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Hello all,

I had actually recently started taking EvolutionSuperfoods' all-inclusive dietary supplement (which contains traces of ORMEs) when I came to the part in the Wave series where the C's are like "er, look before you leap!" ... I simply stopped taking it 'until further notice'! While I'm familiar with Hudson's story, heard Lawrence Gardner bigging it up and acknowledge that David Icke is still promoting it on his web-page, I'm not much closer to a satisfactory conclusion - nay, direction - on the matter. Has this been rused on the forum before? Or within the QFS? Any pointers, ppl?!


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According to the C's, ingesting monatomic gold is a really bad idea, unless you'd like to become a mind-controlled zombie. They also mention that the filament in strobe lights is monatomic gold and that strobe lights are being used on the planet as hypnotic openers. I'll track down the actual C's transcripts concerning this and put them up for you when I get the chance. Basically, they highly suggest avoiding this substance.


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These are not the only mentions of monoatomic gold in the sessions, but may be enough for you. Cheers.

Session 950916:
Q: (L) That's interesting... Okay, change of subject. Back
when we were talking about the pit on Oak Island, and you asked me to do some
research on it, the answers I came up with were that the responsible group were
alchemists. Is this correct.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Was one of the alchemists involved Nicholas Flamel?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is it true that there is an enclave of alchemists that live somewhere in the
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is this the group that you referred to as "The Quorum" in a previous session?
A: Partly.
Q: (L) Do these alchemists use this power as talked about by David Hudson to
enhance their longevity and their physical health?
A: And to control.
Q: (L) Are there people in this enclave who live for literally hundreds, if not thousands,
of years?
A: Open.
Q: (L) How does this monoatomic gold control others?
A: Too complex to answer tonight, as energy is waning.

Session 950924:
Q: (L) Okay, square one: Is the quorum composed of humans who have been
alchemists, who are presently in possession of a substance called "the elixir of life" and
which David Hudson calls "monoatomic gold?"
A: And much, much more! Monoatomic gold is but one minor issue here. Why get
lead astray by focusing upon it solely. It would be akin to focusing on the fact that
"Batman" can fly! Is that the only important thing that "Batman" does in the story? Is
Q: (L) Of course not! (R) Batman fights crime!
A: What we mean is that alchemy is but one minor piece of the puzzle.
Q: (L) Okay, I understand. But, understanding the alchemical connection, and its
potential for extending life and opening certain abilities, makes it more feasible to think
of a group that has been present steadily and consistently for many thousands of years
on earth.
A: They are not the only ones!
Q: (L) Oh! I knew I was opening a can of worms!

Session 951007:
Q: (L) Now, we have wondered about obtaining and taking some of this Monoatomic
A: Are you serious? How about some small helpings of arsenic, anyone?

Q: (L) Okay. You mentioned the strobe lights. Are these strobe lights that are used to
control minds, are these something that we would or might come in contact with on a
daily basis?
A: Do you not already know? We didn't say: some strobe lights, we said: strobe
lights, i.e. all inclusive!
Q: (T) Strobe lights come in many forms and types. TV is a strobe light. Computer
screens are a strobe light. light bulbs strobe. Fluorescents strobe. Streetlights strobe.
A: Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks... How long has this been true? Have you
noticed any changes lately??!!??
Q: (F) Twenty years ago there were no strobe lights on any of those vehicles
mentioned. They had the old flasher type lights. Now, more and more and more there
are strobe lights appearing in all kinds of places. (L) And now, they even have them
on school buses! (T) And the regular city buses have them too, now. (L) Okay, is the
strobing of a strobe light, set at a certain frequency in order to do certain things?
A: Hypnotic opener.
Q: (L) Can we say that this is something we are being acclimated to, so that other
things that happen to us in terms of our interactions... it just keeps one in a continual
state of hypnosis?
A: Assumptions restrict the flow!
Q: (L) What is the purpose of the hypnotic opener being used in this way?
A: You don't notice the craft.
Q: (L) Ohhhhhhhh! So we may be being continuously flown over by alien craft...
A: Assumption!
Q: (L) Sorry! (T) Okay, we don't notice the craft because we see the strobes. They
are hypnotic openers and are inducing a hypnotic effect...
A: Assumption!
Q: (T) Okay, continue, then.
A: Well, ask a question, then!
Q: (L) Okay, they are telling us not to assume, but to ask. (T) Okay, what craft are
we NOT seeing?
A: Opener. Is precursor to suggestion, which is auditory in nature.
Q: (T) What suggestion?
A: Put on your thinking caps. Networking is not making assumptions. Bold unilateral
statement of "fact" is.
Q: (T) Oh. Phrase your statements in the form of a question! I'd like "Hypnotic
Openers" for $200, Alex! Cosmic Jeopardy! (L) Okay, you said the "suggestion is
auditory in nature." If this is the case, where is the suggestion coming from auditory?
A: Where do you normally receive auditory suggestions from?
Q: (L) Radio, television... (T) Telephone... (L) Is that what we are talking about?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) If you encounter a strobe while driving, or you are sitting in front of your
television, then the suggestions can be put into you better because of this hypnotically
opened state? Is that it?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What are these suggestions designed to do, to suggest? In a general sense?
A: Review.
Q: (L) Not see the craft?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Do we get these signals from the radio in the car even if it is turned off?
A: Depends upon whether or not there is another source.
Q: (T) Another source such as?
A: ELP, for example.
Q: (L) What is "ELP?"
A: Extremely Low Pulse.
Q: (T) ELF, Extremely Low Frequency, and ELP, Extremely Low Pulse - is this the
same thing?
A: Sometimes.
Q: (T) This would be an external pulse or frequency?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Would it be originating from the source of the strobe?
A: No. They act in unison.
Q: (T) Two separate sources acting in unison?
A: Close.
Q: (L) And this process prevents us from seeing something, such as craft flying in our
skies at any given time?
A: Or maybe see them as something else.
Q: (L) Now, we have to stop for a minute because I want to tell you something. In the
past few months, I have really been watching the sky carefully every opportunity I get.
On 3 or 4 separate occasions I have seen what I thought was an ordinary airplane,
and I would watch it carefully and then scan to the left or right, and when I looked
back at the place where this plane should be, based on observable speed and
direction, there would be NOTHING there. I have stood there and searched and
searched and found nothing. These things just VANISHED. I knew I had seen it, I
knew I wasn't crazy, I knew it couldn't have gone away that completely - and having it
happen several times has just really unsettled me. What are the implications of this,
other than the fact that we could be completely overflown at all times for any number
of purposes and be, as a mass of people, completely unaware of it?
A: Yes, monoatomic gold!
Q: (L) And what does the reference to monoatomic gold mean?
A: Total entrapment of the being, mind, body and soul.
Q: (T) That's what Hudson said... on the video.
A: Strobes use minute gold filament.
Q: (L) How can that compare with taking monoatomic gold internally?
A: What composes minute filament, do you suppose? Hint, it ain't from Fort Knox!
Q: (T) Monoatomic gold.
A: Bingo. You see, this has extraordinary properties.
Q: (T) I'm sure it does! The thing is, if it does what Hudson says it does, the power
structure would have shut him down - he wouldn't have gotten this far with it. So, if
they are letting him do it, it's because it doesn't do what he says it does, it does the
opposite. Which is what he said. When you take the stuff for so many days, you
complete the program, it restructures your genes. Isn't that what happened to us
before? Do we want to do it again? (L) And, wasn't it said that LIGHT was used to
cancel certain DNA factors? (J) Exactly! (L) Okay, how do we block this kind of
A: You don't.


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Thanx alot Adpop.

I really hope I haven't done myself damage - was two weeks into taking the stuff when I came across one of the C's references to it: I immediately stopped, of course, pending further investigation...

Dammit, why the hell is Icke still advertising it on his website?? Has anyone pointed this info out to him?

Thanx again

the all-encompassing egg

Well, I'm glad I came across this now and before I ordered some for myself!

I saw the kind on David Icke's site, but I was actually considering buying the kind that David Hudson makes! yeesh.

Funny enough, while doing an internet search for health products I came across David Hudson's Ascension Alchemy site. They are the makers of the patented Monatomic Gold which is the only type that does not contain metal to metal bonds. The whole process of purchase is just that, a process. You write a letter about yourself, stating what job you do, the levels of stress you endure, etc. And they formulate it for you and you alone. I guess, due to the stress of the current global climate and 'impending doom' everyone is feeling, they're pretty backed up with orders- it takes 3 months at least!

The website isn't the best in design, but for those who are curious:

I guess the whole thing seems very intriguing to me, they way they explained it made sense, but there was always something telling me to wait it out before committing myself to buying into it.

Thanks for the info everyone. If anything else pops up, be sure to share it!


A couple of thoughts here. Ascension-Alchemy isn't accepting orders anymore (at least they say for the time-being) so you won't be able to order anything from them anyway.

I've actually used the powder myself, having ordered it BEFORE I read the C's sessions about it.

There is no denying it does SEEM to heal the body.

BUT, you have to balance that by what the C's have said about it being used to control people.

It does fiddle with your DNA (or so I was led to believe) and I suppose it is possible that it makes one more susceptible to "control signals" from the PTB either now or in the "future".


the all-encompassing egg

What are the C's? I keep hearing everyone referring to them but I have yet to understand what they are!

Also, yes, the website says it changes your DNA. And if you did want to order you could. Apparently you send them your check with all your info and in about three months they cash it and send you your gold.

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the all-encompassing egg said:
What are the C's? I keep hearing everyone referring to them but I have yet to understand what they are!
Hi, Egg. Here are a few links to check out:

The C's stands for Cassiopaeans, of whom you can learn more by reading the links above.


Any more news on this?

I found this website:

"The activation of more than two strands of DNA is apparently necessary to exist in physical form in the fourth dimension."

"I am told that White Powder Gold substances create a pattern of addiction in the body over time, they are progressively needed to maintain the general health once the lower strand DNA templates begin to unravel; this creates a viscous cycle of more gold = more template decay = need for more gold. Eventually the strand templates mutate the physical DNA and accelerate one's unnatural passage to the otherworlds. Modern science knows nothing of the DNA templates or what substances effect them, so they can't really tell anything about the substance except that it appears to create beneficial results "on the outside"."

and this

"I am also told that the ancient Sirian Nibiruian Anunnaki and Nephilim harvested earth for the element of gold because they had found a way to make a version of White Powder Gold that could be ionized into the air of their planet to create longevity of their biology. What they didn't count on was that it created genetic dependence on the artificially manufactured substance, and if progressively higher concentrations were not imbued into the air, their bodies sickened and died rapidly."

and this:

"The Guardian Alliance warned me about White Powder Gold in 1998 (before I ever heard of Mono-atomic), saying that the Drakonian Kurendara race of Nibiru (Nephilim-Dracos hybrids) were reintroducing the recipes for White Powder Gold on earth to help digression of human culture and malfunction of human DNA. According to Guardian Alliance, they introduced it as a "quick fix" for spiritual enlightenment, knowing that it would wipe out the integrity of the first 3 DNA strand templates, so humans would no longer be able to hold the natural activation of the higher DNA strands and the levels of consciousness that correspond to them."

now the interesting part:
copy/pasted from here:

"Natural forms of Silica supplements assist in the general well-being and DNA activation process, and the Guardian Alliance supports the light to moderate use of such supplements (they also say aloe-vera juice helps the body clear the more rapid release of toxins associated with DNA Template activation. There is a whole book waiting to be translated on the Vibrational Compatibility of Foods and Supplements with the human body and DNA template, but there are a few books first to write before we get to this one)."

since my english isn't that good: what "Silica supplements" are? any examples of an existing product?


As I mentioned above I have used the stuff in the past. It DOES seem to have a good healing effect; but, I have no way of knowing WHAT if anything it does to DNA.

If you search for talks that David Hudson has given he mentions "studies" that were supposedly done by "legit" labs that showed the effects the powder has on DNA.

However, I used to belong to a group that did experiements on the stuff and they admitted that they were unable to replicate the results, and felt that Hudson had fudged the numbers some.

The powder DOES make one feel good; that much is certain. But so does Heroin, if you take my meaning.

Now, certain keywords written in your post sent up some flags for me. "nibiru", "council", "alliance", "annunaki". That sounds a lot like Sitchin, and Sitchin has been proven to be a fraud, OSIT.

The mono elements ARE supposed to be able to be found in nature (certain grape juices are supposed to have them as well as the Aloe Vera mentioned), but again, people on the list I used to dabbled in this a lot and the results were all over the place. One guy mentioned that drinking all of the grape juice gave him diabetes....

And since the results are so varied, to my mind, that makes them way too subjective to be of any use.

As to your final question about Silica, I have no idea. It was never mentioned to my recollection.



Just goggled for "silica supplements" and found out it's actually in every drug store. It's not a drug, it's a supplement to fight aging, to help your nails, skin and hair.
"Silicon is necessary for the development of healthy hair, Skin, nails, and bones."

Regarding the "keywords", I have updated the post, because Silica and Aloe-vera were mentioned by Anna Hayes here: and link to that web page was on the page I originally linked to in previous post. She explains how Gold Powder destroys DNA.


By the way, they sell this "Gold" stuff as "Colloidal DNA Boost" here :)

They also have "Colloidal Gold" and, of course, "Etherium Gold - The Enlightener" :)

some research on it:

and "Prior to being introduced to Etherium Gold, I knew of only three ways to improve brain performance. The first is to practice meditation; the second is to practice a martial art such as Tai Chi or Aikido. These methods are highly effective, but require daily practice over many years. The third is the electronic computerized training provided at the Alphalearning Institute."

"The research to date shows Etherium Gold to be a very powerful substance. Because it is affordable and accessible to virtually everybody it is a quick and inexpensive way to experience the alpha wave and increased brain balance."
All they need now is a TV commercial, and it will sell in billions.


beware, they are selling it as a "good" stuff.

"What is the White Powder"

"White Gold Alchemy - From The Hathors, through Tom Kenyon"

Channeled by Fletcher Johnston
Question: Is this (M-3 Monotomic Gold) good for us to take now? (2/5/2002 Tampa Bay, FL)
ASAR: Yes, yes. [of course :)] ... It helps the unit. It helps the conductivity, it helps the adaptability. It helps the receiving throughout the unit. It's a purifying thing. It's a cleansing thing. It had many purposes and once you begin to use it on a regular basis when it's appropriate energetically to do such you'll find that you will see the results, you'll feel the results and see it in your work. Many people are on that all around the world in this moment in space and time.

Question: Is it also good for healing? Is that because it helps raise the frequency?
ASAR: Yes, yes. There are people that have all of a sudden rid themselves of some dis-easement called cancer because it changes the frequency. It helps increase and intensify and curiously enough purify the frequency. It gets rid of static. So it would, what you'd say down here, it can't hurt.


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schriss said:
ASAR: Yes, yes. [of course ] ... It helps the unit. It helps the conductivity, it helps the adaptability. It helps the receiving throughout the unit.
ggrreeeaattttttttt...... the 'unit' will be working just fine once it is receiving (downloading) its instructions from 'above' - resulting in a nice and purely mechanical mind controlled zombie - - glad only 'units' are using it and not humans - it might mess a human up pretty badly. ;)
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