Our paranormal experiences

Cleopatre VII

Jedi Master
Today I had a rather unusual situation, but I will maybe start from the beginning.

Yesterday I was at church. I don't usually go to church because I'm not a follower of any religion. However, there was a specific atmosphere in the church, so I prayed for the health and long life of my loved ones, and then I knelt in front of the altar and asked for some evident miracle. I just wanted to know that I was being heard. I felt heard, but I wanted a proof. As a mathematical mind, I cannot do without evidence.

This morning I was at work in the neurobiology lab. As usual, I washed the dish. It was not an extraordinary situation. However, the water that poured into the dish began to turn red. After a while, red water began to flow from the tap. For a moment I thought it was due to some malfunction or something like that, but as I poured water into a clean dish it turned redder.

Eventually I started to smell that water. It smelled like wine. I tried it a few moments later. It tasted like watered down wine with the addition of iron. After a while, clean water came out of the tap again and this effect did not happen anymore.

Yesterday in church, I felt very deeply heard when I asked for the impossible. I asked for confirmation that I was heard. Was it just confirmation?
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