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Hmmm. Interesting theme. I have been having my cat since i was 13 years old and until now i must admit that i am pretty selfish person i mean i have never thought about this. Btw very useful links thanks for the updates. Definitely caught my eye


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For those who are not aware of it, there is a new documentary called "Pet Fooled",and it is about the pet food industry, and how its products are far from being healthy and beneficial for your pets. Here's the trailer and several other interesting and relevant videos. I haven't seen it myself, but listened to the interview with the creator, and it looks very interesting! At the moment you can only purchase the documentary, but perhaps at one point it will be available for free.


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There is a Finish university study which will address accusations of raw fed dogs and cats being responsible for disease in humans.
Would those who feed raw kindly fill in this questionnaire. It takes less than 5 min. Thank you!
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