My Bible has changed! The Mandela Effect-- What's going on?


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Interesting 48 minute interview with the software designer about what might be going on, some of his experiences, plans for the future, etc.



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This is not my first encounter with the "Mandela effect". Years ago a friend posted on Facebook about the Berenstain vs Berenstein bears and how they remembered it. I remember it as Berenstain now and believe I thought the same then. Now I know whatever way I remember the name in the past did not match the "correct" way. I think at the time the name was Berenstein. I commented on my friend's Facebook post about that. I tried finding the comment but have not found it yet. I also went to a box of my kids books in the past to see if I still had the book. I did not have the book and then I Google the name which confirmed the way I remembered the name was not correct at the time.

What made me comment is that my memory of the name is correct now. What I am hoping to do is find the comment on Facebook and see if my memory of the name has changed in the last few years. I am fairly confident Berenstein was not correct because the 'stein' always comes to me as stine when I look at it.


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Hello @Woodsman.

Then there are those stories which, when I hear them, tend to come from people who don't even know the term, "Mandela effect", and their examples are far more dramatic.

Here's a good one...

A friend of mine, when she was a teenager, had to walk up the road to a neighbor's for some reason. On the way, she encountered a downed power line and tree branch, blocking the road. She said there were sparks and foliage on fire. She carefully made her way around it on the far side of the road and arrived in a fluster at the neighbor's house and reported it. A call was put in to the power company and people were dispatched. However, they found nothing. All was normal. She was taken to the spot on the road and, sure enough, there was nothing out of the ordinary to see.

She was confused and upset and the adults were annoyed.

A few hours later, on her way back home, she came across the same scene; a downed branch and power line and burning foliage. She went home, and this time said nothing and felt like she was going crazy.

That kind of story I put into a different pile. -Of course, I don't know if there wasn't some mundane explanation for her experiences, (a particularly powerful dream mixed with old memories perhaps?), but they require a different level of analysis it would seem.
Indeed, that's a good one ! Particularly, the same scene with the foliage still burning after a few hours, that's strange.

For such a case, I would suggest a case of clairvoyance, more precisely : retroviewing (sight of the past) or remote viewing (sight of a far place). She may have viewed a scene of the past, at the same place, or a scene of another place, at the same time.

An famous historical example of the second case is the sight by Emanuel Swedenborg (scientist, philosopher and mystic) of a fire in the Stockholm from Gothenburg, 400 km away. Cf.
And many more in mystics' lives.

There are stories of the first case, too. For instance, a former partner of mine (highly gifted in mediumnity and clairvoyance), went to Venice, Italy, with her daughter, in the decade 2000. There in a street she had a sight in a building (through the walls, from the outside) of a ball (people dancing)... of another century.


You all might find this book has some wonderful bits and pieces of info in it.
I started reading it a few weeks ago, in between a few others....

"The Flip" Epiphanies of Mind, and the future of Knowledge
by Jeffrey John Kripal

"The astonishing successes of science and the unreasonable ability of abstract mathematics to model and mirror the furthest reaches and cosmic history of matter, I suggest, are the best evidence for our own secret nature.

Human science works because human nature is cosmic.

Part of how the flip works involves the dramatic and powerful ways that the event communicates meaning to the individual, often through baroque or fantastic imagery (think of the wild imagery of a near-death journey to “another world” or of a life-changing psychedelic “trip”).

Conventionally, these images and narratives have been interpreted in entirely subjectivist or hallucinatory ways as fundamentally meaningless—that is, as possessing no real connection to the real world.

That is a serious mistake, I will explain, and one that is easily avoidable once we distinguish between conventional and symbolic forms of communication and representation.

Finally, I explore some of the moral, social, and political implications of the flip.

Not the what or the how of the flip now, but the where to and the what for.

The single big idea here is that once one makes the flip and begins to understand that consciousness is fundamental, is a primitive of the physics and mathematics of the universe, it becomes more than apparent that every local religious ego or political identity, every local story, is historically relative, built on and constructed out of this deeper-minded matter or conscious cosmos.

One can still affirm and nurture all of those local relative identities after the flip as intimate expressions of consciousness (and so one can also continue to act from within a particular story and its script, if one so chooses), but one will no longer make the dangerous mistake of privileging one’s own inherited story and script over every other.

One will recognize that there are many stories, many ways of enacting a form of reality, and that each of these do different things well (and other things poorly). It really matters, then, which story one lives in (depending on what one wants to do well), but no story, however “sacred” or “scientific,” can or ever will be absolute and speak for all of human experience and human potential, much less all of earthly or cosmic life. This is not a curse. This is a promise, a gift, and a preservation.

As in biological evolution, so, too, in human culture and consciousness: Pluralism and diversity are precious goods that enable life to survive, flourish, and experiment, like an artist at work.

The flip, in short, relativizes and affirms each and every culture, community, and religion, even as it cosmicizes and—I dare say—spiritualizes shared humanity.
The flip results in a new cosmic comparative perspective that reorients us within an immeasurably larger vision of who we are as a species of the cosmos and what we might yet become.

The future of knowledge, it turns out, is also the future of us.[...]

The Flip is an intervention into our present fraught political moment—fraught because we appear to have lost any sense of the cosmic human and have shrunk ourselves down to this or that minuscule religious, nationalist, secular, ethnic, or genetic ego.

We are shrinking into oblivion.
We have it all exactly upside down.
We have forgotten, or not yet realized, our own secret giant grandeur.
And so we suffer.
May you not suffer like this any longer.
May the present “you” not survive this little book.
May you be flipped in dramatic or quiet ways."

Kripal, Jeffrey John . The Flip Bellevue Literary Press. Kindle Edition.


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"once one makes the flip and begins to understand that consciousness is fundamental"

Debra, an interesting post. You may find this article I wrote on another forum interesting as it also explores consciousness and the Mandela Effect.

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