Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Crashes in Ukraine


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Indeed, the Steenhuis circus continues, and as John points out:

At Min 42:16 Steenhuis makes the crucial admission that the bodies had been tampered with by the Ukrainian authorities.

There is an article on SOTT that looks (in part) to one of the main fabricators of evidence for mainstream anti-Russian consumption - in this case, and not just this case. That would be the "The Bellingcat Boys" and the who is who within that hydra. It is a good review.



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Yesterday, June 17 2021, the Public Prosecutors Office had a go at drawing attention of the judges and the defense to the points they deem the most important substantively. I couldn't find any coverage in English yet and only three reports in Dutch, two of which are very brief.

Source (Dutch only): Rechtszaak MH17: al het bewijs uit dossier gepresenteerd

MH17 trial
NOS News - Domestic - yesterday, 19:27
MH17 trial: all evidence from file presented

Gert-Jan Dennekamp

The MH17 trial has concluded an important phase now that all the evidence from the file has been presented in court. The prosecution today gave a supplement to the main pieces of evidence that the court presented earlier. The role of Igor Girkin, one of the defendants, was addressed in detail. The prosecution tried to refute claims by the defense that their evidence contains disinformation.

No traces of another plane were found at the site where flight MH17 crashed. Separatists claimed immediately after the downing of flight MH17 that they had downed a Ukrainian fighter plane. Thereupon they jumped in the car towards the village of Grabovo, but there they only found remains of flight MH17. The prosecutor said today that other investigations have not yielded anything either.

The prosecution in the MH17 case relies to a large extent on wiretaps of the separatists. The transmitter masts data is also a goldmine, as was evident again today during the presentation of the PPO. In this way, the Justice Department knows where those involved were during the transportation of the weapon, the launching of the missile and its removal.

Witnesses cited

In the MH17 trial, the Prosecutor's Office today quoted a witness who was present at the launch site. According to this witness, the separatists were excited because they thought they had brought down an opponent's cargo plane. But they returned in low spirits when it turned out that they had downed a passenger plane.

Another witness said in a telephone interview that the plane was brought down by the men of 'Strelkov,' a nickname for Igor Girkin, one of the suspects.

'Girkin had important role'

The prosecution today went into detail about the role of Girkin, the self-proclaimed defense minister of the separatists. He had an important role in ordering the weapon, the prosecution argued again based on wiretapped conversations. He was also actively involved in the transportation of the BUK on July 17.

According to the suspect Pulatov, the rebels knew they were being bugged and only disinformation was spread in the conversations. Another suspect, Doubinski, has stated in the media that the phone taps were tampered with.

Village was under fire

The prosecution today stated how they verified the information in the conversations. The weapon used to bring down flight MH17 was needed because the rebels were under fire in the village of Marinovka. The Ukrainian Air Force bombed them on July 16, a day before the flight went down. Many dozens of separatists were injured and killed as a result.

"It's a -flicking-g hell," says the fourth suspect, Khartshenko, in one of the overheard conversations, about the battle in the village. He lost ten men on July 16 and many more fighters were wounded. In a conversation recorded by his lawyers, Pulatov said that this too is disinformation. But the prosecution today presented several sources showing that the battle in Marinovka was fierce. Other facts about the battle - the deaths, injuries and loss of equipment - are all verifiable through open sources as well, the prosecution argued.

Pulatov also said he was not involved in air defense on July 17. But taped conversations today showed otherwise. He organized the air defense on July 16. And according to the prosecution also the day after.

The next important moment in the trial will be after the summer, when relatives will have their say. The trial will continue until at least the summer of next year.

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Other sources in Dutch:
OM: géén ander vliegtuig neergehaald dan MH17
OM bespreekt belangrijke onderdelen MH17-strafdossier


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🇩🇪 MH17 - Die Billy Six Story (2016, german) 1h 15'

A very interesting reportage from 2016, in which the investigative journalist Billy Six, associated with German, made some excellent research (also in the beginning of the Plandemic, e.g. "full hospitals" vs really empty hospitals in Berlin.

He went to the place where the MH17 went down, and lived there for several month, in order to mingle and live with the people, interviewing their memories from the event, and investigating the strange whereabouts when a "german research network", called "correct!v“ *** - got the first prize with their 'excellent online research about Malaysia Airlines MH17'... :umm::nuts:

Only that it is... deliberately faked.

One remarkable detail was, how much debris was left at the crash site. :scared: I remember from the tv-series Aircrash Investigations i listened to like litterally 100 times each episode 2008-2013 - including their own (some) fake narratives - but you learn enough that real investigations ALWAYS includes to collect ALL debris. (After I realized that the TV-series Aircrash Investigations uses blunt lies in some of the disaster events, the most infamous ones of course is 9/11, but also TWA flight 800 crash outside of - i stopped listening to the series after 2016)

Nachdem am 17. Juli 2014 eine Boeing mit 298 Passagieren an Bord gewaltsam zum Absturz gebracht wurde, herrscht weltweit Uneinigkeit darüber, wer für den Abschuss verantwortlich ist. Das Recherchenetzwerk „correct!v“ schickte Marcus Bensmann ins Kriegsgebiet, um die Täter zu finden. In seiner Webreportage präsentierte er seine Rechercheergebnisse mit anonymiserten Augenzeugen in einem Comic. Sei
Fazit: Eine BUK-Rakete, abgefeuert vom russischen Militär aus Seperatistengebiet holte die Boeing vom Himmel. Der investigative Journalist Billy Six recherchierte selbst vor Ort in der Ukraine und befragte über 120 Augenzeugen und Militärangehörige. Er kommt zu einem anderen Schluss als das Recherchenetzwerk “correct!
Den Grimme online Preis für Marcus Bensmann hält Billy Six für völlig ungerechtfertigt, denn er selbst sprach mit den Quellen aus der Webreportage von correct!v und stellte fest, dass viele Aussagen zurechtgebogen, sinnentstellt und ins Gegenteil verkehrt wurden. Aber auch den forensischen Abschlussbericht des Dutch Safety Bord kritisiert Billy Six auf das Schärfste. Den 3,2 Kilogramm schweren Abschlussbericht hat er bis ins letzte Detail studiert und eine Menge Ungereimtheiten festgestellt. Von vornherein seien die Ermittlungen nicht ergebnisoffen gewesen.

"correct!v“ *** There is something about that name, playing a vital roll in the Covid-19 Plandemic narrative in Germany. I just can't remember... among the hundreds of loose ends of info, names, sources, contents, references etc bobbing around in my head. :umm:


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A very interesting reportage from 2016, in which the investigative journalist Billy Six, associated with German, made some excellent research (also in the beginning of the Plandemic, e.g. "full hospitals" vs really empty hospitals in Berlin.

Billy Six comes up in this thread a number of times and also on SOTT, such as in this article where he gives evidence at trial. @Palinurus (in this thread) has documented the trial from sources, including Dutch media with translations.

More or less perhaps, the court of Steenhuis et al. will ignore people like Six et cetera, while using decided upon specious evidence that can't be called into question - ever be questioned. The jury of Dutch media who prime the citizens (between owners Mediahuis, Bertelsmann and Media dpg) will thus echo the court talking points and decide (they have decided, they are just waiting for the court wrap-up with headlines to follow).

One remarkable detail was, how much debris was left at the crash site.
Yes, the locals were pulling it out of the woodworks after the 'teams' had come and gone.
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