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Apparently some snails prefer to live in the cozy hellfires of a volcano 🥵

Here is a picture of the little fellow and their shells are made of iron! 💪



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Youtube comment:
Here's some additional info. The penguin named Lala is apparently a male penguin despite its name. He was caught injured in a fishnet in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan about 22 years ago. The family seen in the video nurtured him until he fully recovered. Since he refused to leave the family, the family accepted him and build him the little airconditioned room. He lived on for 10 years with the family until he died of old age in 1996. Within the town he lived in, he was well known (not really a surprise i guess) and the path he'd take to go to the fish store was known as the "lala-chan road" and people would spray some water on the road during hot days in the summer to protect his little feet from burning on the concrete.


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From the Amazing Postojna Cave in Slovenia,
Olms, known as "Baby Dragons"

"These olms may be just as fascinating as dragons from fantastical lore.

"They're believed to be able to live 100 years or longer, and they can survive without food for up to 10 years," Weldt previously told ABC News. "They have transparent white skin that also covers their eyes, but they don't need to see. They have an incredible sense of smell and hearing and can detect light and electrical or magnetic fields."
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