Photos and videos of our amazing 2D residents

A topic created in the spirit of sharing positive, amazing, funny and uplifting pictures and videos of our 2D residents. Did you find something that fits the criteria and you feel like sharing? Why not post them here. Here are mine 🙂

Overwhelmingly cute, and yes it's a spider! 🥰

Don't mess with the Mantis Squad! 😎

Some mythical dog I never seen before treated like a halfgod by Chinese soldiers (I don't have a clue what's going on here) 🧐

Bon Appetit! 😅

Did you know that many dogs are afraid of escalators? This owner has his back! ☺

Heaven is real 🙏 (You have to log in to FB to see the video)

San Francisco Garter Snake, one of the most beautiful snakes on the planet


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