Neuroendocrine tumours / cancer

Oh Starshine, I am very sorry to hear about Meghann, she is so young.

I feel for you losing someone who is clearly very special to you, and for her husband and family/friends who love her; you must all be feeling so blindsided by this.

It is little consolation I know, but from a perspective of compassionate observation, I feel that there is gentle grace in the fact that she went quickly, rather than the experience being long and drawn out for her - and all of you.

May Meghann have a calm, swift transition and find peace, clarity and healing in her new reality; may you all gradually find healing and peace in your souls when you think of her. She is released from all the pain she has been (unwittingly) carrying and as she integrates, she will have an opportunity to learn and grow from a more expansive level of awareness. Perhaps Meghann had long ago made an agreement to leave 'early' so that she might be a guide / support to others at this time of powerful transition for humanity, the C's have told us there will be huge numbers leaving the planet during this very challenging time on the planet.

I wonder if it might help (in time) to share with Meghann's husband that the soul is eternal; that no matter what form we are in, that we are in a constant state of growth and evolution. It might help him to know that Meghann is experiencing freedom and awareness she never imagined possible; that they will see one another again in the 'no time'. He may not be in a space where he is able to hear that now, but perhaps once some time has passed, he might.

Prayers of love and light to you all. ✨💕
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