MATRIX: When it marks you as a target


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It's our "happy new year" :-D . As others said, laugh at it in order to not feed the matrix (pendulum in the book recommended by Laura).
Gosh, an empty package of supplements. :whistle:... :lol:

Hi Lillies, like others here, I am familiar with this topic. I have not read Transurfing yet as I am still reading Paul´s Necessary Sin. Somehow Paul´s book opens so many doors for me also concerning this topic, eg. how to develop from an externally (matrix) driven "childlike" state to a state based on inner virtues, alignment and networking.

At some point I noticed that with reacting to these matrix glitches personally what I really do is mostly damaging myself plus feeding the system. I second nature and MCB when they refer to humor and laughter. The C´s phrased it as: "Lean back and enjoy the show".
This we can train to not to feed the system with our negative reactions - no matter what. I am exercising :-). Remembering that we (the Network) want to be part of the solution upward and onward and not be part of the problem in being pulled in and down. Practicing to stay externally considerate, eg. friendly and polite and laugh about ourselves -when these ugly glitches happen can be a powerful tool to counterbalance the treadmill temptations of the system. This seems to work as a protection too.


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Hi Lilies! What you describe happens to me since the 1st january! It's our "happy new year" :-D . As others said, laugh at it in order to not feed the matrix (pendulum in the book recommended by Laura). I have many interesting books canceled though they took the money from my visa card (among other a book that I waited very tightly: Paul's necessary sin, second hand book and it was at only 15€) . I even had an empty package (600€ of vitamines) . You open the pakage and it's empty :lol2: . Well, these were important vitamins, but I have other kind of suplements at home and I'll take them in the meanwhile, do an order again. This morning again, I just receive an email from another seller saying he cancelled an order. You can take it as "What a b*t !" or you can take it as "what a show! I will not stop bying and ordering and will see what happens".
Yes you lose time and money, but if you let anger and fear drive you, you'll lose more, much more!

I quote MBC here as it is the thing to do:

But such instances also provide information from the Universe; You made a choice, took an action, got a result, allowing you to know more.

-That is, when you're making choices and the system is trying to stop you from proceeding, you might take it as an indicator that you're on the right path. It can serve as a compass, telling you which way is the right direction. If the enemy considers it important to stop you, well..! Now you know where to go! "The dark side doesn't want me going there? Well, guess what! I am now going to redouble my efforts and circle that destination in red!"

However, it is also worth asking this question...

What if you made a critical error in your research, or you ordered from a bad batch of supplements which might have harmed you, -or caused you to suffer from some other result which only a hyper-dimentional guardian could see? What if the mis-direction of your order was actually a saving grace?

I've experienced both scenarios. -I've been frustrated by interference which only caused me to become more stubborn and to bully my way to my 3D objective, only to discover a devastating surprise twist at the end which could have been avoided if I'd just stopped to reconsider.

How can you know the difference when you can't see around corners or know the future?

Generally speaking, such interferences, even when immediately protective are not STO in nature; STO doesn't violate free will or interrupt lessons, -and getting hurt is a great lesson. But sometimes road blocks aren't necessarily rule-breaking if you look at the critical details.

At such times, I've learned to take advantage of these periods to stop and double-check my research and my assumptions. To use my own systems of prayer to ask what is going on. It's not a perfect system, but it has its base in knowledge. When we have enough, we have protection.

"Knowledge is all the protection you ever need."


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Are there really any "guardian angels"? I might be inclined to believe there are, but...
As the C's have mentioned there's no one to save us other than we ourselves.

Does our higher self play a role in that?

Praying and asking for something seems to work for me, though.
Like asking for a parking spot if you're going downtown.

What about the "information field" which may be working similar to a GPS?

My intention to obtain a parking spot next to a certain area may communicate with other peoples' links to that field who "spontaneously" decide it's time go and leave with their car.

Maybe a mugger's contact with the "information field" could lead him to a person who is "broadcasting" a karmic need to be mugged?

Am I going over the top here?
It is true. Sometimes it is difficult to identify which hand is the one that intervenes in critical moments.

I speak from my experience. It turns out that he had done the paperwork and paid for the registration of a brand, in the middle of last year (2019). Time passed and I had no news about the brand, whether or not they approved it ... A month and weeks ago I checked in the registration office for the times, and they told me that it would take at least two years with the procedure!

When I finally decided to take it easy and leave things in the hands of the universe ... on January 30 an email arrives at my box, notifying me that the brand was registered on January 22, 2020!

What makes me think, that one thing is the matrix in which we live, but that nevertheless, that matrix is within the universe and the universe has the final word.
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