Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

Ukraine Issues Blacklist Of 'Russian Propagandists', Includes US Senator & Prominent Journalists​

"A Kiev government-linked agency called the Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation released the list earlier this month, identifying figures such as Republican Senator Rand Paul, former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), military analyst Edward Luttwak, University of Chicago professor and international relations theorist John Mearsheimer, and award-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, formerly of The Intercept, among many others."

The article has some rebuttals and videos that have been published from some of the blacklisted people, such as Tusi Gabbard and Greenwald.

The aritcle:

I haven't seen this one posted, but it's interesting because it sparked some outrage on the internet. Western people are starting to be genuinely fed up with Zelenskyy. I'm wondering how it works for his army's morale? The guy even has his own photo on the couch (2nd photo)...
That is right, but still a kind of totalitarianism anyway, which is far from being a relief.
May be it is the way to reach a new balance in this world. Or to make it worst.
We'll see...
It’s totalitarianism based on self protection, color revolutions and hostile external influences. While the totalitarianism of the West which will get more draconian over time is based on survival of the pathocracy from well informed and active citizens.
I haven't seen this one posted, but it's interesting because it sparked some outrage on the internet. Western people are starting to be genuinely fed up with Zelenskyy. I'm wondering how it works for his army's morale? The guy even has his own photo on the couch (2nd photo)...

It turned out that this photoshoot is a great material for memes and photo manipulations. Internauts do not take prisoners. Too funny and on point not to post.
The B61-12 Mini-nukes “Made in America” to be used in “A Nuclear First Strike”.

Coming Soon to Italy, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands. Global research has an article about the Mini-Nukes which are starting to get produced, and then stationed on Europe in order to used them in a "first nuclear strike" against Russia. :shock:

After 3 month break Saker is back. Still reading this, but didn’t see it shared yet either - it’s a long one:

A good read where the Saker gives his view on what's happened since the start of the operation.
He leaves no doubt where the neo con crazies that lead the western political sphere are leading us.
The western civilization as we know it is in for an agonizing lesson. I don't see how this can be avoided. Politically speaking there are no sane voices with any influence that can rectify the suicidal agenda of our inept leaders.
I'm sure others here who take the time to read the article will give a better analysis but this article appears to nail what's going on imo. Thanks for posting Maxwell.
The latest PR move in Western MSM is to try to portray the damage done to the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson by HIMARS as a huge setback to Russia (or Putin personally, they often prefer the personal touch). It's the buildup to a huge counteroffensive, apparently. In reality it's best described as an attempt to link the delivery of American weapons with something meaningful, while ignoring the disasterous defeat which looms in the DPR.

Martyanov cuts through the propaganda effectively. There will be no meaningful counteroffensive towards Kherson, only suicide missions. There  is a concentration of Ukrainian troops suggestive of a strategy to draw Russian resources away from the Eastern front, but everything is against them.
Well, well - another reason for what's happening with Ukraine!

War Within the War: The fight over land and genetically engineered agriculture
Western governments have invested much in Ukraine. Washington bankrolled Kiev with billions, despite facing major economic shortfalls at home. While Western corporate giants have also been very generous.

In recent years three giant Western companies – Cargill, DuPont and Monsanto – bought seventeen million hectares of Ukrainian agricultural land, despite fierce local opposition.

That seventeen million hectares means that nearly 60 percent of Ukraine’s total farmland is now owned and controlled by foreign transnational corporations!!!

It seems that Monsanto in particular intended to use its Ukrainian farmland as a means to break the European boycott of its genetically engineered produce. The hope was that with its Ukrainian farmland, Monsanto could circumvent the ban of its GM produce in some European countries.

Russia’s invasion will obviously change that as Moscow has banned Genetically Modified produce. So whether Monsanto makes good on its investment or not depends on what happens on the battlefield.

And right now things aren’t looking too promising for Kiev, or Monsanto. Ed.

Vietnam Anyone? US Lawmakers Call For Military Advisors To Ukraine!

A bipartisan group from the US Congress on a junket to Kiev have called for the Biden Administration to begin sending US military "advisors" to Ukraine. Not to the frontline (right away) they say. What could go wrong? Also today: Hungary's Orban delivers a blistering speech on Europe's failed Ukraine policy. And...in North Carolina the whole police force quits. You'll never believe why.

From comments:
Congressman Waltz used to work for Dick Cheney. He’s nothing but trouble.
Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., the first Green Beret elected to Congress.
"We've seen bipartisan support for Ukraine's fight for freedom," Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., who was part of a bipartisan congressional delegation that went to Kyiv over the weekend, said after Wednesday's briefing with Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl; director of operations for the Joint Staff Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims II; and other officials.
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