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Alpaca love ♥️


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In humor:
Apparently, there is a new contagious virus out there called Needmorethanonesheltie or NMTOS for short. Word is this strain started in southern France many years ago, though earlier reports are that it started in the US. My Daughter was first to come down with NMTOS
See here (“E”): Then my wife (“O”):

Doctors noted that NMTOS currently has two strains “E” and “O” and they can last for years! The “E” strain has been around for a year and the “O” strain for just 5 months. It appears the "O" strain looks like it will double in size compared to the "E" strain.


Don’t let the cuteness fool you this s very contagious.


The side effects between “E” and “O” are interesting - they cover all aspects of alerting you to anything that moves. “E” covers anything outside (i.e. cars, planes, birds, joggers’, bikers, etc.), and the “O” strain takes care of anything moving inside (i.e. mops, brooms, vacuum cleaner, etc.) The end result is a symphony of barking. This can wear down those with a weak immune system and caution must be taken for those with pre-existing conditions. Vaccines are underway but have proven unsuccessful thus far.



Now the rumor is that these two may multiply! "E" may be too little compared to "O" -at least that's what hanging my hat on. Unfortunately, the voting in this house is flawed - I need some mail-in ballots.
It is not the first time I see an Octopus saying thank you. I think they are grateful, this is a mystery. The first time I saw an Octopus saying thank you was in a documentaire of Jacques Cousteau. I was young but I had an insight that day: animals are marvelous. And they are a mystery. And Octopus are really strange!

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