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Hello H2O

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We just got a kitten to replace our dear Link that we lost about 6 weeks ago. This one is just 6 weeks and is very tiny. The mother was hit by a car, and is recuperating in the pet hospital, so the owner decided to put them up for adoption a bit early. We haven't named him yet, but he very much looks like Link. He is very calm and playful.

Here are a few pics:


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Merci à tous pour vos ravissants partages plus beaux les uns que les autres...

Adobe, il n'y a pas que les enfants que les chiens font pleurer, je suis en larmes...​

Hello H20, je souhaite une longue vie à votre nouveau petit compagnon mais je ne crois pas qu'un animal puisse en remplacer un autre, pour moi, c'est une nouvelle page d'amour qui s'inscrit dans le livre de notre vie...

Thanks to all of you for your lovely shares, each one more beautiful than the other...
Adobe, it's not only children that dogs make cry, I'm in tears...
Hello H20, I wish a long life to your new little companion but I don't believe that an animal can replace another one, for me, it is a new page of love which is written in the book of our life...
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