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This little colorfull bird is a Lilac-breasted Roller. They can be found in Africa and prefers open woodland and savanna.




He is absolutely marvelous.


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Merci pour tous vos partages plus beaux les uns que les autres, pourquoi malgré leur beauté et les gestes humains de certains hommes ces images tout en m'éblouissant me font mal? ...

Thank you for all your shares more beautiful the ones than the others, why in spite of their beauty and the human gestures of certain men these images while dazzling me hurt me ?


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J'imagine parce que nous savons la fragilité du règne animal, ou parce que la beauté fait mal aussi, une beauté naturelle. Et aussi parce que nous avons conscience que ces belles bêtes sont en danger par la cruauté de certains humains.

I imagine because we know the fragility of the animal kingdom, or because beauty hurts too, a natural beauty. And also because we are aware that these beautiful animals are in danger from the cruelty of some humans.


Hi Lukasz, are you also familiar with this beautiful little bird? I'm curious about the name. I also very much like the photo. 🙂
Hi bjorn, this is Common Kingfisher :-) Probably the most appropriately named bird in the world.
It feeds mainly on fish, caught by diving, and has specially adapted eyes to see prey under water.

This video shows nicely the process of diving and fishing.

I was fortunate to see a Kingfisher live a number of times. Looks magnificent flying very fast and low, just above the water surface. Looks like a turquoise flash of light then.

You attached really nice photo. Here is my favourite:
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