QFG's Covid19 Questionnaire - Share!

I came across this Indian opinion poll by news network India Today whose methodology consistently proved to be correct in national elections, though the network is a leftie one. Don't expect logic between infection rates and Solution opinions. Just like in any other country, many normal deaths are dumped in to Covid category and people bought the narration.
May be there is some logic, though it doesn't fit into common sense. If only 7% saw covid cases, some how it became 25% death of family members and 76% are willing to take vaccine. The more it goes to expert's hands, more people believe. When Media goes hysteric, molehill becomes mountain. No surprise there. But, Despite endless media's hype against Modi, people still voted for him. In the case of Covid, PM also promoted this pandemic stuff whatever may be his considerations.

I am going with the assumption that they didn't rig the poll, as they prided about the accuracy of Mood of the Nation poll even if it didn't fit into their agenda.

It's been a while since survey started. Only three votes left to have a total of 1000. Just saying...
Well, it has been like that for many many months. This survey was created when some forum members have some doubts of how people are perceiving covid narration at that time. Interestingly, C's proactively gave the inside scoop, thus clarifying all those doubts. Any way, LOT has happened since then.
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