What's the weather where you are?


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Here in Southeast Florida it is nice sunny weather, high of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, low around 73 degrees. Perfect Autumn weather so far here, looks like not much change this coming week.


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Winter is kicking in in West Wales. Clear sunny days but very chilly if you're out of the sun, and thankfully our dire run of heavy rain is at an end. Temps drop as soon as the sun goes down. Summer seems a long time ago now.


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First snow arrived to Hungary, West of Ukraine. Sky is overcast, snow-heavy. No sun, just the usual, diffused white brightness during the day. Before the snow came I had a fantastic, ~150 minutes long, outdoors athletic exercise on Monday, staying out until after dark, it was so "lukewarm" even with the wind. Now its cold. The freezing wind blowing and some heavy snow started falling creating the appearance that winter arrived "violently". So I got cranky. I did two interventions this day right after noon: the effects are so far (a)no more snow and that familiar warmer strong wind suggesting that a "warmer weather-front coming".

Years ago there was a guy in his twenties (US) calling in to Art Bell's famous C2C radio show - where Art got those fun calls from vampires, time travelers and werewolfes all speaking as human, etc.. - so the guy stated that he can influence weather by essentially making storms more intense. One guy, in the US, dared to call in with (IMO) the truth. [??]

Do I wanna freeze in winter - running bycicle-errands in the freezing wind [?!] - paying massive gas bills and watch our pipes break? NO. I like a lukewarm winter, but I also know that the soil needs snow to transform it to that amazing granular-soft state that feels it has been properly dug up by an Obyvatel and the plants need snow too for Nature to run its proper course.
- "Always respect the Universe!"
Of course, of course. But do we really have to endure those evil, unnecessarily harsh winter-freezes, damaging everything? With the Lizzies changing our Atmo - Sopophoric screen alterations, remember? - I mean, if they can do that, they surely can make our weather unnecessarily ruthlessly harsh and evil, no?

About intervention:
In winter you do the exact reverse than you do in the summer: Breaking up the heavy, overcast skies pregnant with snow. You take into account that the Sun is lower on the sky and memorize its lowered path. Imagine the sky-dome is your oil canvas and its already filled with overcast white-greyness. Especially if it starts to become super cold so your nose starts to freeze off outside, that sky might appear ugly, cold, brrr.. freezing! Imagine the overcast sky as an oil painting. You get out your Eraser Brush [computer paint programs have those] and from memory, where you have seen the Autumn Sun still beautifully shining weeks ago, you erase - in your mind - all the white-overcast areas from the path of the Sun, and while you do this Force Projected Meditative Imagination you also imagine how the Sun comes out as you clear the path ((which is only a limited part of the sky, you don't have to clear all in your mind)) and you imagine that the sun starts to shine strongly and bathes your whole body with amazing, Invigorating Sunlight. This is the "mental-imagery part" of the process, which I always do at the same time as the psychic-physical part:

I usually do something like you see from those Chi-Gong masters on Youtube, the movements - the Chi energy is probably coming from the exercised-trained-strenghtened[!!] muscles[!!] in them/in there specifically from the Mithocondrial Psychic Powerplant Meridian Energy System [sic]. Which ever "power-dance moves" or "Chi-gong" moves you feel deeply satisfied imitating with your entire soul, with your subconscious agreeing & giving your performance a big "FB Like". All it matters is that with your above MPPMES or "spirit/kesdjan/psychic/ancient power center system" you generate psychic force in your body ((needs well exercised muscles!)) and you shoot that psychic force out of your body like a "sci-fi Mega Gun platform aiming at orbital targets", only you are aiming at the sky:

1. Force projection right into the mass of the overcast area [suns path] 2.-->:
2. While imagining something like those fast-forward cloud-front videos on YouTube - playing a "video imagery" in your mind of how the heavy cloud layer gradually dissolves and the sun is coming out bathing your body with amazing sunlight. Imagining a sunbath in winter, while you are standing outside in the cold wind under overcast skies with the heavy snow showering your [clothed] body! Needs a surprising amount of concentration to do it properly. So again while you are concentrating on this imagery in your mind at the same time you do the ==>3.:
3. You repeat that slowish Chi / Martials Art / or 'PowerDance Move' [your favorite] at least three times, while playing the imagery in your mind every time. You will feel when you have shot enough ammor / of your fuel.

This counts as one intervention. All this done preferably in the morning, because Mother Nature is not a Smart Home, neither it is a TV Remote Control: Nature's is a sloooOooow moving Energy Potential System.

What could be the "Hyperdimensional Physics part" of manipulating this "Phenomenon with Limited Nature-Energy-Reserves"?

In the Summer Nature has a limited amount of water vapor in the air. So the whole Weather System like a battery. You cannot do this cloud-umbrella-generation infinitely without "drying everything out". Nature appears to need a "recharge" - in form of a new large weather front bringing in a fresh dose of moistness/water vapour giving you the fuel, so you can continue to encourage the generation of clouds. Then they can be generated from something, again. But its easy to get tired, exhausted in the long-long weeks of Summer sweltering heat. Not only the heat, but this exercise - if overdone - sucks your batteries dry. But I couldn't work in sweltering heat anyway..

So about "Hyperdimensional Physics part":

My hypothesis is that:
1. Using this method (if you have the DNA+Ancient Mojo) in Summer you probably create a "Cosmic Potential of Cold", in a spot in the sky, - which appears to 'hover there' as a lasting, stationary energy field like a giant umbrella - and Mother Nature slowly conforms to the image(ry) or [the movie played] in your mind to [con]form itself in max. 12 hours, but usually much sooner, from a cloudless summer-sweltering-heat into cool breezey overcast skies. This way - just when you direct your umbrella into the direction of the rain - in the Summer you can easily create large 'Cloud Umbrellas' [sic] covering large swaths of the sky in the path of the Sun, acting as a giant umbrella made from clouds, always bringing cool breeze, clouds, and if you overdo it ==> [you apply too much force] it brings thunder and much rain. As the Delphi Oracle said: "Nothing in Excess!!"

2. During the days of a super-cold Winter you probably force-project the "Cosmic Potential of Warmth" .. .. as a spot .. - into the path of the [non-visible] winter Sun - into the sky. Results are usually:
A. canceling snow, canceling ice
B. Any water previously frozen comes down as Rain now. [Beware of too much winter rain!]
C. Strong winds signifying change: feels as if a warmer weather front would be coming in.
D. Changes are very probably LOCAL, as your life force energy is limited, Mother Nature's energy reserves are limited too.
E. Always keep in mind that the soil & plants need weeks of lasting snow cover in Winter. So no melting all snow into rain! ==> As the Delphi Oracle said: "Nothing in Excess!"

Beautiful winter:
There can be beautiful, snowy winters with sunshine. Not much cold wind and a nice, "permanent" snow cover that doesn't melt - regenerating the soil - and that amazing sparkling snow gives the children lots of fun and everybody is happy. Nobody gets frozen from nowadays becoming extremely-violent-winter-cold, birds don't freeze into icycles that much as well. So a beautiful winter is the preferred target.
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lilies said:
Beautiful winter: There can be beautiful, snowy winters with sunshine.
In Nogales and other regions of northern Sonora, Mexico, there are often those wonderful snowy winters with sun.

In agreement with what you say, the combination of snow and sun produces a great show; in those occasions, it seems that the city is dressed in a white dress with shiny jewelry.


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Strong winds and full breakup of the previously heavy, snow-laden overcast sky in Hungary, west of Ukraine by now: at 04:13am. Almost no clouds anywhere, stars are shining brightly. Around 00:00am it was still heavily overcast and there was ice on the walkway right at the feet of our fence-door, which spot is always very windy. Everywhere were unfrozen puddles on the street otherwise. By ~01:30am the Moon started to become visible. Now its completely clear. Hoping for a sunny morning. But the lukewarm(ish) wind feels so strong, as if it wanted to tear off the roof of our house, banging fence gates loudly. (04:21am)


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Strong sunlight, minimal cirrus clouds, medium speed winds west of Ukraine. Streets dried up. Some side puddles in the sun with smaller ones frozen over in the shadow. Yesterdays snow disappeared.


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Crazy day weather-wise here in coastal NSW, Australia. Thunderstorms that raged (& I do mean raged) most of the day, and then heavy rain and wind gusts. It only reached a top of 20*C, cool for this time of year. Mind you, forecast is for 31*C on Saturday. We’ll see if it gets that hot, the weather is just all over the place at the moment. Hopefully some of this rain went out west where they need it most


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Well the cold front that hit the northern part of the US made its way down to Southeast Florida. It was cold this morning (for here) at 46 degrees Fahrenheit with a high of 64 degrees. Seemed cold to me when I am used to days of 80 degrees in the fall. Perhaps we are in for a cold winter here!


In Anchorage the weather is above normal by about 10-15 degrees. So the temps have been close to 40F in the daytime. And this has been the trend since early fall - above normal.

The snowfall we've had so far this year was mixed with rain. And we have about six inches of snow cover.


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(70 °F − 32) × 5/9 = 21,111 °C Yesterday. Light rain this morning with no snow at this level.
Warmer and colder temps continue to oscillate with increasing atmospheric anomaly's.

November 23 2018


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30°F _ -1°C Beautiful sunshine West of Ukraine with less clouds than on above Pic du Midi timelapse video. Thursday morning a heavy mammatus cloud cover formed and it very much wanted to snow again: tiny hard balls or graupels covered the walkway, crunching under the shoes. But it was halted again by Thursday night with temps rising somewhat. No wind, no rain, the mammatus cover disappeared without a trace by today morning and strong sunshine kept temperatures in the still bearable range.
Now (at 20:23) the sky is overcast again, its freezing cold and it looks like we will have a white weekend offering plenty of snow to shovel!
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