QFG's Covid19 Questionnaire - Share!

I completed the survey. I personally know one person who was listed as a covid death. He was in his mid-60's. Didn't smoke or drink. He was about 6 foot tall and likely had metabolic disease (high blood pressure, over weight). He came down with pneumonia in March and was on a respirator for 3 weeks before he died on April 7. He was a very nice guy, may he RIP.
Shared in different groups on FB.
But I think many are reluctant to answer. Some said they started filling out the questionnaire and then dropped out. They are apparently afraid of what it will be used for. :-(
Others want the results to find out how the pandemic is perceived.
Since the Coronavirus thread is so big and many of you may miss this, I'm posting here what seek10 posted there:

FOTCM members created one on-line website this Covid19 Questionnaire. Answers can be done in any of the 18 different languages. Please share it with others.

So, share away, and we'll collect and share the results regularly!:lkj:

My wife would like to send the online questionnaire to several people, but she needs a hungarian translation. I have created one, I try to attach it as a pdf file. Do you have somebody who could proof read the hungarian translation, and could you incorporate this into the online questionnaire?


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