Putin says it like it is again

Putin says US is following the path of the Soviet Union​

But I'll tell you what the problem is, as a former citizen of the Soviet Union. The problem of empires is that they imagine themselves to be so powerful that they can allow themselves small miscalculations and errors. Some they'll bribe, some they'll scare, some they'll make a deal with, some they'll give glass beads, some they'll frighten with warships—and this will fix problems. But the number of problems continues to grow. There comes a moment when they can no longer cope with them. The United States are making sure-footed strides directly along the path of the Soviet Union.
Bringing kids into this is awful and so manipulative. These reporters were no match for Putin. And I'm curious, how many Russian reporters did Biden recieved. None.

Yet again Vladimir Putin says out lout what is on the minds of most normal people. I can't even think about children being taught about LGBTQ+ crap, it just makes my blood boil with rage.
In a way, Putin is saying it like it is.
Here he is trying to say nothing, buying time?
Commenters seem to think he lets the regional rulers solve the totalitarian bit, to look good.
I guess he means it, the non-forcing.
Maybe he noticed Bolsonaro's plight and is it a strategy to force the authoritarians in RFs civil service to expose themselves.

Russian officials should try to convince people to sign up for vaccinations before they talk about forcing them to roll up their sleeves, President Vladimir Putin has said, as the country grapples with more Covid-19 deaths.
Speaking on Sunday at a virtual meeting with Francesco Rocca, the head of the Red Cross, Putin declared that immunizing the public is “the most important task” politicians now face during the pandemic.
“We are trying to follow a path of persuasion rather than of compulsion,” the president said, commenting on the approach to get jabs in arms across the world’s largest country. “We are trying to combat biased views and prejudices against vaccination.”
According to the Russian leader, this method has seen positive results, especially recently. “It is important to persuade people so that they understand that inoculation is necessary," he said.
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