My Experiment with Full Body Regeneration at the cellular level: Using SuperLight - PEM


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What you will read here is basically Gurdjieff's lost technique of "raising vibrations in the body", I think. He mentioned this, but failed to elaborate.

Machines in use currently:
When this group researched FIR, remember that super-light radiator machine looking like a combo sauna / tanning bed, but it was way more expensive and contained an insane amount of tiny LED lights making it look blinding-white on camera and it irradiated the patients on a lot more wavelengths than just FIR? People renting that machine for treatment reported feeling amazing, weight-loss when having excess fat and old wounds, joint damages, painful bone bumps, painful disk-injuries, IIRC most pretty substantial damage to the body disappearing and becoming healed? I remember reading their thanks and feedback on the machine operator's forum.
As if the human body - itself a "little sun", a light-radiation body - was nourished by excess, multi-wavelength light in the healing ranges.

Radiation emitted by Human Body - Thermal Radiation
Most of the radiation emitted by human body is in the infrared region, mainly at the wavelength of 12 micron. The wavelength of infrared radiation is between 0.75 to 1000 micron (1 micron = 10-6 metres). This wavelength is longer than that of red visible light so this explains the name 'infrared', meaning 'beyond the red'.
Most: so, on what other wavelengths does the human body radiate light?

You Can't See It, But Humans Actually Glow With Our Own Form of Bioluminescence:
According to a study conducted in 2009 by Japanese researchers, human bioluminescence in visible light exists - it’s just too dim for our weak eyes to pick up on.

"The human body literally glimmers," the team from the Tohoku Institute of Technology wrote in their study published in PLOS One. "The intensity of the light emitted by the body is 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eyes."

The team made this odd discovery using super-sensitive cameras to monitor five healthy male volunteers for 20 minutes every 3 hours inside a light-tight room for three days straight (in between sleep, of course).
If you just want to jump to the technique and are not interested in the context, you can read the exact technique out of context. Search for this text: ** SUPER-LIGHT PEM TECHNIQUE **

Hold on.. this will get way weirder, but I promise, it will be worth the read!

The Spiritual Connection:
So Owen talks about highly advanced beings - essentially designated "angels" as in agents of good in probably 5th Density Long Wave Cycle [my addition] where they spend multiple lifetimes worth of developing their Being with learning lessons in service to others and an insane amount of biochemical knowledge. These ladies and gentlemen are not your regular dead dudes - not the dead Presbyterians by far, but multiple PhD Gandhis. Now.. these advanced spirits beings - leaders - in 5thD have by their evolution accumulated so much spiritual power / energy that they literally shine - radiate blinding super-strong light. Now.. just as Gandhi did, they travel everywhere and visit places and help people, they have households, loving spouses, families, etc.. they HELP people. As a consequence of their travels, they go to LOWER ENERGY DENSITY regions of Heaven = 5thD. In these lower-energy-density regions they help dead dudes much closer to our dead Presbyterian. These Gandhi-level beings must reduce / cover up their natural, super-strong, blinding light radiance, so the spirit dudes in the lower, less 'SuperLit' regions of Heaven can ENDURE their light radiation. So essentially all "Gandhi-level" angels practice external consideration and significantly DIM their light-radiance to not cause pain to lower spiritual beings living on lower, less lit, lower energy layers [5thD regions].
There are several cases, where Owen describes through his trusted spirit-communicators telling him their amazing stories, that when these Gandhi-level higher beings get home, to their house, which is on a significantly higher-light-intensity-level, a way more energized domain of 5thD, they shed their dimming cloak and reveal their true light intensity, which is blinding and painful to lower-spirits.
There are several descriptions of this procedure, like taking off a winter coat, these higher energy angels finally allow themselves to radiate their normal, insanely powerful heavenly light.
When I read these descriptions - I found them very addictive and it felt like long buried memories-activating. I was on the bus and I imagined performing the same procedure.

Please bear with me .. I'm getting there:

It came easily, I imagined the 5thD scenario with me as a protagonist in the story: arriving home, shedding my 'light-dimming-cloak' and extending my "wings" and breathing a great sigh of relief that I was finally able to get home (imagined 5thD scenario) so I can reveal my true light-strength and imaged extending my wings and I began radiating a light close to the strength what a nuclear explosion produces here in 3rdD. It was very addictive and strangely familiar!

Okay.. so emanating light, right? And lots of light, FIR sauna or that more elaborate, 300 thousand dollar super-light machine can apparently regenerate deep human tissue to an extent, based on patient feedback and recovery.

IIRC Laura mentioned, she encountered a meditation technique: become conscious in all your cells and (IIRC) make sure you feel happy and healthy in all your cells. IIRC essentially it was motivating all your cells to perform a task. Or something like that.
G. talked about exercises to practice becoming conscious in separate body parts: transfer your consciousness to your right hand, experience, how it feels. Then transfer your consciousness to your right ear, to your nose, etc..
Also I always remember G. talking about "during long preparation increasing certain vibrations in the body" to effectively heal cancer: I think he was [feeling] then still healthy, strong and unharmed enough so that he might have tactically assessed his libido being high enough to prepare for the procedure and successfully banish cancer from the body of his beloved wife. Then of course Life stepped in, he was shot and had serious accidents that collapsed his health and ruined his plans.

Stem Cell recovery connection
Also the stem cell research here and Laura's recovery in percentages on her knees region made me think a lot, where I did several 'exercises in overactive imagination' [sic]. I connected these partial tissue restorations with the question about the topic of Pure Energy Mastery. What could it have been in ancient times, when we still had all our DNA strands intact, our DNA uncut by the Lizzies. Manifesting manna from heaving, baskets of food arriving..

What if.. we could develop those powers. Gradually of course.

One tie-in here is the C's talking about (IIRC) that when we arrive to 4thD, our bodies will be rejuvenated. Am I right about this memory?

Current body durability:
Of course they also said there will be a brief visit to 5thD. (IIRC) Deep down, I think we all agree. When I thought soberly about our current super-weak bodies, and their durability in case of a conflict with the 10 feet high Nephilim, I just couldn't imagine me (us) not landing in 5thD at all. Tactically, if I think about any invasion-scenario and our combat potential in these - our current - ridiculously weak joke of bodies.. in my case, I'm super obstinate and increasingly unable to obey Orwellian authority. I can't see my current body surviving under an alien regime. Okay, at any rate, if things get really hairy with the Nephil boots on the ground doing their thing, I don't want to hold onto my current container at all.

HOWEVER: As long as we are preparing for the times, when things really get into motion and everything becomes super-turbulent, UNTIL THEN, I thought I will try something with this special meditation type, I think, first Laura mentioned here, at least I read in her post. Combining it with G.'s assumed technique of 'increasing vibrations in the body' and combining it with the super-light-strength emission in 5thD.

This led me to the process of gradually beginning a trial period for this kind of meditation. Working out the kinks. As you might remember, in the WEATHER THREAD, I talked about the mitochondria in a well trained, relatively muscular body creating a power plant [working like] a Meridian-based Power Plant and how it can generate great excess of life-force, which can be turned into Psychic Force. Lethbridge talks about the Stone Circles, where people probably danced [?] their super energetic Spear Armed Dances, etc.. that these sites are excessively super-energized, have super-powerful remains, energy imprints blasted/stored into the standings stones.
I think, G. might have meant the same thing. Essentially, I propose that taking care of your body via strong athletic exercise [1+ hours continous jogging, frog jumps, pushups, situps, immediately jumping back to default jogging, getting increased metabolism, increased infrared light emission and sweating like a pig and washing-machining toxic trash out of your body], where you increase your Light Emission Rate drastically. 1-3 days after such 1-2 hour long such exercises and the mitochondria in the body become super-activated, along with your muscles, and you become [a power plant] and you can generate great amounts of Psychic Force. Or "Increase Your Vibrations in the Whole Body" as probably G. meant to banish somehow [??] cancer from his wives body..

MEDITATION TECHNIQUE: Full Body Regeneration:

In a well lit room:

1. I begin with spinning 3x 33 always. 33 spins then stop, eyes focusing at my hands in praying position, until the strong vertigo passes, then repeat.

in a fully darkened, pitch-black room

2. When finished with the spins, I put down a [somewhat] soft blanket onto the floor, kneel on it, so my knees won't hurt and from the kneeling position I lower my body, sit down onto my feet. This is called Seiza (knees close together) as opposed to Zazen (knees spread wide) meditative position in Japan. Whatever is your favorite position, what works better for your body.

3. In this position I start with the well known, simplest One-Point-Focus While Listening to Soft Breathing to calm down and getting into it.

4. From time to time to bring back blood into my lower legs/feet, I lean forward and assume Muslim prayer position. Trying to maintain same focus all the time! This allows blood back to the legs AND it is said to be good to banish kidney stones = fiddle in this position, your forehead on your hands, your hands on the floor. Using the height difference from kneeling on the folded blanket and your hands being lower, you have to feel your back stretching [along with your kidneys stretching :D] causing a pleasant sensation in your back.

5. Then I begin raising my hands and imagine [simply drawn] lines stretching forward from my hands meeting in one center point. Raising your hands high or low or middle position, anything that helps focus your attention to an target forward point before you, works. Whatever you feel best works best, is best!! In my case: various hand-raised poses, middle finger or more fingers usually in an imitated gun-arrangement, emitting these longer [drawn] lines and leading to EXTREME FOCUS in the center. So strong that my eye-muscles pushing forward significantly destabilize my vision, so I see blurry for usually 10 minutes after this exercise, before my vision restores and I can see the letter properly on this monitor.
This is my 'War Meditation'. [sorry if this is getting weird for you] This is various targeting reticles, if hand drawn on paper, these are essentially askew reticle-lines coming together into one central point, the tank-sized gun nozzle. My hands raised and used as the starting point for the straight [reticle]-lines. This is for the not yet fully described Kesdjan Weapon System, which has been tried out, gone through testing successfully and my report points are ready.

6. These are just additional Your Own Special techniques. I use what Laura suggested on several occasions imagining connecting points of my brain regions with "fast energetic threads of thoughts shooting like a firecracker". Then there is the Amygdala Stimulation Technique (for the Brain-meditation guy 10+ years ago who started his own group on the net), imagining your fingers extend into spirit-feathers, reaching your Amygdala and massaging-activating-cleansing it. Also his positive-thinking switch, making motions with your hands and imagining a big Positive Thinking energy-switch in your skull and concentration on powerfully switching it into an ON position. Etc.. etc.. your own favorite and optional techniques, what ever you feel doing or leaving out entirely on any occasion..

When I spend more time in this more relaxed meditative state, just like Laura described, I also begin to see the entire PITCH BLACK room being lit up with Silver (Golden) Light [and some purple] light, strong clouds of light swimming into vision, the usual superbright-pointlights and all kinds of weird, sometimes frighteningly strong Light Storms and Purple-Blue-Lightning-Body-Beings dancing around, too much of this and they are usually freaking me out. I mean a frigging PITCH BLACK room and so much light is coming from where exactly??? ??? ??
Seeing clearly with eyes-closed shut: Also this one doesn't really help to relax, closed shut eyes and I can see my environment with some Predator-vision, where the helmet' camera lays of Silver-Blue Filter on everything and seeing the room - a room - in a world that is slanted by 30 degrees, seeing into that reality as through a movie, where I sit the world is perfectly straight-horizontal and I see into an other world that is TILTED by ~~ 30 degrees. All right, lets not go there. ...
7. This one is just for feeling good: WARNING! Don't do this if you get dizzy always when you stand up suddenly!!! I carefully lift my body from sitting on my feet to let blood back into the lower legs+feet and then while still close to being in Muslim prayer position, I suddenly breath in, filling my lungs with air to max, then I suddenly stand up and throw my hands toward Heaven to a maximum-height, maximum stretched body position and slowly begin to breath out. The usual, desired result is my vision gets filled with silver-golden light and various added strong light manifestations in a pitch black room, hopefully extremely strong light, usually a spot in center gets black, the strong field of light can get uneven with dark spots, etc, etc.. When I delay a physical exercise, this sudden stand-up causes a strong feeling of Immediate Fainting ==> to prevent fainting, I immediately I get close to "riding a horse position" and grab my knees. This lowering of height causes blood flow change and I get my balance back, don't faint: in a second or two I'm back to fully extended position, hands toward Heaven and continuing to take in what remains of the 'Extreme Light Filling my Vision' stupid little biology exercise. During this silly exercise I imagine being ""bathed in heavenly light"". Yeah, its silly, I know.. But very satisfying! :D


8. Now comes the gist: immediately after this silly point N#: 7.,
I breath out: so no air is my lungs, then:
I raise my arms toward Heaven, my head thrown back, mouth usually agape and as I slowly breath in, I call down = imagine various columns of blue or white light streaming down from Heaven, into my body, through the forehead [the chakras] are being filled with Heavenly Light. During this I consciously raise a 'Free Will Ward' against anything NOT Heavenly Light denying permission to enter my body. Anything from Heaven = Light Energy = is permitted to enter. All this during ONE BREATH IN
Then once this one breath in and being filled with light is completed.. well its like trying to stand on one leg: its not always a Selfie-worthy, photogenic, super-amazing-looking imagery, sometimes its weaker, it feels a little bit botched. An amazing, shimmering, wide, strong light column is the goal. When I'm tired, then what happens is just an attempt at it. Not always "camera-worthy", but always has to work, so I will the light column to fill me up.
THEN with a low, an audible voice ..((spoken words have spiritual power, this is important, just as Malachi Martin advised, speak your words audibly!)) .. I declare in a voice audible to me:
- Full Telomeres Regeneration!!!!
Immediately - following G.'s strict directions and discipline - I will myself to become conscious in all my bone marrow! If we draw only the bone marrow from the human body the drawing must show a Stick Figure. I assume during this technique that this is my real, energetic body: the blood-cell factory sites, I assume that this is the Seat of The Spirit, here are the rivets, where my spirit & Soul are attached to my physical-genetic body. When only the bone marrow-network is filmed on a camera, I imagine it must give a look of a straw-figure, a sausage-man, a glowing stick figure, where thickness of the sticks equals a sausage's thickness.

So I concentrate on my conscious being moved into becoming conscious in this glowing energetic body, matching all the lines of my bone marrow. I try to switch my attention into becoming conscious in ALL marrow CELLS, sometimes especially I imagine consciously taking over command of the Stem Cells and give them the command:
Most of the time I imagine a big X shaped telomere and imagine its ends beginning to GLOW superbright and I command-imagine the glowing ends to GROW and EXTEND. In order to make telomeres grow back. When I'm tired, this process is poorly done is taxing and gets / feels largely botched. But half the time it goes well and by conscious command - given to all cells - I EXTEND this process of growing only one telomere before my minds eye onto all the telomeres that I manage to gather into my conscious focus. Sometimes its just a bunch of cells: the eyeballs or the eye-muscle-cells in large areas responsible of focusing my vision. Sometimes its a larger lump of cells in my belly and the internal organs there. Sometimes its the cells in my spine that I can bring into focus = bring under conscious command = willing my telomeres there to GROW and REGENERATE.

When I'm really high on energy, when I feel juiced up from exercise with all my mitochondria firing on all cylinders, all of them working like a nuclear-plant on overdrive, I let out a [silent] Psychic Scream of a Warriors War-Cry: commanding my telomeres with the glowing ends to grow and regenerate and this causes an image to appear in my mind:
The wall surface of darker colored telomeres that I have become conscious in, begins to crack en masse and through those cracks superstrong, nuclear-explosion-strength white beams of light shoot out. I feel my body becoming super-charged with this light coming out from the seams in my Telomeres-In-The-Process-Of-Growing-Longer at an accelerated rate. This latter event feels to equal an imagined & very much felt Regenerative Nuclear Atomic Energy Explosion in my cells that are commanded to regenerate. I feel and see myself screaming at the top of my voice a Warriors War-Cry, light beams shooting out through cracks in my cells emitting white light energy on maximum Psychic Force Output.

Earlier I mentioned that now I'm taking pythonutrient "supervitamins". I'm not a doctor. Just a stupid, idiot layman. Maybe these brain nutrients are causing me to feel physically better or stronger. However couple months ago, BEFORE taking the these vitamins, BEFORE beginning this special meditation, during athletic exercises I always felt weak, I couldn't finish my series of pushups and pullups [full body pull up on a tree branch using arms only with legs hanging in the air] I always had to break my series into two. I could do only 5 pull ups, then I had to fall to the ground and wait seconds then finish the remaining 5 pull-ups. 30 pushups, then I got too weak, my muscles & body hopelessly shaking, I had to stop. Very-very rarely could I do 10 pullups at once: only 3 or 4 years ago. Definitely not recently at all! These couple years I always felt weak, shaking, not enough power to complete one series.
But couple weeks ago, - and this might be very well caused by the build-up of the pythonutrient "supervitamins" in my body.. I'm not a doctor.. - I noticed that quite surprisingly instead of the feeling of getting old and my health gradually collapsing with old age [47] doing a usually 130+ minutes athletic exercise sweating like a pig, I noticed my health returning, increasing. [:umm:??]
This puzzled me as my circadian cycle is usually in tatters and I'm NOT on ketogenic diet, just paleo. I always felt my muscle-power / life-force crumbling with the years. But now probably, just because of these NOT-FOR-ATHLETES pythonutrient "supervitamins" they may be making my mind/willpower stronger so I don't feel as tired?? ??
Because I noticed a couple weeks ago as a puzzling surprise that now I don't have to pause during the series. I can do 50 pushups easily at once toward the end of my 130+ minute routine, when I should be tired anyway. Then today morning, exercising on empty stomach, just to test this, I did an additional 20 pushups after the 50 and felt I could do more. Also with the weather getting colder, I'm wearing increasing layers of heavier winter clothes [that go wet from perspiration and feel even heavier]. Add to this that instead of the super-light Adidas running shoes now I'm wearing the heavy winter-commando-boots that are adding even more weight for making the pull-up exercise even harder. But despite the increased weight I could do all 10 pullups series at once (without stopping at 5) and during the entire exercise I could complete the 5 x 10 pullups without much hassle and felt I could do more. ((I ain't taking any sports-steroids or any such junk, never did, as I don't have the money anyway.)) I find it baffling that my collapse in health reversed. Its puzzling. Naturally, I will have to test this further.

Laura mentioned that super-drunk dude, who had to be carried out from the pub to lay his hands on bleeding wounds to stop the bleeding. I think, if he fixed his ways, he would have been an expert at this technique and he probably would have made the ideal teacher.
In the Weather Thread, I described the changes effected on Nature being SLOW. Now, I think, because of this meditation technique's possible remote connection to ancient Pure Energy Mastery and me being very poorly skilled in this regard, it is only causing a SLOW full body regeneration. But the changes in reversing my age-related health collapse are more and more noticeable, to the point, where I thought posting about this.
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Thanks for sharing your experience. Keep working with this and keep posting your results. It is good to know others are finding ways to help with the changes many of us are experiencing at this time.

As dad used to say, "there's more than one way to skin a cat".

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It came easily, I imagined the 5thD scenario with me as a protagonist in the story: arriving home, shedding my 'light-dimming-cloak' and extending my "wings" and breathing a great sigh of relief that I was finally able to get home (imagined 5thD scenario) so I can reveal my true light-strength and imaged extending my wings and I began radiating a light close to the strength what a nuclear explosion produces here in 3rdD. It was very addictive and strangely familiar!
I don't know, that sounds like wishful thinking. It seems to me that most who transition, end up in a prison like setting, trapped by their dogma and faulty logic.
I would simply work on gaining knowledge and awareness, and ditch ideas you can raise your vibration by other more mechanical means. I think the things you mentioned are fine, but are not a substitute for doing the real work. IMO.


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I think the things you mentioned are fine, but are not a substitute for doing the real work.
You are right. Nothing substitutes real work and nothing substitutes suffering, for which this environment exists. Suffering, I think, causes a rise of alertness, then awareness and encourages learning. The only reason to incarnate here in 3rdD, I think, because its the best environment for suffering. Suffering was always tied into hardcore learning of lessons in my case.


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During today mornings athletic training - I only slept 5 hours at night - I expected my entire above tale & statements to collapse along with my endurance and I thought I will fall back to the state of steady health-collapse & general weakness observed in the last couple years.
I had no problem doing the preliminary 2 x 20 jumping pushups (remain horizontal & use your body as a 'steel spring' to propel yourself up in the air an inch or two, while doing the pushups[this is basic stuff: younger than ~40 yrs old MMA fighters do all kinds of Push-Up Acrobatics]), then I did the usual 2 x 2 isometric pushups, all these neatly spread over running circles, situps, pullups, sprints, never stopping, only for stretching in the end.

Then toward the end I did the usual-normal 50 pushups without a problem, although I felt weaker in the end. Then coming back from a half-circle jog, I did an additional 30 pushups just to check, if I was right in the 1st post in this thread. Went without a problem, this time I had more energy. Also I had no problems doing 6 x 10 full-body pull-ups on a nicely springy tree-branch (spread over the ~6 x 400 meter circles), where my arms did NOT have any muscle-fail problems at all: I always reached muscle failure past 35 pull-ups before!
Compared to the above account: this is +10 pushups and +10 pull-ups. The only reason I didn't finish the last two light-circles as usual [making it 8 x 400 meters], (that would have made the entire jog's length 2 miles) is that I didn't want to exhaust myself so much that I have problems on Saturday doing the Pendulum measurement. I want myself regenerated by Saturday. Especially for the new plans and to test the logistics improvements.
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