Objective questions on all - part I and II


Padawan Learner
  • World history:
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[*]Who did build Gobekli Tepe?
[*]When Gobekli Tepe was built?
[*]What was the purpose of Gobekli Tepe?
[*]Gobekli Tepe was intentionally buried? If yes, why?
[*]What are and mean the strange animals depicted in Gobekli Tepe?
[*]In some cultures around the world were found depictions of dinosaurs interacting with human beings. E.g. in South America hundreds of stones show dinosaurs, such as stegosaurs, and men together. Humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time in some period of history? If yes when this happened?
[*]Where the Mayas, had as mysteriously vanished, exactly moved? Is just a coincidence that one of the stars in the Pleiades constellation is also called Maia?
[*]Did the last known Buddha exist? If yes, where he is now? Who was him, when and where he did live?
[*]Castaneda described a character called "Dom Juan". Presuming that a capital person inspired this character what did happen to him (D. Juan) after his supposedly departure from earth? Where are this D. Juan and his party of sorcerers now?
[*]What did happen with the two women of Castaneda's party known as Florinda Donner and Taisha Abelar after the death of Castaneda?
[*]Considering the achievement during his life of his freedom according to the teachings of his claimed master D. Juan, Castaneda did fail? If yes: why?
[*]The Castaneda's characters known as "death defier" and "blue scout" did exist as real entities? If yes where are they now?
[*]Where is Gurdjieff now?
[*]Where is Fulcanelli now?
[*]Since, as before investigated, Jesus Christ seems to be a composite character of many historical personages, then who is the entity said by the Cs to be still alive in 4th density and through the splitting of his soul is helping living people which are praying to Him (Christ)?
[*]Simon Magus was one of the personalities used to compose the figure of Jesus Christ?
[*]Has USA's official government a much more advanced space program in curse than the NASA's space program regularly broadcasted by the media? What is the current real technological capacity of the USA's space program?
[*]Presuming that USA's government has many classified advanced technologies and weapons, then why US seems so inefficient in its fighting against the terrorism such as ISIS, or other enemy?
[*]Did the Jews in ancient times attempt to spread their people in other planets of the Universe beyond the earth?
[*]When Lemuria did exist? What is its relation to Atlantis civilization? And what did happen to the Lemurian land?
[*]How the Nephilim relate to the Lemurian descendants?
[*]Was there in earth some human civilization more advanced technologically than Atlantis? If yes, when and how many civilizations like that did exist?
[*]When and who did build Puma Punko? What was its purpose? How it was ruined? What does represent its diverse stone heads (nearby Tiahuanaco) which resemblance to alien faces?
[*]Who indeed was or is Viracocha said to be the supreme Inca god venerated as sun-god and storm-god?
[*]Who were or are the watchers mentioned in Enoch?
[*]Is there a relationship between the cuneiforms found around Tiahuanaco and those from ancient Near East?
[*]"Projections" seem to be an usual alien tool for deception but still more specifically why in ancient Sumer, Egypt, and Tiahuanaco ( Viracocha's court) are there so much representations of "god" beings with head or parts of birds (Anunnaki, and others)? What was their real appearance?
[*]In the same line of the previous question why many Mayan, Egyptian, and Hindu supernatural entities were represented with appearance or parts of various animals? Is there a psychological reason for that?
[*]Who was or is Anu (from Chaldean myths and Sanskrit Brahma)?

  • BRICS:
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[*]During the conflict which ended up in the secession of Crimea from Ukraine was seen and filmed a big UFO hovering over that region. What kind of entities commanded this ship? Where they came from? What was their purpose over there? What was/ is the involvement of these entities in that conflict?
[*]During the collapse of the Soviet Union most of its former republics requested independence as countries, such as Ukraine. Right now what is the percentage of the Ukrainian people which want to rejoin to Russia instead EU?
[*]Is the separatism in eastern Ukraine and Crimea region a spontaneous popular movement pro-Russia or it is a maneuver fostered by Russia?
[*]Regarding the world secret government, how much it is maneuvering the West in the conflict in Ukraine?
[*]How much Putin is following (unknowing or not) the directrices established by the secret government?
[*]India and Russia have known issues regarding the spreading of corruption while China and Brazil in this moment seem to be even in worst situation ruled by corruption in all levels of government and society. Big public manifestations have occurred in Brazil against the corruption and immense fault of services of health/security/education/transport/infrastructure and yet chronic taxation reaching trillions of dollars which impact about 50% of the population's income. But these manifestations usually are systematically halted by a few yet extreme violent "citizens" infiltrated in these public rallies. Who or what is primarily causing this wretchedness in South America, and how? Is this ordeal promoted by the secret government? If yes, why and how this does happen?
[*]In the last years India has had alarming increasing reports of collective rapes in public places as well as sexual harassment against women at public transportation (trains and buses). Why is that? Who or what is promoting this disturbing behavior?

  • The Wave:
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[*]Many were the predictions to this reality, including those by the Cs, dating the arrive of a cosmic Wave and a number of cataclysms (companion star, meteor showers, comets, new arriving of the Nephilim, change of earth’ axis, etc.) on the earth mainly for 2012. At the same time the Cs state that time doesn't exist. Since time doesn't exist then what is the real meaning of the usual maximum date 2012 given by the Cs? These predictions around 2012 (as we measure time) just didn't occur? Were they corrupted predictions?
[*]The wave will still occur in this our reality? If yes, when this will most likely happen as we measure time?
[*]The wave already arrived in this reality (and was gone?) and many of us somehow don't know?
[*]At the moment most of earth is progressively immerse in a huge and terrible human misery (economic, social, and spiritual). The current enormous human population is unbearable to the wild life of the planet. The pollution, such as plastics and heavy metals, in the oceans is under a catastrophic level. The rich ones are richer while the ordinary people seem to be more miserable and incapable of thinking about. The ordinary population seems to be mind shallower and manipulated than ever. Scientists claim that the current massive extinction of species on earth is the biggest of world history. Therefore a global cataclysm such as a comet, or whatever, looks like in reality comparable to the current human actions promoting devastation as never happened before in the known history. So, the wave is gone or happening right now?
[*]The alleged program by the "aliens" said to be in course at the end of the 20th century for replacement of the human race to another genetically modified is completed?
[*]How many new human races were recently (i.e. last 100 years) introduced in earth? Which new race is the most numerous? Where it is living?
[*]Regarding the earth's surface and that which is the currently the more numerous new race, how much of the present world population belongs to it?
[*]Today on earth in what manners most of the individuals belonging to the last new human race (or new genetic races) introduced by the "aliens" are different from the earlier race of the beginning of 20th century?
[*]In any sense but also physically speaking, what is or was the Blue Star Kachina from the Hopis?
[*]The earth's rotation will change of direction? Did this happen in the past? If yes, why and when (for both questions)? What are the effects?
[*]What is in earth the proportion of organic portals in the human population? What country has less percentage of OPs? What country has more percentage of OPs?

  • Aliens:
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[*]Who and when were built the ancient subsurface weapons in Siberia which seem to be automatically triggered in some cases?
[*]What's the final purpose of the mutilations of farm animals? And what kind of alien races does perpetrate them?
[*]Why are so many reports in the literature of contactees and channeling about a global and fatal cataclysm happening on earth around the end of 20 century or beginning of 21 century? What was/is the purpose of this "aliens' revelation"?
[*]The persons who moved to live in the subterranean Antarctic became slaves of aliens? Some government from earth's surface has regular contact with this Antarctic’s people? If yes, which ones?
[*]Decades ago NASA intentionally hurled an object against the Moon's surface which produced vibrations like a bell and thus the scientists concluded that the satellite is likely mostly hollow. In terms of size the earth also has an expressive hollowness in its structure? How many cities inhabited by humans exist beneath earth's surface? How many humans and no-humans live below earth's surface in 3rd density or above?
[*]Which are the "hollow" planets and moons in the solar system?
[*]What did happen to the famous missing explorer Fawcett said to be looking for an entrance to a subterranean city in South America?
[*]Has Mars' surface a respirable atmosphere to earth's humans?
[*]Is there a reptilian settlement behind the mysterious door of the Vault B of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple? What would happen if this door was opened?
[*]Are there reptilian subterranean cities in India and Tibet? If yes, where and how long they exist?
[*]There are contactees' reports portraying reptilians as very arrogant and vindictive beings. So, if STS human Orions rule the reptilians as their pets in some cases, how the reptilians feel this subjugation? The ruthless control of the reptilians exploiting the earthly humanity in some level is also an indirect payback against the human STS Orions?
[*]In some locations The Nine are portrayed as evil while in another places as good. They are known in Mayan culture as "Bolon Yokte Ku" and also noticed in the ancient China, Egypt, and other localities. In some claimed channelings they as well appeared at times, which includes "Ra" (Elkins) said as one of The Nine. In a channeling The Nine state that the aliens "working" with USA's government are negative beings and has no well-meaning to humankind. These "Nine," last mentioned, claim to serve all the creation, to be collective entities made of energy (i.e. 6th density), and they assert to be the Elohim and Yehovah too, which therefore sounds a bit conflicting to say the least. Put apart the misinformation on the topic, since when does exist the true "Council of Nine"? Are they STO beings? What and who are they indeed?
[*]Where usually "parks" the biggest alien mother-ship in the solar system? And what is its size?
[*]"Aliens" has changed the earth's rotation? If yes, how is that done and what are the consequences?
[*]Is there a reptilian underground complex in Malta?
[*]It is said that was found, decades ago, thousands of skeletons in burial chambers of the Hypogeum in Malta. Many of these had elongated skulls and at least a few are still "available" in the local Maltese museum. What kind of being these elongated skulls relate to? When these beings did live in Malta? What these beings were performing in Malta?
[*]Is true that a number of schoolchildren and their teacher disappeared during a tour in the Hypogeum? What kinds of beings do inhabit or use the undergrounds of Malta?

  • Personal:
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[*]Muhamed was examined and considered by some academics as one of the strangest and nearly impossible horses trained by Karl Krall before the First WW. What is the relevant meaning about Krall regarding myself?
[*]In a valley in the middle of woods, which I know in person, almost always it is heard a solid and continuous sound like an engine. I investigated this looking for a cascade or something natural, and yet there was nothing similar to that noise, neither any machine in the middle of that forest. What is the cause of that noise? Also in another time hiking in that same forest I followed a stream only for arriving to a place illogical in what concerns a regular geographic perspective. What is the explanation for that "loss of orientation"?
[*]Certain time, when I was much younger and nearly uninformed of any world's high strangeness, I was driving through the mountains until I just pulled over unconcerned at an odd place in the middle of nowhere. It consisted of a lawn with a small neat construction made of bricks with one side surrounded by an interlaced fence, and nobody was there apparently. I quickly left that weird place for never returning or thinking about it since then. Yet many months later I had some dreams of it where I was at that place again and within that fence was an alligator. What does mean the dream? What was that place for real?[/list]

Any thoughts?


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Gateway, are you asking/expecting forum members to answer all of the questions you've posted here?


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Hi Gateway, I think that many questions you ask, are answered in the wave, some others in the research here in the forum, some others will have to do an investigation on their own, others think that you can only have a hypothesis, also this list of recommended books here in the forum, which could help you, I wish you luck in your research.

We would recommend in future interventions ask questions in different threads. :)


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riclapaz said:
Hi Gateway, I think that many questions you ask, are answered in the wave, some others in the research here in the forum, some others will have to do an investigation on their own, others think that you can only have a hypothesis, also this list of recommended books here in the forum, which could help you, I wish you luck in your research.

We would recommend in future interventions ask questions in different threads. :)

I second that, one must do own research in order to learn.... so,.. happy :lkj:


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Gateway said:
  • World history:
  • BRICS:
  • The Wave:
  • Aliens:
  • Personal:
Any thoughts?

Sure, a lot of reading for you and happy learning. :lkj:


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Hmmmm a lot of questions and a great deal of detective work involved , good job I enjoy research ;)

It will take a while but I can make it one of my little projects and pull it out on rainy day's when I am looking for directions to search.

Thank you make take a few moon's though LOL. I have bookmarked it so that I can come back to it.


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Pinkorchid said:
Hmmmm a lot of questions and a great deal of detective work involved , good job I enjoy research ;)

It will take a while but I can make it one of my little projects and pull it out on rainy day's when I am looking for directions to search.

Thank you make take a few moon's though LOL. I have bookmarked it so that I can come back to it.

Good luck with your project Pinkorchid. Don't forget this topic header though. This is only part one!!! :)


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Guys, first of all thank you all for your considerations. I have though them as stimulant.

Yeah, I am researching and will continuing doing that here and elsewhere available. That said, I had already ran most part of the book list here at times ago and regarding the Cs' transcripts I studied them all and they inspired on me many other researches. As matter of fact currently I am investigating piles and piles of distinct materials from all of the world.

These questions which came up here meant to reach those who already solved these puzzles and are willing to share, hopefully, the answers not only for me but for everybody who has similar questions. Also these questions meant to bring explicitness to them, as sometimes just doing them, I hope, can help to bring answers in deep levels of the human essence. I expect not to be being repetitive on questions already done here and already answered. Thus if is this happened, sorry, I will try to be more investigative even this is a huge forum as we know. Yet I believe that sometimes is good to emphasize some important aspects of the reality which sometimes seem that are being overlooked in some threads.

Good luck also to all the forumers who got inspired with these questions and start their own research. I hope we can gather in the near future with more clues or clear answers to share and grow together. :)


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These are general questions some followed by descriptive coments. "The Puzzle - part I" can be found in this link, whose main topics are World History, BRICS, The Wave, Aliens, and Personal.

  • Macrocosm:
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[*]Some scientific theory states that quasars are black holes, is this correct? If not, what really are the quasars, these celestial objects which are a fraction of a galaxy but shine more than a whole galaxy and run at speeds near the light velocity at the confines of the visible universe?
[*]A theory states that the universe is built of distinct layers like an onion. Thus the visible universe in which we are is just a layer of the universe where our current technology doesn't allow seeing other layers. These layers eventually can come closer each other as result of the gravitational force interacting between them, which today is interpreted by the scientists as the "dark energy". Therefore according to this theory the dark energy is just the conventional gravitational force exerted by the distant layers of the universe. This "Onion universe" theory is correct or at least partially correct?
[*]As we measure time what is the age of the universe where we live?
[*]Presuming that the universe in spite of its infinitude somehow is cyclic, how much is the average duration of a whole cycle as we measure time?
[*]Are correct the unorthodox interpretations and theories on physics by the physicist Miles Mathis? If yes, which ones?
[*]Concerning the alien beings who exploit the humanity of the earth planet, in particular those who are at high ranks and main species, what are their lifespans?
[*]It is well known that aliens have used mythical creatures as cover-up for them, but still a number of mystical literatures and aboriginal cultures affirm that the natural world (i.e. plants, rocks, caves, rivers, etc.) is populated, nursed and stimulated by some etheric creatures, as for example good part of Iceland and Ireland believe them as real. Thus excluding the alien facet is this true in some other aspects? If yes, what particular parts do exist for real?
[*]The animal realm, that is, in particular animals and men, is composed of 2nd and 3rd densities as we understand. Does the same apply to the vegetal realm? Are there trees in earth which belongs to the 3rd density? If yes, which species for example? These 3rd density trees are STO beings?

  • Microcosm:
[list type=decimal]
[*]Why is apparently so much usual having sleep paralysis and nightmares when sleeping in back position than in other positions?
[*]Does work the dream-catcher used by the Native Americans? Is there some device which can work as proposed by the dream-catcher? If yes, how it should be built and set up?
[*]Can some DNA activation cause the spontaneous human combustion? Why?
[*]Was the Atlantis civilization manipulated by the aliens, such as the reptilians, as our current human civilization is as well? If yes, how the Atlantis with its whole technological and metaphysical knowledge didn't realize this alien exploitation?
[*]The Black Eyes Kids (BECs) entities seem to have in their agenda to obtain the permission by their human victims to gain access to them. Is this assumption correct? If yes, then the BECs, said to be window fallers, do use this access to steal energy from humans for trying to return at their realm of origin and thus disappearing after that?
[*]What are the possible damages to their human victims after a BECs' visit?
[*]Assuming that matter is energy concentrated and keeping in mind that 2nd density beings are source of energy for 3rd density, hence the human body plus its soul is as well a major source of energy pretty much like a factory of power for higher densities. So, has usually a 3rd density human being much more energy than a 4th density individual? Can we say in that case that human beings shine much more than 4th density entities?

Any thoughts?

(P.s. no third part so soon)


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Gateway said:
Good luck also to all the forumers who got inspired with these questions and start their own research. I hope we can gather in the near future with more clues or clear answers to share and grow together. :)

That would be great Gateway, we are all looking for answers, some subject you consider important, could open a thread in specific, someone interested or cococimientos on the subject could answer, perhaps the way in which elaborate questions, it was a bit overwhelming, if you are sincere in your questions, and is collinear with the work of this forum, I invite you to continue participating. :)


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Gateway it is interesting to see such a long list of thoughtful questions. For discussion purposes though in the context of a forum thread, I think it would be better to have one or two questions at a time, each with their own thread. (I don't mean to start a new thread for each question right now, which would be similarly overwhelming to the long list of diverse questions, but rather to choose one or two questions for focusing on.)


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Just make an up-to-date in some questions here it is some comments:

(PS. the below text also was replied for another thread)
[quote author=Gateway]
[quote author=Cs transcripts on 21 March 2015]
Q: (L) "As we measure time what is the age of the universe where we live?" I think we asked this question once before.
A: No answer to that question as time cannot be measured that way.
Q: (L) "Presuming that the universe in spite of its infinitude somehow is cyclic, how much is the average duration of a whole cycle as we measure time?"
A: SPA.[/quote]

As usual an interesting session, the question on phones by Data was in particular appealing to me. And I'm really glad that the lists' questions were a positive contribution since as we all can realize, some of its questions were taken for the Cs' session. Great! Thank you all for considering some of the list's questions in a Cs' session. It was also very absorbing I guess for many forumers. Thanks a lot Cs. :)

Now concerning the fact of a person, like for example Laura as we see above, to be asking some question which it resembles to some other questioned in the past doesn't entail that it was either identical, or completely solved before, or that the asker didn't read the site's material. This is not the case in any of these senses, whence is good to say that I am aware that some of the lists' questions were kind of talked in the past. In fact re-exploring questions in the Cs' sessions is something we see very usually and this is very good. So what these some comparable lists' questions, or similar to a certain degree, intend to is reaching more details and understanding on their subjects.

For illustrating the point, here is the C's session (03-04-95) about the above quote:
Q: (L) Now, this is going to be a strange question, but if you can help us out, relate this to something it would be very helpful. There are a lot of theories going around about the age of the universe. Some of the latest says that it is anywhere from 8 to 25 billion years old. I know that you have said that time is an illusion, but, in view of the fact that scientists are struggling with this one... [Much laughter hoots and hollering from group] ...which of the figures that they have pulled out of the air, in terms of the time illusion itself, is the most correct?
A: None.
Q: (F) Does that answer the question satisfactorily? That's like saying: "Oh, that's an interesting store, what's in there?" (L) Well, if none of the figures science has come up with is correct, what is the correct definition of the age of the universe?
A: Quasi-quantum possibilities.
Q: (L) What does that mean? [Laughter.] (J) Anybody's guess?!
A: Discover.
Q: (J) Thanks a lot! (L) Come on and help us out here guys? (T) In their time, which is no time, it exists at all times and not time, in our time, that would be infinity. (L) Okay. (T) So, the age of the universe is infinite in our time limit, but they way they perceive it is it doesn't... it exists until it doesn't... it does and then it does not... (L) Okay, let's ask this another way... help me out here... (J) Go for it! (F) You got yourself in the woods, keep looking for the crumbs to find your way out! (L) What do you mean by quasi-quantum possibilities?
A: Closed circle.
Q: (L) Okay, if you select any one point on the circle, and hold that point, and then measure around to the point again, where on that circle are we? Arbitrarily?
A: Not correct concept.

So, evidently the question around universe's age remains with interrogations. So with relation to the respective question in the list, it like some others in the list intend not to be a repetition but just another way of asking for clarification. That question in particular it was an attempt of asking in a way pertinent to our way of perceiving reality. But it didn't work well as we can see:
"A: No answer to that question as time cannot be measured that way."
This nevertheless is a very interesting reply by the Cs, and probably is good to mention that something around time's selectiveness can be found into the 11-23, 1996 Cs' session. So, if before this ahead was an unthinkable question to me (because time doesn't exist) now maybe we could first ask: "How can be time measured?"[/quote]

Word history:
Regarding the question 6 on dinosaurs and humans it is partially considered in the Cs' session 11-16 1994:
Q: (L) Was mankind living on the earth as a sentient being during the time of the large dinosaurs?
A: Yes and no.
Q: (L) What does that mean?
A: Transitory time warp.


Regarding the questions 16 and 17 on Malta there is an interesting Cs' session (08-05 2009) where Malta is inquired:
Q: (L) Okay, next question: Who built the Hypogeum in Malta?
A: Ancient "circle people".
Q: (L) And for what purpose?
A: Rebirth, healing, manifestation. See answers previously given about Chaco Canyon.
Q: (L) Is the story about twelve missing children true, and if so, what happened to them?
A: Only partly. Did not happen there.
Q: (L) To what kind of humanoid creatures do the dolicephalic skulls found in various sites in Malta belong to?
A: "Drones."

Considering this above, in fact the first part of the question 17 (World history) about the Maltese kids could be better formulated. Maybe a best phrasing would be: Where did happen that story about those missing kids?

And kind of digressing on "Drones"; in biology a drone is the male bee responsible by the fecundation of the queen bee. Hence would be those elongated skull entities intended for reproduction experiences on alien or hybrid species?
Yet my shot is that "drones" refers to physical bodies used and discarded for "rebirth" of same souls.

And so on for some other questions.


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Gateway i dont really know who you are or where you are from and if you are male or female and how old you are but i sincerely admire your efforts :clap:Because i am still in exactly the same situation as you are and would like to know the answers to all ofthose questions too. At least that is what i ve'done for at least 15 years. Researching and digging :cool:

So good luck and i hope we all shall receive more answers to your questions from the C's in some future sessions just as we received them in the recent one :)


I occasionally visit with a Himalayan yogi. So the story goes, he is an ageless master, teacher and practitioner of ancient wisdom, alchemist and mahasiddhi. Stories about him, as told by him and others, defy laws of nature as commonly understood.

I also study Vasistha's Yoga. Vasistha can be considered an archetype of living knowledge. He appears to human seekers as if also human in form. His father is supposed to be Brahma, creator-aspect of the Hindu trinity.

I once was having darshan with this mahayogi and I had my copy of Vasistha with me. I said he reminded me of Vasistha. Not that he was this mythical figure, though certainly as mysterious as can be. He nodded, not necessarily in agreement, but seeming to understand that I respected him as an example of living knowledge.

I mention this yogi in the context of this thread, because the first time I saw him speak, the first words he spoke were, "There are so many questions, and yet, there is no question." I have seen and heard him speak on many subjects over the last 6-7 years and I am continually astounded at the depth of his knowledge, from scientific topics to economics, politics, history, psychology, even popular culture. You name it, it's as if he's has direct access to the Akashic field. It's all great stuff, but saying there is no question, which in context of his further teachings is an invitation to dismiss doubt, that may be the most valuable wisdom he ever imparted. It is not lost on me that was the first thing he said in what I understand are the only recordings ever made of his ageless teaching.

So, regarding all those questions, I don't suggest dismissing them. The yearning that underlies the questions is begging to be resolved. What I am suggesting is that the resolution of those questions is the resolution oneself, which is why I am inclined to ask "who am I?" with greater interest than any other question.


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Gateway said:
Castaneda described a character called "Dom Juan". Presuming that a capital person inspired this character what did happen to him (D. Juan) after his supposedly departure from earth? Where are this D. Juan and his party of sorcerers now?

Incidentally I found this site, apparently created by the sister of Dee Ann Ahlvers (aka Kylie Lundahl), that is an echo of your question: http://www.4missingwomen.com/
In 1998, days after the death of Carlos Castaneda - author of the multi-million copy best-seller, The Teachings of Don Juan - five women close to him vanished from a home they shared with Castaneda in Los Angeles, California.
Five years later, the bones of Patricia Partin were found in the Panamint Dunes in Death Valley. The other four are still missing. (Amalia, Dee Ann, Florinda, and Taisha)

By the way, a lots of questions you wrote have already been answered or have too much assumption in and must be splitted.
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