Recently, I have not been paying much attention to what is going on in Poland. Usually, I am just scanning through news headers but last night something caught my eye.

On 1st November (Sunday and day off in Poland if midweek) two hundreds of retired generals and admirals of the Polish Army, police, border forces, firefighters, government security forces and secret services, wrote an open letter to voice their concerns and warn the Polish government and Poles that further escalation will lead to tragic and irreversible consequences.

The content of the whole letter in Polish is here.

This sounds quite normal at first but I could not help but see something else written between lines while I was reading this, and I thought I share my thoughts here.

First of all, I don't believe that all retired army officials become automatically inactive. Far from it, I think that some are still involved in many important tasks, especially that they are no longer bound by restrictions that they used to be while on duty. If we take into account that a currently serving general cannot say much without serious consequences but his/her retired predecessor can say pretty much anything, we could assume that it could have happened here - this letter's real sender could be the army, police, etc.

Secondly, the overall tone of this letter sounds very strange if you consider the above assumption. For example, they appeal to Polish uniformed services for acting lawfully remembering that they serve the nation and they are reminding them the text of the oath they all swear. It sounds quite normal in itself but they also appeal to the government to walk back the controversial legislation as per the will of the majority. Let me remind you here that we have no idea what the majority of Poles want as all we have are various polls. Add to this their warning with phrases and words like "tragic and irreversible consequences" or "bloodshed" and we could easily see that they are not joking when they say something in line:

Finally, it's difficult to predict the next move without knowing who is who on this chessboard but one could easily come to the conclusion that such a letter could be an explicit threat of the army takeover if the ruling elite continues with their agenda.

The open questions are:
1. Whose behind the retired uniformed officials? Ideally, they are acting on their own, seeing through the masterplan of evil forces and trying to stand up to them. But they may as well be conveying the message on behalf of somebody else.
2. Whose the real addressee of this threat? It's quite obvious these days that the ruling party takes orders from foreign embassies. Is the army trying to warn them that enough is enough?
3. Are these assumptions just pure fantasies? Maybe it's not worth wasting our time trying to read between lines in this case?

See what situation we have now in the country.

Police do not come to the usual interventions (to beat, steal), they write tickets for lack of masks or are on the riots to secure them; or see what is in healthcare, people start dying because of a lack of simple operations like for cut the appendix.

Well, I don't think that behind this mail are some wicked purposes. This is something that is clearly seen, that everything is going to the tragedy, and this mail is just the voice of the people who feel responsible for the situation in the country.

We will soon have some "military character" changes; let me say this like that. I wrote about those things on a few occasions in my previous posts on the forum. If you are interested, you can go to the history of my posts, and also at the same time read these discussions, including my posts, and you will find the information.
It is interesting that the already announced New Deal of Poland actually destroys the middle class. Could the PTB target the only mass of people who are aware enough not to trust the government and are so numerous that they cannot be caught and intimidated individually? (which You could do with the richest)
I live in Poland, I have been a Pole (in this life) for 47 years and I know Poland and the nature of Poles quite well, but I met Laura and her pages 16-17 years ago. Of course, I read all the transcriptions of her sessions together with comments of other forum members and I contribute to Cassiopaea forum from time to time (some published transcriptions I read several times). The weight and importance of the information conveyed by C's is just throwing my mind into space and it took many years before I understood this information and embraced it a little personally. Once, maybe 10 years ago I wrote a personal letter to Ark and received his reply that he had translated my letter to Laura and it was a great experience for me. Sometimes I have the impression that we Poles as a nation are preoccupied with unimportant things that push us beyond what is happening around us. We do not fraternize with our Slavic brothers, e.g. Russians, Czechs, Belarusians, Slovaks, Bulgarians, and we look for alliances with countries that are thousands of kilometers away from us, e.g. Great Britain, USA, NATO, Israel, etc. We are completely unaware (as a nation) what forces and centers hold power in our country and to whom exactly they are subordinate. We do not intend to get to know people's real biographies in order to make informed political and other choices, we do not distinguish who is an enemy and who is a friend, and who is patting us on the shoulder with compliments and what hidden agendas they have. This "disease" has its counterparts in neighboring countries, where citizens are also not as aware of who really rules them, they believe that the Prime Minister, President, National Assembly, MPs exercise real power, but in fact the real power is hidden behind these puppets.I have read the book "Political Ponerology" by Andrzej Lobaczewski and books by Douglas Reed, "The Zion Controversy", Cleckey, Martha Stout, Israel Shahak, "Jewish History and Religion", "The Holocaust Enterprise" and 10 books by a Polish commoner Albin Siwak (not yet translated into English) and many other books. This gives me a certain view and a prompt to assess our current reality and to conclude that the world as we know it will change dramatically literally before our eyes, and for some people this change will remain unnoticed.

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Poland under president Andrzej Duda is a real renegade when it comes to the EU.

Andrzej Duda is just a puppet of Jarosław Kaczyński. Who is probably a puppet of someone else.

I think that most of the polish people are open and accept other nations and cultures with respect. If you respect polish law and culture, then they respects yours. Poles are just afraid to not end as other western countries/cities, where people afraid to walk on their own streets.
Grucha, I personally think that you touched the heart of the problem, because we Poles treat every human being with great respect and we take in every wanderer who is tired, hungry, cold and worn out by their fate. Our national tradition on Christmas Eve is to leave an empty chair with a meal prepared for the person who may come for Christmas dinner. Of course nowadays the tableware stands empty, but 50, 100 years ago it was the duty of every Polish family to welcome a stranger who was poor, hungry and cold, but to this day we still cultivate this very custom in my home and in millions of Polish homes. When we reach the age of 18, we address strangers on the street or in stores as Mrs. or Mr., and we don't bother about the color of their skin, their religion or their knowledge of our language. It is an ordinary human wickedness to accuse the whole Polish nation of murdering, for example, Jews, when during World War II, thousands of ordinary people, Poles, saved whole Jewish families from death by hiding them, their children, whole Jewish families, risking not only their own death, but the death of their whole family. These rescued Jews often came to Polish homes and killed their swNT there was no country during World War II where giving a Jew a glass of water, a slice of bread or any other kind of help was punishable by death not only for the person who did it, but also for murdering his entire family. Today the Zionist faction prosecutes entire nations by controlling and directing the hatred of others against one nation. I suspect that behind these refugees is none other than Soros, who loves to create chaos, just like any psychopath. Conflicting entire Slavic nations is nothing more than an occupation of these psychopaths just so that the Slavic nations can never get along with each other. Perhaps the Poles need to work off some of their collective karma for the deeds they once committed as another collective, or perhaps be more savvy, but overall I believe in humans and our earthly, galactic system of absolute justice including its consequences. Of course I am a Slav and I accept the whole will of the Immeasurable Universe with all its consequences and I believe in its immeasurable universal wisdom, nature and infinite justice, but most of all I acknowledge the words of Andrew Lobaczewski who argued in his wisdom that psychopaths should be isolated from other people, paid a small pension and at all costs deprived of their ability to reproduce .

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There is an enormous push from the opposition for mandatory vaccinations in Poland. You can see members of the left-wing coalition party, the proponents for a new law that penalizes and discriminates against unvaccinated persons. What is significant in this photo, is that they are standing near a monument with the Kotwica symbol. Symbol of resistance against nazis. Hate that photo, thought that it need to be shared because of symbolism.

"Yes! For compulsory vaccinations!"​
Didn't know that Poland has some KPIs tracked by IMF regarding COVID-19 response. The one regarding vaccinations is particularly interesting:
The SARS-CoV-2 vaccination program was launched on December 27 with medical staff being the top priority group. The National Vaccination Strategy aims for all 31 million adult Poles to be vaccinated by no later than early 2023, though if the five vaccines to be chosen are made more quickly this could be sped up to mid-2022. By June 29, total vaccinations reached 28.8 million, with 44 percent of the population having received at least one dose and 34 percent of the population fully vaccinated. The population over age 12 is currently eligible to be vaccinated.
They need to hurry up!
This got viral some time ago, haven't found it using a forum search, but I think it might be relevant to this thread. "Plan A" is a simulation of a nuclear conflict between USA and Russia conducted at Princeton in 2019. During "tactical nuclear war in Europe" at about 1:40 of the video, the northeast part of Poland is destroyed by... NATO warheads :rolleyes:
SGS developed a new simulation for a plausible escalating war between the United States and Russia using realistic nuclear force postures, targets and fatality estimates. It is estimated that there would be more than 90 million people dead and injured within the first few hours of the conflict.
This project is motivated by the need to highlight the potentially catastrophic consequences of current US and Russian nuclear war plans. The risk of nuclear war has increased dramatically in the past two years as the United States and Russia have abandoned long-standing nuclear arms control treaties, started to develop new kinds of nuclear weapons and expanded the circumstances in which they might use nuclear weapons.

This four-minute audio-visual piece is based on independent assessments of current U.S. and Russian force postures, nuclear war plans, and nuclear weapons targets. It uses extensive data sets of the nuclear weapons currently deployed, weapon yields, and possible targets for particular weapons, as well as the order of battle estimating which weapons go to which targets in which order in which phase of the war to show the evolution of the nuclear conflict from tactical, to strategic to city-targeting phases.
The resulting immediate fatalities and casualties that would occur in each phase of the conflict are determined using data from NUKEMAP. All fatality estimates are limited to acute deaths from nuclear explosions and would be significantly increased by deaths occurring from nuclear fallout and other long-term effects. The simulation was developed by Alex Wellerstein, Tamara Patton, Moritz Kütt, and Alex Glaser with assistance from Bruce Blair, Sharon Weiner, and Zia Mian. The sound is by Jeff Snyder.
Short news: in river on border between Poland and Germany named Odra a lot of fish's were found dead. According to Germany radio station there is a mercury in the river. Polish side says that there is toxicity only for fish but there was found dead sheep in river which probably drink water from river.
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