"Pizzagate" Explodes

what of the exponential grooming of young children gender issues by teachers (and doctors). In a way, some might consider this is also a sex crime
And here is a recent example in which the "educational" groomer was both an ideologue and a (accused) sex offender:
Parents, be careful.


And an update, including arrests, two days later, with help not first from the police, but from a third party anti-trafficking group:
She gets the headline for having appeared in the prominent Disney-Marvel production, but it seems her husband, also convicted, was driving it. He had at least one other child victim, too
Big bunch of recent news.
And a slightly older story that also questions why Hawaii has so many trafficking cases but so few arrests:
Parents, be careful.

Parents and children in Portugal had also better be careful. Just saw this newspaper report:

A district court in Portugal sentenced a 47 year old teacher of English at a local private school on 20 counts of sexual abuse to 8.5 years in jail and a 20 year ban on teaching. He sat 7-year olds on his knee, went with his hands all over their intimate areas under their clothes and 'caressed' them. This touching took also place in break time.

The guy appealed and the appeal court ‘suspended’ his conviction, on the basis that while his actions were of “a sexual nature”, they did not actually constitute crimes of sexual abuse. Wow, what?

The appeals court said: But “because it only happened once, with each of the aforementioned children, because it happened in a public place and because, due it being the first approach of its kind, it is likely to have left doubt in girls so young of the purpose”, the judges decided the first judgement was excessive. They suspended his sentence and barred him from being a teacher for just five years. Furthermore, the appeal court judges took into account that the former teacher had no criminal history and lived in a family environment. “The court decided to bet that he would distance himself from the practice of other crimes.”

What else is new. Predators rule. F.i., there was a big pedophile scandal in 2003 in Portugal, Casa Pia, in which high ranking ruling socialist politicians, army people, a tv presenter, a leading children's health expert and what not were implicated in a child sex ring case. Like in the Dutroux case, only minor perps were eventually convicted after the case dragged for years. 20 years later, one of the implicated high ranking politicians, former Socialist Party leader Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, was until the end of March of this year President of the Assembly of the Republic! Last year, the brave Portuguese 'renegade judge' (no longer a judge of course) labelled him a pedophile in a video clip on You Tube, which was taken down immediately and our judge was banned from the bench.
Hugh Hefner/Playboy documentary videos - it was worse than you probably think. Porn, prostitutes, orgies, bestiality, drugs, pedophilia (and efforts to normalize it), CIA, police, protections for the elite, hidden tunnels, surveillance & recordings, trafficking, "clean-up" squad, etc., all from alleged eyewitnesses. It seems in many ways his operation was not much different from that of Epstein/Maxwell, but regarding the public side (publishing and nightclubs), it's clear he knew he was engaged deliberately in social engineering/programming to overwrite traditional family values, along the lines of what ex-KGB Yuri Bezmenov called Marxist "active measures" (de-moralization, destabilization, etc.).


The CDC has online grooming services for kids that include a basic introduction to the occult:


CDC Directs LGBT Children to Secretive Chats About Sex Changes, the Occult

The CDC is promoting online chats about sex, the occult, sex change operations, and activism that are designed to be hidden from parents.

Kevin Spacey ordered to pay over $30 million​

"A Los Angeles court has upheld an arbitration ruling in favor of House of Cards producers after the company accused the actor of sexual misconduct"

"he was accused of “systematically preying upon, sexually harassing, and groping young men that he had worked with throughout his career on film, television, and theatre projects,” as stated in the original court filings from MCR."

Article below:

Evil monster John Podesta is back in the government.
Top Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy Leaving White House, John Podesta Joining
SATURDAY, SEP 03, 2022 - 11:30 AM
Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours)

White House national climate adviser Gina McCarthy is leaving her position, the White House said Friday as it also confirmed reports that former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta is joining the Biden administration.

“Gina is indeed leaving us,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a briefing Friday in response to questions about McCarthy’s departure. “She, as you know, has been a leader in what we have seen as one of the largest investment in dealing” with the climate, Jean-Pierre said.

It’s not clear why McCarthy is leaving the White House. She has not issued a public comment about leaving.

At the same time, President Joe Biden said in a statement that Podesta, whose emails were leaked by WikiLeaks ahead of the 2016 election and contained controversial material, will be joining the administration to serve as a senior advisor on “clean energy innovation and implementation.”

Podesta served as the White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton and was also a senior Obama administration official before he became Clinton’s campaign manager. Podesta was most recently at the left-wing Center for American Progress think tank, which he founded.

“We are fortunate that John Podesta will lead our continued innovation and implementation,” Biden said in a statement on Friday. “His deep roots in climate and clean energy policy and his experience at senior levels of government mean we can truly hit the ground running to take advantage of the massive clean energy opportunity in front of us.”

Podesta was tapped to “oversee implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act’s expansive clean energy and climate provisions and will chair the President’s National Climate Task Force in support of this effort,” the White House said.

Podesta will not replace McCarthy. Her former deputy, Ali Zaidi, was named to be the White House’s national climate advisor, said Biden in a statement.
60 Minutes (UK) segment about pedophile ring at highest levels of UK gov't. What's weird about this report is the sense that it was long ago, nothing could be done, nothing will be done, no real explanation about why investigations were stopped, and the victims seem to be discouraged by the reporter, and it doesn't really suggest that such things happen anymore. It's just weird.

Double purpose - stop investigating child trafficking to harass prominent conservative opponents of globalism instead.
Liz Crokin just posted this on her Telegram:

"Former detective, Mark Williams-Thomas, who exposed Jimmy Savile says there is another “untouchable” pedophile. “There is one very significant person who I have done everything to try and get prosecuted because he is clearly a child sex offender,” he said."

Man who exposed Jimmy Savile says there is another 'untouchable' paedophile

Mark Williams-Thomas is not to be messed with. I've posted this documentary from Shaun Attwood about Savile before but here's the part where Williams-Thomas describes how the BBC's director-general was forced to resign because he didn't manage the fallout properly:

Maybe this time it's Andrew or Charles
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