New vaccination requirements in Russia.

Just wanted to share something recent about Margarita Simonyan (RT's cheif editor) and RT, which indicates that unfortunately RT became even more hypocritical and two faced tool of PTB, just like other news agencies in the West. What is essentially happening that while RT still presents to the Western public a "balanced view", even when it comes to corona craziness, inside Russia Simonyan behaves and talks like a true corona-fascist.

Two main things happened. First, there is an increased pressure from the Russian authorities to vaccinate, to meet the 40% goal by the end of the year. Or at least 40%. Now the talk is that in order to leave us alone, they essentially require 80% of the population to be vaccinated. Well, for now this goal seems quite impossible, but the 40% seems doable enough.

And so a vicious defamation campaign against non-vaccinated began at its earnest. Doesn't matter that it probably causes the opposite. Don't think many Russians are going to willingly vaccinate after being called irresponsible bastards and killers.

In any case, Simonyan wrote the following on her social media pages:

Well, here we are.

That's what we get for listening to the recipient of the medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland (a note: she is talking about Shukshina, a distinguished actress who talked about vaccination measures being a divisive and hatred inciting factor) and well-known doctors.

They've had their doubts.

The result: in Russia children began to die of covid. They began to die en masse.

Children hospitals in regions hastily open additional pediatric covidariums. Children lie on oxygen. Oxygen doesn't always save them.

Is this what you idiots were waiting for?

In the beginning the anti-vaccinationists evoked my understandable sympathy. People are afraid, people were not provided with explanation, people are confused.

I myself was afraid when I dragged my family and friends to volunteer for vaccination at Gamalei last September.

Then I explained to everyone - publicly and personally, in great detail.

Everyone explained. Everybody persuaded them. The boss (a note: she is talking about the president) had already persuaded ten times.

After all the persuasion the remaining anti-vaccinationists began to arouse my dislike and doubt in their cognitive abilities.

And now, here's how it is.

Dear friends, acquaintances, and people who just know me.

If you don't have antibodies and are deliberately unvaccinated, don't come to my house. Don't come to my workplace. Don't come near me on the street or as a guest.

I don't want to know you.

If it wasn't for you, we'd have forgotten about the covid by now.

And now my children could die because of you. I have three of them.
The older one is eight, the younger one is two.

It's not possible to vaccinate them because there's no vaccine for children yet.

And it is you, the unconscientious anti-vaccinationists who choose not to vaccinate on purpose, who are a direct threat to the health and lives of my children, your children, and the rest of them.

Go on, choke on the ventilator, crawl with saturation of seventy in the corridors of jam-packed hospitals - that's fine. But I cannot forgive you for the deaths of my country's children.

Under this post I will turn off comments, because there is nothing for a normal person to comment on.

As for the "abnormals" (a note: that's how she calls the unvaccinated) - this (the hospital) should be their destination. But please, without our children.

Oh, and when you - my unvaccinated Adler relatives, Krasnodar neighbors, Moscow colleagues - will once again try to get to a 'good' clinic or any clinic at all with your temperature and cough, which you ignored for a week, just as you ignored my pleas to get vaccinated, forget my phone number.

Right now, delete it from your address book.

Some people wrote a complaint about her to the prosecutor's office, that she was inciting hatred, and in Russia it is a criminal offence. But obviously nothing will come of it, and Simonyan in return laughted it off by saying that some crazy people want her to go to jail for expressing her opinion.

So there is that. Many of the federal "press-titutes" supported her, but not everyone. Some media sources criticized her rabidly fascist views by reminding her that she trashed around 70% of the population.

Now, these views are not new, though they became more and more radical. And outwardly it appears that fear got her and she basically lost her mind and the plot to the corona craziness like many others.

But what makes the "unconscious and fear driven possibility" problematic and hard to believe is the fact that apparently RT in general is comfortable sitting on two stools, and present to the Western public a more "anti-measures" view, while inside Russia the view is quite the opposite.

There was even a video shared on one of Telegram channels where they accuse RT of being two faced, and providing proof by showing articles in English and Russian, where it's possible to see the difference in the narrative. This source actually complained that RT is being dishonest, because when they talk to the West, they supposedly show their true face and are not shy to be anti-vaccers.

Well, the thing is that the opposite is true, and it appears that RT when talking to the Western viewer makes sure to promote the pro-Russian agenda of being in opposition to the West, even if it means being a supposedly "anti-vaccination", while in reality they are quite pro-vaccination and pro any governmental policies as can be seen from Simonyan's diatribe.

What's more, apparently RT asked Google to modify the search results. I kid you not. Apparently when you search for "vaccination is" in English, you will get results that are "fact checked" and "approved". Something like this:


But when you searched in Russian about what vaccination is, there results were more "anti-vaccers friendly". If you know Russian, you can see on this pic the results as they were before:

photo_2021-10-21_03-06-29 (2).jpg

Basically, the results said that vaccination is evil, it's genocide, it's a chip, it's a seal of Antichrist and such.

This was first mentioned by some FSB anonymous sources on the Telegram page, and was also brought to RT's attention. And RT in it's turn talked to Google, and Google removed these results and modified them to be more "pro-vaccination" friendly. Afterwards RT proudly shared that now the results are much better.


Right now the results are simply "vaccination is an experiment, business, good or bad, medical intervention, mandatory, important, etc."

So there you have it. On one hand RT has a documentary about a censorship being done by Google and Facebook, and on the other they themselves go and ask the tech giants to alter the results.
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So there you have it. On one hand RT has a documentary about a censorship being done by Google and Facebook, and on the other they themselves go and ask the tech giants to alter the results.
It is pretty discouraging, but necessary to acknowledge for what it is. As I was reading, I thought of the Book of Revelation Ch 13.2:
The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority. - New International Version
Wow, Simonyan has completely lost it! Maybe the vaxx was the final straw for her to turn into a ‘zombie’. Thanks for sharing, Keit. I haven’t trusted RT since the covid business began, because they seem to be flip-flopping on which side they are on, and what you just posted confirms this...sad.
One wonders if Margarita Simonyan (RT's cheif editor) really believes in the whole narrative or not. My guess is that she does and therefore feels justified and „on the good side“ as so many do. People who believe the whole BS are increasingly hostile toward people who are not vaccinated or don’t want to be vaccinated because they think what they do is irresponsible towards others at best and murderous at worse. It is interesting though that RT seems to present a more balanced view to westerners while being more facist towards the russian audience. I noticed that the former german Sputnik website is also fully into the BS, sometimes even more so as „the western mainstream“.

Of course the way Putin so far communicated and handled the issue towards the russian public doesn‘t help with this obvious an purposeful deviding of the society either. In fact unfortunately I think it fuels it substantially.

Devide and conquer all over again with the difference that it is now global.
I noticed that the former german Sputnik website is also fully into the BS, sometimes even more so as „the western mainstream“.

It's interesting, because on of my favorite German podacsts is "Basta Berlin", produced by Sputnik Germany. These 2 guys are awesome and completely against the Covid nonsense, while strictly sticking to provable information and staying clear of wild claims. They have become very popular so they let them go at it for the time being I guess.

Simonyan's post is utterly insane :-O

If it wasn't for you, we'd have forgotten about the covid by now.

Oh yeah, just how it played out in all those Western countries with high vaccination rates, is it? We have all forgotten about covid right now, right?? :headbash:
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