team Forensische Opsporing — National Team for Forensic Investigation.

Punch and his two policemen say they based their report of the LTFO operation in the MH17 case on interviews carried out and published by the internal police magazine Blauw ("Blue") in November 2014.

About: Blauw ("Blue") (Dutch only).


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Russia's Foreign Ministry has announced Russia will not take part any further in talks with The Netherlands and Australia regarding its accountability in the downing of MH17, and about possible financial compensation for the victims' relatives.

The Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs has summoned the Russian ambassador to formally express his disappointment about the move.

Trouw daily suggests a quid-pro-quo connection with the recently announced EU sanctions following the Navalny poisoning case.

Sources in English:
Six years after MH17 tragedy, Russia withdraws from ‘pointless’ investigation consultations with Netherlands & Australia
Russia cuts off MH17 talks with Netherlands, Australia
Russia pulls out of 'pointless' talks on MH17 after Dutch European court move -

Sources in Dutch:
Rusland boos over EU-sancties en praat niet meer over MH17
Rusland staakt gesprekken over MH17, Nederland roept ambassadeur op het matje
Blok roept Russische ambassadeur op matje over afbreken overleg MH17
Russia’s Foreign Ministry believes it’s “impossible” for Moscow to continue consultations with the Netherlands and Australia on the 2014 downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, as they are not interested in uncovering the truth.

Instead, in a Thursday morning statement, Russian diplomats accused the two countries of seeking only to blame Moscow, and arriving at the process with a preconceived outcome.

It added that Russia agreed to trilateral consultations two years ago, hoping that these would help establish, based on hard facts, the true reasons behind the 2014 tragedy. The Boeing 777 crash, which occurred six years ago, during the hot phase of the war in Eastern Ukraine, took 298 lives, with 193 victims from the Netherlands and 27 from Australia.

But, according to the ministry, the Dutch and Australian governments had other goals in mind, as they only wanted “Russia to be declared the guilty party and compensation paid to the relatives of those that died,” the statement outlined.


Trouw daily:
The Kremlin no longer wants to have a discussion with the Netherlands about the MH17 case. It seems a retaliation for the European sanctions against Russia because of the poisoning of opposition leader Navalny.

The amazement of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok seemed sincere, but it was not a real surprise. On the day that the European Union announced long-awaited sanctions against Russia because of the Navalny case, the Kremlin hit back with the announcement that it no longer wants to talk about the MH17 case. The relationship with Russia is getting even further slumped.

Rutte is 'very disappointed', he said on Thursday when he arrived in Brussels for an EU summit. Relatives of the MH17 disaster, in which 298 people died, call it a 'knife in the back'. Minister Blok had 'certainly not seen it coming'. He immediately summoned the Russian ambassador on Thursday and emphasized - in a quick letter to the Lower House of Parliament - that the Netherlands continues to look for a solution that "does justice to the enormous suffering and damage inflicted".


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Source (Dutch only): EU-steun voor Nederland over hervatten gesprekken MH17

EU support for the Netherlands on resuming talks MH17

3 hours ago in INTERIOR - Updated 2 hours ago

BRUSSELS - The Netherlands receives the explicit, unanimous support of the other 26 EU government leaders and heads of state in the new clash with Russia over MH17. The EU calls on Moscow to resume talks with the Netherlands and Australia on its responsibility for bringing down flight MH17, said Prime Minister Mark Rutte after the two-day summit in Brussels.

Rutte had updated his colleagues on the step of Russia on Friday and received their full support. The Prime Minister said to consider next steps and to work with Australia on this. But he wanted to "not speculate" whether the Netherlands, for example, wants to take punitive measures or will go to an international court.

Rutte first wants to "see what effect this will have" of the "important" appeal of his European colleagues, "the fact that now 27 European leaders have said: Russia, continue the talks." I "really want to do this very carefully," said the Prime Minister. "Step by step."

The appeal is included in the leaders' conclusions. "After more than six years since this tragic event, the 298 victims and next of kin deserve justice. The European Council supports all efforts to establish truth, justice and accountability".

Russia announced on Thursday that it will stop the talks. The Netherlands and Australia would not be interested in the truth, but only in blaming Russia. Rutte reacted "disappointed and surprised" to the unilateral decision and called it "painful" for the victims and next of kin.

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