Polly applying Ponerology book practically

One of the strongest likelihoods is that of obesity - very prevalent here in the U.S. and thanks to the action of glyphosate, high fructose corn syrup, and those "delectable" food-lab created junk snack foods - specially concocted to ensure repeat consumption.

Plus the many ‘conventional’ vaccinations in the US, people have had in the plenty - responsible for a lot of damages, inflammations and hyper sensitivities already.

Now covid 19 jabs on top of everything ? Uh ! :nuts: Some days are really heavy to breathe when i think of all the factors that play in - sinking in deeper than usual…
Yes, it is interesting to see several articles discussing Ponerology, over the years, on some websites, but unfortunately, it never reaches a wider audience. For one, IMO, it is relegated to the so called "Conspiracy Theory" playbook, only nutjobs believe this. The fact, that our benevolent leaders are part of a corrupt system, that has been step by step, foisted on humanity. This is IMO, the real interpretation of the so called bloodline in world history, and also hinted in biblical texts. And that is part of the strategy, to obfuscate, what is clearly present, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

They are strangers among us although cloaked in a body that to all intense and purposes, looks the same, their internal dialogue and neurological function, is much different from normal humanity.

This is anathema, for a normal person, the fact that they could be living in a society, where they live amongst people that look like they do have some semblance of normality, when interacting on a trivial day to day basis (the spellbinder). But are completely different in the psychological makeup. Yes i know I am raling to the choir to some members, that are far knowledgeable than I am.

But the real crux of the matter, is when those with enough intelligence and manipulation. intellectual skills, can and do (like a cheap trick artist, that has found there mark) to then over and over again, to get on board with the lies and deception I see this at this time, happening with this whole pandemic, and it's implications for world humanity, we are the "Marks"

It is indeed unfortunate, that large swathes of humanity have fallen under this spellbinding naive con trick.

And this is the barrier/bridge that needs to be broken, in order for normality to be restored in a world society, for people, society at large, to really grasp, that our leaders at this time, are not normal, have no interest, in morality, human ethics, they have no conscience. How can a normal thinking person go along with a jab, that has harmed, maimed and killed thousands of people. And then turn around and tell a population, man woman and child, it is for the good of humanity, it beggars belief. Spellbinding, thanks to the MSM, and the long know tactics of psychological manipulation, dating back to the 50's. And if one looks back in history and the bloodlines, which are nameless and faceless, this has occurred for generation upon generation, possibly dating back for many thousand of years,

And or course, for those that are and aware, that we are just a segment of the reality of the universe in which we inhabit, a hyper dimensional reality.

And the most egregious thing of all, is that people have been conned into the thought process, it is their right and duty to go along with this Machiavellian thought process, another mind game, for those so intellectually inclined.

Apologies for this rant, just had to get it off my chest. Thanks to those reading it, just sharing my thoughts.
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