New design of SOTT front page

A wild idea just came to my mind that is probably impossible to implement and has quite a number of problems and silly elemets, but I share it anyway.

What if in all the different SOTT languages all content from the english mama SOTT is automatically put up as native language articles via a good translation tool? Or even bigger/bolder, all the content from all different languages is constantly put up in all other languages via this translation tool?

The idea is as follows:

1: There are many SOTT languages that probably have very few editors and thus a very low count of articles and new ones every day

2: What if there is a script that automatically translates full articles from other SOTT languages that are more active and puts it up in the other Sott language in a special category like "automatically translated article from; the original can be found here"

3: In this way a huge amount of content could be posted in every language every day especially if all the articles from all languages get translated this way and cross posted on all other languages.

4: All SOTT readers could have a far broader perspective on what is going on globally through it, especially in the languages were not much content is present and/or posted

As long as those articles could be clearly marked and differentiated from the real articles (that are not translated automatically) this might be an idea.

Some of the big problems would be the automatically produced headlines. What happens if they do not make sense, which will probably happen with most automatically translated headlines? Could this even be fixed?
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