Photos and videos of our amazing 2D residents


Jedi Master
Bambi with his brand new set of Antlers, all still covered in velvet.
I think this picture honors the Full "Buck" Moon tonight in such a lovely way. 1593891245594.png
Photo taken on June 30, 2020, Yakima River Canyon, WA, USA, by a beloved family member.


Jedi Master
These two pictures are of my Sons Best Buddy "Banjo", and they were taken yesterday, late afternoon.

I had spent a bit of time in the morning compiling and correlating a bunch of info regarding Frequency Resonance Vibration/Aura and Earth bound Spiritual energy, with hopes of posting it to the Forum.

I was mulling over a few puzzles, a few questioning thoughts, regarding our beloved pets that have transitioned, as well as the horrifying and heartbreaking Elephant episode.

Then a few hours later,my son took these lovely pictures.

Of course the optics of the lens, along with the the angle of the Sun are probably refracting the light at just the right angle, creating the illusion that little ol' Banjo is radiating a Rainbow Aura.
I think the pictures are beautiful and inspiring non the less.

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