Our paranormal experiences

I don't know if these experiences were paranormal but they were a little strange to me and I remember them as if it was yesterday. The first happened about two years ago when I was living at a ranch. It was the middle of the night and I woke up and heard a voice telling me to go outside. it was very strange how I heard it, it was like an outside voice speaking to me telepathically and it was something that I have never experienced. I mentally said no and stayed in my room for a couple of minutes but then I got up and went outside. I didn't notice anything outside but it was a pretty strange experience.

The second experience was a couple of night or a week after my parents had passed away. I was going to the ranch during the day and I would stay there with my dogs and pack my things but I wasn't able to sleep there for some reason ( my parents had passed away in the kitchen area). One night, I brought a friend over to the branch so it would be easier for me to go to sleep. My friend slept in the living room and I slept in my room. We ended up going to sleep at 2:00am and I remember waking up to a strange sensation like I just got hit in the head. It felt like I got smacked in the head by some invisible force and after that it dawned on me that I wasn't meant to stay at that location anymore.
Hello, Ghazi18!
You are brave to go outside after hearing a voice in the middle of the night. Also, did you lose your parents on the same day? 🥺
An incident from 2015. It was towards the end of a shift at work and four or five of us standing around a work bench finishing the final batch of work for the night. The finishing jobs don't require much thought so it's possible to switch off, relax a little and follow usual routine. So we're all around the bench, no talk and just getting the job done. Then I heard someone clearly say "You guys can finish this, I'll go and finalise the paperwork and input it." I looked up when I heard the voice to see everyone with heads down engaged in the task at hand. I asked "Did somebody just say something?" My supervisor said "No, but you guys can finish this, I'll go and finalise the paperwork and input it."
My husband had to take our daughter back to college and wanted to take our car instead of the truck he usually drove. I was expecting a friend so I stayed home that day. I ordered a pizza to serve for lunch but I had to go pick it up several miles away. I had quite a few keys on my key ring and used the one I was certain was for the truck. For a little history before I proceed...I am extremely challenged in the mechanical reasoning area. I tested with 15% in mechanical reasoning on school testing as a child. So, my experiences even trying to open doors properly with a key has often been negative and embarrassing. I have gotten better with practice but have little confidence that there will not be a struggle. Invariably, when someone comes along to help, they will open it easily, looking at me like..."how hard is that?"

I got into the truck and put the key in the ignition. It would not even turn. Figuring it was my issue with keys again, I tried again and again to get it to move. I even turned the wheel and all the things I had been shown could be the problem when that happens. After awhile it became clear nothing I was doing would help. So, I prayed! Well, I tried again and the key moved and off I went to pick up the pizza.

At the pizza place I turned off the ignition and went in to collect it. Again, the key would not budge. I tried all the same things again and even got out the owners manual to see if I could find a clue. A long time passed and still no luck. I was getting nervous because I knew my friend would be arriving at my home and no one would be there. This was the era of no cell phones. So, once again I prayed and even used some Reiki.

It worked again! off I went, spent the day with my friend and all was well. My husband returned and I related the events to him. He knows about my key issues so he had that all knowing look on his face and asked for my key so he could try it. I still remember him walking away with his back to me and then stopping in his tracks..."Jeanne, this is not the key to my truck". He couldn't get it to work at all.

Now, maybe someone will tell me that some keys will work for vehicles that they are not matched to..I don't know. But for me, it was not budging until I said a prayer and at that time I had total belief in the magic of prayer and Reiki to move mountains if needed.
One more event sticks out for me. My husband and I were sitting on a sectional couch fairly far apart one day. We had a moment...looking in each other's eyes with love, but more. In a second of time, we BOTH physically saw a bolt of light pass between us...eye to eye. It was white in color and appeared almost like lightening bolt...in other words...not a perfectly straight line but wavy. I think there was an energy with it as well. It was a beautiful moment.
I had an interesting dream tonight.

I was dreaming and my dreaming stopped, but I kept dreaming. The dream was "lucid" now. Now I saw my room in darkness and on the edge of the bed there was a small dark figure.

Angry I said to this figure: I'm seeing you!

The figure shook in what I interpreted as a startle from this creature. The shadow shrank a little, as if she was trying to hide a bit with the bed.

I kept looking in a state of anger, intending to face whatever it was.

The dark figure returned to its previous position and then spoke in a language that was incomprehensible to me. It sounded metallic and in a rather strong tone of voice.

Then I woke up.

I thought about it for a while and decided to continue sleeping. I fell asleep right away and nothing else happened.

I think I'm starting to get a little fed up with the situation, with my personal situation and that of the world in general.
I experienced a strange synchronicity around my friends death. She passed away unexpectedly from an illness years ago. The same day she passed away (at this time, I didn’t know yet that she had passed away) I was visited by Jehovah's Witnesses. They walked up to my parents place where I was living at the time and left a pamphlet titled "Can the Dead Really Live Again?" I didn’t answer when they knocked on the door. I waited till they left, and then I found the pamphlet. I recently located the exact pamphlet in a JW archive because I’d forgotten the title.. Below the title on the front are also the words, "Would you say...yes? no? maybe?" I also happened to be watching a tv show before they came to the door that day and of all things the episode I watched was about immortality and death. It’s been 8 years since that happened and the strange timing of it all still lives with me.
My son sometimes looks over my head or to the side during a conversation, he tells me he perceives a presence.

When my son Victor was about 3 years old, I noticed 2-3 times a few months apart that he would suddenly stop playing while sitting on the floor and stare intensely at something or someone. One time I quietly entered the room without saying anything and he immediately asked a question: dad, who is that person? Of course, there was no one in the room, but I knew that he saw what I could not see. You know, I told him, this man used to live here and he used to live here, but sometimes he comes here to see if everything is all right with his area and his house.(I made this up on the fly because I didn't know what to answer him). Aha, he said well, and I asked him some more if he often sees him in this room? He replied that yes, sometimes I see him, but I don't know exactly when he comes! I reassured him, he accepted it as a normal, usual thing and we didn't come back to the topic again. When I told him this story when he was 7 or 8 years old, he didn't remember it at all, which is not surprising since children up to about 6 years old see very differently than we adults immersed in our 3-density world. I don't know if this story exhausts the mark of this thread, but I decided to share it for the benefit of other members. This is just my 2 cents. Thank You.

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We had a similar story with our son. It happened when he was about 2-3 years old (I can't remember an accurate age). One thing was exactly - he did not know how to say. But Alena (@Korzik18 ) taught him a certain technique (there is such a simple technique for learning children who are not yet talking, simple signs. They can show that they are bothering them. For example, "I want to drink, I want to eat", "cold", "hot", "Wash" , "Need help" and so on. This is a pretty simple technique that children can already train from 7-9 months old and they are very quick. And parents are much easier to communicate with the baby and understand its needs. So, among other signs, it was The gesture "man or uncle" (in Russian "Uncle" can be understood as not a close relative and a man, not a familiar person, a stranger ").

During the game, in the afternoon, we have noticed that our cat and our son at the same time began to look closely in the corner of the room. We started asking what's there? (gestures and words) Our son confidently showed the gesture "Uncle, a man" and even explained (in the header (??) and coat). There is no reason not to trust the sincerity that I saw a child who can not even speak. Moreover, our cat was confirmed by his gaze. It was clearly seen that they both interested looked at the essence (or ghost?). It is worth indicating that of course we saw nothing.
C'est très souvent que les chats fixent un point quelque part, bien sûr je ne vois rien mais j'ai la chaire de poule quelques fois et mes chats me font peur à regarder avec insistance quelque chose que je ne vois pas...

It is very often that cats stare at a point somewhere, of course I don't see anything but I get goosebumps sometimes and my cats scare me to look insistently at something I don't see...
I'd like to share an experience I had in the early 2000s. I was renting a room here in Cranbrook B.C. where i had just moved. The landlord had this incredibly beautiful and intelligent orange cat named Morris. As soon as I met the cat it sat down right in front of me and started meowing like crazy. Ed the landlord said "he likes you!". I said "he probably likes everyone". Ed said "no , he doesn't!". I made one of the best friends I ever had in my entire life at that time. And Ed would always know when I'm coming home because Morris would sit in front of the door for 15 minutes before I got home. Morris would claw and meow at my bedroom door until I'd let him in, all day, all night, anytime. This went on for around 3 years solid.

Until I decided to get back into astral projection.

I succeeded and lifted out of my body. I shot myself like a bullet out of my body and found myself in a black void. Then a blacker than black "portal" opened, and I kid you not, a 2 headed black dragon came out of it. This being sent an image into my mind of it's name, which was a simple sigil that I can still recall. I was fascinated and terrified of this being. It shifted into a humanoid shadow being. I escaped it at first by going to higher dimensions through portals of light. The being apparently couldn't follow me there to the higher realms. I had to go back to my body eventually, and that shadow being was there right beside my body. I dove back into my body and I heard the being chuckling as I awoke.

As usual, Morris was waiting for me to open the door. The INSTANT he set one single paw into my room , he froze. Then he crept really slow into my room, and just started walking around slowly and looking around really nervously. Then , he froze, leaped 3 feet straight up into the air, and bolted out of the room. It took me FOUR MONTHS to coax Morris back into my room, and even then he was never relaxed and a happy cat like he was when I was anywhere else in the house. It was like that from then on, until Ed passed. I'll never forget Morris the wonderful cat, and I know that he brought my love for him to wherever he went when he passed.

It was also this exact experience that I suspect got the attention of the visitors. They were REALLY interested in me for awhile. I don't push my luck with that stuff anymore. I learned that I needed to find good beings out there. I'm still looking, but at least I found the Cs.
Here is an other one.
I first didn't shared it, because I am not sure if it was a dream, or not.
I think I was 4 years old as this happend.
One night I woke up, I felt that i have to go to the toilet. So I stood up in the bed, I dont know why in the bed and not as usual got out of it. Next I wantet to jump from the bed, but i never landet on the floor, I stayed in mid air. Fortunately I managed to move, but not as good as I wantet to, it was very slow and because my need to go to the toilet got stronger. I troublet to get out of the room, and than there was the aisle, a longe one, if you are slow an hell and you had to go to the toilet in a hurry. I remember that I nearly reacht it, but as shorter the track got the higher i got, and how to get in now, because the door was to low now for me.
There is the end of my memmory.
Now, after reading several storries from out of body experiences, that included the need to urinate, I am not sure if it was that.
The other question is, what happend while my lack of memmory?
There is a very beautiful book about this type of experiences and synchronicity or experiences of this type: Soul Moments: Marvelous Stories of Synchronicity-Meaningful Coincidences from a Seemingly Random World (Stories from the Marvelous World of Meaningful Coincidences) by Phil Cousineau.

In 1994 I was accosted by a wild eyed woman on a ferry from Lombok to Bali. She was flamboyantly dressed and sat few seats away from me. She just sat there and stared, I thought 'here we go, another pan handler!' I didn't say anything, didn't want to make a scene but after a few minutes staring she said 'you've been touched by the spirits'. I put my book down and said 'OK, thanks, tell me more.' She went on to explain that I'd been pursued by evil beings since birth and I was blind to the reality, in denial.

She was right, I had many memories of 'alien abduction' by then but regarded them as neutral, not good or evil, despite the latter being painfully obvious. She gave me a string of Muslim prayer beads and told me to use them as protection against them. As each bead passes through your fingers one asks God for help. We got talking, she said she was a Muslim witch and was on her way to perform some cleansing or exorcism. She said it was very important for me to fight the evil entities, in the end I did. I still have and use the beads to this day. She didn't ask for money.

She also said I'd live to be 92, that's 2057, not a bad innings.

Strange thing is, 2 other psychics on separate occasions and years apart have told me I'd live to be 92. I never seek out psychics, they approached me and didn't ask for any money. They got other things right too, don't know how they did it but it was quite amazing.

About 18 years ago, before these 2 psychics, I had a very vivid dream about my entire life, past and future. It was fast, especially the future segment and I can't tell you much about the future but it ended with me face to face with myself as a very old man.

If this is true, it means I'm not going to 4D in this lifetime. On the plus side the old me was well kept, looked liked I still had my marbles and apparently lived in a society with enough resources to care for an old bloke. Maybe 2057 won't be such a bad place to be, perhaps I'll be like the gentleman I met in Auschwitz almost 26 years ago, telling people what it was like in this age.

Who knows? It's never dull!
Your story about the woman who gave you a piece of cloth to protect yourself reminds me of a story I experienced in Senegal. We were a group of Canadians living in a team with Senegalese. One day one of the Canadians decided to go and see a Marabout accompanied by a Senegalese. (The Marabout are sorcerers but also wise men to whom people go to ask for help, and this one with prayers makes a "grigri", which can be a cloth for protection.) This Canadian came back with his gri gri. At night he and other members of the group decided to go to another village to have a drink, because where we stayed there was nothing, absolutely nothing. It was very close to Mauritania, a village called Maghama in the north of the country, so to go anywhere you had to take a van that serves as a taxi.

So my friends went to drink in another village. People in Africa drive like crazy, often the taxi drivers are really crazy, and they are called "m'en fou la mort" which means I am not afraid of death, or something like that. Nothing happened to my friends, they came back safe and sound, but the same van driver on the way back (with passengers) had an accident and all died. We all thought that the gri gri of Christian, our Canadian companion, saved the lives of him and the others who accompanied him.

Maybe, who knows!

I have another story about another grigri. When we decided to go to Burkina Faso my husband and I asked about the situation in the country. It was not long since Sankara had been assassinated so the military were everywhere, and they were checking everything, your luggage, stopping cars, looking at your suitcases, bags, etc. That's what we were told. So I decided to remedy this and one day, a few days before the departure, I went to an African art shop. I asked the salesman if he had any "protection" item or object because I was going to Africa, and we were in danger of being mauled at every turn by the soldiers. The seller looked me in the eye for a long time. He thought I was trafficking drugs. While he was thinking about what could help my "trafficking" I saw a small wooden doll and asked him where it came from. The doll was really cute, about 15 centimeters high. This doll came from Kenya. And the man told me that yes, it would help me.

And she helped me. Not once did the soldiers check our bags, not when we entered the country, not during the taxi rides, never. The other passengers were checked but not us.

This doll I still have, always with me, she is an old friend, she has aged (like me) but now the wood that makes her is soft, she is missing her hair, and an arm. But she is more powerful than before because she is older...
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